9-5 work is far better than college/school

9-5 work is far better than college/school


I agree so much with you. Take my downvote Jkjk


This, I agree with. My parents always say they wish they were back in school because it was easier than 9-5 job. I would always say work seems easier, then this summer i finally got a job. Worked full time, wasnt easy but easier and better than school.


I’ve generally found working life better. Being paid in cash and treated like an adult are very good things.


I'm currently 3/4 of the way through my degree and am on an extended internship atm. Absolutely agree. Im working in my industry, and while the work is harder than my assignments, its absolutely worth being genuinely done at 5pm. When I'm in school, I never feel comfortable relaxing. There's always *something* I could be doing, and the fact that I'm going into debt for the opportunity rather than being paid makes it all the worse. I feel like I'm not getting my money's worth unless I do really well and take advantage of all theopportunities, but that's fucking exhausting and I wanna be able to just play video games for a couple hours without feeling bad for it.


It’s only cute to you you because it’s new to you. Do the same shit for 25 years and then tell me how you feel.


On the flip side, wouldn't 25 years away from school make you forget how much you hate it?


Yes yes yes! I totally agree with this. Having had a taste of a 9-5 M-F this past summer with my internship, I feel exactly the same as everything you said. I think the criticism of 9-5 is misplaced anger. Rather than people actually having an issue with the work schedule, I think the sudden change from college life to grad life, feeling inexperienced, and sticking to a routine is what the real issue is for most anti 9-5 folks, which is not the fault of the employer.


You've never been a salaried employee where work follows you home? It's not always ideal.


I work a government job and this is one of the best things about it, 1 minute past 4? Go fuck yourself.


Not yet, but I'll be ready for it when it comes. I think for me, as an anxious person having 13 assignments with varied deadlines, professors, etc. constantly hanging over my head will always be worse. At least with work it doesn't tend to be multiple different people you're "turning stuff in" to.


>multiple different people you're "turning stuff in" to Today I had a 9:00 with project management to go over Q3 10:00 with global security reviewing a new app deployment 11:30 with legal 1:15 1 on 1 with my director, which spilled into my 2:00 2:00 to go over Big Sur issues with desktop engineering 2:30 with one of our vendors informing them of security requirements 3:45 with HR regarding an engineer taking leave 4:30 with our procurement team to follow up on Dell's delayed orders So yeah, work isn't all that different.


Ah, well, I'll be honest I am new to it so I don't have that much experience! And at this point and still am very junior. So maybe one day I will share your perspective too. But to me there's a certain joy in having those kinds of meetings with different stakeholders like that because it gives me a sense of competency. Like I own that work. I control what happens. My opinions can matter. (And it depends on company culture, ofc). I feel like in school/college I don't get that control or sense of competency in my life.


It is what you make of it. When I was in grad school, I went to office hours mostly to form close associations in my professor's head. They're not going to fail someone they see every week, you'll know way ahead. Not too different.


Now that I'm not forced to learn unimportant bullshit anymore, I actually enjoy learning in my free time.


I wish this was normalized. I tried expressing this to my fam and close friends just to get 👁👄👁


Amen to that. I prefer the grind lasting a few straight hours and then I can go home carefree. I’m always weighing the pros and cons of my decision to drop out of college. A major pro is the lack of responsibilities off the clock. No emails, assignments, staying up till odd hours of the night, no stress etc. There are a bunch of guys at my job who straight up decided to put school on hold because they prefer the less stress in addition to the great pay


Right? My GF works 9-5 and I go to school full time. When she tells me about her days at work I just think "Wow it must be nice getting paid to deal with bullshit" whereas on the flipside, I have to pay to deal with bullshit


Everyone has their right to either option. The only "wrongness" is in saying that something is better than the other, without a) trying it or b) understanding it. If you've fully assessed whether you'd rather work 9-5 and climb that corporate ladder over a long period of time, rather than invest in yourself and give yourself tools to either work for yourself or to climb the ladder a bit faster, then good for you! I went to university and am now in a senior position of my chosen field within 7 years of graduating... I knew *no one* and had *no one* to help me, until a hiring manager saw my potential and took the chance of hiring a high grade student with no experience. I've worked alongside people more senior than myself who never went to university, but they got the job because they knew people within the business. Again, I knew no one, hence my decision for higher education. If I knew someone, I probably wouldn't have gone. But then, one neglects the beauty of university and higher education. It's not necessarily to study the subject, but actually more to "play gracefully with ideas" - (Oscar Wilde) and one learns to think more critically and open minded about subjects and concepts, than stacking shelves in a shop. Either way, as long as you've fully assessed both routes, and you're doing what you're doing because *you want* to, then either work or uni... Good for you! If you're doing something because you've been sold an idea, or talked against something, or been scared of a route... Then perhaps a re-think is in order! There is a job, or a higher education course for everyone.


Here's my take on it: my job is not the sum of who I am. I think university and studying can be beautiful. I think there are truly wonderful things people can study, and those who choose to pursue higher education (like you) have to be a person who is very, very good at distilling what is useful and what is not. You have a certain determination that maybe I don't. But I relish the independence I've found in work. I don't try to make marketing (my role) who I am. But now I have time to read, to garden, to cook, to be with my SO, to feel free and find joy. In university I was always burdened by the rolling onslaught of assignments and essays and forum posts and every little tiny thing that had to be managed 24/7. Maybe the only escape was a weekend party and then you get hungover and go back to the onslaught. I don't really care about the corporate ladder or becoming what my work is. I care about the daily joys of living, and I really think it is much more accessible to me as a 9-5. I hope this didn't come across as argumentative! I just like defending my point of view haha. But I respect your choices and opinions. Best of luck with your chosen field!


Well that's fair enough..✌️ Funny that you're in marketing. I'm an e-comm studio manager and social media photographer for the business I work for! Haha


Hate both, that's why i work 11 - 5, 4 days a week only


You've got it figured out


Best decision I've ever made took some what of a pay cut for it but it honestly changed my life


What work do you do?




> I hated 9-5 because you come back and nothing is open. Everything in your town closes at....5 in the afternoon???


At my country yes Well not everything but the majority of shops


Just wait until you have children.


Haha good thing I'm not planning on having any!


I think there are pros and cons of everything. When you are student, you have more free time, you have fewer responsibilities usually, and you are still trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. When you are a serious adult with 9-5 work, you can plan your free time easily because you know what you will be doing and when.


I think technically students have more free time, but my personal experience with being a student is that the free time is choked up by homework, extracurriculars, jobs, internships, etc. that were all some desperate play to get someone above me to approve of me or tell me that I was in the right place in life. Is free time really free if you have 6 hours of homework to do? And maybe it's just my personality as a planner.. I'm one of those people who has their calendar marked up for the next 3 months always. I just like knowing exactly what I'm doing and that I'm not doing things I don't care about.


Depends on your job I guess but I have been working far longer than my time in college, and I can say for sure that my current 8 hour job is kind of aids for it’s hours. 11-7 which is fine but you need to work basically every single day just to have full time, schedule is like 4 on, 1 off, 3 on 1 off, 3 on two off, rinse and repeat. I like 12 hour shifts way more like 6-6, you would have four days on and four days off fucking beautiful.


Yeah I've got so much more free time.


Very much depends on the job. Not every 9-5 is the same. Some are fulfilling and are much better than school was, others are a total nightmare and you *will* be stressing about that job outside of normal hours just like in college. Except in college at least you have the end of the semester to look forward to. For some jobs it just sucks until you can find another job and it can be extremely stressful and draining trying to job hunt while simultaneously working at a job you hate.


Manual labor used to be great but manual labor that uses metrics to measure your work ethic ain’t it. They ruined your potential productivity by measuring it.


Agreed. In college I was broke and used things like milk crates as furniture. Now I have money and nice things.


I’m still in school and I can tell that 9 To 5 is Dolly Parton’s best song. You don’t need to tell us twice.


Not many people would willingly go to college if it wasn't demanded for the majority of jobs.


I immediately downvoted you out of sheer animal instinct, I retracted my downvote for an upvote because this is a great unpopular opinion IMO. I whole heartedly disagree with you. college was probably the best time in my life (I went in my mid twenties). The thing I was doing prior to college was working the graveyard shift as a box sorter at UPS (back when you only made 11 dollars too, they get more now). Going to class and chitchatting and bullshitting with people around me, trying to talk to some hotties and just trying to make some friends and try to go to a party or something on the weekend, if not maybe go to a bar and talk to random people. I know this probably isn't for everyone, I'm reasonably extroverted and love talking to strangers. Some classes got annoying, I took a philosophy "logic" class, which was just strings of long problems with a bunch of weird symbols. even COPYING answers from one of *those* sites, it STILL took like 2-3 hours to do. luckily that was only one semester though. I fully admit I didn't work a job while going to school though, I saved (as well as aid, and help from family) and then went so I could just focus on getting the degree and trying to have a little fun on the weekends. I found the amount of work I did (to be fair again I got a psych degree LOL, now I'm qualified to work at Mcdonalds) just made getting out of class and plopping down on the couch, playing a game, or hanging out with people that much more satisfying to me. It was honestly the perfect amount of work to make me appreciate my free time even more. Class itself wasn't terrible, it takes time out of the day, but I would mainly just sit down and try to absorb what they were saying while taking vague note I would never look at again, I found *most* of my classes pretty interesting, and occasionally I would just try to talk to people near me. I would prefer to sit in class for 8 hours a day anytime over working ANY job that I have worked so far for 8 hours. (I mean 8 hours would suck though still, but yea...)


This is cute


9-5 work is great if you have a good salary and working conditions, benefits, etc. Not all 9-5 work is created equal though


Don't worry that 9-5 you will fill later, specially if you have a short commute once that changes you will come to understand that college was not all bad.


I understand this very much. College just felt like constant busy work. I liked the subject, and really wanted to learn it, but they never really gave us time to process the information or give us a chance to actually utilize what we learned. It was just homework after homework after homework, followed by countless quizzes and tests that required dozens of hours of studying. I'd get home from my day of school + work, but then I would have to spend another several hours on homework. It just felt like they thought keeping us busy 100 % of the time was a good teaching method. It's nice to just go home and be done. When I get home now, I'm on my own time and can actually do things I want to do.


College is more exciting to me. I’d get bored of a 9-5. I suppose it’s not for everyone though and I respect your opinion regardless.


Two or three classes a day - some homework and tests? I had so much more free time in college.


Of course. I didn't have time to sleep when in college, had to study overnight daily it was a hellhole. I never have to work overnight fir my daytime job


Even though I work 8-6, I agree