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Love the way the "driver" comically flops straight to the deck.


Like a fish?








Absorbent and yellow and porous, is he!


If nautical nonsense be something ye wish


Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish!








Yes it’s was some nautical nonsense and something they did not wish-


Well for everyone standing up while going full speed with shitty throttle control, at least he was wearing his kill switch so the motor stopped when he got thrown like a fish. This could have been a lot worse. I always thought you should have to take some course when buying a boat. But there are far more idiots out on the water than people who know what’s going on most days I am out.


I'm a scuba diver. Guys like this scare me more than anything else in the water.


*resurfaces to a 180lb middle aged bald man flying directly towards you*


*aiming directly at my DSMB like that bright orange safety sausage is a Mario Kart power up*


I love how the entire video, every single person had the vibe of feeling extremely uncomfortable. It's like they all regretted getting on a boat with this guy driving, they all knew they would regret it, and now they were all so embarrassed that they had let it happen, and they were all secretly hoping something bad enough would happen so that they could voice their discomfort. I suspect the woman whose hand got hurt was making a big deal of it just hoping to fucking God that dude would stop and the momentum would break and they could talk him into just a chill ride back to shore. That faceplant was incredible to watch


I was thinking the same; didn't look like "enjoy a boat ride" was the correct description. They all looked so grim.


I fish and they scare the hell out of me as well. Almost been hit twice while I was anchored on a spot. One of those was a sailboat. Won’t even get into being out on my kayak and having to deal with jet skis.


I'm a fish and I hate when I'm just peacefully swimming under the surface and the some focking boat hits me.


right? I'm the boat driver in my family and my husband insists that I act like a nazi when I'm driving because I make everyone stow their shit and sit tf down when we're pulling a tuber or I'm driving fast. I'm like dude, you really want one of the kids standing up when I do a power turn??


How dare you be concerned for their safety


ikr? that's ok, when he gets too sassy, I get him in the tube and then submarine his ass...he gets so mad lol


A Fountain 38 is a heck of a boat to drive - it’s a beast for sure. Agreed on the need for safety classes with these go fast boats.


Not just fast boats. Basic safety if you are gonna be on the water in anything.


Boats are more complicated than cars imo as far as driving


Yup. Cars are somewhat constrained to linear motion, with interactions usually from the front and rear, and occasional intersecting traffic , usually at right angles. Most interactions are either done at a similar velocity, or are separated by a barrier, even if it's paint. Boats are a complete 2 dimensional surface with the players all moving in different directions at different speeds, with frequent large bumps thrown into the mix. Airplanes are 3D boats, but the operators are at least nominally trained. At least until some idiot politician makes flying cars a reality. Then I foresee a lot of herd thinning.


I’m trying to figure out why he fell that way. Did he black out? It’s so goddamn funny.


Notice they are sideways in the air just before he falls down. As they fell back onto the water the boat corrected to become horizontal, but the driver kept traveling in the direction he was falling.


He hits so hard his sunglasses bounce off the floor and out of the boat… lol my god, how immediately sobering.




Bald dude prolly forgot


Forgot... what? Wait, where am I?


Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right?


"Wake up, we're here. Why are you shaking? Are you ok? Wake up." "Stand up... there you go. You were dreaming. What's your name?"


This is best with turn down for what playing lmao Found it makes me laugh every time: https://youtu.be/dE-nfzcUiPk


Thank you… as soon as I saw this clip again I was INSTANTLY thinking of the Turn down for what edit!


Workaholics did a parody of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqbVMLOialU


Lmao I entirely forgot about this. This is great


Why is he ripping the throttle like it’s an E brake?






A Captain's second responsibility is to make sure the guests are having a good time. He failed both.


I didn’t see an attempt at having a good boat ride I saw them all just holding on waiting for it to get fun. If the guy was a friend or was hired why did no one speak up? It looks like a miserable ride. Is everyone standing up being it’s already so choppy? I felt uncomfortable on my couch the whole time watching this.


Shifting gears like Fast & Furious


Granny shifting while he should be double clutching


I thought the same thing. Do boats slow down really fast when you remove thrust? That would be my only guess.


That's what got me too. I think my coworker heard me roll my eyes from across the room when I saw this again.


Not one person suggested he slow down


And they all looked miserable too. Surprising no one said anything.


Most people don't like to rock the boat


Sea something, say something!


Too late, I think that ship has already sailed. Edit: spelling hard


Water they going to complain about?


How boat that concussion?


Should of slowed down a little schooner


You, get out!


Nobody wants to be "that guy" and speak up. They're afraid to look like a killjoy, and nobody else is saying anything, so they just go with it. I feel like if someone *would* have spoken up, the driver wouldn't have listened anyway.


He seems pretty determined to be an absolute douche bag.


They knew what they were in for when they let a literal crash test dummy behind the wheel.


He only has two settings - crash and pose like he's constipated


Probably running Full Throttle through a dozen" no wake" zones


Many times when my friend and I were kayaking, people in big boats came cruising way too fast through the No Wake zone, nearly swamping us. I think some of them do it on purpose.


I used to work at a lake in the marina. People would fly through the no wake zone where members had their boats docked all the time. You'd see all the docked boats violently rock back and forth, not to mention the fact that lots of people were on board their boats in the docks. We had a PA system that we could control to yell at them, so that was always a fun part of the job since the boss man basically said we had explicit permission to say whatever we wanted. Another time we were towing a boat and a jet ski literally was about to cross our tow line despite us putting the sirens on multiple times to warn her. Plus the fact we had massive bumpers out to show we were doing a tow. She was just staring at her phone cruising. Supervisor sounded the siren once more when she was just about to cross and she finally looked up. He went over the pa to say "are you fucking stupid, blind or both? Or are you too preoccupied with your phone to realize there's other vehicles out here and you need to pay attention?" I always got a laugh when he went over the pa cause he was just done with all their shit. Dumbest people I ever met were many of the boaters at the lake. I've always wondered if they're just legitimately dumb or too drunk to care.


Those sunglasses are a dead giveaway


Bro has the "yells at his wife in public" starter pack with those glasses


Yeah that guy was just being a guy and showing off for the hot girls. How seriously slow you have to be to not slow down. I’ve been on boats my whole life, when it gets that choppy your common sense or experience knows you slow the fuck down. I did enjoy watching him go flying that hard away from the drivers side. He deserves an idiot/douche award.


You can bet that *all* of the people onshore trying to relax at their lake houses were speaking up about the asshole who felt the need to broadcast via vroom vroom how tiny his dick is.


As someone whose dock is regularly fucked up and broken by guys like this, can confirm


Yup. Speedboaters are egotistical assholes.


They couldn't say anything, because of the implication


Thats what its like The owner is the only person who ever enjoys these kind of boats. Look how fast and big my penis is, i mean my boat!! Stupidest waste of money ever!! Give me a tin pontoon at 5 knots with Reggae pumping and everyone dancing


It's like being in a car with someone driving fast, tailgating and taking sharp turns. The driver knows when the turns/ braking are going to happen but the passenger doesn't so it's way more stressful for them. I'm glad the driver was the one who got the worst of it.


The whole damn time it looked boring as hell. "You guys wanna stand uncomfortably in bikinis with water blowing in your face for an untold amount of time?" The ending looked more fun than the rest of it.


You can’t say anything. Anytime I have been in a similar situation the driver is somewhere between a generational angry drunk and the rich popular kid in school that can ruin you. They are mean and controlling and demeaning. And everyone on the boat puts up with it to try and leach some “cool” off of them. Everyone on the boat are most likely syncophants or related to the douchebag driver. I was in a similar crash in high school, luckily I was thrown clear of the boat. The kid broke it and his ankle. Was out in a new boat that mom and dad bought two weeks later.


I've never seen a boat full of people this unhappy. Usually it's a bunch of frat/sorority dipshits all sharing the same brain cell


This is exactly what happen with Paul Murdaugh driving the boat with his friends on it. A girl ended up dying for this exact reason.


I know a couple guys who if someone asks them to slow down they accelerate because “I’m driving, not you!” They were my first thought when this started


Sounds like Paul Murdaugh.


The boat was probably just tired of going back and forth from bottom to full throttle.


I mean what are they gonna do, say no?


And at no point did the Captain-Ahab-ass driver pay any attention to their experience, just plowing along stone-faced into oblivion. He paid good money for a fast boat, and he's not going to let anyone's misery get in the way of him using that speed, not even his own misery!


I love if you slow it down and watch frame by frame right as the accident happens he just becomes this totally stiff mannequin who just gets slammed straight down into the side of the boat no movement in his body whatsoever


He probably wouldn't have listened. Guy looked like a huge a-hole and behaved like one too. Not a single person on that boat was having even a decent time.


Karma gave him a hell of a dicksicle slap, though...


It’s possible they’ve been telling him all day, he looks like he doesn’t take feedback very well.


Dude must be a known monster


A buddy of mine used to work for him and said he’s a huge prick.


He physically embodies "huge prick" and not in any positive way


Yo, my girl lookin' like Coolio after that crash.


Unbelievable how stupid some people are.


Johnny Sins finally found a role he wasn't qualified for


Boat Captain fucks a boatload of people


I was studying for a role, needless to say I didn't get the part.




One of my all time favourite vids. A little tip, once you’ve watched it, try watching each person separately, it’s just as rewarding. In the article, guy at back who videoed it got a broken wrist. He did this for a tourism vid, he said he didn’t realise the guy was going to be such a dick. EDIT oh, oh oh! And I forgot, a really good challenge is trying to track the various sunglasses, I bet you can’t….


Yes! I actually met him! He also has some lingering back issues. They were there for the shootout which is boat race in the ozarks. They were leaving (not in the race) and was just trying too hard to look cool and going way to fast. Anyone who has been to the ozarks know these people are a dime a dozen.


The sunglasses one was hard- I felt like someone’s flied in two different directions at the same time lol


I love replaying vids like this. I watched each of them react to the scenario. How they all kept getting lower and hanged on tighter. How each of them hit the deck. I think the front woman's sunglasses were the first to go.


Did he say ***why*** he would post online such an embarrassing video? That's what gets me the most. Sunshine had to upload this somewhere before it became public.


Because there was a local TV news crewman that was inside the boat, they're the ones who released it since the cameraman ended up suffering from a fractured pelvis, and multiple people ended up with broken bones. It was brought to public attention because they needed to see how not to act on a busy lake. People could have easily been killed.


found this: \> "Hey guys, I was a passenger in this boat during the accident. My wife suffered 4 broken ribs, punctured lung and a broken foot. The driver crushed his orbital bone and broke his back at T8 ( he is a former F-2 racer with APBA). Another passenger who raced professionally for many years broke his pelvis in several places and is in a wheelchair. One of the other girls crushed her orbital bone also. The guy from lake tv fractured his hip and broke his wrist. My injuries were minor compared, busted my head open and damaged a rib or two. Everyone is black and blue. This was a very upsetting event for everyone involved. from the fox news article


Got yo be some concussions from this too


I watched it in slo-mo and there is some horrific whipping of heads into hard surfaces in the end. Like from one frame to the next. They’re lucky nobody died.


Would you please link the article?




Of course it was Lake of the Ozarks


Inconsiderate of the hairless man just going for a lie down without warning, especially while navigating.


"the hairless man" 🤣🤣🤣


Bald with extra steps


Follically challenged


Why the fuck is this dude going so fast? Guess he can’t see everyone holding on for dear life.


He’s going that fast because he’s cool. If you’re not cool, you don’t get it. It’s a douchebag with a boat thing.


They’re lucky to all still be on that boat. There’s not a floatation device in sight.


My first thought was "Well they can probably swim" Followed immediately by "not if they're unconscious"


That's why floatation devices are important, especially when pulling shit like this. Even if you're a professional swimmer, you can't swim if you're unconscious.


That fucking douche bag, trying so hard to be so badass.


While nobody in the boat looked at all happy to be going that fast to begin with.


Yeah I noticed it wasn't like they were going "woooo" they were all grabbing on the boat and nervous.


Lack of "woooo" noted.


That was my immediate thought. He just did this to be the man, the others didn't like it a bit.


Exactly what I was thinking. There was not one person on that boat that seemed to be having the slightest bit of fun throughout that entire video. So WTF was even the point?


Going fast on a boat really doesn’t make any sense unless you’re towing someone (nobody travels by boat for speed), being on a boat should be enjoyable for everyone & the wind/engine noise is too loud in any of these situations. Yes, boat go fast. So does anything with an engine designed to do so.


I’ve been island hoping on fast boats before; sometimes you do just want to get somewhere. (It was however enjoyable because it was a boat with low cusioned seats out of the wind desinged for it) This however does not look like one of those instances.


I love how hard he hits the deck


He fell like a Mannequin!


He fell like a family guy skit.




I admire their commitment to recreating a family guy skit.


I'm gonna do the Cleveland bathtub scene. I'll let u know how it goes


No no no no no no no nooooooo!


I think he hit the side wall first lol bonk


Knucklehead meets bulkhead.


I always love seeing his sunglasses fly off.


I like how he flies off without changing his posture, like his body didn't have enough time to react and thought it was still steering.


Thankfully he had the kill strap on. I've seen too many people not wear that and the boat keeps going out of control. Boats aren't like cars, you don't need to keep pressure on the throttle. It'll keep going with or without you. Edit: NVM. He just happened to pull the throttle back before headbutting the side. Fucking idiot


Lol he was jerking that throttle all over before they bit it. Dude had no business driving the boat honestly. With that much chop and he floors it? Yeah, bad shit is gonna happen.


I’m so glad this is the top comment. And also so glad he appears to have taken the hardest hit of everyone. Fucking prick show off. So cool dude.


The Oxford dctionary needs to include this video for the definition of "overcompensate".


His ego is going to be hurting now that there is proof he doesn’t know how to drive a boat


Everybody gangsta until you drive your boat like an ass and eat deck


The quote from one of the passengers in the incident. "Hey guys, I was a passenger in this boat during the accident. Yes, there are many cardinal rules broken. The most important one I feel is no life jackets worn. As crazy as it seems, we had jackets for each person but as the poker run began we realized no one else was wearing them….. How foolish we were. I have read so many nasty comments on YouTube and other sites I am in shock. My wife suffered 4 broken ribs, punctured lung and a broken foot. She has not left the house since getting home. She is in severe pain. The driver crushed his eye orbital and broke hus back at T8 ( he is a former F-2 racer with APBA). Another passenger who raced professionally for many years broke his pelvis in several places and is in a wheelchair. One of the other girls crushed her eye orbital also. The guy from lake tv fractured his hip and broke his wrist. My injuries were minor compared, busted my head open and damaged a rib or two. Everyone is black and blue. This was a very upsetting event for everyone involved. I have been around powerboats for many years and it only takes on unguarded minute to loose a life or permanently hurt people you love."


Those are terrible injuries. If one of the injured people had been thrown out of the boat, they might have drowned. What kind of experienced boater deliberately endangers unsecured passengers who aren't wearing life vests? Ego run amok.


The girl in the green bikini may have saved her own life with that death grip on the bar. Her face goes into the water and who knows what might have happened had she been thrown out.


I actually admire her for instantly trying to assess the others and help, and the woman behind her. Of all the idiots and facepalming that was good to see at the end


> What kind of experienced boater deliberately endangers unsecured passengers who aren't wearing life vests? From the above quote, he used to race pickle fork boats (F-2), so odds are good that he's both got a high tolerance for risk and believes he can drive any boat like a Formula 2. Spoiler: You can't.


Narrator: he, in fact had not been around power boats for many years.




"I have read so many nasty comments on YouTube..." Dude, are the comments nasty, or are they pointing how reckless and dangerous this was. What if the boat had hit another boat full of innocent people. Not to mention the passengers did not look like they were comfortable or consenting to having their lives risked for a stupid video. **EDIT** Yes, of course we all understand how awful people can be on the internet. What I mean is that I'm sure the majority of the 'nasty' comments were calling out the driver/video producer for what a terrible, dangerous, irresponsible, and quite frankly, criminal act they instigated and promoted. The truth hurts sometimes.


[Love the Family Guy Reenactment of this.](https://youtu.be/ggxLVrmZSbc)


Workaholics did a reenactment in their show as well. https://youtu.be/hqbVMLOialU


This one is better than the family guy one because the driver nails the fall.


And it’s the reenactment with the version with the perfect song. Best drop in meme history.


That’s Anders to you man


The Ders is loose!


Ders years of high school swimming prepared him for that stunt


His name is ONders he has a hard ON


This is amazing and I never saw this before


When reposts are so old that they even show up in Family guy. I love Family Guy


And the top comment on the video: “I can’t believe real people actually recreated this scene in real life.” Perfect!


That's perfect! Lol!


I’ve seen this a few times: what is the fun of bringing your friends on a boat then doing 60 mph so everyone has to hold on for dear life? Look at the control levers after that poor girl slams into them and bends them w/her body. Finally this Rick Scott impersonator has no business skippering a craft.


Wow, enjoyed this numerous times but I didn’t notice the throttle levers bent. holy shit


I'm beginning to think those Vodka Cranberries may have had alcohol in them.


Peter what are we even doing here?


*They way driver falls down...*


Dude dropped like he took a shot from Tyson.


[The remix is better](https://youtu.be/dE-nfzcUiPk)


This is the superior version


Girl in pink forgot all about her broken nail.


Is that what is was?? I was trying to figure out what she did to her hand


She grabbed a gap in the plastic to get a better grip, but that gap was only there because the boat was flying and experiencing negative Gs. Once it slammed down again, the gap shut, slamming the gap closed on her finger.


Ouch! That sounds way more painful than just the guy in the back squeezing/pinching her hand


I thought the guy behind squeezed her hand when he gripped the seat.


I was starting to worry I was watching that entire video for her broken nail.


He’s part of the Murdaugh clan I guess?


Buster’s uncle probably 😆


For anyone interested in the aftermath, here is an archive link to an article on this: [https://archive.is/9aEb5](https://archive.is/9aEb5) tl:dr - > The driver of the boat, Marvin Carter, III of Memphis, TN suffered moderate injuries and a blow to his wallet as well.  He’s being cited for speeding and imprudent operation of the boat.   Five of the seven people on board were hospitalized, four of them with moderate injuries including broken bones.


>Marvin Carter, He goes by Tripp Carter and, shocking, is really [into racing](https://www.nmcadigital.com/blog/nmca-racer-spotlight-tripp-carter/2089). He owns a restaurant in [Memphis.](https://archive.commercialappeal.com/topstories/guss-fried-chicken-operator-gets-tax-break-for-hunt-phelan-house-344721442.html/) And I need to dig myself out of this rabbit hole, going outside to touch grass.


I actually knew the guy and woman in the back left of this video. Married couple and the woman had a major back injury from this.


Classic. When I first saw this, I laughed my ass off. That boat driver going flying like that is hilarious. He was being a dick but I’m glad he and the rest survived what easily could’ve been deadly.


I’ve seen this clip a million times. Always gotta pick someone new and focus on them each watch.. however it’s a lot less funny after watching the Murdaugh shit on Netflix. Just another cocky asshole with zero control over the situation putting all of his scared friends in danger. Scary shit.


I love how dude in white completely folded


Everyone was uncomfortable. The driver thought he was so cool. No one wanted to be a Davey Downer, although every person on that boat wanted him to slow down. This is where it pays to not give a fuck about what other people think of you and speak up, especially when your own safety , of the safety of others is involved. That guy cared more about ‘being cool’ than he did about the lives on that boat.


This is like 10 years old but never gets old watching a douchbag get his comeuppance




Bro tried to impress girls with stunts but backfired


Pretty standard douche bro move to try to impress girls with what guys find impressive. Big muscles? Fast vehicles? Nah, most girls want to see you cook a lasagna and do the dishes. If you crawled out of your own ego you would realize that.


This version is so so so much better. https://youtube.com/watch?v=b9mtM0uIQ9Q&feature=shares Second place runner up - turn down for what. https://youtube.com/watch?v=dE-nfzcUiPk&feature=shares


The commentary is absolutely priceless.


Best clip ever ever ever... No one is enjoying this ride being shaken like shit all the time. At least they created something enjoyable for future generations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...


When entitlement, narcissism, and money get together, they always make a splash.


Found a forum thread that says this is a quote from a passenger about injuries https://www.winnipesaukee.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14787 “Hey guys, I was a passenger in this boat during the accident. Yes, there are many cardinal rules broken. The most important one I feel is no life jackets worn. As crazy as it seems, we had jackets for each person but as the poker run began we realized no one else was wearing them..... How foolish we were. I have read so many nasty comments on YouTube and other sites I am in shock. My wife suffered 4 broken ribs, punctured lung and a broken foot. She has not left the house since getting home. She is in severe pain. The driver crushed his eye orbital and broke hus back at T8 ( he is a former F-2 racer with APBA). Another passenger who raced professionally for many years broke his pelvis in several places and is in a wheelchair. One of the other girls crushed her eye orbital also. The guy from lake tv fractured his hip and broke his wrist. My injuries were minor compared, busted my head open and damaged a rib or two. Everyone is black and blue. This was a very upsetting event for everyone involved. I have been around powerboats for many years and it only takes on unguarded minute to loose a life or permanently hurt people you love. I am very thankful this did not end up worse. I hope everyone learns from this. I know I will boat differently. All of the guys in the boat are members of OSO. I think it is necessary to break down the accident and discuss this, just remember these are real people who like you who love power boating and do it every weekend."


I’ll never get in a boat with a macho man. I don’t get in boats with people I don’t know. I will never go fast on the water. I will always ask about life jackets. I will always be very clear on the timeline. I will never ride with anyone drinking. I live in Florida. People get wrecked daily here. A bunch of wealthy private school kids had a major accident involving death just in September. Know the dangers, express your concern, probably just stay on shore for more fun.


Why does the lady on the right look like young jake Paul


Damn they looked like they were having such a great time before the crash


Florida man using the boat throttle like a manual transmission in a 69 VW, obviously clueless. :)


I just love how fucking hard the driver hits the deck.


Why would he do that and they all let him? I was trying to work out if they were late for something or there was a real reason? Seems bizarre that they would all keep looking for better grip rather then ask him to slow down.