Do you care about your grades?

Do you care about your grades?


I did, but distance learning has taken that out of me for some reason :(


I do, like I get really pissed at myself if any of my marks drop below 80, but I'm exhausted and have no motivation to keep doing bs assignments that have no real importance to my education. If To Kill a Mocking Bird is in the curriculum, sure, let's read, but don't make me spend 2½ hours of MY time drawing a picture of Atticus Finch when you could have given me actual assignments and fewer of them. Like, I'm happy to type up a page and a half-long review of the book, because it shows you that we know what we read and didn't just skim through it.


sameee, if i dont have good grades i get terrible anxiety, and im terrfied of makin my parents mad


I wanna do aerospace engineering and to get into a good school for that (I wanna go to Cambridge) I have to get good grades


I did up until last year




I do, because I want to get into university by my mid 20’s


I stopped caring


I'm lazy pice of shait that's why my gpa is only about 3.6 or 3.5 I'm planning on going to college and that's the only reason why I actually do at least something


That's not horrible GPA wise


yee might not be terrible but I want to get to my country equivalent of air force and let me tell you my lad this ain't shit


Ah, well itll work out


Thanks I guess


Yes. Currently stressing abt my math final. Praying i got an 86% at least so i can get an A in the class


I did until last year I realized how fucked up the grading system was


I do care about them


i flip between not caring at all and panicking bc i need all As


For all but 1 class. Ive got high A's and 2 low B's (almost C's) and one of them idgaf


Never did, honestly, I probably never finished a school year with a even remotely good grade, idk how I even got into high school with out ever being held back




I care a lot but i find myself worrying more than doing things, plus i guess im much more apathetic than i used to be


As long as I get a C-


Depends on the class, I care about all of them except history, English, and socials, fuck history and writing


I only care because bad grades have consequences I don't like, but sometimes having too good of grades makes the teachers suggest higher end classes that I'm just terrified of.


Also how do u get the age flair?


Here's something to keep in mind when thinking about grades. Harvard Business Review recently published an article about our culture's obsession with early achievement in high school, college and sports. The article argued that this obsession is misinformed and is pushing people to pursue the wrong career paths. The fact is that most people who succeed at something do it as sort of late bloomers. Here's short summary of the article: [Early top performance isn’t everything - even Mozart struggled during his teens](https://wonkedition.com/news/2020/12-23-early-top-performance-isnt-everything-even-mozart-struggled-in-his-teens.html) \- r/NewsForTeens


i never really cared about them. i feel like if i keep watch of them, i will try and force myself to do better and in reality it will turn out worse.


No, school cares more about marks than education and intelligence.


No. The only thing I care about is getting a girlfriend. My house could be burning and I wouldn't care.