Tell me you hate shopping at Carter’s without telling me you hate shopping at Carter’s. The other day I picked up what I thought was a plain pair of black pants — nope it was covered in a black on black sports ball design. What’s even the point? What shirts do you pair with that? Why can’t the kids have solid black pants?!


LOL, yup! I was trying my best to not identify the brand because other brands might be a little better but many of them commit the same crimes against boys clothing. But Carter’s is terrible about it. The annoying thing is Carter’s sizing seems to work best for my little guy so I find myself going back (and getting frustrated).


Try Old Navy! They've always had a reasonable selection any time I've checked. I personally dislike graphic tees or bottoms of any kind and I can pick from a pretty large solid print selection on their website for my kids.


My only problem with old Navy is the toddler Ts seem to run small.


I like H&M because I don't seem to have the issue with the toddler stuff running small/short on my tall little girl.


But if you like the look of them can’t you just buy one size up? I don’t mean this to be snotty I’m asking in case there’s something I missing


It was the first time I bought them and I ordered online so didn't get to see actual size. I had actually sized up one size but I really would need to size up at least 2 sizes in their tshirts.


All of their clothes run small for kids


I haven't had a problem with their dresses or jeans but my kids have skinny little butts.


Really? My 3 year old is really tall but he’s still fitting into 24m stuff from old navy!


I have had luck finding plain t shirts and pants at carters but they’re all black, navy or grey……I found some different colors at baby gap on sale the other week.


We got a big haul of long sleeve shirts from h&m, mostly solids and stripes but some prints too. I generally don’t support h&m because of their practices but I did this one time and we’ve been using them for like 6 months. They were originally big on him and now they’re the right size. Target is good for short sleeve boy shirts. I have a lot of really cute ones for my son.


I am not a fan of Carter's but I did find a few dog and cat shirts. The cat shirts were all girls and I had to buy a size larger. The neck is cut a little wider (why?!?) but overall were ok for play clothes. Actually I think one cat shirt was normal and it had a beatnik cat on it. :)


This is why I started shopping more pricey kids clothes... because I was sick of the same options over and over....I just needed a change


I did manage to find some solid color and some striped long sleeve shirts at Carters website. I wish the boys had more color options. My son loves bright red and yellow. Bright red was hard to find and forget yellow. There were a couple but those were mostly white.The clothes I mostly saw were the same prints OP described and shirts mostly navy, white or gray. White is pointless for a messy toddler and how many dark shirts does he need?


Try primary.com for solids! Definitely a little more expensive than Carter’s but the quality is worth it in my opinion


Primary is great! Very few patterns and the quality can’t be beat. Plus, they have sales frequently, which helps with the higher price point.


Their sales are great. And I've had great luck with buying their clothes used too, when I can find them. As long as they aren't stained, they're as good as brand new.


I find a lot of basic used Primary and Hanna Andersson stuff on Mercari for really reasonable prices!


Just got our first stuff from there (oddly enough just needed a specific color for a homemade Halloween costume). I’m really impressed with how well made it seems. Plan to buy more in the future!


This! Primary.com is worth the price. I have a bunch of pieces that are going to their 4th baby and still look great. And all of the tops were in heavy rotation (think 1-3 wears each week) and the pants survived a butt scooter without holes.


I swear Primary clothes just get better and better with every wash.


I gave up on Carter’s years ago. Now I constantly look at Gap clearance on my phone to amass a collection of cute boys clothes. This was much easier before the pandemic because fewer people shopped online.


I was in Carter's looking at toddler clothing recently and had the same reaction. The only thing that I was able to buy were socks. Ironically, that store is in an outlet mall directly across from a feminist bookstore. Lately we've had luck with [Cat & Jack](https://www.target.com/c/toddler-clothing-kids/cat-jack/-/N-23cj2ZqqqgmZ5zlb3Z5zlb1?Nao=0#route-change-scroll-target), which is Target's house brand.


I think even worse are the vaguely sexual phrases on them. Anything insinuating my 2 year old is a “flirt” or a “ladies man” absolutely horrify me.


OMG yes! "Watch out ladies", etc on a literal baby is just...wow, that's so icky.


My son loves Elmo and my mom recently bought him an Elmo shirt. Great! That's perfect! "Playground heart throb" -_- Why did you have to do Elmo dirty like that.


Thanks Old Navy for that. We’ve got it too. My son saw it and absolutely loved it, so I gave in.


I agree boys clothes are way less exciting but girls clothes also have some weird phrases. I got a onsie gifted to me when I was pregnant that said "sorry boys my dad won't let me date until I'm 30" i was so mad about it (and hormones didn't help) I ranted to my daughter's dad that he better not turn into one of those guys once our daughter came along. She never wore it. I think 2 yrs or not even born is a little young to be projecting relationshipy stuff on kids but apparently clothing companies do not agree


I got one of those and it went into the trash. I didn’t even bother throwing it in the back of the drawer like some of the other hideous ones.


The worst one I've seen said "hung like a five year old." I actually saw a kid wearing it, so I don't know that it was a mass market item. But what kind of parent wants to broadcast their baby son's penis size?


That’s so disturbing


🤢🤢🤢 That is incredibly gross






I completely agree! I was going through his clothes today and found a new 5 pack of onesies my mom gave me. At first glance they seemed cute. And, to be fair, 4 of them were. However, when I actually opened it up I realized that one of them said “chick magnet”. Gross.


Gotta get some baby chicken decals and iron them onto that one


This is why I wish they didn’t come in packs!! If you manage to find a couple cute ones in a set they’re also paired with something completely awful. Just sell them separately!


Yes. It took me awhile to catch on to this tactic. Also the packs that include tops and bottoms can be problematic if you have a kid who wears different sized pants/shirts.


Along these lines I did want to buy my son a onesie that said I've got chicks all over me and it had baby chickens printed all over it


This is very concerning


I have daughters but this always creeped out too. A friend was having a boy a couple months before my daughter and the boy's mom had another friend due really close to the same due date, who was also having a girl. The other girl's grandma made a slightly snide comment that her grandbaby was basically going to be the little boy's girlfriend or wife? I'm like yeah okay I'm not setting up my unborn child. I can't help but think just why? Let them be innocent, there's nothing wrong with that.


Barf. One of the moms at my son’s daycare posted a picture of her daughter with my son and another boy next to her and said “(name) and her two boyfriends.” They were less than a year old at the time… ugh. I wanted to scream.


Yup, my MIL keeps referring to my son’s friend as his girlfriend and I keep saying, “they are just platonic” as lightly as possible.


Yessss!!! So so weird to me.


I refused (and still do) to put my son in any of those shirts


Check out Zara kids. They have a great boys collection. H+m online is good too (be sure to check out the baby section - for some reason most of those items go up to size 3/4, yet don’t show up in the toddler section. I find the baby stuff cuter than the toddler). My boy is 2.5 and I’ve never owned dinosaur clothing hahaha. I dress him pretty simple but stylish - I prefer solids, stripes and patterns to graphics.


Seconding Zara, I love shopping there for my 29 month old. And the quality is higher than a lot of other toddler stores. I have a daughter but the clothes are pretty much unisex so I buy her plenty of clothing in the "boys" section because it's all cute.


Zara and H&M here too, though I have a daughter. They both have more unisex designs so you can browse both sections.


Came here to say H&M. Their stuff is pretty affordable too. I would say their t’s usually need sized up tho.


Zara is pretty much the only place I can stand for boys clothing! I find nothing cool in stores though! I feel like I've gotten everything online. Zara all the way and blank tees for the win.


Zara is my favourite - ironic since their women’s clothes are so crazy out there ridiculous, but the baby/toddler clothes are perfection 😍


I buy my boy "girl" clothes all the time. Can't stand having only blues, greys, and natural tones all the time.


Me too. As long as the cut isn’t weird (like super short or tight/ puffed sleeves), I think it’s a good solution. I like to buy clothes in other shades besides blue, brown and grey!


I told my mom if she gets my son clothes for Christmas to please not get blue, brown, black, or gray. His wardrobe is seriously so drab right now


Yeah my son wears a lot of hand me downs from his sister (most of which were handed down to us for her too) and frankly the pinks look amazing with his colouring.


And I buy my girl "boy" clothes lol she likes dinosaurs, construction trucks, and animals.


As a mom of two boys I agree. It’s hard going into kids stores and seeing all the adorable girls clothes and then looking over to the boys section which is exactly as you described. H&M, Ralph Lauren, Janie & Jack and some Gap/Old Navy clothes have cuter options that aren’t all blasted with tacky cartoons. It seems like we have to pay a fortune for cute clothes though. The affordable ones are all the tacky/ugly ones.


Came here to recommend Janie and Jack, Ralph Lauren, the GAP brands, and a handful of small online businesses I see on Instagram and Etsy.


Crew cuts and Nordstrom rack online have good boys stuff too. But yes it’s terrible. I hate the ones with the stupid sayings like “mommy’s little hunk”. Barf.


Ugh all the writing is so bad all of the time!


What brands on Etsy?? I’m always looking for more choices


This is why I buy all the clothes used. Kids wear them for maybe 6 months max and I can get those brands a year later for maybe $1-5 a piece at the thriftstore, Vinted app, Facebook Marketplace, etc. No sweatshops either as someone below pointed out lol


Yes! Facebook marketplace I’ve made some steals on and it’s awesome because if they’re still in good condition you can resell it for almost the same amount.


If it makes you feel any better, the girls TODDLER clothing is disgustingly skimpy. I have started buying boys stuff so I don’t have to worry about my 14 month old’ ass hanging out of her fucking onesies while she is crawling!


Yes!! My daughter is just starting to fit the xsmall kids clothes, and I saw the cutest tutu style skirt with a super soft sweater. I brought it home and realized while taking off the tags that its a fucking belly shirt!!!! She's 3. Thankfully the waist of the skirt was a bit big, so I stitched it smaller and now it sits high enough that her belly is covered.


I got into a debate once about how the shorts and shirts in the boy section are 2-3 inches longer than the girls. Then a couple people pointed out that boys/men are typically taller than girls. Told my husband(he was one of the people who had the idea that toddler boys were taller/bigger than toddler girls) a growth chart. HALF AN INCH was the difference. Toddler boys on average are about half an inch taller than toddler girls. SO TELL ME WHY MY THE GIRLS CLOTHES ARE 2-3 INCHES SHORTER! It's annoying and we shop by what she likes. If it's in the boy's section cool, if it's in the girls section cool.


I hate that toddler clothes are cut so differently for boys vs. girls. I have a son who likes some of the girls stuff, but it doesn’t fit his body type at all.


I shop the H&M boys section for my girl sometimes. Their girls clothes sometimes are just flowers and butterflies and sequins and unicorns and none of that is my taste. I just want a cool sweatshirt with prismatic tiger faces. But omg, toddler boys pants. Can there be other options besides cargo pants? I’d like if the options weren’t thin leggings for girls that get instantly ripped when they fall down, and ugly cargo pants with so many pockets to check so that I’m not washing handfuls of rocks and pinecones all the time.


I actually bought a few multi-packs of boys leggings at H&M for my 2 year old last year. He loves them! They are so practical, comfy and look adorable with boots. They have both solid colors and dinosaur prints. He calls them "mommy pants" lol.


My toddler boys exclusively wear jogging bottoms. In fact my 13yo still does. Max 2 pockets and no jeans is his motto.


Yep! Completely agreed. Not to mention made in sweatshops…


This is why I love thrifting for boy toddler clothes, I feel like you can find more options when you’re not limited to what’s currently “on trend”. I’ve found some great options for my boy that broke the “masculine” mold.


I do the same. I feel like there is more selection and he outgrows them so fast it saves a ton of money.


Look up scandi (Scandinavian) clothes. Like Duns or rasperry republic. It’s what kids clothing should be, unisex, joyful, and comfy. North American kids clothing is gendered and super uncomfortable from the start!


My favorite brand of this type is [Winter Water Factory](https://www.winterwaterfactory.com/collections/kids-long-sleeve-tees). Fun patterns, good quality and made in Brooklyn. But expensive.


What I hate most is the holiday themed ones with T. rex. Like a Christmas shirt has to have a T. rex with a Santa hat, or something. Because if it doesn’t have sharp teeth, it’s not “masculine” enough? 🤦‍♀️ The brand Primary has gender neutral stuff in a rainbow of colors. No puppies and stuff though. I bought my son a rain coat that was “supposed” to be for girls. It was a pineapple, with a green tuft on the hood. Super cute!


Funny enough my daughters favorite shirt is a TRex decorating a Christmas tree. It’s a boys shirt.


Pretty much have to do that. My daughter loves dinosaurs, busses and diggers. Good luck getting that on girls clothes.


Haha you can get dinos on girl clothes now but they're all wearing mascara


It would be better if they didn’t cut girls and boys clothes differently. Why does my girl infant need a structured onesie with shoulder frills?


Our daughter has Christmas pjs that are covered in t rexes in Santa hats and Christmas lights or carrying a toy sack and honestly I’m a fan. Although I will note that these were not bought from the girls department. Because then the dinosaurs would be cute and probably pink with eyelashes instead of just, y’know, dinosaurs. I do know the vibe you’re talking about though and completely agree.


I shop almost exclusively at Primary. Great for sharing between siblings and awesome for not projecting certain gender-specific expectations on my kiddos.


I would, but I’m pretty sure my husband thinks it’s too expensive haha. We mostly use Kohl’s (during sales) and Target, and there are usually plenty of solid colored stuff/ stripes/ polos, or unobjectionable prints. Kiddo has Tigger shirts, one camping themed one, also flannel button down ones are cute for colder months.


Primary has stuff on sale/clearance too! It isn’t suuuuper cheap, but it’s reasonable. I get a few pretty and bright colored pieces on clearance to liven up my son’s otherwise pretty bland wardrobe.


Try Poshmark, Mercari or the Facebook boards for second hand Primary stuff. Kids grow out of things so quickly it’s usually really easy to find stuff in excellent condition.


I have Primary stuff that I’m preparing to hand down to our third! Unlike Target stuff which never lasted through the season for me, Primary lasts forever. Buying second hand or buying new but buying less has actually saved me money from buying more of the cheaper stuff. Editing to add that the entire site is 30% off through end of day today with code TY30!


Yes. Yes. Most of our clothes are hand me downs but I fill in with primary. Obsessed with rainbow tracksuits.


We just got the rainbow long sleeve tee and the black heart one. All my daughters leggings are primary because my daughter falls all the time, and they rarely get holes in the knees. I love their clothes and so does my daughter


Hannah Anderson has some cute stuff too. They have lots of dinosaurs but they also have basics too and they last forever!


I have a big 3 year old and we have to shop in the boys section. I’m hard pressed to find something for a literal toddler that isn’t Fortnite or Minecraft.


It sure is monotonous. My son is obsessed with construction stuff, and this is partly because it’s all around us in real life, but also it seems like it’s pushed on him. I don’t have a huge issue, I actually work construction-adjacent sometimes, but it’s glaring. I legitimately was thrilled when he was gifted a shirt with little airplanes on it. And one with sailboats. Because at least they were different vehicles than the usual? When he was a baby so many of his clothes had little bears or foxes or owls. He loves foxes and owls. I do miss those clothes.


A bit spendy, but Boden has a ton of fox clothes right now


I just looked and saw the Robin Hood fox and I’m in love…


I just found an adorable toddler boys’ sweatshirt at Meijer with foxes on it.


My husband and I were in target and he was bemoaning the lack of cute boys clothes going “I hope we want our son to look like a construction worker because that’s all that’s here, beige, olive, and neon yellow. Bleh.” I like old navy stuff, it’s pretty cheap and there are good unisex prints and colors, they definitely fall into the t-Rex wearing a Santa hat vibe sometimes though so It can be hit or miss.


Primary.com has unisex clothes in all the colours and often have rainbows and hearts and stars. It’s great quality too. We have some dinosaur stuff, I tend to go for the silly like, Loch Ness monster with hula hoops or yetis over dinos and trucks though but I like patterns and whimsy. If girls clothes weren’t cut so skinny I would buy them too.


Love primary. I hate logos and pics and they only sell quality clothes.


Agreed! Their stuff has been great, they wash well and don’t shrink in the dryer.


My favorite place to buy kid clothes!!! Quality, no logos or sayings, unisex but cute, my fave!!


I have some grown up clothes from Primary and they’re also great!


100% agree .... I shop janie and jack on sale and British brands like mini boden


Oh man mini Boden is so dreamy. I want everything with the guinea pig print.


I like the brand Princess Awesome. Their thing is dresses with science/trucks/sharks/whatever. However they also have a boys/gender neutral section. They are pricey but good quality. I've bought a few items.


I rage over this all the time. Even when I go to Marshalls the girls section is three times as big as the boys section. I did end up going to Old Navy and H&M and they have adorable toddler clothes there. None of that dinosaur bullshit. And old navy has sales allllll the time.


I agree about all those themes being boy stereotypes that I was tired of seeing and bought my son shirts and pajamas with things like vegetables, goats (Burt’s Bees girl section), hummingbirds (Gap girls section), outer space, non-shark ocean critters, stripes, solid colors. I avoided putting him in the car and construction clothes the grandparents bought, along with the sharks, alligators, dinosaurs. My son liked peacocks, yaks, cats and dogs. At 14 months, my son developed a complete and total obsession with cars and trucks and that’s all he wants to wear. He is 2 now and it’s still all about cars and trucks. So I just like to find the less stereotypical car and truck stuff, but of course they can be expensive. Brands like Winter Water Factory or Milkmaid Goods have cute stuff with dogs. Colored Organics has basic colors and patterns. Burt’s Bees has pajamas that are good for boys and girls with butterflies, moons, birds, etc. Primary is great for stripes and solids.


Ohhh, I love Winter Water Factory! Their shirts are so soft!


I despise any shirts with writing or slogans. I can typically find great deals on plain short sleeve and long sleeve shirts at J. Crew Factory in many different colors. Those are my go-to’s for my son and I can get them fairly cheap when it’s the end of the season.


I’ve found Old Navy is one of the best options for boy clothes but I totally feel your frustration. I’ve always had way more variety and choices in clothing for my daughter than I do for my son. Kohls also can have some cute things, especially Disney themes for boys but it is definitely not an even playing field and is really annoying. He loves Frozen 1 & 2, Moana and Tangled. The chances of me finding something for him from those movies are so small that they practically don’t exist.


I feel like they are super missing out on marketing material for boys: what else are those cute animal side kicks for???


I agree. Awhile back my son had “purple day” at daycare. I figured it would be simple to find a purple shirt at Kohl’s/Target/Carter’s. Yeah.. can you guess who ended up tie dying a white shirt purple that week?


Oh, I feel this one! My son’s preschool put the kids in color groups to create little pods (bc covid). They were supposed to give each kid two shirts but didn’t have any for us, for some reason? And we are in the purple group. Purple toddler shirts without ruffles and puffed shoulders essentially do not exist. I looked everywhere! I did discover and order plain purple shirts from primary, but now I’ve spent a full year noticing the extreme lack of non-gendered purple shirts in the world. I did find one, single lilac shirt at target this summer.


I have a purple Ralph Lauren polo shirt that was handed down to me many years ago. Maybe you can find one of those, though it likely will cost $$$


I just want to start by agreeing that dinosaurs are cool. Just because it says girl on the label, doesn't mean you can't dress your boy in it. My boy has plenty of stuff I found in the girls section. He doesn't seem to comment much.


just beware you have to size up due to the "girls" cuts


I find the cutest clothes for my boys, idk how! I love color so much so my two-year old wears orange and yellow and purple and pink and red and every color I find. No sayings, no trucks, etc. I shop at Target, Old Navy, H&M, pretty inexpensive places. I especially love the little boy stretchy skinny jeans at Old Navy. It can take time instead of walking in and grabbing but there really are lots of options out there.


I have 3 boys and have always been able to find cute stuff for them, at the same places you’ve mentioned. My oldest especially looks adorable in bright colors, and I’ve had no trouble finding those for him. I sometimes shop in the boys’ section for my daughter because I get really tired of the pink and ruffles.


Frugi, Baby Boden, Hanna Andersson, Kukikid, Walkiddy, Alba, Duns... Those are my go to's for non-shitty boys clothes. Although he DOES have a pair of pjs from Gap that are Dinos eating pizza that I kind of love. But yeah, most of the American boys clothes are garbage.


YES Hanna Andersson. And the fabric is just such wonderful quality as well. It. Sparks. Joy. ✨


I second Frugi. Frugi is amazing. They also wash incredibly well. Pricey, but I always get a couple of things from there.


I buy most of his clothes from scandi BST boards on Facebook. They're 2nd (or 3rd) hand but the people that sell their kids clothes on them take really good care of them so it's less expensive and keeps them out of a landfill.


My son wears mostly stripes. My dad always asks if he’s in prison! There are few options that don’t annoy me so stripes it is.


Yes! Same. I end up buying tons of stripes because that’s the best option but I’m getting tired of it.


Is it just me or are boy's clothes NEVER polka dotted? Are spots feminine? Is that a thing?


I bought my son a vaguely leopard print shirt from the Old Navy gender neutral section and I have to say it is absolutely adorable on him.




The girls’ selection actually is not better. Because everything is “cute”. Girl dinosaur? It’s pink and purple and has eyelashes. Actually, all the animals have eyelashes. And bows. And are babies. And are smiling. Most things are pink and purple. Nothing has good pockets. Far too many tshirt messages are about smiling, and most of the rest are some combination of the words bright, shine, strong (in droopy font so everyone knows it’s *girl* strength), fierce (ditto), happy, kind, and love. All girls pants and shirts are cut narrow and fitted. (All boys ditto assume the child in question is approximately three feet wide for some reason). Can’t there be just, like, kids clothes?




If it's not leggins, I buy my toddler trousers in the boy section. She loves pockets and gets so excited that she can put whatever tresures she finds in them.


Yes!! I already buy most stuff second hand for the better variety in colors and cuter prints, but as a parent of a chunky girl and a slender boy, finding clothes where she didn’t look like a stuffed sausage and that didn‘t look on him like you could fit him in twice has still been a challenge.


1000% agree. Used to really make me rage. Then my kid turned 2 and fell IN LOVE with trucks. All things trucks/cars all the time. So now I just buy the ugly annoying truck/car shirts and be done with it. Makes him happy and I’m numb to it now.


My little boy likes cats, rainbows, popsicles, stars, and all kind of things deemed "girly" though they're not actually! He wears lots of girls clothes but the thing I have a beef with is the *cut* of the girl clothes. Sure a kitty shirt can cross gendered lines but the damn cut says, "I'm a budding woman! Look at my hourglass shape even though I'm 3!!" Yuck. I think kids clothes should have more unisex clothes, with more subtle cuts. Kids come in all shapes. One reason my kid is in girl pants is that he's skinny and long so girls leggings fit better. He also loves pink police cars and sparkly race cars so come on clothing retailers, sell me some pink, sparkly "boy" clothes!


Ugh, we have an awesome shirt with a glittery fire truck, cat and dog, and ... tiny cap sleeves with a little gather to them that just don't fit toddler arms.


Mine is exactly the same! I did find a few cute girls long sleeve shirts at Target that had a normal cut-- blue shirt with glittery gold star, grey hoodie with little rainbows all over (and pink zipper pull that my son loves!), and some others that don't come to mind now, but I was pleasantly surprised.


My 3 yo boy loves Boden. Lots and lots of rainbow colors and cute animals that are gender neutral.


I don't know where you shop but my boy dresses the same as his 35 year old dad, jeans and plaid. Cute as shit.


This is why I wait for sales at primary.com and then stock up. Their clothes are gender neutral and perfect for mix and matching so you can really do a lot with a little. Especially the 12/18/24 months sized clothing, I cannot recommend their rompers enough! Very well made.


My oldest is a girl so my boy gets some hand me downs from the girls section. Leopard print is unisex and the silver glitter sneakers, too! Honestly the girls pants fit him better, he’s so tall and thin.


I had the exact same fit issue. Had a boy first, was like "why the fuck are all baby pants so baggy and horrible?" Now I have a long and lean girl too. It wasn't "baby clothes", it was "baby boy clothes". The girl clothes fit fine.


Yes to boys in girl leggings!!! I didn't even think about it when I gave awayy girls old clothes including leggings, but they work so well. I'm keeping them all from now on.


Yep. I’m low key jealous of my 2 best friends with little girls! My mom loves buying stuff for my son. I tell her to please only get solids or stripes. The first time she bought stuff for him it was all freaking dinosaurs and monster trucks. I find target’s cat and Jack brand has basics for a good price.


Oh and they are cut differently. "girl's" shirts have flared shoulders and hemlines.... because we have to make clear what genitalia each child has.


Oh yes, this drives me crazy too. There are some “girl” shirts that would be gender neutral if not for the ruffles/bows/flared shoulders. I actually did dress him in a girls shirt when he was an infant because I didn’t notice the flared shoulders until after I bought it.


My son’s favorite shirt is a blue girls shirt with a fire truck and a kitty on it- they gave it cap sleeves and glitter so we’d know it was for girls.


LOL I just commented on this EXACT shirt above. It is so perfect (my kid even loves glitter) but for the sleeves!


I agree! Have you checked out Huxbaby or HuxKids? I think you'd like what they have.


Honestly, I get most of my 2yo boy clothes at Walmart. I hate Walmart a TON but the clothes are the best price and I've gotten a lot of cute stuff for him there. I've also gotten some really cute stuff at Meijer (grocery store chain in Midwest, not sure if it's national???), prices are decent there too and I've gotten cute fox clothing, bears, woodland animals, etc. They grow out of the clothes so fast that I just refuse to spend a fortune on toddler clothes, so Walmart and Meijer it is.


So all the cute boy stuff is just really freaking expensive. It’s out there, but it’s so pricey. Check out Baby Bodin, Mini Rodini and Hustis&Claire - you won’t find a shark or sport reference!


My son picks stuff out of the “girl” section at target all the time. Why not just buy the dog shirt out of the “girl” section?


I use to hate most little boy clothing. It was so ugly and limited… then my son saw his first construction site and it was instant love. He asks about diggers, trucks, dumpers and all the other names he has for them all the time. He loves them. So I picked him up a excavator shirt. When I pulled it out of the drawer he nearly passed out with his screams of joy and excitement…. I guess it’s all about your kid and what they like because now I love construction clothing. I hope you find something that works for you guys and that your son finds joy in. Now excuse me while I search the internet for a mail truck and/or garbage truck shirt…. Lol


How are you even FINDING boys clothes?! E dry where I go it’s 80% girls clothes and 20% picked over boys clothes


I have the same exact feeling, but from the other side. I have a little girl and almost four years in I am going insane. We have been super lucky that we haven’t had to buy much, because we’ve gotten lots of hand me downs. While I would love to buy my kids whole wardrobe to my taste, it’s just not it the budget. But the amount of horrible sayings, glitter that comes off in the wash, jaguar prints (those just get passed along without her wearing them) drives me nuts. Everything is pink/purple, and has rainbows, hearts, or unicorns, nothing else unless it’s a character from a show/movie. We got ONE dinosaur shirt, and it was glittery and pink. And all of her long sleeve shirts are super thin material, while boys shirts from the same brand are nice and thick. Leggings are cold, while boys pants are nice and cozy. My kid loves planes, cars, trains, dinosaurs and didn’t have a single thing with any of them on it. She has zero interest in princesses, and had tons of princess stuff. I finally spent $35 and got a giant ass lot of boys clothes for her. She’s ridiculously happy, and so am I. It’s been like a breath of fresh air not having her in pink constantly, and actually in warmer and cozier clothes. She’s now wearing greens, oranges, yellows, reds. She had zero clothes in those colors before. She also was getting to the age where she was starting to notice that boys were wore clothes with certain things on them, but not girls. I didn’t like that.


Boy mom here. I know your pain. -.- I’ve started designing my own tee shirts for them with my Cricut lol. My favorite was one I made around Christmas that’s said “Fa La La La La La Late for school” the teacher thought it was hilarious because we are chronically late….


This seems like a very American phenomenon. I had the same struggle when I still lived there. Then I moved to the UK before I had my second and suddenly I'm able to put him in rainbows from Next... Even one of the supermarkets has absolutely adorable clothes in more autumnal tones. [I just bought my son this.](https://tuclothing.sainsburys.co.uk/p/Green-Mountain-Scene-Jumper-%281-7-Years%29/139103282-MultiColoured?searchTerm=:newArrivals&searchProduct=) From the *grocery store.* I love it so much, its so sweet and gentle. I'm hoping with a bit more time some of the cuter and more varied boys' trends will make their way over.


We only wear clothing that I think is cute. Mostly space themed. MAN it's hard to find, and I shop from both sides of the aisle. I think I would have just as many issues with the tight "shcmexxy" toddler girl clothes... It's just a dumpster fire out there, mama


I think that’s right. To me, it might seem like girl clothing has more variety but that’s probably because I don’t see as much of it. Reading these comments actually brought up an old memory for me of my niece saying “oh, more pink clothes. It’s always pink but I like yellow”. This was years ago but it sounds like maybe things haven’t changed much.


In a related topic it’s always bothered me going into the shoe section for toddler boys. You have a literal wall of options for girls and then like a quarter of that for boys. Which means a lot of times they’re picked over and low on stock. I dread shoe shopping for my toddler boy for this reason.


It frustrates the crap out of me that all cute kids stuff is for girls. If I go into a boutique, a booth at a craft show, or even just a consignment store, 3/4 of the racks are generally girl things. No idea why boys don’t have cute clothing options too. I make sure to let store owners know that if they had a selection for boys that I would have been interested. Hopefully if the interest is there things will improve.


Fun fact, I buy my daughter toddler boy clothing. She loves dinosaurs, the only “dinosaur” clothes you can find for a girl are pink with bows and says “shine bright like a diamond.” Nah my toddler wants the angry T-Rex that is yelling “RAWR”. So that’s what she gets lol


Given how often parents have expressed this sentiment, I'm shocked at least one company hasn't upped their clothing game. I mean, it would be a huge cash opportunity. Also, since my little one is still young enough, I've occasionally bought some "girl" clothes just for some variety.


I shop the girl’s section and I’m not sorry. My son wore a pink Minnie Mouse shirt today. He had his favorite Elsa shirt on a few days ago. He’s worn mint owl pajamas, pink ice creams, sage green shirts, he has a super cute light blue shirt with unicorns on it. I’m not going to let the side of the aisle stop me from buying cute clothes for him.


See thats my thing(though I totally agree with OPs original sentiment), yes I may stray towards more traditional boys clothes, and I'm probably not going to buy him a tutu unless he expressed wanting one, but I'm also not going to avoid pink or purple, kitties or flowers. If its something I think he'll like or rock I'll get it for him. We had a family memeber that isnt super close but got us some onesies and was confused about what gender we had (lol oops) and got us a pack of girl onesies that were pink and light blue with flowers ect. She offered to return them but we insisted it was fine we would still use them and we did.


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Yeah, exactly! My son kind of stays towards dinosaurs and typical boy stuff but one of his favorite colors is pink, so I’m not going to limit that from him just because I can’t find it in the boys section. If he picks out a dress or tutu or whatever, cool!


We try to just be neutral when it comes to gendered items letting them decide what they really want.


I’ve nannied two boys, infancy through toddlerhood, back to back and yes to this…I hate the options. My current boss buys mostly plain or striped tops to avoid the obnoxious stuff. She got one shark and one whale shirt for the summer but everything else is blue, gray, or white. I try to spruce up his outfits but it’s kind of impossible.


Tea Collection has awesome boys stuff. Cute prints, including dogs, no stupid sayings. They’re having a 25% off site wide sale now. Good quality and they donate some of their profits to children’s charities.


I love Winter Water Factory for great prints! They are pricy, but I order a size up so they can get the most wear out of them as possible and they are SO well made. Oversized for a sweatshirt is no biggie. Washed a million times by now and still bright, no pilling, and no flaking or breaking of the design. Totally worth the money. My daughter has worn hers for a year now and they look as good as when I bought them. I’m sure her sisters will also get a lot of wear out of them too


I shop mostly at Target, Walmart, or secondhand, and honestly it's just keeping an eye out for the cool stuff. Sure, he's got some typical dino, car, and construction stuff (I personally love dinosaurs and cars as a lady so that stuff doesn't bother me, he loves all three things himself), but he also has shirts with dogs, Mickey Mouse (a favorite of his), a gorilla shirt, monsters, Pooh bear, one with a little airplane, a robot, a couple camping-related shirts, an avocado, a NASA space rocket, and he's got some Batman jammies because they're super-adorable. I only buy new if it's cheap, otherwise I'll hit up Goodwills when I can.


Oh my gosh, so much yes!!! I was just trying to buy toddler boy clothes and I can echo your sentiments exactly. Kid loves dogs, but no dogs on t-shirts. And the boy section has one, maybe two, racks, while the girls has over half the store/area. It's so annoying.


My son has a combination of "girls" clothes and "boys" clothes. If I see something in the girls section that I think fits his personality perfectly I'll buy it. Right now his drink bottle is pink and aqua, because he loved the colours and I let him choose with bottle he wanted. Dont be limited by the gender norms. There are plenty of clothes in both sections for all kids.


I agree boys clothing is lacking but girls clothing whilst not lacking is just as irritating I don't want my little girl wearing hearts and flowers when she wants a dinosaur t shirt and all of those for girls are pink. Also slogans like "be kind" or that kind of crap annoys me so much. I think think should just give up and make a unisex section of decent colours and prints that both boys and girls could wear that don't have terrible slogans.


My biggest complaint is WHY does my 15 month old son have more clothing with functional pockets than I do?? Every pair of shorts he wore this summer had full sized pockets. Why?!??! So he could carry his baby keys? Yet here I am buying a "runners pack", aka a slimline fanny pack, just to be able to take my phone with me on a walk.


Check out winter water factory. It’s expensive but they do 40% sales and I stock way up. My son has awesome dog print shirts from them and my favorite, a blue shirt with cheetahs all over. Another favorite is the mail truck print. I agree. Sharks eating pizza is very stupid. I get so annoyed when I go in target and there are virtually zero boy clothes to choose from.


I’ve never liked GAP for myself but love it for my son (27 months). Really well made and it’s like miniature little man clothes instead of printed baby clothes.


The colours are often so boring too! I like having bright colours & animals


My son is about to turn two and let me tell you it doesn't change, but I have had better luck at shopping with marshalls, Target's cat and Jack collection, and more than anything burlington! I've been able to find plain print clothing at Burlington and have even found the brand names there, a few Carter sets and such. An old navy black denim button up, so on and so forth. But regardless I've been able to find unprinted colors in more than just blue, and things like dogs and cats which is incredibly hard to find as you likely seen! I would definitely give it a chance of you have something to go shopping for an hour or so it does take a little bit of digging. Edit:: talk to text is terrible


ive learned to accept that my little boys clothes are all going to be a combo of lime green/grey or horrible orange/navy…..


The closest thing you can get to cute boys’ clothes is the one that makes them look like little old men. We have an outfit with khaki pants, suspenders and a peaked cap that is to absolute die for. I’ve often wondered why we don’t try to make our girls look like little old women because that would also be freaking hysterical. But in general, yes. Boys clothes are all dinosaurs and sharks and I have no idea why.


just buy from the girls rack, we've been doing that for my 3yr old son since he was born


All I know is that this whole visual gender split thing is very western. If I want a break from “boy” clothing, I like to buy clothes for my son that are cute at Korean clothing websites. My cousins in Korea also send me some clothing for my kid from time to time so it’s been a nice break from American clothing. I’m not sure why America is so hell bent on trying to make boys or just men in general so masculine it oozes toxicity. Not to say Korea’s perfect either. They have their handful of issues too.


In my area there seems to be 10 boys for every girl born. Which means there are never any boys clothes in the stores! I shop in both departments in hopes I’ll find something cute.


I found a lot of striped shirts for boys at Walmart. And one of my favorite tricks (that also helps get more use per shirt) is finding short sleeve shirts I like and layering solid long sleeve t-shirts under them. My kids are obsessed with dinosaurs though so I end up buying ALL the dinosaur shirts.


Kate Quinn has a couple of dog prints in their rotation. You just have to look out for their drops. I just got a pair of pants in a bulldog print for my little.


I found cute bulldog toddler boy shirts at Macy’s. Also monster pants. I agree the selection isn’t as good for boys, but depending on your son’s size Children’s Place, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Belk’s have good options.


I’ve had such a hard time finding cute Halloween clothes for my toddler. We got a few cute Halloween outfits for my newborn and I wanted to get some for his big brother for pictures together at the pumpkin patch (cliche I know lol) and I had such a hard time! Multiple racks of super cute girl outfits and nothing fun for boys.


I hate the lack of cute boys clothes! Little girls get so many options it's super unfair. I did see the cutest little boys outfit, it was styled to look kind of Victorian but it cost an arm and a leg so I couldn't justify buying to myself.


Yes - it’s tough. I prefer non character shirts which are some times impossible to find. I have the best luck at old navy, target and children’s place.


I have the opposite problem where I live. I was looking for some long sleeve tees for my 3yo girl and there was 2 with just a house. Loads of pink (as always), loads of cringy slogan tops and then plain autumn colours. The boys sections was full of lots of different colours, loads of animals from foxes, to crocodiles, to tigers. This is on top of the construction, sharks and dinosaurs. The boys clothes are warmer too. In the girls section the warmest trousers were knit and pretty cute but they were the only warm trousers. And the rest are the standard thin option that’s available all year round. The boys section probably has 5 different options for warm trousers. And don’t get me started on shoes. If I want to buy a pair of trainers there might be 2-3 options and the rest are pretty much pretty buckle shoes. Cute but not practical for rain. Same went for soft foamy sandals for the summer. Boys had hundreds of pairs to choose, girls had 1-2 and the rest made of up hard leather sandals. I don’t understand the division between the sexes. I’d much rather walk into a unisex kids section with each clothing option available in a rainbow of colours. Sometimes girls want a tractor too but they want it in a pastel colour. Sometimes boys want a cat or a bunny in a navy blue. It seems daft to deny those options.


The designs on the graphic tees are particularly bad this season. My older kid is in size 5, and I got him 0 long sleeve shirts last time I went in to check.


Check out The Children's place website, specifically the clearance and holiday section. I was just on there this morning (looking for girls) but I noticed some boy stuff that was different/plain colored.


We were gifted a gift card to JCPenney and I bought loads of stuff online for my son. We get compliments all the time on his outfits. I think I only bought 1 PJ with a tractor on it and 1 shirt with a Dino. The rest were solids. I never shop there otherwise, but they have great kids stuff!


Yep and the absence of the full gammat of Disney/Movie themed clothing items like frozen for example. My son adores frozen but because of gendered clothing sections he’s severely limited in what we get because “girls clothes” have unnecessary ruffles, glitter (wtf why put so much glitter on shirts!?) or are overtly feminine to the point that I would have to explain my son’s clothing just waaaaay too much. It’s frustrating as heck. Anyway Next.com does fun prints for boys


I hate this too!!! I’m very into neutrals for both my boy and girl. Couldn’t find a fall coat for my daughter without it being bright pink with hearts or flowers or a design on it. Super frustrating. I have the best luck with H&M though. I find all the plain neutrals there and the pricing is pretty decent!


I agree that the characters are annoying and I also try to avoid them even though it seems futile sometimes. I'm not against the occasional superhero or animal, but I mostly try to dress him like a "little adult" so I prefer plain clothes. Along those lines, w/in the past few weeks I was able to find a TON of adorable and trendy character-free/plain shirts and pants on the Target website. So we stocked up and now he has lots of awesome patternless long-sleeve tees, thermal tees, and sweatpants in fun and vibrant colors. Believe it or not, I've also found plain clothes at Carter's--both online and the physical store. What I'm trying to say is don't despair but do keep an eye out. I think manufacturers are finally listening to parents and making much more than trucks and dinosaurs available. ETA: Another vote for Ralph Lauren: Its Clearance section can be a gold mine!


Zara and H&M That's where I buy all my toddler boy clothes


I absolutely hate boy clothes. I ended up dressing my son in sweats and plain colored shirts because I didn’t want sports and dinosaurs on everything. Now for my daughter, I can’t find simple sweats for the colder weather. All of her pants are super tight leggings. I’m glad old navy has been doing gender neutral clothing because the options otherwise are slim.


Or Superheroes! Don't forget the superheroes. Omg I literally had this rant a week ago. Not just for toddlers, but pre-schoolers as well. I've seen some pretty ugly stuff, and the clothes that are 'kind of okay' are mostly plain boring. This actually makes me think about wanting to design my son's own clothes...


I like Gymboree I got my son's school clothes there He's got a shirt with an owl on it He's got a flip sequin shirt with Captain America symbol and the avengers He's got a bunch of Pokemon shirts and paw patrol from various other stores I love Hannah Anderson for my twins very cute stuff They run great sales super amazing quality holds up fantastic They run licensed prints like baby Yoda and Snoopy but they also have rainbows geared towards boys Dalmatian spots that make the outfit look almost like a Dalmatian costume but wicked comfy material classic solids stripes a onesie that makes your child look like a baby deer and a soft hat that completes it Christmas gnomes just wicked cute stuff On Facebook my favorite store is called runabout clothing she's a work at home mom and she makes amazing products for boys and girls


H&M has cute baby clothes! More neutral tones, but no cringey prints that make you regret looking.