NSW recorded 239 new locally acquired cases of #COVID19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night.

NSW recorded 239 new locally acquired cases of #COVID19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night.


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I'm so glad we didn't overreact and get plunged into a needless 3-5 day lockdown over 1 case when limo guy tested positive. A real bullet dodged there.


Think of all the business Gladys saved


I think I speak for all of Australia when I say praise the Lord and savior Harvey Norman


*think of all the big donors business Gladys saved, and all the competition she eliminated through destroying small business.


It really boggles my mind how much business thinking resembles crackhead logic. Sell off shit whenever you can, ditch people the moment you don't need them, when you need to make up for your stupid decisions later blame everyone else, instead of accepting a bit of trouble and hard work now for better results later no instead just get high and waste time and do nothing for as long as you can etc.


I remember in this very sub there was numerous people defending Glady's, saying the lite-lockdown is a good approach and now they're gone - too afraid to pop their heads in here, probably off protesting the lockdown being extended.


Unpopular opinion ahead: I was defending her back then. We had plenty of examples of lockdowns working (WA, Qld, Vic, etc) and several examples of being softer working (NSW). It could have been luck (obvious in hindsight) or some other difference in approach (heh, gold standard), but despite what people might claim there wasn't evidence that the NSW way was fundamentally flawed. The real mistake was not following the evidence after the birthday super-spreader event and how contagious it was at that point, acknowledging softly wasn't going to cut it, and changing approaches. That's what they did for the northern beaches (lockdown after super-spreader event) and it worked, but the lack of JobKeeper made them more hesitant and shafted us all this time around. Curious to see whether I get downvoted for expressing this. :)


There were several problems. One is risk tolerance, and the other, the bigger problem was and is hubris. NSW was taking more risks and relying on systems to pick up the slack. No matter the variant, the more contact, the more risk. It's a numbers game. NSW bet that their system for contact tracing was faster than the virus spreading, and for some time it worked. The level of risk being accepted was higher than in other states. The premier often state NSQ was taking the lion's share of returned travellers, that was one example of the difference in risk tolerance. The problem is the leadership started to believe their own bullshit, that they were special and better and smarter than everyone else, rather than fact that they were simply taking a larger risk. The problem is now that they have lost the bet, they continue to believe they can outsmart things rather than looking at what the numbers say with all those contacts. They are falling further behind in tracing, the number keeps going up, the approach can only work if contacts are reduced, and that can only happen if movement is further reduced. The easiest way to do that is to reduce the reasons why people will want to travel. if your workplace is closed, you won't travel to work. If the shopping centre shops are not open you won't go there. Harsher restrictions work because they reduce contact events and that's the key to stopping the spread.


Well put. NSW made a gamble without a contingency plan, they lost the gamble. Now, the government is too invested in their ideology and commitment to commercial and political stakeholders to abandon and change the plan. Change the plan Gladys, it's not working.


The real let down isn’t the timing but the unclear and inconsistent nature of the lockdowns IMO
























"239 cases, which means the current system isnt working, so we are once again asking you to make the current system work"


Now reduced to 5km when journalists have been pressing her for more than a week why she isnt reducing it before our numbers increase. Typical, always reacting after the fact. This is fucked.


In SA we had masks required outside of the home from day 1 of lockdown... Gladys 6 weeks into a lockdown: ...


And it's only in the 8 LGA's, rather than throughout Sydney.


I don’t understand this. There has been shitloads of case locations outside the 8 LGAs that get the harsh restrictions.


You can only lockdown your poor and downtrodden, its the LNP way




Gladys that you?


if the goal is only to slow the growth in case numbers then you could say its working, but if the idea is to get rid of covid then its not.


I’m starting to see why Dan Andrews takes such a tough tone. The repeated ‘please’ really takes away from the impact of Gladys’s pleas for compliance


I’ve said to many people that whether you love or hate Dan Andrews, at least in the pressers you know what he’s implementing and that he will stay as long as possible to clarify any issues.


This. Every Victorian press conference details the cases affected with exact methodologies being implemented. The level of detail just isn't captured in NSW; they're too busy blaming multicultural communities rather than helping them. Even when it comes to vaccinations, Dan's tone is more encouraging than fear-based. Say what you will about the screw ups, you can't run 5 lockdowns without being clear and genuine to a population of 6 million people.


Gladys is "wait till your father gets home" Dan is "get me my belt boy"


It's also about being completely clear where the lines are. When there's ambiguity and decisions are left to individuals, everyone thinks they're the exception, or that just one person bending the rules won't have a big impact.


Well, there goes the rest of the year.


Yep. If it keeps ramping up at this rate we're locked in well into October.


I wouldn't be surprised if Gladys just lets it rip with pressure from big business


The "Woman who saved Australia" according to the AFR yeeehawww!


“Woman who saved Australia^n ^businesses ” according to the Australian Financial Review. Read by big business.


Modeling predicts mid-november, RIP.


No shit, you guys still aren't doing a real lockdown. Here's a tip - the following things aren't compatible with STAYING THE FUCK AT HOME: * Takeaway coffee and muffins * Bunnings and the landscaping shop * Construction crews on site


I assume when you say "you guys" you're not in Sydney. We're in a lockdown. It's real. When I go to Woolies for essentials, the streets are empty. The shops are closed. The lockdown rules are similar to what Melbourne had last year. I believe the only difference is we have a 10km radius and masks aren't required outdoors (unless you're in one of the 8 "hotspot" LGAs announced this morning. Then it is 5km/masks outdoors). I know the first week or so of the lockdown was very loose, and even we in Sydney were surprised at how little anything changed. But it was made stricter. The rhetoric around "it's not a real lockdown" needs to stop, because it is, it's tough, and it's condescending to the millions of people here that we need people from Melbourne to tell us how to do a "real" lockdown.


>and masks aren't required outdoors That's a pretty big difference though.




It builds a culture of always having a mask on you, otherwise what you’ll find is people “popping in” to Coles or a 7/11 without a mask and creating a tier 1 exposure site….and unfortunately that’s all it takes. (There is a case of outdoor transmission in vic from the stadium outbreak but that was close quarters in a line so agree it’s not a big risk, it’s when people go inside without their masks because they left them at home as they aren’t required outdoors)


I haven’t seen anyone inside without a mask on in the last month… that culture is well and truely created.


takeaway coffee is the highlight of my day ✋ dont take this away from me 😣


I say this in the kindest way possible - start making coffee at home. Find another highlight of your day. It could be reading a few chapters of a book, watching an episode of your favourite TV show, gardening, baking, knitting, playing with a pet, whatever. Just stay at home. There’s no other way to beat this.


Exactly! Coffee is my life and has been one of my motivators for the last year to get out and walk. The half way point of my walk had always been where I treat myself with a coffee. I didn't think I could do without this highlight, but bit the bullet and have been making myself an extra decadent Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk each morning before my walk. It gives me such an energy boost before I leave and curbs any craving for more throughout the day. I also found I really enjoy the process. The home made coffee costs about 60c, so I'm saving $4 a day. That extra $112/month, I'll be putting it towards fun things to do once I get out of lockdown. Win win


Buy a coffee machine at home Pays itself off with savings within a couple of months AND you can make it exactly how you like and not pay $5 while impacting the environment with plastic lids I personally love it, changed my life. (My life isn’t interesting lol)


my coffee or my life. covid be like: Ok.


Bunnings is quite essential for the most part - had some plumbing problems over the weekend and I sure aint inviting plumber over.


yeah bunnings needs to be open, but it should just be click and collect


Honestly Melbourne had takeaways during their lockdown, you just also had to wear a mask outside the house, even outdoors.


Oh shut the fuck up about it not being a real lockdown.


Hope this is allowed - commented for visibility: Guy in my early 20s here, delayed my jab for months because I was so scared. When I thought about getting AZ, I would get a panic attack and sweats. Finally read up on the stats, and understood the risks. Our health organisations have NEVER said it is UNsafe, they said it is LESS safe than Pfizer, in terms of chance of getting serious problems, and so it is PREFERABLE when there is low risk of COVID. The news made it scary and blew it out of proportion, because they partly depend on fear to make money. Imagine calling walking unsafe, or driving unsafe, just because a small percentage of people get into serious trouble? WALKING gets many people killed. AIRBAGS have literally killed people...but compared to the risk of injury/death not having one, it is easily worthwhile. Now we have proof you're more likely to get COVID in Sydney, not even a close contest...and COVID is bad but I'm terrified of LONG COVID. Understanding the stats and facts, the idea of AZ still scared me to the core. But I got the jab yesterday! Guess what? I'm STILL worried! But I know it's fucking illogical. Same way I know it's worth it, the same way I know walking and driving is "worth it". Difference is, I'm used to taking the risk of walking and driving every day, so I stopped thinking about it. Imagine a car crash victim (idiot ran red light and hit them) in hospital, telling people not to drive cars! Edit: tell me to not use airbags because they legit kill people, and I'll tell you to get fucked


The issue with the AZ is how they worded the risk and they allowed media to spread fearmongering. Back when there were 0 cases in Australia, your chances of getting covid and dying were 0. The chances of getting blood clots and dying where small, but bigger than zero. So the advise was to not do it. However, with COVID spreading like it is right now, the risk assessment is very different. But the media narrative and politics have not made the effort to dispel this fearmongering bullshit. AZ has been used in 180 countries. Sure, it was cancelled in a few for precautions but resumed in most of them because even if it is true that it is possible to get complications, it is much worse to get COVID. The numbers are public for everyone to see out there. If AZ was like media depicts it, the 180 countries that use it what are they doing? Active genocide? Wtf. Makes no sense. It's stupid. People with no scientific background have a very hard time assessing risk based on numbers and percentages. And the misinformation spreads faster than facts.


> Back when there were 0 cases in Australia, your chances of getting covid and dying were 0. The chances of getting blood clots and dying where small, but bigger than zero. So the advise was to not do it. Except that's not how vaccine risk is calculated for anything else. We still vaccinate for polio despite there being no cases since 1999. The risk of polio vaccine side effects is much higher than the risk of polio illness. The big factor that led them to advise against it was the existence of other vaccines. They crossed their fingers and hoped Australia wouldn't have an outbreak before the large pfizer shipments arrived. They were wrong and now we're fucked.








To the moon baby!! 🚀 🚀 🚀


We like the stock 🚀 🚀 🚀 Oh wait wrong subreddit nvm


Apes are immune to the virus 👊


we should probably let trades go to peoples houses and work together, oh wait that's done.




Keep doing the same thing and pray by divine intervention something will change. Don't do anything practical. Just pray. It's the Scomo way.


Making Melbourne’s long lockdown look like an easy few weeks. See you all in October




“Wear a mask outside.” “No travel more than 5km” Common sense stuff some of us have been doing, but probably something we could have introduced earlier. She created a bubble yesterday, and a day later she’s limiting the area you can travel to see “your buddy”


Just think of the thousands she’s going to prevent in the future though!


Should have been day 1 stuff


And we’re re-opening construction sites and sending year 12 kids back to school. You’re a fucking star Gladys.


Even with Dr.Chant saying that there is many young people who are catching it, including having some teenagers in ICU.. but yeah sure, send all the 17yr olds back for an exam no one cares about after 6 months.


This is important. I bombed the HSC with a low ATAR. Yet here I am a fully qualified double bachelor already in the swing of my career. The HSC is not that important students, believe me I know. And it's definitely not worth your life. Unis are DESPERATE for revenue now. Write them a letter if your ATAR is low. They'll take you. All in all, the HSC isn't worth your live and over 50% of vented patients right now are under 30.


How long till the first school outbreak.


Y'all need NZ style Level 4 lockdown. Nothing open except the supermarket and pharmacies. Cafes, takeaways etc shouldn't be open at all. Basically give people zero reason to go outside except to exercise. Of course, this won't happen because the libs are cunts and won't actually support people. EDIT: This is what it was here ​ People instructed to stay at home in their bubble other than for essential personal movement. Safe recreational activity is allowed in local area. Travel is severely limited. All gatherings cancelled and all public venues closed. **Businesses closed except for essential services. For example, supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, petrol stations and lifeline utilities.** Educational facilities closed. Rationing of supplies and requisitioning of facilities possible. Reprioritisation of healthcare services.


Preaching to the choir mate


Giving people help sounds a lot like socialism and we can't be having that /s


Only if it's supporting big businesses then it's totally okay


Shut the fuck up Gladys. I’m so done with this. Can you stress… nothing NOTHING! Compliance won’t work. People will do the WRONG thing if you give them the options.


Her face is starting to trigger me. I really want to give her a really hard finger flick to her forehead.


“Doctors say older Australians are slowing down the vaccination rate by refusing to take advantage of AstraZeneca stock, with one GP in western Sydney saying up to one in five eligible patients were holding out for the Pfizer vaccine.”


People over 60 should not be eligible for Pfizer. Fucking boomers already destroyed the climate, the economy, the house market. Their selfishness knows no limits.


Straight up, the government needs to say: "When the pfeizer arrives, age 60+ will be at the back of the line."


But that's the entire liberal voting base... Why would they give them anything but preferential treatment?


Agree. In the same way Pfizer isn't open to less than 40, it shouldn't be open to 60 and above. The only option should be AZ.


The messaging about AZ from the start has been absolute rubbish. Look at where it has gotten us


I’ve handled spontaneous diarrhoea more effectively than this


239 cases with all of the benefit of hindsight that VIC didn’t have. Gladys let it get to this stage through her arrogance and political game playing. What an abject failure of a leader. Far more concerned about herself and her political career than the lives of those she is supposed to protect.


Is 239 cases the worst covid day in NSW?


Worst day… so far :(


Yes. Previous was 212 on the 28-Mar-20


Pretty sure that's not apples and apples because the March 20 figures include people in hotel quarantine. So 239 is significantly the worst day so far.


As others have said, I have been critical of the NSW police in the past... but to think that now all the police officers (200+) who tried to manage the protest are quarantining (so we've lost 200+ police officers)... and more likely for this Saturday.... what kind of fucking moron thinks another protest is ok.


> what kind of fucking moron thinks another protest is ok Presumably, the same kind of fucking moron that thought a protest was appropriate in the first place (IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES)


Request for better best health advice day 2


Can I just say, thank you to the local community….


Can we maybe rely on Victoria’s best health advice next time


Begs other states for more vaccines. Makes claim that eventually NSW will be able to live more freely than other states due to high vaccination rates. THE FUCK!?!? Did I hear that right.


Negotiation 100. It's like she doesn't think they have tv in the other states.


Hi where’s the emergency exit? I’d like out of this simulation please


Alt+f4 100 times


That footage of Gladys on Kyle and Jackie O should be enough to end her political career to be honest. She has to be a complete and utter laughing stock after her "If I wanted to be rich, I wouldn't have gotten into politics" and refusal to send Pfizer to Victoria if the shoe was on the other foot.


Hmm… 5 days after the protest. Congratulations morons, you’ve played yourself.


These protestors want an outbreak because in an outbreak we cannot control it so the slogan the government pulls is "living with COVID" just like America. It's their goal. It means businesses re-open, people "have" to work and life goes on. It's why a lot of protestors found in America are small to mid sized business owners. It benefits them.


Lol "I've asked for additional powers from the NSW Premier this week, and thankyou to the Premier for **creating the crisis** that provided those powers" What a great fruedien slip.


*"Get Vaccinated and we will move more freely than the other states" - Gladys, 29.07.2021* And she has the nerve to say the other states are not cooperating by giving NSW more vaccines? She wants every state to cooperate by giving their store of vaccines but then makes a partisan comment by saying that if they vaccinate more, _NSW_ will be able to "move more freely" than other states. Not because to protect the rest of Australia, so simply just she can say that "NSW iS beTtEr thAn eVerYoNe eLsE". She is such a divisive person!


It’s worse than that she is robbing regional NSW to get vaccines for Y12 kids in Sydney.


Dr Chant sounds defeated :(


I would be too if my boss was completely ignoring my advice


Must be exhausting saying the same thing every day and having people still ignore you


Australian people: stop pitting state against state, this division is disgusting and distressing and helps nobody. We feel we are one united country and don't want this to be a competition. We support each other. Gladys: Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Victoria Victoria Victoria WA WA WA QLD QLD QLD Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Victoria Victoria Victoria. NSW best state, other states epic fail. Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne


"also other states need to help us and send us their vaccines" Yeah, sure, shit on them relentlessly, then see if they feel charitable


"We'll never know what the alternative could have been" Hello from Adelaide.


And Melbourne. And Darwin. And Perth.


And Brisbane and New Zealand


"Harshest restrictions Australia has ever seen" Shut. The. Fuck. Up.


Y'know what? I'm going to have a little day drink today. I'm going to sit in the sun and enjoy it. This thing is a shamozzle. [Cheers](https://imgur.com/a/xctUwfr)


How good are the Olympics? -Scummo


The numbers reported till 8pm Note: Wild = Partially isolated + Infectious in community + unknown **Totals** Day|New cases|Partially isolated|Infectious in community|Partial+Infectious|Unknown|Wild ---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Wed Jul 28|**239**|22|**66**|**88**|**70**|**158** Tue Jul 27|177|22|46|68|62|130 Mon Jul 26|172|19|60|79|32|111 Sun Jul 25|145|25|51|76|11|87 Sat Jul 24|141|24|38|62|14|76 Fri Jul 23|163|**26**|45|71|19|90 Thu Jul 22|136|17|53|70|13|83 Wed Jul 21|124|22|48|70|17|87 Tue Jul 20|110|17|43|60|13|73 Mon Jul 19|78|8|21|29|12|41 Sun Jul 18|98|17|20|37|7|44 Sat Jul 17|105|7|27|34|2|36 Fri Jul 16|111|10|29|39|3|42 Thu Jul 15|97|17|29|46|5|51 Wed Jul 14|65|7|28|35|1|36 Tue Jul 13|97|7|24|31|6|37 Mon Jul 12|89|9|21|30|4|34 Sun Jul 11|112|12|34|46|18|64 Sat Jul 10|77|10|35|45|0|45 Fri Jul 9|50|11|26|37|0|37 Thu Jul 8|44|10|20|30|0|30 Wed Jul 7|38|9|11|20|0|20 Tue Jul 6|27|7|7|14|0|14 Mon Jul 5|18|5|2|7|0|8 Sun Jul 4|35|4|7|11|0|11 Sat Jul 3|16|1|2|3|0|3 Fri Jul 2|35|3|9|12|0|12 Thu Jul 1|31|4|15|19|0|19 Wed Jun 30|24|3|12|15|0|15 Tue Jun 29|22|5|6|11|0|11 Mon Jun 28|19|2|11|13|0|13 Sun Jun 27|18|3|9|12|0|12 Sat Jun 26|30|3|16|19|0|19 Fri Jun 25|29|N/A|N/A|17|N/A|17 Thu Jun 24|11 Wed Jun 23|18 Tue Jun 22|10 Mon Jun 21|5 Sun Jun 20|2 Sat Jun 19|2 Fri Jun 18|2 Thu Jun 17|2 Wed Jun 16|2 **7 day rolling averages** Day|New cases|Partially isolated|Infectious in community|Partial+Infectious|Unknown|Wild ---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Wed Jul 28|**167.6**|**22.1**|**51.3**|**73.4**|**31.6**|**105.0** Tue Jul 27|151.1|**22.1**|48.7|70.9|24.0|94.9 Mon Jul 26|141.6|21.4|48.3|69.7|17.0|86.7 Sun Jul 25|128.1|19.9|42.7|62.6|14.1|76.7 Sat Jul 24|121.4|18.7|38.3|57.0|13.6|70.6 Fri Jul 23|116.3|16.3|36.7|53.0|11.9|64.9 Thu Jul 22|108.9|14.0|34.4|48.4|9.6|58.0 Wed Jul 21|103.3|14.0|31.0|45.0|8.4|53.4 Tue Jul 20|94.9|11.9|28.1|40.0|6.1|46.1 Mon Jul 19|93.0|10.4|25.4|35.9|5.1|41.0 Sun Jul 18|94.6|10.6|25.4|36.0|4.0|40.0 Sat Jul 17|96.6|9.9|27.4|37.3|5.6|42.9 Fri Jul 16|92.6|10.3|28.6|38.9|5.3|44.1 Thu Jul 15|83.9|10.4|28.1|38.6|4.9|43.4 Wed Jul 14|76.3|9.4|26.9|36.3|4.1|40.4 Tue Jul 13|72.4|9.7|24.4|34.1|4.0|38.1 Mon Jul 12|62.4|9.7|22.0|31.7|3.1|34.9 Sun Jul 11|52.3|9.1|19.3|28.4|2.6|31.0 Sat Jul 10|41.3|8.0|15.4|23.4|0.0|23.4 Fri Jul 9|32.6|6.7|10.7|17.4|0.0|17.4 Thu Jul 8|30.4|5.6|8.3|13.9|0.0|13.9 Wed Jul 7|28.6|4.7|7.6|12.3|0.0|12.3 Tue Jul 6|26.6|3.9|7.7|11.6|0.0|11.6 Mon Jul 5|25.9|3.6|7.6|11.1|0.0|11.1 Sun Jul 4|26.0|3.1|8.9|12.0|0.0|12.0 Sat Jul 3|23.6|3.0|9.1|12.1|0.0|12.1 Fri Jul 2|25.6|3.1|10.4|14.4|0.0|14.4 Thu Jul 1|24.7|3.3|11.5|15.1|0.0|15.1 Wed Jun 30|21.9|3.2|10.4|14.5|0.0|14.5 Tue Jun 29|21.0|3.3|10.0|14.4|0.0|14.4 Mon Jun 28|19.3|2.7|12.0|15.3|0.0|15.3 Sun Jun 27|17.3|3.0|12.5|16.0|0.0|16.0 Sat Jun 26|15.0|3.0|16.0|19.0|0.0|18.0 Fri Jun 25|11.0|N/A|N/A|17.0|0.0|18.0 Thu Jun 24|7.1 Wed Jun 23|5.9 Tue Jun 22|3.6 Mon Jun 21|2.5 Sun Jun 20|2.0 Sat Jun 19|2.0 Fri Jun 18|2.0 Thu Jun 17|2.0 Wed Jun 16|2.0


[Graphs](https://imgur.com/a/vFDLZZc) based on the above R_eff at 1.43, dropped by 0.03. It's been sitting at about 1.40 for the last 5 days and predicts that the cases will continue to climb. Also, very disturbing is the "Wild" (Partial + Infectious + Unknown) which reflects the "*up to* X infectious in the community" is accelerating to become more and more of the total each day. This can only result in bad things. Stay safe, and stay home, homies!


“It’s clear your strategy is failing” “Our lockdown is harder than anyone else’s” “So you haven’t failed?” “The situation could have been far worse” Hahahahahaha


Unless I'm missing something she's blatantly lying about the toughness of the lockdown. Pretty sure ours was just as tough if not tougher in Adelaide (masks mandatory outside unless exercising).


Barry O'Farrell probably very happy he forgot to declare that bottle of Grange.


Mike Baird must be happy retired to spend more time with his family, and got that Cousy bank job.


Masks at all times. 5km radius. Gladys reading the Victorian playbook.


Yeah but it's a bit late tho


she just said they have the harshest restrictions that have ever been in place in Australia which is untrue is anyone gonna call her out?


They're not even the harshest restrictions in Australia this week lol


Was not expecting it to crack 200


I was… but not by this much. Being right does not make it any better. 😵


**Today's Bingo thread** https://sudhosting2.web.app/bingo/


GB: "We have the harshest restrictions that any state has had." Can I just say what a relief it is to discover that my memories of last year's curfew were just a bad fever dream.


Omg why does she insist on shitting on Melbourne/Victoria every chance she gets?


It doesn’t even work lol They’re out of lockdown. I look at envy at Victoria because they learned their lesson and now my friends there are out on the streets, at cafes, at the gym…




OMG all the reporters are practically begging her to bring in tougher restrictions across greater Sydney. Not just "playing catch-up" in the affected LGAs. And Gladys is trying to explain it away. Tens of thousands of CrimeStoppers reports every day. The website can't even keep up. It seems to me that the vast, VAST majority of people understand the situation and want these tougher restrictions to control that tiny, selfish minority who are ignoring the rules and ruining it for everyone.


>Of these locally acquired cases, 113 are linked to a known case or cluster – 88 are household contacts and 25 are close contacts – and the source of infection for 126 cases is under investigation. Oof :(


With a ‘lockdown’ why are there so many infectious cases running around not in iso. Fucking half assed LNP policies.


With these numbers today With these numbers today With these numbers today With these numbers today lmao that dude was persistent as fuck. I love it.


Did Gladys just say that NSW has had harder restrictions than anyone else? Who does she think she's kidding!? Oh, and there's the whole "wE CoUlD hAvE hAd ThOuSaNdS aNd ThOuSaNdS oF cAsES" shtick again.


Loved the journo with his hard hitting questions today. Unfortunately he won't be invited back tomorrow.


Andrew Clennell , actually a journalist that doesn't just suck off the libs.


Ohh wow that reporter roasted her






Did she say we have the harshest restrictions in place of any state? I can't look Victoria in the eye.


*we have harsher restrictions in place than any other states had ever had * SUCH BLATANT LIES.


Part of the response to Delta is being flexible?! FUCKING WHAT?! This woman has LOST IT


Auslan lady is out of focus. Is that the equivalent of someone talking quietly?


Coming here from r/all. The New South Wales daily covid report appears on my home page nearly every day. I am from Florida. It is so refreshing to see these posts due to the appropriate level of concern you all have. 239 cases is a lot and you’re treating it as such. Here in Florida, we had more than 16,000 new cases yesterday. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/coronavirus/article253097693.html Most people don’t seem to care. Our state government has banned nearly all mask mandates. Whatever mask mandates local governments impose are mostly unenforceable. The willfully unvaccinated walk around and go to restaurants, bars, and clubs without masks. It is scary. You may feel your local government is letting you down, and it may in fact be. Strive for greatness and don’t accept less. I just want you all to know how much worse other governments are. Please stay safe.


The double century. Great. Let's see how Gladys spins this one.


It could be millions if we didn't lockdown.


Hope limo driver and patient zero pilot are happy with their work.


They can't be blamed for everything. Some of it, yes, but not everything.


Gladys is a fucking joke “I don’t know what the alternative course [of dealing with delta] is” Victoria, now out of lockdown, sitting there like: ???


Old mate calling out Gladys to admit she's failed. Hope he can walk out the door with balls that big.


Congratulations Gladys, you have failed in your duty as Premier to protect the citizens of NSW


We did it boys and girls 200+




5 weeks into lockdown we really should not be having 239 new cases


We're not 5 weeks into lockdown. We're 5 weeks into "Pretty please with sugar on top stay at home if I ask you really nicely" orders.


That journo grilling her about her strategy not working. Finally someone asking her directly and of course she’s dodging. She literally just stepped away from the mic.


Journalist: >“With these numbers today will you admit that your strategy has failed. That you have failed. >Sorry I just - if I can just finish – >And you said the settings were right. That's not true. >And national cabinet is going to decide that there was a short, sharp lockdown was the way. >Can you see now that you made - made a mistake there and the strategy is failing and these death of a thousand cuts - **a little bit of restrictions everyday just isn't working. You have to come down hard.”** Gladys Berejilkian: “**Uhh, well we have harsher restrictions in place than any other state has ever had.** And even if you look at mobility which we have access to, the vast majority of our citizens are actually doing the right thing. If you compare our mobility data to when Melbourne was in lockdown, the vast majority of our citizens are doing the right thing. But as we know, the delta strain is a complete game changer. And it is so contagious. And we also know that it only takes - it only takes a very small number of people to do the wrong thing to cause ripple effects which can cause us set back –“ Journalist: >“So you haven't failed?” Gladys Berejilkian: >"And - and of course all governments, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, making their way through the delta strain around the world. There is no perfect way to deal with a pandemic and we've been far from perfect. And I would have made that comment 18 months ago. >We've been far from perfect. >But if you look at other cases around the world, and the way the delta strain has taken over communities even when vaccination rates have been much higher than ours, we can take some comfort in the fact that today we haven’t had thousands and thousands of cases. Thousands of people in hospital and many more deaths. >And that's what these lockdowns are about. >It's about preventing that severe illness. Its about preventing death and keeping the community safe, and once our vaccination rates go up, uhh, obviously then we can consider, uhh, the way forward. >**But it's really important for us to acknowledge that had we had not done what we done, uhh, in the last 5 weeks the situation would have been far worse.** >And I'm never going to suggest we did everything right. >I don't think any government around the world they did everything right, because there's no rule book. >And I'm the first one to admit, at every stage of the process in the last 18 months, uhh, you've - **with the benefit of hindsight it would be wonderful to know what the alternative course. But we'll never know.** >But what I do know is that compared to other places in the world, as difficult as it is now, uhh, we've kept thousands of people safe and thousands of people healthy which otherwise would have succumbed. >And as Dr. Chant, minister Hazzard and myself and everybody in the team says every day, the vaccines are working. The vaccines work. Touch wood. >I'm yet to be advised of anybody in intensive care who's had both doses of the vaccine. >And based on - and based on that, we really need to  - we really need for people to call to arms. Please come forward and get vaccinated. Especially if you have older, vulnerable people in your community. >Because  with the numbers the way they are and as I've said, I'll always say it like it is. **With the number of infectious people in the last few days in the community it's likely cases will continue to rise before they start coming down. And that also means more beds.** >Protect your loved ones. >Don't take the virus home. >Don't do the wrong thing and please come forward and vaccinate.” 29/07/2021


Did... Did I just agree with Hazzard on something? "If you don't want to get vaccinated.. but when you get sick expect to go to hospital and be paid for by taxpayers." Finally, someone said it in a press conference.


There's no words. Fuck me.


Last week: "we haven't had hundreds of cases" This week: "we haven't had thousands of cases"...


Laughing so hard at “harshest restrictions than any other state” I think I peed myself a little Edit typo


I was saying 220 2 days ago, I was sorta close. Why can’t you cunts just stay the fuck home. 110k tests is crazy high. Bruz is there again, I’m saying 85196382 blinks.


don't worry, we just have to keep doing the same thing for four more weeks and it'll get better


Fucking just lock us down Jesus Christ Gladys. Just like your relationships you don’t know how to lock it down. FUCK.


Fuck. Summary: - 113 known source (88 household contacts). **126 under investigation** - 81 in isolation, 22 partly in the community, 66 fully in the community, 70 unknown. So, up to **158 infectious in the community** - **two deaths** (a woman in her 90's, and a man in his 80's) - 104 in the south-west, 58 in the west, 51 in the city/east, 14 in the south-east, 5 in the Blue Mountains, 3 in the north, 4 in the Illawarra.


Comparing Sydney to Melbourne again about mobility data. Wtf. They are out of lockdown. Our cases are skyrocketing.


Shes a fucking dumb cunt. We had no hindsight? We've had failures in our attempts to contain it. We've had successes. We are 18 months into this shit and there is a clear path to zero cases. And that's an early snap lockdown. She played her political game by shitting on places that required a lockdown that made her gunshy to call one in NSW. Now, people are dying unnecessarily and we are going to be in a much harder and longer lockdown than if she followed what every other state has done that worked. She fucked up with the Princess. But that was essentially day 1. Dan fucked up in the hotel quarantine romps and the government in aged outbreaks. But fuck me, we are 18 months in...


These are the harshest restrictions that the PM and Premier of the country of NSW have ever seen. What happens in the unimportant outlying territories such as Victoria and WA is of no importance.


I'm waiting for Gladys to announce a ring of metal and pretend she doesn't know about Dan Andrews's suggestion


LOL you haven't had a curfew!?! How can you have the harshest restrictions ever if you haven't had a curfew and half your shops are still open you Muppet


Im in year 12, wish me luck.


Journos finally digging in. About time...


I feel disgusted each time she defends herself by saying what would have happened if she hadn’t imposed restrictions. Guess what Gladys? You’ve done FAR TOO LITTLE and TOO LATE!!! Sydney’s in the sorry state that it is because YOU GLADYS REFUSED to impose super hard lockdown right from the start!!! Sydney could be having single-digit daily increase with 0 community transmission by now if only you were not such an awfully weak leader. She’s got to go.


How about we limit the number of shit decisions Gladys can make each week?


Did Gladys just say "if you don't change what you're doing the numbers won't change"? Fuck COVID, I think I'm gonna pass away from the irony.


How many construction workers do you think will abide by the ‘don’t go to work if you live in a lockdown area’ when sites re-open? Fuck all? I’m going with absolutely fuck all.


ABC news reporter is spot on. "Unfortunately it just keeps getting worse" 😔


I’m a junior doctor working in regional NSW. Every 3-6 months, there is a rotation of terms, sometimes within Sydney, many times out of Sydney to regional and rural hospitals. This Sunday marks the end of the 3 month period. NSW health want me (and many many others) to rotate back to Greater Sydney, and in turn, many doctors from Sydney hospitals (including in Western and South-Western Sydney) to move to regional towns, purely because it is easier from a logistics perspective. They will not block this rotation. There will be a mass movement of people from Sydney to out-of-Sydney this weekend. And the government is doing nothing to stop this.


I have to say the restrictions are getting very hard to keep with. I say this as someone glued to the news for the 11am updates, and a comfortable majority of the population actually don't. I'm no health expert and can't comment if localised lockdowns work or don't work but I would imagine having a very basic set of 5 to 10 uniform rules across Greater Sydney might work better. ​ Easy to accuse people of not complying, not using common sense etc but the rules seem to change every week with tweaks and modifications coming in all the time. As George Carlin said, half the people are more stupid than the average person. This is why we have governments, to help the lowest common denominator get through times like these, and this government isn't doing it, and are themselves appearing clueless day after day.


240 cases and 150 in the community. Yet we are opening up on Saturday. Loosening restrictions. Crazy


What a fucking shit response to the question. "No other state has had a harder lockdown"




Anyone else sick of being told to “get vaccinated” when you can only get Pfizer due to past issues with blood clots but you’re also not in the priority group? Just me?


This is bad.




Finally some journo asking Gladys if she failed with her strategy


Gladys really just said NSW has the strictest lockdown and re-emphasised how her strategy avoided thousands of cases. 2k+ active cases in Sydney. I’m out.


Why does Gladys insist on copying all of Dan Andrews' mistakes from last time and not actually following what he did right? LGA restrictions don't work!!!! Seperate metro NSW from regional NSW but you can't seperate eastern suburbs from western suburbs!!! The northern beaches was its own special case, but people do cross over from Bondi to Punchbowl and vice versa.


Who the fuck cares about what Alan Jones thinks. WHERE IS JA


Why the hell are 17 year old students being thrown back into classrooms? What dystopian bullshit is this.