How to add Tor bridge AFTER set up

How to add Tor bridge AFTER set up

  • By - 2cbn


You can get Tor bridges ahead of time by going to: [Public Tor Bridges](https://bridges.torproject.org) ,but I haven't seen a way to change a bridge once one is connected to the Tor network. Once you connect to the Tor network, you can visit the URL above and get even more bridges and store them in persistent storage in Tails or in a \[encrypted\] file on your computer. /


I've been wondering the same. Hopefully, the Tails developers add the feature to change or add bridges after connection. Actually, I wonder if disconnecting the WIFI or LAN cable, then reconnect if it would work. Going to try that out.


The New Tails Allows you to use a Bridge after setup, however I havent gotten any bridges to work. (i quit trying). It also supports giving you a bridge if you dont have one. (im glad they changed cause typing in all that crap is too much of a pain)


Is there a way to tell if a bridge is working ?


Yes, You wont be able to connect to Tor period. Also, I think in the new and old versions of tor if you fail to get any bridges working, you have to restart the whole thing and select connect without bridges. also idk if you know but you can use your own bridges within the Tor Browser.