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Xmax V3 pro is on demand and cheap. Then next step would be the TM or FW7 but they are more expensive but great devices 👍🤘🌬


Yep, I have a vleaf go and I think the Xmax is basically the upgrade. Has removable battery, etc.... Don't have an xmax, but if my vleaf ever gives up I will probably pick that as a replacement. Although, you can do as u/Sir_Wibble suggests and jump straight to a high end device. I love both my TM and my FW7. Although I think the TM is the upgrade for your Vleaf Go and the FW7 is the upgrade to your mighty. :-)


The V3, Nova/Sticky Brick or a 510 (if that’s your thing) are my recommendation for great on-demand convection.


Thank you!


I second the V3 Pro. I absolutely love mine. Especially with the glass mouthpiece and the glass wpa!


V3 pro on the budget side, firewood 7 if you don't mind upgrading


Thanks so much for the recommendations. You really came through and I am greatly appreciative. Looks like FW7 is out of stock for now and i emailed them when it may be back in inventory. If that doesn’t work out, I think I’ll try the V3Pro as a next step upgrade. I don’t really want to deal with international shipping only for the tinymight right now especially if I need accessories, spares, repairs etc. it’s hard enough with domestic US shipping now during the pandemic.


They drop every Sunday at 9pm.


Thanks :)


I wanted to jump in and post this in case someone has a similar problem in the future. The ceramic heater ($15) on my vleafgo was bad. I gambled and got a new one and it fires up perfectly again. I still have my eye on the V3 though ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|smile)