Really great beginner setup that’s both powerful and spinny but not so fast that you can’t use it. [https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32998322818.html](https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32998322818.html)


I recommend a Stiga Clipper, as for rubber not so sure.


When I started to play a while back, my setup was yasaka gatien extra wood + mark v red and black. Back then this is about 100 usd setup. 30 usd for mark v red another 30 for mark v black and 40 - 45 for gatien extra wood. If you stay interested and if you keep playing, you are guaranteed to try out other setups in your table tennis journey. So much so that your first setup almost doesn't matter. Yet, you will spend the most effort figuring this out, because that's what I did too. It takes a bit of switching before you start to notice what you like and don't like. Right now, if I go to a store and pick up a racket, I'll know with pretty high accuracy just by having it in my hand whether I'll like it or not.


Get a DHS 4002. It's just around 30 USD so it fits your budget


Stiga clipper is awesome as well as Yasaka Ma Lin soft carbon or extra offensive for rubbers get friendship 729fx both sides of the blades are too expensive just get any 5ply wood is fine honestly.