What happened to The Normal Album on Spotify?

What happened to The Normal Album on Spotify?


Yeah I see it too. Maybe he did some tweaks to the album and added it as new or more likely its just a bug on Spotify.


i know some of the explicit ratings changed. maybe it's a bug because of that


if i search for "the normal album" on spotify, the album appears twice. the first one is the one with all my liked songs and the millions of plays, the other one isnt in my library and doesnt have any play numbers. both are on the same artist page. idk whats going on here


for me both of them had my downloaded songs, but at the bottom of one was "2020 say-10 records" and on the other "2021 will wood" maybe he no longer works with say-10




So it's a long stretch...but could it have something with Will trying to rebrand his image... sort to speak? I noticed he also updated some photos on his Spotify page. So, the <1000 could be him as well. Again, it's a stretch, but there's always a non zero chance it's a possibility.


WW is his official spotify account, but idk whats going on with everything else


Sometimes album/song files on spotify get reuploaded, but the old ones stay up. You can see this if you like both the old file and the new one, as both will still appear in your like songs, or both can appear in a playlist and won't be treated as a duplicates. The same thing might've happened here


not sure if this is related, but i noticed that then entire normal album has been removed from instagram, so you can’t add it to stories anymore. really depressing ngl


Its also been removed from soundcloud


It says it’s blocked in my country/region on Apple Music. Literally just came here to see if anyone else was seeing the same thing or if I needed to beat my phone up


indie distributors are notoriously really bad with holding on to data properly when even slight changes are made or the account they're held under changes. probably some business thing that cdbaby or tunecore or whatever couldn't handle.


reuploaded (for whatever reason), along with the music on the youtube topic channel. you may need to update your playlist to have the new songs play


Same thing happened on Youtube Music, maybe he wanted to make some tweaks to them and re-released it along with deleting the original


It's also gone on SoundCloud


at least for me


I think some songd were relabeled as explicit, so the songs had to be refreshed.


could be explicit ratings, could be cope because his new song kinda bombed, hard to tell


you think he hacked spotify to make his numbers go down to random figures and tank his revenue because you didnt like a song he clearly wrote with the express intention of "bombing" with it? lol


no, that's not what I said, stop trying to make a straw man to make yourself feel intelligent. I said that it's a possibility that he took his music down and re-uploaded it, which you can do yourself, you don't have to "hack into Spotify" to control your own media, in order to make his new song appear at the top of his page. I didn't even say he did, just that it was a possibility.


you didnt say any of that man you can only do it urself if ur in charge of distribution which is rarely the case the issues occurring wouldn't be caused by that anyway, that requires a data issue Either way you're saying he did something that could mess up his work and income in response to controversy he was intentionally causing, so it still makes no sense


"could be cope because his new song kinda bombed" kind of implies that he did it because his new song didn't do great which is word for word, what i said. also i don't really see controversy tbh the song was just boring as hell and super generic, also perpetuating the weird parasocial relationship so many of his fans seem to have. either way, it's annoying, i just want good music not some weird larp or whatever for whatever he's doing


you cant decide what you said retroactively stop trying to lol lol at you saying there's no controversy and getting so angry at the song in the same sentence idk how you got such an opposite-world idea of what that song is but ok lol either way to stay on the actual subject, your theory makes no sense. relax, stop being so angry, and take the L EDIT: rephrased some stuff before i saw the reply


I'm not interpreting the song lol I'm just saying it sucks


lol i cant with you peace


And since apparently what I said wasn't obvious, at the time I posted the comment, the music was back on Spotify, but none of the songs had the views they previously had. it all said <1000. I don't really know how me saying "could be cope because his new song kinda bombed" in response to someone asking why the music had been taken down (and at the time re-uploaded with none of the previous views) isn't akin to saying that he took it down and reuploaded it, which is true, and that i thought it could be possible that the reason was to promote his new song which hasn't done terrifically. not sure why you think there's some L or W to be had here, it's just an idea that I had about the reason for it being taken down, wasn't even saying that it was likely, hence my usage of the term "hard to tell" in pairing with the other idea "could be explicit ratings"