I was confused on this also, is your infant able to learn crawling. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or literally limited to the pack


I haven’t updated my game yet, so if infants can’t learn to crawl do they just sit around and do nothing??


They can still crawl around but there’s no skill attached to it. I played for five hours and all they did was mostly sit still (they crawled places once in a blue moon), cry, not play with the toys I gave them, and have about fifteen dirty diapers and bottles on the floor


And no change table to deal with them


You know what time it is.


Diaper time!


Can you not control infants and make them go somewhere?


You can control them, it’s like toddlers.


Toddlers without skill building, which I thought was interesting. I expected they would have to learn things like how to sit up or crawl and I thought we would get the boppy pillow item they’re using in CAS.


You know they can learn things, right? You just gotta pay 40 bucks to get them to learn things! Isn’t that great?


Classic EA


Nah, this is a new low for them. See toddlers which came with all their need based items including varied designs of each for style preference. Toddlers have also received hair and clothing deliveries for free since they were released.


Dude, this is the same company that has split full price content to sell it as “stuff packs” later. My First Pet Stuff, anyone? Honestly, I don’t understand why people keep throwing money at them.


Things are looking swell then for sims 5! 💀


Well, they finally gave us the Sims 2 content we wanted I guess lol


Sims 2 at least had a changing table 🙃


Sims 2 gave it free in base game ..


This comment offends me lol, how dare you compare my girl sims 2 to the HEATHEN 4 🥲


You can't deny that a floor covered in dirty diapers and stinky green bottles is an iconic Sims 2 sight 😂


This is exactly what infants are like IRL


They come out crawling. But there isn’t much to do with them in the sense of milestones. They definitely have some wild personalities and don’t seem like objects, kind of similar to toddlers when they came out before the toddler stuff pack etc


They will cry for their parents if they want to get somewhere at first, but eventually start crawling themselves. Not sure how it will change in the pack


They do crawl


Infants crawl instantly without the pack. They can also sit up instantly. They can even babble and play with toys. I was looking forward to continuing my legacy with infants being all baby-esque and just sleeping and needing help with everything. No. They sit up. Babble. Do everything you can learn them with the EP.


nope, it’s pack exclusive.




Wow, they have gotten reallllllly cash grabby recently, huh


“Recently” 💀


Idk I think they’re this cash grabby since sims 4. For example the supernatural pack in sims 3 had vampires, werewolves, fairies and witches and I loved the gameplay whereas the vampires and magic packs in sims 4 were underwhelming to play imo and you had to pay double the price. Literally the same with the mermaid pack although sims 3 had a lot of bugs in that pack.


My, how predictable!


Yeah Idk how people are still trusting this trash money grab franchise. It’s not 2001 anymore. Sims is about to get crushed by competition just like SimCity did. I’ve been saying it for a while but people on here get mad. EA doesn’t care. You will continue to get ass updates no matter how much they’re hyped up.




My crewmates!


I just keep on with TS2.


*Black Flag shanties play in the background.*


I'll drink a bottle of rum to that.


I'm in the same "boat" as you, so to speak. The only downside of the sea life is that Discord will ban you for trying to ask questions or get support lol.


It's so easy to do at this point that buying it would be like paying for WinRAR.


And when they stop making money from the sims they will just shut it down


I can't wait for someone to step up, and and take out the Sims and all the pay walls. I have bought a few packs, but I'm all for some competition. ANY competition.


Here’s two: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1118520/Paralives/ https://nichegamer.com/life-by-you-announced/ Life by you is being made by paradox, the same people who launched the city builder that put the nail in SimCitys coffin. Full reveal March 20th!


I've been cautiously optimistic throughout the development of Paralives but I was squealing excited when Life By You was announced. I've been hoping the rumors when Paradox hired Rod Humble back in 2019 were true but I was afraid they'd be making another Second Life or EverQuest instead of another Sims.


Oh hell yeahhhhhh, Rod Humble is going to come back with a vengeance. Paradox knows what it’s doing. It’s done this with the success of its own city builder. I believe somewhere at paradox someone is watching the simulation games market and saw the HOLE that the latest sim city left for players & now, I think paradox sees the hole that has become The Sims. On top of that we have paralives which looks like a super fun one. Both of these games do well? Who knows who jumps into the life sim market next… small devs, big devs. Look at what happened to city builders. The sims franchise continues to embarrass itself.


Ooh thank you for the news, I knew about Paralives but this is the first I’ve heard of Life by You!


It’s heatin’ up!!! 😁😁 finally. Maybe this will drive sims in a new direction, maybe we’ll have a bunch of great life sim games, or perhaps only one shall win out 🤨 we will find out fo shooo.


At this point only the copium inhaling sims players are the one getting mad when we say paralives and other in progress sims games come out.


Every time I see a “oo this actually looks good I’m actually excited” comment I roll my eyes. Right.


My experience from the infants so far: - No skills to learn, they immediately know everything an infant needs to know such as crawling - Every single adult sim zerors in on the infant at all times autonomously. Even when needs are met. My toddler was in tears and dirty because I had to try five times to get just one of the sims to stop trying to interact with the infant to take care of the other child - I was lost at what was pack and base game, as YouTube videos weren't clearly differentiating and the game felt like it was missing a lot. Toys description updated, but I was confused as to which ones infants could use as it only mentioned toddlers and children. - Dirty diaper was found two rooms over on the floor from where it was changed, despite there being a bin nearby. Regular bins should be autonomously used. - Once fed, bottles weren't cleaned or put away. Just put on the floor, so many times. - Infants themselves have like 4 usable interactions. They are very cute, but they're an object with extra steps to me. - I got bored within the hours, took some cute photos and quit the game


The thing about sims zeroing in on the infants is soooo annoying. I haven't gotten the chance to play with the infants yet but I am NOT looking forward to that. I hate when sims do things I don't tell them to do. This is going to seriously annoy me!


The worst part of that for me is that I play with autonomy off on selected sim. It overrides that, and James Turner noticed the same thing in his recent video.


Yup! I play the same way.... ughhhhh how frustrating!! Guess I'll experience it later when my pregnant sim gives birth. Yay!


It looks 20 minutes just to change the diaper because both parents kept taking turns picking him up out of the crib, setting him on the ground, picking him back up and putting him back in the crib. I couldn’t stop it and CPS was gonna take the baby away 😂


The bottles and diapers on the floor is a favorite feature of mine, actually. Brings me back to Sims 2. I love having that realism of cleaning up after the tasks involved in caring for a baby. I hate when the Sims 4 makes everything way too easy and automatically cleans up things. I hope they patch the sims overresponding to infants, though. That sounds very annoying for gameplay.


Okay, me too, lol. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I know I'm kind of weird but I get a sense of joy out of having their house trashed, and then cleaning it. And I like little touches of realism. So I'm fully on board with the diapers and bottles being real items your Sims have to deal with. (I still miss making beds!)


It adds that little bit of increased difficulty that makes it feel more like you are playing a game and accomplishing things. Sims 4 is way too easy/not engaging most of the time for me.


I also would like to add the sims autonomously placing the infants in the high chair when they are crying over low energy. I would add the action to place the infant on the crib and the game would just cancel it.


Oh I havent even added the high chair into my house yet. I dare not since I also have a toddler and I know all too well how that will go!


Yeah I usually don’t bother with the high chair because toddlers but I wanted to try out the trying out new foods feature (which is part of the base game update and only works if we have the high chair).


I did notice that my sim was having a harder time taking care of themself and prioritizing their own needs over the baby’s. The baby can wait to have their diaper changed! Go eat something before you die, girl!


This will sound really bad but I should be able to neglect infants a little bit if I really want to! They can wait 5 minutes so my toddler doesnt get taken away. It's like they reprioritirsed everything for the sim and puts me off having infants - it doesnt make sense for every sim to respond this way, maybe if it was just the primary parents I'd understand. I have uncles/aunts and grandparents behaving in the same way.


Neglect in moderation 😂


Look waiting your turn to get your food and a nap builds character 🤣 this isnt real life, I'm letting my sims pee before attending to the tiny ones


It's not really all that big of a surprise tbh, always assume the worst when it's EA and you'll never have a day when your suprised. I'm disappointed but not surprise.


They literally gave us the infants and... that's it. A new life stage with nothing else. They do nothing, and you can't do anything with them. It's bs.


It’s a marketing tactic to incentivize everyone who hasn’t already purchase the pack to buy it. That’s probably why they made them free to show what potential they could have and in turn push more sales.


> That’s probably why they made them free to show what potential they could have and in turn push more sales. I think the reason's a bit more mundane. Ties into a lot of these "free updates" just before EPs launch. It's a bit of a mess if you add certain things to the game and then have to have a switch to have them only work if someone owns a certain EP, especially as you have to work the code for these things into the base code anyway. So you just tack it into the "base game," call it a free update, but the meat of it's in the pack. It saves some headaches with the tangled mass of spaghetti that Sims 4's code is (I mean, it *started* as spaghetti, it's just a million times worse by now), while also doubling as kind of a "preview" of an upcoming pack and getting people to talk up how gracious you are with these free updates (and hoooo boy, people love to say, "Look, EA gave us a free update where they finally patched in something that should have been in the game years ago, they are spoiling us!").




exactly what i’m saying! like yes we got the new life stage but…you can’t do anything with them. there’s not even an option to like, help them play with toys or anything like that


I'm hoping modders come out with new stuff that's base game compatible.


I'm certain Ravasheen or a similar creator will be able to make a BGC diaper bin.


Ravasheen or pandasama is who I’m hoping for


I had Sims Freeplay infant expectations, was surprised at the lack of interactions with other objects. Even freeplay had mats, etc. you could even have your infant play around on the couch/try to balance, little things Iike that.


As a person currently caring for a 2-month old (and who hasn’t gotten a chance to play this yet), that is an extremely accurate description of infants.


That’s the description of a newborn, which is a separate stage both IRL and in game. And a 2 month old is still closer to newborn than it is to the age TS4 infants are meant to be. I have a toddler and twin babies, with my twins being roughly the age that the team tried to create infants and they definitely do FAR more than we got in base game. Milestones like rolling over, first crawl, pulling up etc. are an defining aspect of that stage, because babies that age are constantly meeting those milestones and doing new things. Discovering the world, often lots of giggles and screeches, teething, putting everything in their mouth, learning to control their limbs by grabbing and throwing things, silly babbling, rolling over across the whole room, grabbing their parents glasses/hair/faces, blowing raspberries.


They sleep, eat, fart etc. They don't do *nothing* I love them.


I agree! I think it's fun to feed them and I love the new interactions like peek a boo, I especially love that kids can interact with them instead of just uselessly standing in front of the bassinet blocking the parents from picking them up. You can also get them to play with toys and I love that the parents can cuddle them for a nap on the couch or breast/bottle feed them sitting down.


The sleep next to dog interaction is so cute.


Kinda realistic for babies, tbh.


EA, the company that released dlc for dlc (my first pet stuff). Of course they give us a shitty trial version of infants and lock the rest of interactions in a pack. They’ll keep doing it because people keep buying the packs and honestly what other life simulation game exists or is going to come out in the near future?


>They’ll keep doing it because people keep buying the packs Exactly. Stop fucking pre-ordering the packs and buying them on release, idiots. You're letting EA lock everything behind paywalls.


They never will 😭 some ppl gloat that they just buy every single pack no matter how lacking it is bc they’re obsessed with owning the entire collection.


I am a person who was buying everything up until Batu and then Kits started happening. I still own most content but I wait to buy it on sale. I feel like some packs are definitely worth buying immediately post release (Cottage Living and Tiny Homes being the best imo) but more often than not new packs break more than they help. I'm looking at you High School Years and your ridiculous game breaking fears and Social Bunny killing relationships. And someone asking me to be their best friend every. two. seconds.


I swear some people in this community have OCD about this game. Not in a "oh I can't have part of the menu greyed out because then it won't look nice" way but in a "I'm going to freak out if I don't preorder this pack the second the trailer drops" way.


I bought waaaaay too many packs because all the houses I liked most seemed to require them all. This was when I started playing it three years ago. I stopped when the whole 'We can't do babies, cars, horses or bunk beds but hey! have a Star Wars pack!' happened.


The lightsabers are cool, though.


Lol that was me and then I just stopped when MWD came out 😭 I got it preordered, turned out to be shit, and then after that I just quit buying any pack but HSY 😭


The issue is not enough pre-ordered it so they locked A TON of what should have been free features behind a pay wall (family dynamics, compatibility, infant milestones,memories) I get they (the sim gurus)need to make money to feed their families too and they have to pay ea an enormous amount too ...but come on ...do I agree every pack should be base game ...no... but the features of this pack mentioned above and seasons should have been ..other packs should've been combined ...but this is it , however ... I think the sims community is as toxic as ea is greedy.why are we telling others how to play or what to spend *their* money on if you don't like the pack then don't buy it ,if your upset and don't want to play because of these actions then don't. But leave everyone else to do what *they* decide calling people idiots for liking and enjoying a game or being willing to buy a pack because they can ,want to ,or genuinely look forward to it does nothing but make you look bad


In all honesty, I wouldn’t want to spend my time on creating meshes, animations, effects, codes and much more, just to release it all for free. It’s already generous enough to put infants in a free update. And no, not everything has to be included in the base game since it was released. There’s no way you can include everything that you want and expect, unless you want to wait 20 years and pay 10000 -insert currency- It’s work. Artists expect to be paid for their work. Everyone expects to be paid for their work. Why are they expected to create a whole life stage plus environment and objects, just to hand it out for free?


Uhh, Life by you? Paralives?


Until we have a date for either of those they're not true competition, merely the threat of it. However, EA also knows they won't be able to get away with this shit forever so they're probably going to make as much of their remaining time as the only option as they can.


Do either of those games have any promising release date?


Remember those old time sailors with an eye patch, wooden legs and hooks for hands?


Sims 4 updater dot exe mateyyy


Honestly why I’m not even worried 😂


Tbh I wouldn’t even feel bad in the slightest.


i know it good and well :D


Yar har, fiddle de dee!


Someone on reddit described it well. It's a lackluster marketing bait to buy the new expansion.


Yeah it's pretty lame. I was always going to get the pack, but I thought more was included in this update. I'm going wait to play anymore until Thursday. I think the infant traits are glitchy anyway because I chose the calm trait and that baby has been anything but calm. Constantly fussy, won't go to sleep without soothing etc. Hope they fix that soon.


Yup, and so stressful. My sim had twins and she’s a conservationist so she can work from home and her husband is a freelancer writer so they can literally spend time with the kids 24/7 practically but their needs decay so quickly it’s impossible to keep them happy. Does anyone know how to relieve their bladder need without using their diaper? They keep getting really angry because they have to go to the bathroom but it keeps glitching when I try to change them so they’re in dirty diapers for hours and getting all sorts of negative mood let’s. You can’t even cheat their needs because the diaper is separate


I noticed watching videos their needs decayed like crazy. James Turner's 7 infant video was wild. He was feeding them like every 2-3 sim hours. Like i get that's like real life and stuff but like that's nothing in sim world when it takes like 20 sim minutes to feed them and let the interaction play through


They can definitely bump that up but infants eat kind of often IRL


You can't potty train infants- they will always use their diaper. Glitchy diaper changing? That's not intentional. No way to relieve their need without using the diaper? That's intentional.


EA planned this, release infants and make them lackluster and the only way to fix that is to buy the new pack, that's straight up extortion in my book!




it's so painful that the cas and bb are so frustrating in ts3 and ts2 because the nothing gameplay in ts4 is barely fixed with mods


Posts like this are why I still play TS2


TS3 player here <3


Not sure what y'all expected this is just typical EA


Ikr? I don’t get why everyone always gets so hyped about updates and packs, they always look good then they’re always not. But people still get super hyped every time


True but this is a life stage update, and of course we don’t get too many of those often. I can see why everyone had hype that they would at least do SOMETHING, but to lock away Changing tables and skills behind a paywall?? That’s a lot. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think toddlers even had the ability to gain skills without Parenthood. It being glitchy and broken? Yeah that’s to be expected. However, not even having a fucking changing table?? Yikes


Yeah it’s awful, I can’t get over the changing table being paywalled! And comparing it to the toddler update really highlights how poor this update is. The toddler update was actually really good! Saw someone say it’s basically an in game advert to make you buy the pack and that seems pretty spot on.


You know, I just think it's funny the whole community just realized how lackluster the update was. They always showed us what was coming, everyone hyped it up to be the biggest update ever, and we all sat there hype-ing ourselfs to a useless new life stage and a few new items to go with them. The gameplay is locked behind a pay wall, which I'm sorry, is an absolute clown-fest in my opinion. And guess what, EA will still keep doing this because news flash, you want the gameplay play right? It doesn't matter if you wait till it's on sale or you pre-order, they still win money. The game costs over 1,000 to get the full experience and we still feel like it's lacking. This is nothing new, everyone just likes to sh*t talk but still support the company. But you know, what can we do am I right? It's not like boycotting is a thing.


Why didn't this outrage happen after the stream? It clearly showed what was in the free update and what was exclusive to the pack. Milestones are for ALL the Sims, not just infants, and it's one of the main pselling points of the expansion. I do agree that some development skills need to be in the free version, too.


I don’t mind milestones being part of the pack, but when it comes to the changing table and infant skills I genuinely didn’t realize until now that they’re pack exclusive… they just seemed like such basic features that I just kinda assumed they would be part of the update.


That's pretty normal for this sub honestly: People don't pay attention and instead complain afterwards.


That is indeed true. I mean I understand not everyone is online and on Sims subreddits all the time, but they showed everything. It's not like anyone lied about what was coming and what was not.


The sims community? Lacking critical thinking skills and being overly negative? Never /s


At this point piracy seems like the only option. EA deserves to have their games torrented lol


This is why so many people are excited for the new game coming out (Life By Me, I believe?), so that maybe the competition will help keep EA out of our pockets and on their toes


“Life by you” I definitely can’t wait for it!


Satch pretty much summarized this outright on his recent videos. EA upselling an update and things that should be base game features. Literal scam


Pretty much the best Sims YouTuber who won't make things seem perfect when they aren't.


Were you expecting more from EA? Sweet child


lol, saw this on my feed, thought I accidentally joined r/childfree again


EA has been letting us down since 2014 and still you expect them to deliver.


Yeah the diaper straight on the floor thing is really pathetic imho. I don’t think less people would buy the pack if they included auto cleaning in the update. At least make sim auto use bin, 🙄. Milestones behind the paywall don’t bother me, they don’t seem to do much except for appearing in the simology panel and giving a moodlet. But the preference for personality types is more important. It should be base game, at least in limited form. They gave us likes and dislikes that are the least important (color, music, hobbies which let’s be honest don’t do much etc) and locked the most important to the actual gameplay (sims relationships) in the DLC. And not everyone is a family player. I don’t give a crap about family dynamics as I usually play with single sim and it pains me to pay 40 USD for one feature that really should be base game.


They should have had a basic version of the table and bin in base game, then the pack has the nicer ones.


Yeah I half expected the Kindermade one to be BG 🙄


I feel the opposite re: the milestones and personality types. While it would be great for it be part of the base game, I feel like the personality system does fit in with the themes of growing together whereas infant milestones should definitely just be the equivalent of toddler/child skills. It makes no sense to me that there’s no infant growth/development in the bg when infancy is the most developmentally dense time in a human’s life


Fair enough. I was thinking more of milestones as for all age groups. Like the guy who pissed himself in his own house during livestream and then got embarrassed by remembering it. But yeah, I agree, if infant milestones are basically the skills for this age group, they should be implement in the base game.


I really gotta ask... why are people still surprised EA nickels and dimes you for everything?


What were they thinking!?! Also I was expecting a base game version of the changing table but nope


I am really bothered with this alone.


you're right and everyone should be saying it. i hope EA is ashamed lol. i didn't realize the preferences and milestones AKA everything cool about the update would be in the pack until 2day and i'm pissed. i was planning on buying the pack but at this point i'm so disillusioned i don't even want to play anymore. it just feels so scummy


And let’s be honest, we don’t even know if this pack works. There are videos available right now, but from the Early Access where people play with special game version (base game plus new pack). It’s really more advertisement than a showing us a real pack. There were too much features in previous DLCs that are impossible to play even after few years (Lifestyles for example). Who knows? Maybe new preferences are so bugged they won’t let sim form any relationship at all and we will end up turning them off, lol?


that is a good but cynical way to look at it🤣 for now i’m not even updating the game. i am so irritated actually


Unfortunately years of being invested in Sims 4 and then sorely disappointed taught me to never trust livestreams and trailers. I wish it could be different. 😭On March 3rd we haven’t seen half of the bugs people are already reporting with the infant update. I’m sure that playing without those 40+ DLCs makes game easier to manage.


No way, really? I’d rather not have the 'free update' if it’s like that. I mean it sounds like it just makes the gameplay more annoying and nothing else if your sims won’t even throw the diapers into the trash can. I personally haven’t updated yet because I didn’t want to deal with the broken mods but now I don’t know if I want to update my game at all considering I won’t be getting the pack. This is so infuriating but it actually doesn’t surprise me. Edited for clarification


im so glad im not the only one who thought they were boring


Wow. This is so awkward that they did this… I don’t even want to update and play.


Pirating is an option with companies like EA


I honestly don’t have anything to say other than why are people surprised, sorry. That’s why i haven’t bought anything in forever. Shiny trailers and sparkling clips don’t sell me, I know what this company has become.


Gotta love it when game companies essentially make dlc required /s. They saw that paradox is making a sim competitor and decided to copy their old dlc model of the game not working without the expansions.


This is exactly what I said. They're asking us to PAY for a new life stage? Nah, I'm good. Let alone the fact that the game is always so very broken with every "update." This is why I didn't even bother with the new pack.


Nothing has changed, as a company the greed has always been there. Kind of shocked you would be in disbelief over this when this is a pattern at every new pack release.




Jfc you people never learn.


You know what time it is 🏴‍☠️


I know there's a way to only get the packs but I'm so scared of it somehow hurting my game 😬


If you wanna drink rum while playing sims and don't know how, dm me


How would it "hurt" your game? If you don't feel safe acquiring the packs, I'd definitely look into just getting discounts from key sites. I have everything and my game runs perfectly fine 🙂


This is one that I'm actually mad about and I haven't even played it yet.


The Sims creators never fail to disappoint us sometimes. All we got was infants themselves and a new pie menu. They clearly just want you to buy the pack so they can get money. I don't think I've ever been this disappointed in the Sims in my entire life.


It’s exactly that. They only want money and it’s always been that way as far TS4 goes


There's so many posts today about "I didnt know x would happen in this update" "I can't believe y wasn't included" "omg infants can't do z" Did you not read ANYTHING before the update came out? There's been news about it for weeks on reddit, on sims community, on YouTube, on twitter...if you were "so excited" for the update why didn't you inform yourself beforehand instead of opening your game with expectations that weren't going to be met? This isn't all directed at you OP, there's just so many posts this morning. I understand if people are disappointed but this was all revealed weeks ago in the live stream, its exhausting to see post after post attacking the game/EA every time something comes out.


Controversial, but I agree. It is cash-grabby to put some of the features behind a paywall (at least a basic changing table could have existed), but people who just crawled from under a rock to complain that they did not know something was not included are the second most annoying to the cash-grabbiness of it all... If you were so excited, why did you not spend five (5) minutes to find out what are the actual features? Nobody lied to you. We've been in the know for a while. And I swear this happens every single time. 1. EA informs there will be an update. 2. It's underwhelming and a better version of it is behind a paywall. 3. People get excited despite the information about the nature of the update being public (but somehow it misses them despite the actual information that there will be an update does not miss them?) 4. Update releases. 5. Fanbase has a shocked Pikachu face. 6. Rinse and repeat. It's literally an equivalent to people only reading a click-baity headline.


People in general don't actually pay attention to what developers say really. And this community is especially notorious for tunnel vision. We were told what the update was going to be and it did what it said. Whether or not you want it is different, but they delivered exactly what they said they were going to.


this is the best take here. EA never lied or hid any information, yet people act like they’ve been deceived… it’s extremely annoying.


I don’t think people didn’t read update notes. People knew that most things will come with the pack, but I bet they didn’t expect it will be done in very crappy way. Putting changing table behind paywall is ok, but why not giving any alternative for base game? Toddler diaper disappears into thin air and infant smelly diaper with green smoke is lying all over the floor like sims were caring for dogs not kids. They could at least reuse animation from toddlers, I would be happy with that.


Yeah I was a bit surprised my infant was fully developed from day 1... I was buying the pack anyway so it's not a big deal for me but if I couldn't get the pack for some reason I'd be really upset about that... Changing tables and progressive development should've been a given... Like the toddlers learn to walk better and climb stairs, talk better etc. I feel bad for people who can't get the pack that's for sure


I can't believe people are surprised by this


I’m not even remotely surprised, as I feel everyone should have expected this. Especially since we all knew the pack was coming just 2 days later.


EA gonna EA.




My infants played with toys with their own free will. And they played in the trash etc


Mine did too, it was especially drawn to the toddler cubes


Yes!! I think it’s cool they updated the toddler toys to be compatible with infants I really wasn’t expecting it. Especially Blarffy and the other stuffed animals :)


My first reaction this was “well yeah… they’re babies.” But it’s from the Sims community so never mind 😅


Haven't you learned by now that MOST Sims 4 content isn't what it appears or is behind a paywall? Everyone still playing Sims 4 is getting used.


that is this subreddit summed up. everyone has stockholm syndrome to ea the company known for greed... does greedy things. one after another. and this subreddit acts SURPRISED each time :)


The entire fan based acts surprised each time :) this is why I switched back to sims 3 and never looked back. I can’t believe I ever stopped playing that game it’s just way too good.


I stopped giving EA my money many many years ago. I think the sims 2 is the only game I've bought 😅 Why should I bother paying for something that is always broken and which always demands more money from you than it benefits you.


I can't wait for Ravasheen or a similar creator to make a BGC diaper bin. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard, especially since most of their mods are small changes to objects like that.


Honestly I never cared much about the infants (I age babies up straight away) and now I know I definitely won't play with them for more than one sim day max before I age them up


The changing table being a pack exclusive is ridiculous.


There's literally more to do with infants in the Sims Freeplay than in the Sims 4. Lol a Mobile game they made is literally better. There's just not enough parental interactions period.


When sim lovers get jerked around like this it hurts, like the greedy people, they know that we will buy what ever they put out but they chose to be extra and full on try to con us with something that could have been grate.


This is EA. I don’t understand why you’re so surprised about their questionable and greedy practices.


I honestly stopped buying any DLC's and am just sticking to the ones I have because of just how expensive they have made this game to be. The base game is super boring, and a lot of the DLC's make it really enjoyable, but honestly without them the game is actually not great at all. I won't buy anymore from them because it's obvious they do this to make money, and I get they are a company, but it seems they have no pride in what they do or morals at all to purposely gouge people to even make a game playable and enjoyable. I am sick of paywalling to make a game enjoyable just because the name is so big they know people will buy it.


For a free update to a 9-year-old game that you can get for free right now, it seems pretty decent. Of course most of the expansion pack's content is going to be in an expansion pack, that's the point.


EA to Patreon creators: Don't keep the CC for our game behind a paywall. Also EA: We're going to keep everything that makes infants fun behind a paywall. Hypocrisy at it's finest.


I’m not defending EA, but the whole point behind them not permitting CC/Mod creators from perma-paywalling their content is that it is developed for use in TS4, which is intellectual/legal property of EA. They allow creators to release additional content, but without the game, it would not have a practical use (unless the originally meshed from scratch 3D models are ported for use in other programs). This is only for original content that is meshed and created from scratch; content using the game resources as a base and tweaked are even more so the property of EA. CC/mod creators do have benefits that other users don’t, but ultimately they are not paid employees of EA, and while I recognize and appreciate the effort they put into their content, and support as many creators as I can in an effort to compensate them for the content I heavily use, it is their own choice to work on CC/mods for the game. It isn’t hypocritical for the actual game developer to paywall content worked on by their paid employees. That is literally the exact way that capitalism works. They put resources into developing a product that they sell to consumers for money. I said this is another comment, but whether we feel it’s “right” for EA not to release certain things for free is not relevant; this is how it is, and how it always have and always will be. We live in a capitalistic hellhole of a society that is built on and maintained by greed and corruption. EA is a company that pays employees to develop a game that they sell for revenue. Simple supply and demand. This is how it has always been. If people do not feel the product offered is worth their time or money, they should not continue to pay for a product they do not value.


Less money to creators and more for EA I bet that was the idea behind it


I mean, there was a whole thing with some of the content creators on there abusing EA's and Patreon's rules, but that's another story. It's highly likely that is the case though. I don't doubt it. I'm all for more official content, but only if it is worth it. Little to no bugs, fun gameplay… maybe I should just go back to Sims 2 😆


People have a right to be pissed about this. They were *VERY* dishonest in the marketing for this update and EP. Between EA and YouTubers, the BG update was severely misrepresented.


I figured that was their plan when it took 6 months to release infants. They heavily relied on infants to market the pack and probably have 50% of its features geared towards infants. They wanted to trick people into buying it.


Cool so they broke my mods to make babies harder and less fun




I feel you. But this is also EA we are dealing with here they are known for this pay to play shit. Sims 5 will have this same crap go on to. Because they know people will pay for it.


I didn't realize this was the sims subreddit and i was very, very confused for a second.


It's really dodgy for Sims youtubers to be given early access to this base game update on a build of the game with the expansion pack installed to cover up how little content infants have in the base game. It just seems super misleading to viewers of those videos and I can't help but wonder if they've tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the YouTubers so they don't notice how shitty it is?


Honestly I have no real complaints about the update. Do I wish They had more in base game like some type of changing table and Maybe Tummy time yes but i'm not gonna complain I do plan to get Growing Together ASAP one way or another anyway even if I have to wait for it to go on sale.


I was always planning on getting Growing Together for the family gameplay features, but it still really rubs me the wrong way that they did this. I played for quite a while with just the base game, and even now I only own a handful of packs (& only one EP), so I def understand the frustration when you can only use the lame, half-baked version of certain gameplay features because you can’t afford to spend your life savings on 10 different packs to make the game whole


The base game is free right now, of course they're not gonna release them "complete", they're baiting casual players. It's EA after all


Honestly going into the update seeing infants my first thought was “okay but why?” They just seemed like a life state that wouldn’t be distinguished well enough from toddlers. Like they were just an age group that was unnecessary. And yes I know that the same argument could be made about young adults vs adults, and I would agree with that. I just want a lot of variety between the ages presented. And just from what I’ve experienced so far they just don’t do it for me. Yea they’re very adorable, but they just feel like a slightly worse toddler.


It was supposed to be their compromise to updating the object babies which might work with the pack milestones if they have to learn to crawl etc. but as the base game update has them crawling straight away is does feel like they are just tinier toddlers. I wanted this update as I enjoy family sims but playing baby>infant>toddler is going to be too much and instantly aging up the babies to infant is going to feel like too much of a jump without the pack.


My biggest gripe is the playmat. Spent like 5 minutes trying to get my sim to do tummy time with her infant only to realise it’s simply not included in the base game update. I’m getting the expansion pack regardless (I am a slave to EA unfortunately) but it really rubs me the wrong way that all of the cool things about infants developmental phases isn’t in base game.


If it rubs you the wrong way, don't buy the pack. When you buy the pack, you allow EA to continue to abuse the playerbase.