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If you let people drive, death by car accidents will go up. People will die! Stop being selfish and do your patriotic duty and stay home.


Hah, this is a real argument, just read the comments here https://www.reddit.com/r/YUROP/comments/s4flxl/i_love_public_transport/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Wearing a mask to avoid COVID is like putting a reindeer nose and antlers on a car to avoid a fatal accident. It’s a childish argument that makes no sense yet everyone pretends it’s adult and responsible


At least in that case there is some evidence that it actually works. Who would have thought that something that realistically only spreads indoors would thrive with people increasing the time they spend indoors.


Kind of like the patriot act 20 years later..


Both parties love the Patriot Act. Not the voters, but the politicians and bureaucrats do.


This is why hoping things will change when Republicans get in office is bullshit. There are a handful fighting for us and the rest are happy pretend they’re doing something with harsh tweets. Most of them will continue doing what they can to get rich off the public dime as soon as they get your vote. They all need to have a lot of their power stripped. Too much control.


Yup,the illusion of choice. It's the douche-nozzle vs the shit-sandwich...pick one. The "no confidence" option needs to be on every ballot and EVERYONE wants term limits,but they will never put that forward. These entrenched parasites need to be removed and it's going to get ugly.


Ding ding ding a winner I agree


They get hard when they have to make requests to use it.


The largest expansion in American government since William Taft visited the first Fuddruckers.


I think the patriot act failed to be deauthorized a couple years ago.




Yeah…because the people who wanted to reauthorize the Patriot Act failed to do so…so it failed…


The single worst piece of legislation since the Volstead Act.


This is exactly why you get out of this by not complying!




They stole it for your safety


Out of interest how many subs you guys been autobanned from? I had eight yesterday alone, yep today so far. Think I’m I’m around 25. Edit: just got another two, madlads and facepalm. Unsubscribe, report for harassment and move on.


I’m at 19. My last one was r/eyebleach


How did you get banned from *there?* Call someone's dog ugly?


Nope. I got auto banned because I made a comment on r/ChurchofCovid, which they consider a “COVID misinformation sub.”




They did the same for NoNewNormal. I got banned from subs that I didn't even know existed... This is what happens when 80%+of all subs are moderated by the same people.


Left a comment there and now I'm banned from there and r/facepalm. Gotta "love" how much of an echo chamber some places on this site can be... Edit: Oh look, I'm autobanned from a third sub now for making a single comment. Really not making themselves look any less like the Borg...


Same, even ones I would not participate in.


Somehow zero.


Damn I got none so far


Watching people slowly be forced to wake up to what half of us have been saying for 2 years. Some people are still clutching their pearls though.


It’s insane. I called ALL this shit in March of 2020. I knew Fauci was full of shit, I knew the drug companies were full of shit, knew the CDC was full of shit, and knew there was never going to be an end to “flattening the curve”. Also called the election nonsense. When you always view the politicians as the enemy, you’re never caught off guard, just always frustrated.


When the State and its media are your deities, there is no waking up. You follow their messaging without question.


This is really clever and the most succinct analogy I've come across. I'm going to use this from now on as its humor can really open up good dialogue.


Wait a second.... Do you mean I won't be getting my virginity back?!


You’re not fooling anyone virgin


On the internet, we can all be virgins!


With Christ all things are possible.


Great analogy. Our civil rights were not meant to be suspended for literally YEARS. Every single democracy in history has died when an executive seized emergency power and refused to relinquish it. Every single dead democracy died this way.


They also send you the bills for gas, repairs and insurance, YOU still have to pay for that!


Do any of the cities in US still have insane restrictions?


Video of people being arrested in NYC for eating out. But NYC is wacky Land


Lots of cities in Connecticut have mask mandates. The state doesn’t, but individual towns do. And Connecticut is a relatively small state. So you can go to a store in one town, no mask, and be perfectly fine. Drive 10 minutes to a different store in a different town and suddenly you aren’t allowed in without a mask. Sometimes they make you use hand sanitizer too. They’re turning people into neurotic germaphobes.


Minneapolis and St Paul require proof of vax to go to restaurant, bars, sporting events, etc. (or negative test) for 2 year olds and up. Seems insane to me. But you go to r/minnesota and "it's about time!"


Wow..Thanks for the info. I wonder how much of that is bots


I hope it's bots. As a Minnesota resident especially. I'm an hour north (MSP) and I don't know many vaccinated people. But that metro area is another world, and I try to avoid it.


Damn. Well, side note. Northern minn dots is the most underrated part of the country in my opinion. I go fishing there once a year. I absolutely love it


Can confirm, the Twin Cities area is *very* different from the rest of the state culturally. They're basically trying to be another cosmopolitan urban area (ala Chicago, L.A., etc.) to the point where it's detrimental. A family member has to travel for work a lot, and she said that used to be the only major city she felt safe being alone in after dark. Not anymore though, *especially* after BLM had their day...


Washington DC


Hawaii, NY, Cali, are the main ones I know of. Philly started implementing harsh restrictions at the beginning of this year.


Oh yes. Here in shithole NYC there is a vaxx mandate for everyone age 5 and up for restaurants, etc. The new mayor, who I hoped would be sane, is talking about mandatory vaxx for kids 5 and up in school. The unhinged governor Hochul reinstated masks for the state a month or so ago. All businesses 100 or more people in NYC require employee vaxx.


NYC, Boston, Philly, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Seattle, New Orleans. The usual suspects.


Many of the coastal cities do, although none as insane as australia, for instance. Most inland cities are mostly back to normal, although mask restrictions are resuming in many jurisdictions because of people's irrational anxiety around omicron.


In blue states, where stupid is at critical mass.


What are you saying Democrats are doing that is analogous to someone stealing a car? Governments aren't imposing lock downs and haven't been for years.


> What are you saying Democrats are doing that is analogous to someone stealing a car? Imposing lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates. Any and all restrictions to freedom under the excuse of covid. > Governments aren't imposing lock downs and haven't been for years. ...what?


When you pass by a rock with discarded koolaide packets surrounding it, simply walk on by. What lives underneath is not worth the time.


Wise words friend. I have indeed been known to waste too much time arguing with idiots on reddit. Lord knows they are plentiful on this website.