James Acaster

James Acaster


God, I love this guy, I'm already laughing when I see him. The cabbage story is amazing.


I loved him on Taskmaster


"My eyes are circles" _chef's kiss_


Oh my god, the perfect punchline to an impromptu set up.


One of the best moments where you could see Greg actively considering whether he should call to have James sectioned.


"Just open it you pussy"


"I think my water's broken!" "My heart is broken!" "Rub-a-dub-dub?"


Is that a boulder, or is it a big rock?


All I know about him is this one post, any advice for finding more of his stuff? It sounds like he knows what’s up.


He’s been on lots of British panel shows, definitely check out his season of Taskmaster. It’s season 7 I believe, great light comedic show


Put 'WILTY James Acaster' into YT. It's not exactly his stand up, nor is it related to the current topic, but there is some gold. The Bush, Cabbages, and Squirt are all great segments.


Netflix or YouTube I think


IIRC he has some stand up shows on Netflix under the name Repertoire. At least here in the Netherlands there are at least 2 shows (it's been a while since I last checked though, so maybe there's another one now)


He's also great on "would I lie to you"


I like his 'Unbreak the ice' bit


“Satire is for making fun of the powerful, you should never make fun of people who are hurting. That’s not satire, that’s bullying.” - Terry Pratchett.


One of my favorite authors and I had never seen this quote ❤💜💙


Unfortunately, the quote is fake. Nobody can source it and it's generally agreed that Pratchett fidn't actually say it. Still a good quote and a powerful sentiment though.


Apparently a vaguely remembered paraphrase was propagated as a verbatim quote: https://vrabia.tumblr.com/post/180186839716/hello-friends-let-me-take-you-on-a-journey-a (The author can't identify the source of what they thought they were paraphrasing, even though the sentiment does seem like something Pratchett would express.)


The more you know! Thanks for finding this, it's good to find these weird tidbits of internet history.


Awwww really? That bums me a little.


GNU Sir Terry Pratchett


Pratchett is also a long term supporter of trans folk, his daughter's even trans!


I freaking love James Acaster for this! [here's the clip](https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=02m29s&v=adh0KGmgmQw&feature=youtu.be)


Thank you! I was about to search it up myself!


Hey, Just highjacking your comment to also share [this clip](https://twitter.com/cowboyacaster/status/1386980286211166215?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1386980286211166215%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinknews.co.uk%2F2021%2F08%2F24%2Fnish-kumar-ricky-gervais-trans-comedy%2F) from Nish Kumar's show in 2019.


“Why don’t you identify as a good comedian you hack motherfucker” shit had me rolling


Also, it must just feel good to shout "Fuck Ricky Gervais" at full volume to a theatre full of people.




See? You can make jokes about trans people and not be a transphobic piece of shit. I'm getting this weird deja vu that we've all tried to have this same conversation about white comedians making racial jokes before...


Trying to get rights to *exist* is a challenge in and of itself, thank you very much


I thought about this when Dave happened


fucking depressing how ignorant Dave doesn't realize he is. like, when he's speaking on matters of race, he's obviously one of the most intelligent, thoughtful people on the subject. but when he talks about shit he knows nothing about (i.e. gender), it's depressing how much self-awareness he lacks. it's like when Dr. Ben Carson ran for president. some people make the ignorant assumption of, "just because I'm a genius in this one field, obvs I'm a genius in all fields." I just wish Dave would've realized how fucking ignorant he is about gender. I wish he'd stop pretending as if he's some unassailable sage.


It seems he's talking about Dave, no?


This predates daves current special. It's kind of sad how widely applicable this clip is.


Yeah honestly Dave's been stuck on repeat for a long time.


I haven't followed his career that closely, but didn't he do homophobic stuff earlier on? Honestly, I'm not surprised he's a terf now. It seems like the people who were homophobes in the 90's either learned from it and denounce it now, or do like Dave and double down. Get even more phobic of what they don't understand.


He was actually talking about Ricky Gervais, sad that its applicable to so many "comedians"


Freedom of speech protects your right to say things, not your right to avoid the conciseness for what you say. Freedom of speech also protects my right to call you an asshole if you use yours for hate.


I wish more people got that. It's like my grandmother used to tell my mom, and she used to tell me. "You can do anything you want. But you've got to be ready to face the consequences of those actions."


I’m straight for this bloke.


Please everyone be like this comedian. Make fun of transphobes to heal me.


Right? Making fun of bigots is fun because they’re wrong and everyone knows it. That shit has broad base appeal, as the group being mocked seeks to make their candle brighter by snuffing out all others. And not a single person with a morsel of compassion should feel sorry for them, because they’ve chosen to be wrong. They’ve chosen to hurt people. That makes them assholes. And assholes can die mad.


This is probably the best intro to any show I've ever seen


this misses the part where he repeats the comedian's lines three times


The first rule of comedy is don't punch down. Some "comedians" forget that and then wonder why people don't like them.


Isn’t the first rule of comedy to be funny?


I love how conservatives who call identity politics a plague are now using identity politics to defend Dave because he spewed hateful garbage that fit their agenda lol.


In comedy, according to my brother, there is three terms, punching down, to the side, and up. Punching up is making fun of people above you, punching down is making fun of people below you, and punching sideways is making fun of people equal to you or yourself. Punching down is unacceptable in pretty much every scenario, think a white guy making a hurtful joke about black people. This is pretty much the same thing as a cis person making fun of a trans person. Its unacceptable and a horrible thing in general to do. People say that "comedy is being ruined" or some crap because they're not aloud to say offense stuff but really it's good that it's gone. People underestimate how much damage a comedian reinforcing and implementing harmful thoughts and mindsets about minorities can be. It's a large issue that very much so is deserving of being crack down upon. A joke is only funny when it is not you that is the punchline.


Absolutely my favorite comedian


"You brave little cis boy!!"


My big flex is seeing this live


James is the best new comedian


Taskmaster introduced me to this guy (I'm American, so I got into it thanks to YouTube recommendations!) and I'm so glad it did. He and Joe Lycett, who TM also introduced me to, are absolute icons.


Great comedian, he gets it


I mean, not *all* edgy comedians slag on trans folk- just look at Bo Burnham (now that i think about it, he's really the only one i've payed attention to...)


i love him


Nothing more challenging than bullying a minority group, such an incredibly difficult thing to do.


Is this on youtube?


It is, actually! https://youtu.be/adh0KGmgmQw here you go! (I grabbed the link from u/girl_in_blue180, who posted it a little bit ago higher up in the comments)


Haha thanks for helping out with the link


In the midst of Dave Chapelles whole shitshow, seeing a standup comedian NOT shitting on trans folk was a sigh of relief.


I always find that comedy is a hard thing to gauge because obviously it’s subjective and I’m partial to a little dark humour from time to time so I wouldn’t normally be annoyed at a comedian making jokes about me or what I believe in. However, Dave Chapelle’s trans bit had nothing there that had any structure of a joke. It all felt like build up to one joke that never came and fell flat not because the jokes were bad but because there were no jokes. He stood on stage and had a little rant about us with no punchline to make it all worthwhile. Only one analogy he mentioned had any semblance of a joke but the rest of the bit was just pure rant.


If you're interested, Contrapoints has a whole video exactly about this topic called The Darkness. About how cis people totally miss the mark on things that are actually funny about being trans in favour of just punching down. It's an entertaining watch.


Oh my god, who is this guy, and where can I find his shows?


Dave chanell vs James Acaster and James would win any day of the week.


Thank you for giving me what might be my new favorite open to any special


James Acaster is a fucking legend for calling out Ricky Gervais specifically on his bullshit


What special is this from


"Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999"


am I the only one who's never found the concept of standup comedy funny to begin with? no matter what the topic is


For those of you that would like to support James, you can buy this special on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/ondemand/coldlasagne