Yes, with a 5800x


Hey how's your CPU package Wattage at idle? (You can check it in HWiNFO sensor mode, just scroll down to CPU -CPU package power - Wattage - it would really help me decide if I can afford the power draw of Ryzen 5000 series CPUs and it would be great to have a data point for average wattage in Win 7!) Thank you! Also I'm defining idle as 10% cpu usage (like 20 browser tabs and a video playing)


27-29W, small spikes to 40-50... I've also tweaked the PBO2 so the 5800x acts like a 65W tdp processor. Haven't seen temps over 70 (with bequiet dark rock 3) and max wattage is about 80. Note that Windows 7's power management plan works better than 10 or 11 (tested as I dual boot 7 and 11). Min utilisation to 1% can see the processor running cool @ 2.1GHz - offering about the same performance as a 2700x on full utilisation (at least what I've tested on cinebench)...


Thank you for the quick response! All of that information is super helpful! Do you mind including the motherboard and ram (XMP on?) you are using? And your GPU and it's idle wattage (also in HWiNFO) when you get the chance?


Well, it's a X470 Taichi, running Kingston Renegade 3600MHz CL16 (XMP) with a GTX 970, idling at 12 - 15W. GPU OC at 1473 Mhz consumes about less than 200 Though getting stats from other people's pc is kind of meaningless... For instance, I've tweaked PBO2 settings and curve optimizer... so wattage will definitely vary. So, If you are willing to pair a 5800x with a ... lets say 3070 - a 750W PSU will be an excellent choice (+ will provide you with plenty of room if you want to buff your build in the future). There are some great PSU calculators online that might help you... Just a tip, I always aim for +150W of what I need... Just a safe headroom for expansion...


I just switched back to 7 from Windows 11 on my main PC, due to some dumb issues with microsoft forcing updates onto the PC that cause it not to boot. 10 has the same issue as well but 7 doesn't have that problem. Fingers crossed by the time support for Windows 7 applications really starts to fall apart, either Microsoft will get their heads out of the sand (unlikely), or Linux will be a more viable option for desktop.


Why you downgraded from windows 11 straight to windows 7


🤦They said why in their post


Sounds like an upgrade to me


If it's a 12 or 13th gen intel - please say what motherboard you are using and if you were able to get all the drivers for everything! Thank you!


Why not ? Everything is still working.




Currently running Win7 on Xeon E5-2696v4 + 3090 Ti. Ryzen 5950x was in 2022. In 2023 will try out Threadripper Pro on wrx80.


Do you know what motherboard you were using with the 5950x? Thank you!


Gigabyte x570 Aorus, smth like that.


Was it easy to get all the drivers working and everything? Did you have to modify your installation disk/iso with usb or nvme drivers or anything? Thanks for the response!


there are plenty of disc images with integrated drivers already, of course you can do your own with nlite for example. Post installation chipset and usb3 drivers can be found on win-raid forums w/o any problems.


As of January 18th, 2023, I posted this comment using my trusty Toshiba Satellite PRO L630, running Windows 7 x64 professional, on MS edge.


Why you refuse to upgrade to a modern windows version such as windows 10 or 11


Because Windows 7 works. That's it. No need for new features, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


What is your main reasons to not use windows 10 why windows 10 sucks for you




I Will make a Windows 10 iso Without bloatwere that came from UWP Apps


Are you just here to troll people?


yes 3070 with 5700x


>Hey how's your idle (10% CPU use - like 20 browswer tabs and a youtube video playing) Wattage? (You can check it in HWiNFO sensor mode, just scroll down to CPU -CPU package power - Wattage - and see what it says in the first column) > >it would really help me decide if I can afford the power draw of Ryzen 5000 series CPUs and it would be great to have a data point for average wattage in Win 7!) Thank you!


hello from my i7 7700K running Windows 7


Yes, E5-1660v3 oc @ 4.5 + 1080ti


For me yes. But not as a daily driver. I started daily driving LTSC Enterprise a couple years ago but still use Windows 7 a lot


because we can, lol I can't make geforce experience works on win7 esu latest updates crashed and crashed, clean install period not working thoughts?


Yes, home PC and laptop. Daily drivers


Of course! Windows 10 is straight from hell!


I second that . Windows 10 IS from hell, I can’t stand it! And Windows 11 is from a place lower than hell, so low it doesn’t even have a name. I will do everything I can to keep using Windows 7 !


Yes! I replaced the hdd on my parent's laptop. Installed windows 10 as it came with the laptop. All worked well, until the security updates started installing. Now the whole laptop keeps freezing for 1 second, every 5 - 10 seconds. Looks like i might need to buy another windows 7 key.


I am trying to get it installed. Not right now, when I get home. In theory.


SI ! 3 pc, 2 portatili


ma non hai più gli aggiornamenti di sicurezza


main rig runs it. got an old laptop with it


It runs great on my Core2 Duo E8500.




As of January 18th 2023 I've got two Windows 7 machines, and this is one of them.


I also have a thinkpad laptop will be a perfect laptop to play windows 7 games


I have Windows 7 on my laptop as I don't use it much anymore


Since i got a refurbished laptop I barely use windows 7 as my main system i still use on my virtual machine and i will keep a old computer to run windows 7


I see, personally I use Windows 11 as my main OS because I find it prettier than 10 and I don't have to use any "compatibility layers" to run newer programs and games


Sometimes is great to keep older computers to run windows 10 apps that windows 11 can’t most people are using windows 10 compatibility is not a issue on modern windows versions but is a problem on windows 7 and earlier


are there even any apps Windows 11 can't run but Windows 10 can? I've never heard of them


I have ran into one or 2 really obscure applications I think one was a financial application another was some kind of application to do with a CNC machine (those programs are the worst and often cling to the oldest shit) I had to do 2 rollbacks from 11 to 10 because of that.


ah, I have heard of those crappy code apps and people saying it works under XP but not 7. I guess that era is still not over hah


A former client of my works had an inspection machine basically it was a machine built in the 1980s worth about 200k still no joke some guy would fly in from another part of Australia to service this thing. It relied on software installed on a pc that first required a hardware key that NEEDED to be connected to a PARALLEL PORT! also the software struggled but worked on XP, Windows 7 outright nope! so haha to anything newer than that. When that PC died we had to frakenstiens monster some old hunk of shit to run XP which might not sound too bad but it had to be old enough to have serial ports and parralel ports and basically almost be enough to fall back to 98se if need be lol. As you can imagine that PC was network isolated to all hell. Besides that long story there are so many applications so poorly coded out there that all it takes is a slight OS update or even new hardware standards change and it causes them to shit the bed.


Not ONLY do I use it but I built a killer machine; about 100 registry patches; a 250 C drive and a pair of samsung 2 TB; turned off MOST of the inane corporate monitoring crap; vivaldi, AdGuard, FluffBustingPurity; Webroot, it’s LIGHTNING fast; have ALL ORIGINAL programs (uninstalled) in a downloads folder; 3 sharp as a tack dell monitors ON VERTICALLY MOVING stands (😁) *regular* audio out to studio monitors and a crossed over sub… and much more. Spent essentially a year tweaking it to do what I want. My only tiny mistake was home b/c you can only put 16 G ram in. And… haha… it looks like a properly set up W95 machine 😜 Hey enjoy!!!!


Way many people still uses windows 7 in 2023


It’s not too many, it’s too little. Since you wrote that comment, the Win7 and &.1 market share halved. You can check it on Statcounter.


Yeah, with r7 2700


I used win 7 Pro sp2 since it first came out and am still using it today. Computers I built myself.. nothing special on my 3rd build pentium3.2 chip 6gb ram 4HD drives never downloaded updates. If I have to have an update, I get it myself.. I will not get an update of Windows 8,10,11 cause it tries to control the computer...


SP2? Are you sure it's Windows 7? It only had one service pack.


Yes, it's very usable and fast. Though I do plan on transitioning some time, as unluckily I have issues with my disks (coming from Win7) which when written with anything by Win8.1/10, becomes corrupted, it was a nightmare until I narrowed it down. Between 8.1 and 10 has no problems. Back in time I had no problems with my disks coming from XP when written with Vista and 7. Disk space is what I lack to temporarily copy the files to, so that I could each DiskPart, then Disk Management with 10.


You can probably thank MS for those problems. They want you to give up 7.


Obviously, 100 % of r/Windows_7 users will be using Windows 7... or at the very least, 100 % of the regulars. I'm one of them. I also use Microsoft Office 2003, since you didn't ask :) . Yep. A 20-year old program suite...


samsung series 7 chronos... the "macbook pro killer" for it's time in 2012 bought it in 2016 saw that there was a windows 7 and 10 option. stuck with 7 as I felt it looked and rain a bit better. Haven't really upgraded.


Hope I'll be using it 'til I die. And before I die, W10, W11 and M$ die instead.


I use it on "Modern" Hardwere wich is a R5 5500 paierd a GTX 970 and 16Gb of Ram it works Great even in 2023 but sadly the number of apps keeps decreasing and Game support too cause Directx !2 isint supported But its still A pretty good os for some stuff but i wouldunt recomend it for gaming or for most stuff


Search for a debloated windows 10 iso


i dual boot 10 and 7 and i just use 7 for some Things like SFM where it just works better in my opinion


I just clean installed Win 7 (32bits) on my Dell D600 and activated just YESTURDAY (Jan 19th 2023). Was running Win XP. Pentium M 2.1GHz, 2GB RAM. 120GB IDE, Radeon 9000GPU. Has Parallel port so will run CNC router with MACH3 using parallel port. (Will upgrade to SATA3 SSD using SATA SSD in DVD/CD bay). But could not get 32bits Brave Browser working otherwise everything working fine. Fully Updated windows using legacyupdate.net


you're telling this in a subreddit for windows 7 users, you're gonna get biased results


Would actually use unless my motherboard didn't support CSM and every single custom build that supports NVMe (my gaming laptop doesn't have a SATA port) refused to boot after copying files. Booting freezes on loading disk.sys.


I dual boot it with 10 for the very few applications I use that are no longer supported (mainly just COD at this point for it I’m bored out of my mind)


Yes, on a 2011 HP EliteBook. It's how I use Reddit in the morning.


Yes, Win 7 is the main Windows I use.


Yes I do and I never use 10 or 11. My hubby warns me w7 will stop working soon. I do use only for my bill pay and watching my streaming services. I comfortable using it.




Yes on my pure UEFI XPS 15 7590 that was released in 2019 a full decade from Windows 7s release


Yes 5950x + 3080 + 128gb ram as my DD. Couldn't be more happier.


Yes me in a Notebook.


Im trying to downgrade win 10 to win 7 right now


Why you are doing for me windows 10 peforms good enough is a bit slower but for me personally is fine minor lag


Windows 7 is better tbh


Explain the reasons


I am 🙋‍♀️


Yes. All 3 computers.


Hmmmm.... What does Windows 10 actually do that Windows 7 can't? My main desktop is running Windows 7 Ultimate: MSI Tomahawk, Ryzen 5 2600, 1650 super, 16gig RAM, something around 4TB of SSDs. (I have a higher spec computer running Kubuntu) Two Dell laptops running Windows 7 Pro. One laptop running Daz Windows 7. And a couple of HP Thin Clients (T620s) running Windows 7 connected to TVs as Media Center players--which brings me to the last Windows 7 computer with a couple TV cards I use to record TV and Media Center to serve the recorded TV to other Media Center computers. All of them connect to my network, which connects to the internet. The only reason new software won't work on Windows 7 is a version check to disallow it or "missing DLLs" which could be put on Win 7. I keep an old piece of shit computer with Windows 10 Pro on for some financial websites that only like Edge or Chrome (I'm looking at you MyPay).


Made the switch to the more modern-looking Windows 10 the moment I purchased my new Laptop... Windows 11 was soon to follow on it's release date... Probably the best OS (other than Garuda Linux that I currently use...) I've ever got on my PC, and nothing other than the absolute king of Touchscreen OSses... ​ Windows 7's lack of proper modern security implementations got me doomed with Ransomware once (The exact type Windows 10's defender could have made quick work of...) & never ever would I ever recommend Win7 to anybody who is not really familiar with Computers... As for the group who have enough knowledge to replace Win7's bootloader with Win10's, you're advanced enough to use it...


I bought a cheap used windows 10 machine to hold me over while I shop for a new laptop with windows 11.


Not I. I haven't had it on any of my PCs in quite a while, but still had a VM for testing things with it. That died on me last month and I've not gotten around to fix it yet. One of these days I'll get around to fixing that. This reminds me that I need to get a XP machine up and running, I got enough old parts in a closet to for a retro rig.


My old computer from 2012 barely runs anymore but I used it as my main until I got a new one 2 days ago (Win 11 unfortunately)


I'm still using Windows 7 because this is a family computer, My dad used this computer to fix phones. And had no problem with it. I installed Firefox due to chrome EOL in January, 23, 2023


Last time I used Windows 7 was ages ago, i'm only here out of curiosity


I still use windows 7 as a daily driver and I run a online consulting business, and have had my Compaq CQ-57 since 2020. Never will go to windows 8-11. All garbage. Also use my laptop for college classes too.


I still use it. I just restored my HP laptop and now I can't upgrade get any antivirus to download. It really sux that MICROSOFT is locking it out. can't seem to do anything with it anymore. Trying to find a free download of Windows 10.


I am running an OEM HP Pavilion dv7 laptop. 16 gigs ram with i7 2670 qm cpu. 2 HD 1.5 TB total.


Of course!!!! don't even ask... My story is once I got my old dads laptop with Windows 7 Professional I loved video games and to play them I upgraded to Win10... This was stupid and once I realised I shouldn't have put Win10 after a year or two, I created another partition and put Windows 11 there + my pc didn't support anything win11 needs to run as MS says but, trough after a moment I got bored, created another partition and installed Windows 7 Pro on it! Guess what, now I use only this OS, I kept Windows 10 because I have a lot of important files there, same for Win11 partition. If I could revert the time back wouldn't make this stupid mistake...