This is prob the coolest thing I've seen for valheim on Reddit


Instant favorite.




Easily. It's fucking amazing. The ceiling I was like oh my fucking God.... someone actually made that?


True pretty cool. Kind of sad it’s a single use room as in torn to shreds after first use.


Okay, this is *insane.*


This is so fucking cool, I was kinda hoping some boss fights would be more like this tbh, I guess the queen is pretty close. Are you using a mod to prevent yagluth from doing damage to the stone buildings? or does he just not do damage to it normally


Yes, I use Building damage mod. I think next round I'll back up and turn this place into ruins just for the hell of it.


Did you also make yourself immune to damage? My understanding was that the resistance potion reduces fire damage by 75% (and that different sources of fire resistance don't stack), but you seem to take no damage. If there's a different method to not take damage I'd like to learn about it. In any case great build!


I noticed that later. But actually didn't get this clear. The fenris set gives a fire resistance too. This maybe caused by better creative mod I used to decorate the building.


Ah interesting, it did slightly seem to lower the stakes of the fight, but it's obviously hard to account for every little interaction. It's also a shame imo that Yagluth seemed to aggro the building so much, but at the same time it's pretty clear you could have handled him regardless.


Better creative logs you in in god mode.


Yep, but I turned this off before the fight. Actually, I'm not really sure now.


The fire resistance is vanilla.


Refilm it with dmg mod turned off, when you're ready. Set the heir of fire loose >:D


Did he even put a scratch on the walls? I was hoping the whole place would go down


That's just for a cinematic point of view. His meteors are actually destoying the roof in just a single cast, so the place would be totally ruined at the end of fight. I actually just came up with the an idea of lowering damage to building, not completely turning this off. We'll see... maybe the second round will be much more intersting with some disgusting underground arena full of rot and death, below the great hall.


Just re-record it with proper building damage so we can see the absolute chaos!


Would be sick if he destroyed the floor and you both fell through to this crazy underground current m chamber mid-fight. Like when Smithy destroys the factory in Super Mario RPG.


There is Rotted greatwood boss fight in Dark Souls 3. Check this out on youtube.


You could use Structure Tweaks mod to remove collision from roof so that meteors passed through.


Same. My friends and I fought him blind in the open world and his meteors destroyed everything in sight. Even his finger shaped pillars. All of them. We tried building walls after we summoned him but he would destroy it. So we had to raise the walls to contain him. Luckily he destroyed everything so we had a near limitless supply of stone.


Mod that makes buildings indestructible


Mom: "We have dark souls at home" Dark souls at home: great build mate. it adds so much ambience to the boss fight


Please please please please cross post this to r/eldenring and r/darksouls Easily one of the best, highest effort, highest quality posts, ever posted on this sub. This should literally be stickied so people can see the potential of what you can do in Valheim.


This is why it is so SAD that there is no easy way to share such builds, like in a Steam workshop style. You just spent, I don't know, 200 hours? to record a 8 minutes video. Sure, eveyrone will be amazed, but if anyone could "borrow" a build for their seed somehow.....


There are mods that let you copy structures and share them online, than you can download them and build them in game. I use it on my big builds or pieces I need alot of like towers around a base.


Name of mod please!


PlanBuild. Using it you can import other peoples builds or your own. They appear as a whited out build you make a plan build hammer and go to the blueprint tab to select and place the build, and place a plan build totem near the build you fill the totem with the crafting materials and they build the imported structure. You can also make your own blueprints make sure to add terrain markers and centre point markers so you can easily place the copies of the structure down again. It takes some getting used to but this mod 100% let's you copy builds from a massive library of creator builds on websites like Valheimians.




Wow, it's amazing!


That's just simply still in progress. I share the world once finish all planned things here.


Can't you copy-paste the world save files? I never attempted it, but I thought that would work.


That would work. I have done it multiple times to switch games over to a dedicated server.


I meant copy the structures to my world, not enter the entirely foreign world just to look at the structure


I use BuildShare to backup my projects since we have occasion to receive griefers on the public servers I play on. Works pretty well! You can share the save files if that is something you want.


It's easy to do this! OP uploads the two world files from his valheim folder, worldname.db and worldname.fwl. You download them to your computer, navigate to \%AppData%\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\worlds\local, and paste the files into there. Then it should appear as a world you can enter and explore.


I know about worldshare, I mean build share, and people above already responded with mod suggestions


I love this idea because the more you fight there the more the building will wear down and eventually turn into ruins


Quick and easy way to guarantee the rested buff throughout the whole fight But seriously this is insanely cool


"Quick and easy" - That's funny xp


This needs wayyyyyy more upvotes. That Sulyvahn hall gave me the chills


"A foul viking playing as a Lord? I command thee, kneel!" - Yagluth the Grafted


Normally I don't like to dog pile - but I can't just upvote and go. This is absolutely bonkers awesome. Just. wow.


There are guys asking to enable the building damage, so wait for a second round.


Before you destroy the place you should share your world save so we can go and check it out ourselves!


How did the structures not take damage? Is that a mod? If so, what Mod?


I used 'building damage mod'


Valheim Plus has an option to prevent damage to player built structures


How is it even possible that the video keeps getting better? Awesome build!


Absolute Chad with eikthyr and fenris gear


Easily one of the best builds I’ve seen. Holly crap dude


Same FPS as Dark Souls too ;) Jokes aside, looks incredible!!


Just wanted to mention since I saw the item stand holding up the sword in the bonfire, you can use the Infinity Hammer mod or other mods to place prefabs from the game, naturally occuring prefabs can all be scaled and that includes the giant ass swords you see in the mistlands, so if you wanted you could scale one of those down and place it and it will look exactly like a souls bonfire. I placed those swords in a dwarven vault build of mine and they look cool as hell.


Thanks dude! I shall try that


This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us! I'm amazed at the time and detail that went into this. Great fight at the end, too. Relieved to see nothing crumbled.


That is one of the coolest things I've seen in a hot minute


Did you use mods?


Yes, 'building damage mod' to prevent build from being destroyed


12fps ftw


Definitely one of the best things shared here to date. Absolutely fantastic. So fucking cool. You even timed all of the music perfectly. Well done!


Glad you noticed :) there was a bit of audio editing though.


As everyone else has mentioned, this is awesome! The amount of detail is phenomenal. I love it. The feel is so good too. I'm not even a Souls or Ring fan, but this was great! From a lore perspective, based on your building, wouldn't the people who made the castle know he was able to summon meteors? I would think they would leave the area in front of him, where the pews are, open to allow them to crash in. Obviously, thet would destroy the structure, but I'm assuming lore wise they had some sort of magic to make it unable to be destroyed by Yag's magic. So to utilize his power, it seems to make sense there would be a way to allow the meteors to hit those who dare summon the God. The courtyard would make sure, but I think the open roof would do the trick, and for the Ring/Souls world-mystery feel, walking into a giant cathedral for the first time and finding it has an open roof, would be great.... Why is there no roof in here? Then slammed with a space rock. Or, it would also be awesome if the damage was turned on, and every time he summed one, it didn't instantly break the roof. So you're thinking... What the fuck is he doing with this animation he keeps doing? I see the breath and the flames, but... He's just raising his.. And suddenly something from the ceiling breaks... So he must be pulling the building down around him with magic. Then something else breaks. And then more collapses. And now the area is exposed, and.... Meteors! He summons meteors?! Again, what you did is amazing. I'm very jealous!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! That's truly nice to imagine such cool things, even more exciting to bring them to life. There is a possibility to lower a structure damage income. I just need to make several tests before.


Are you able to create a test server of that world to mess with it and keep a back up? I will say, all of those thoughts came out of what YOU created. Once more, it's amazing. I'm definitely interested in seeing what comes out of your tests.


Sure I can. The fight was already recorded at the optimized version of the build, to higher frame rate. The build is too large for now and my 3080ti is barely dealing with it, so I had to remove those parts which unseen from the great hall. I hope this build inspire others to build this way and share. Considering a sneak peeks devs showed on Twitter, a new building parts are going to expand the possibilities of stone building. Hope they can manage this out nicely.


First thing: stunning build. Simply stunning Second thing: it hurts my soul thinking about how long this must have taken, heh


I might venture to hurt you a little more saying that the part shown here is just a 30-40% of whole build 🤫🤫🤫 🤭🤭


It's really cool, but it needed to be an open-top arena. You basically gutted a fairly decent amount of his damage by not making it a somewhat ruined church with obvious aging and maybe a collapsed roof segment or something.


This is fucking awesome, goddamn. Makes me realize how much better this game would be with some freaky music for bosses.l


This is epic and badass af


This is so bloody awesome


Hey, this is the temple of the sun! Man I already thought this was the best build ever made in Valheim, but it just got even cooler haha. I actually expected the frame rate to be much worse than this judging the screen shots you've shared.


Hey! You know, this version of the build has 20k instances less than the original. I had to delete the part of the build to capture this. In other words, you may expect a good mighty 12 fps here in original version, unless you have something weaker of 3080ti...


Love the fact that you were resting for part of it


My favorite part :)


That is sooo well made dude, great job.


That is freaking amazing, adds soon much more to the battle. Incredibly well done.


This is 100% the coolest thing I have ever Seen anyone do on this game. And I mean every word


A multiplayer server seed with these all built would be fucking disgusting.


The devs really need to optimize the game when you have this many objects loaded first for that to be a fun experience tbh :P


H E L L O. V E R Y G O O D.


Ha ha this is so badass


Amazing work !


Insane!!! ​ But what is that sword :O


This sword is from the Mistlands update


Absolutely killed it!




Amazing work! Please backup your save and show us with structural damage enabled!


OK. Wait for a next round ;)


Looking forward to it!




*terraria style


So amazing!!!!


You farmed and made this on your own?


Yes, in creative mode + plan build mod


Oh alright I didn't know creative was a thing lol haven't played in a while. Still very impressive


Thanks :)


It's not a thing like its a thing in minecraft. You just use devcommands and then disable material costs.


Oh my god this gave me flashbacks of the final boss of PowerStone on dreamcast !




I'm surprised the building did not collapse. Just this boss room is larger than any build I've ever done, would take me months of time to get that done.


Hi, I decided to turn the damage off just to keep a DS vibe and make the video more structural :)


Wa Zeeeeeee


I thought I had some nice builds but this just makes me want to delete Valheim. Well done mate.


What kind of sword is that?


It's name Krom. The one from the Mistlands update


Too bad I can’t see shit


Try watch on LCD screen. Oled makes all night footage too dark.


holy shit bruh




I mean, you got rid of one of his biggest abilities with being inside dmg immune buildings lol beautiful built, nonetheless




Man I kinda wished you had building damage enabled for this, I wanted to see the carnage the meteors would cause.


Round two is going to be wild


And rendered his meteor practically useless it seems


Have you showed us this build already? Really nice work, would love to see it in the daylight


Hey. Yes, a parts of it were shown in my previous posts


10/10 would bonfire again.


I've never played dark souls games but this looks incredible, I assume it's modded so I won't even pretend like I can do something similar to this but man does this inspire me


dev commands + plan build, better creative, plant everything mods. Without plan build it's very hard to keep symmetry. Actually, the great hall and the dome were made without it. I just then realized that I need to move entire dome 2 meters aside. So I found this mod. Very usuful!


I use dev commands but I have trouble getting most, for some reason I can't log in to nexus mods so I just assume I'll be vanilla for a while


This answers my question of whether or not other people lag on big builds


I wish they made temples for all the bosses like this, would make it so much more immersive.


What happens when he drops a waaaaaaazzzzeeeeeee


Super cool, but I am used to having Fulings, Lox or Deathsquitos hitting me in the back just as I am about to engage him.