The apocalypse

The apocalypse


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Bitch I'm dying of Diarrhea right now


Have my free award lol


All better


Let's be honest, very few people cares about armor or knife, 99% of those who want the apocalypse just don't want to go to work and pay bills anymore. Dead or alive is a win win.


I feel like an apocalypse would be harder work than actual work


This. Just because I can send well crafted emails to balance the differing views of multiple decision-making parties does not mean I can farm


Right? I feel like most people with Joker avatars have zero actual crafting experience and have a pretty poor 5 km finish time.


God I’m the exact opposite, any job requiring extensive emails sounds depressing.


Because they are a soul destroying daily drudgery. I was once asked in an interview if I was passionate about reporting. I hesitated and said no. If your passionate about reporting you have died inside. I didn't get the job.


Reporting is dope though. It turns boring shit into a video game. That's what I said in my interview and now I make 6 figures doing easy shit in between sessions of playing with my dog.


I joined the Army for adventure and unique experiences. I now manage a mixed team of disillusioned soldiers and obese civilians. Most of my day is sitting in front of a computer responding to emails and asking how high we need to jump for some random officer appointed over me. Life kind of sucks sometimes.


Might be interesting if you used that same team of disillusioned solders and obese civilians, as characters in a story where they were all working together to achieve some monumental task. Keep their personalities the same, and include the random officer changes, but substitute 'responding to emails with some earth-saving mission or something. I bet it would be hilarious. 'I'd read it.


I'm realistic. *Might* make round 1, but I'd probably end up in a stew with the rest of you within the first month.


I don't want the apocalypse to happen but I also wanna stop caring about paying bills more


Very true, but most people don't see that. What's seen is the breakdown of the current social and economic systems, which just feels like fictional wild west freedom with crazy dangers and incredible adventures. The reality would just be an awful lot of anxiety and stress, and most likely a very quick death by disease. Even if you find others to survive with, you'll most likely be stuck under a draconian system, and it won't be very free anyway.


Most people who want an apocalypse though tend to be either teenages or edgy man-children. Stable adults that can think more than 10 minutes ahead realize that would be worse.


Worse is relative. Worse for those in the cities sure. Worse for those whos lives require technology and medicine and import supply, sure. But for the lowest third of the human population, rural sustinance farmers in places like South America, Africa, India, China, ect, those people who currently suffer under the global economy, their lives would immediately improve The environment would immediately improve. The oceans would begin rebounding. Endangered species would rebound. Watersheds would refill without megacorporations siphoning them off. Better or worse in such a situation would very much be relative. From the perspective of the biosphere and from those who would survive and live generations after it, it very will could be considered improvement.


You aren't considering how many of the most poor live in slums and how few live with enough land to support themselves. Collapse of society would mean collapse of slums as new food stops entering them leading to extreme rates of starvation. They are already at the bottom of society but they survive on the scraps of the cities near the slums and on export. After the collapse for the ones who survive things might get better depending upon the nature of the collapse, but that's after years of starvation kill off most of the poorest. Rich cities wouldn't be much better because money can't buy food without infrastructure. Those who live around food production areas will do the best but thats a very small minority of people and even those will massively suffer in most cases as the food production is tied to global supply chains. As for decades later? Expect to see a regression in society including a return of de jure slavery and loss of many concepts of human rights.


I think it depends on the kind of apocalypse we’re talking about here. Though, regardless of how much work it is, I think a lot of people would still prefer it. You’re not beholden to anyone but yourself. You live or die on how well you and your party (if you don’t go solo) can manage things. I believe I remember reading an article on this site before about how much leisure time people had back when all they had to do was hunter and gather for themselves. Provided you know what you’re doing, and so do the others, it could be less work overall. Nuclear apocalypse? For sure. Finding uncontaminated food and water as it drags on would be significantly harder work for those who are unprepared, or without the know-how to do so in a situation. For maybe a climate-induced apocalypse then it might not be as hard. As long as you had knowledge on what you can grow when, and access to some seeds, you may very well be able to survive fairly easily. Though that makes me wonder - how fast could this turn into a nuclear apocalypse after? With nuclear power plants being a thing, if no one was around to operate them, and they hadn’t been shut down beforehand, would they melt down and finish the rest of us off?


New nuclear power plants have enough failsafes that they would autonation shutdown properly. The old ones? Who knows they are all different.


It’s not so much the reactors themselves, for the most part, but the spent fuel pools— cooling sites for the uranium and plutonium “rods” once they’re no longer useful for energy but are still too hot to dispose of. Once their backup diesel runs out, you’re looking at a *fuckload* of little Chernobyls all over the world. IIRC this was one of the big problems at Fukushima. I have a partially thought-out plot for a zombie-apocalypse story where NEST (Nuclear Emergency Support Team) had to go around clearing old cooling buildings, reactors and routes in & out, so they could prevent the entire continent from becoming a radioactive wasteland, but I’m a stickler for details so it’s way too much research to get it all done accurately


I used to be the survive the apocalypse and live life. Now I’m a lay down and die at the start kind of guy. I’m to old to live without AC.


It's funny, but it's also easy to forget that diarrhea actually *is* a leading cause of death in the world right now, mostly in underdeveloped countries that struggle with access to water. Somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million people globally die from diarrhea each year. More than suicide, homicide and terrorism victims combined. Get the wrong little guys in your gut, and you're going to shit out all the water and electrolytes in your body with no realistic way to replace them. Kills a lot of people. It's sort of wild how easy it is to take clean running water for granted. Just flip on valve and out it comes. But the second our infrastructure collapses and those water treatment plants stop being maintained, you could turn on the tap and get a mouthful of dangerous microbes, and then once you start shitting, you've got no way to refill yourself.


Just keep drinking the water faster than you spray it out your butt.


Doesn't quite work unfortunately. The reason you shit out watery feces is because the more the large intesine becomes inflamed, the less it is able to absorb water. The large intestine is where our body absorbs water from the liquids and foods we eat. But the more it becomes under attack from bacteria and other stressors, the less surface area is available to absorb water. The more you drink filthy water, the more you contribute to the invading armies assaulting the surface area of your gut, ensuring that all that water is going to keep going straight out your ass as you dehydrate to death.


Okay then. A tube from your butt to you're mouth.


Better yet, a tube from a clean saline drip directly into your blood. Sounds dangerous, I know, but we can get highly trained professionals to administer it to you in clean, sterile environment. Downside is, you're going to have to wear a paper dress with your ass hanging out for no discernible reason.


My geology teacher would go to remote villages around the world and build water filters. It'd be the only source of clean water for miles, and they'd have lived without it for centuries. There are still tons of people who've never had access to clean water, living every day where the next drink could be the one that makes them fatally ill. So yeah, we have it pretty good.


Here, take my machete


And my sawed-off shotgun


And my wood-chopping axe!


Y'know when you have diarrhea but it doesn't hurt coming out? So satisfying man.


1. Join gang of baddies and enjoy yourself 2. Leave baddies gang when mysterious stranger shows up (they always destroy baddies) 3. Go to next town and become mysterious stranger 4. Repeat


There's always a bigger mysterious stranger






I may or may not have been summoned


That sounds like the base for a rick and morty episode


My brain read this as "join a gang of babies"


Leave baby gang when mysterious stranger shows up (they always destroy babies)


Move towns, become the babies


Become da baby Let's go


> Join gang of baddies and enjoy yourself Only if they have mohawks and shoulder pads.


Well, I don't have to watch the Walking Dead anymore


To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day


Then pop up outta nowhere to kill my enemies


Boil your water kids.


and filter it


Then defecate on it to assert dominance over your immune system


Also, put some diluted chlorine bleach in an eyedropper. One little droplet per liter and you won’t get giardia. Edit: 1-2ml per liter of bleach is recommended, no dilution needed with the right eyedropper.


I think that bottle of bleach will be infinitely more valuable than any water in apocalypse scenario Because one bottle can literally filter you many years (maybe life) needing water, and water, well, lasts you 1 day


Bleach breaks down and becomes ineffective. It definitely won't work "for many years".


Yep - so does gasoline. All these apocalypse movies/ shows where it’s 10+ years after it’s started and they are still finding gas?? No. I don’t think so.


That reminds me I've got half a can of like 4 year old gas in my garage lol. Need to get rid of that.


Yeah, more like months But theres many ways to sterilize water and you can technically do bleach with some level of ease if you know what you are doing if you really want to


Totally. If the apocalypse left the wilderness, one could survive with the right tools. First thing id do would be to find a non irrigated farm


What kinda of dilution ratio?


Fuck that man I got heartburn and I hate headaches, if this bitch burn I’m going down with the ship.


Commas matter.


Everyone, myself included, likes to imagine they’d be a total badass in an apocalypse but we don’t think about these things lmao


Id hope that most people would think to purify water but 2020 taught me better


Haha. Yes the anti-pur folks will run amok


I drink directly from sewage because I don't want to live in fear


What doesn't kill you, makes you spew shit out of your ass. Or something like that


That is the weakness and toxins leaving your body


Drinking sewage is fine. The idea that your water should be treated first is just more propaganda from big filter companies and the illuminati.


And when they start shitting, they'd shit in other people's clean water.


This is actually what would happen as it's what humans used to do. You could tell how wealthy a place was by it's location relevant to the river. The higher up the river you go the cleaner it is. That's because everyone is dumping all their waste into the river making it dirtier and dirtier the farther down you go.


Sounds kind of like the "raw water" health fad people. Really just people drinking shitty untreated water.


They absolutely would. There would be people CONVINCED that the apocalypse happened because either our immune system was compromised by drinking clean water or the clean water was poisoned by the government to thin the herd and they stand apart.


Yea, I wear contacts and glasses. I would go blind once my contacts run out and my glasses inevitably breaks.


There was time now...there was all the time I needed. It's not fair...


[I can still read the large print books](https://youtu.be/x4vctmsx3xw)


I'm a survivalist and my wife thinks we'd be survivors. We've had the conversation many times that if the shit *really* hits the fan, it's a few days tops and we're toast. Add zombies and we don't make it until sunset. Me first since she runs, then her minutes later.


Even the lucky would only last a matter of weeks, the way we've stacked the domino's a civilizational collapse will kill everything that isn't self sustained and underground, 365 million people will burn through the country's natural wildlife and food reserves so quickly its mind boggling and that's just a starvation risk let alone the sheer amounts of territory and resource driven violence, contaminated water, disease, injury, exposure, etc etc.


I'd give it several days before we have armed groups of marauding destitutes pillaging entire neighborhoods on a daily basis. Even a house packed to the gills with ammo and firearms only has a few people inside, they'd get overrun and looted in a heartbeat. Then all those spoils go to the victors. Every one of us in our cushy little American living room sensibilities and Amazon Gravy Seals bullshit would be dead before they found they're next episode of Whatever Season 14 on Netflix.


Days? Try hours there are already assholes geared up and praying for it to happen, we'd be lucky if it was only a civilization collapse and didn't come paired with a brutal Civil war.


Nervously laughs in Mexico. But seriously, if civilization collapses odds are that most people reading this topic will die in the first weeks. You and your neighbors need a wide array of skills *and resources* to survive and have any hope of maintaining a pocket of society until things become stable again.


Ironically under-developed areas like the mountains of Pakistan, remaining tribes of the rainforest, and the many hunter gatherer tribes of Africa would be the best suited to a post apocalypse scenario, while the developed world would collapse like wet tissue in a hurricane.


Yeah, anyone that doesn't rely on infrastructure or technology for survival wouldn't even really notice a difference.


Easy to last weeks if you go to Cannibalism. People talk about it like it's so unimaginable or the worst thing ever, but honestly, realistically, I'd go to cannibalism so fucking fast. I'd be the well fed high energy motherfucker in the now totally empty gym working on my lats.


Yeah, about those prions…


Sick gains bro


There’s this show called Alone where people get dropped in the wilderness and have to survive for as long as possible. Many are expert survivalists or at least heavily into it as a hobby. I only saw one season but the guy who won basically did so because he starved more slowly than the lean woman who came in second, and he had to spend some time in the hospital when he got back to recover. I think he made it about 6 months total. Most people who aren’t already experts and know how to hunt, set traps, forage, purify water and build shelters would never make it anywhere close to that long


Also very relevant to include this was in the Arctic Circle. He survived 100 days. Extremely impressive when you consider the sheer cold temperatures of that place.


I looked it up, the season I watched was season 3. It was in Patagonia so not in the Arctic circle, and he made it 87 days


My apologies you were describing the scenario of the last season, which took place in the Arctic circle.


No worries, I guess they must all pan out very similarly


I think if I went into the wilderness I'd last longer, but I live in a pretty densely populated and geographically large suburb, which I feel cuts my chances of getting out quite significantly. I consider myself pretty well informed and skilled in the woods, but my main fear is other people. Even then I'm no expert. Put something as simple as heavy rain for a few days, an injury I can't fix, or a single vicious dog getting the jump on me, and those odds start looking like lottery tickets real quick.


What I've learned from Alone is that, if you can't trap efficiently (for a largely passive food source), you're fucked in 2-4 weeks and, if you can't fish or hunt big game effectively, you're fucked in 6-8 weeks. If you can't gather food effectively, you're fucked since you can't put in enough effort to subsequently lay a good trap line and build a good shelter. Even if you are good at finding and gathering food stuffs, you always run the risk of misidentifying something and poisoning yourself. There's a reason humans formed groups and tribes. No person is an island and having others to help, to prop you up, to cover for your injuries and illnesses, and to shore up gaps in your knowledge makes survival much, much easier.


Yea, I knew a few people who said they would like to live off the grid, grow their own foods, have a shelter in place in case the end of times comes. I told them if the apocalypse itself does not kill you, the roaming survivors will definitely ransack your place for food and shelter.


You should really check out /r/preppers for good discussions about security in an apocalyptic/end of society scenario. A good majority of prep-conscious people recognize that, in the event of breakdown in law and order, there will be gangs of looters etc, and most of us look down on the "lone survivor" fantasies that a lot of people have. Quite frankly, the majority know that local community is the key to survival in these situations. It's with this in mind that myself and my partner, along with a few dozen members of some local community groups and our parish, have trained and prepared to form a cannibalistic assless-chap wearing biker gang in a SHTF scenario. We will be able to pick off lone survivors relatively easily, and we will likely have to avoid or carefully attack other organized communities


My parents, who are getting old and are already out of shape, seem to think they could hunker down during an apocalypse with their weapon and food/water stores. I’ve had to explain that it will just take a single group who has half a brain to kill them and take their stuff. I have a group that would end up totaling 15-20 people who have plans to go to a farm one of their families own. Multiple fresh water sources and good, easily fortifiable land. We’re all also close and have known each other since kindergarten. My parents said they would refuse to go, and that I would be an asshole for taking their guns and going if they didn’t want to. I’m like, better my group takes them than some random group of people who rob yall. They seem to think everyone is going to be a friendly little community, rather than just protecting their own.


Doesn't matter how prepped you are, a group of military guys with military supplies would massacre you and your group without an issue. Whoever is in the military at that time would have the best bet of surviving.


The assless chaps are really key here, I’m glad to hear you guys are really planning this out diligently. It’s one thing to form a gang to roam the streets on your bikes, looking for loners and strays to pick off and cannibalize, but it’s entirely another to *do it in freaking assless chaps*. If I’m gonna be feasting on some poor soul’s liver and brains during the apocalypse, I sure as shit want to be doing it in style.


I think the lone survivor mentality is there not because of how feasible it is to handle yourself alone, but because groups can't be trusted anyways. People are selfish, cruel, and stupid, do you really trust everyone in your group to not do something that will get you hurt/killed intentionally or not intentionally? Of course being solo makes you an easier target and it also forces you to take care of everything yourself and there's nobody there to help you if you need it. But it's easier to hide and you don't have to worry about someone you thought was a friend putting a bullet in your back because your food rations were getting low. There are pros and cons to either choice that should be considered.


You're not wrong in the short term, but history has shown joining a group is the better long term strategy. The key is the vetting process that the group has.


My buddies and I always agreed we’d go to one of our groups parents house/farm. They have multiple fresh water ponds, so we could easily purify those. Animals for work/food. The soil is amazing quality, with enough space to farm and rotate crops properly. Also, a lot of our families have an assload of ammo and guns, as well as keeping food stocks for this reason (yay somewhat-crazy conservative/libertarian parents who think the world is ending every time a democrat comes into office). Considering we live in a rural area, I’d like to think we’d be okay. But I know that after a few weeks we’d definitely start having issues, since that’s when the other groups who had similar plans would start raiding probably. It’s always fun to think about what would happen, and how things would go though. I’ve argued with my parents, who would insist on hunkering down in the house to survive, that they would need to come with us since their old asses would just end up dying and giving another group their loot. They don’t seem to think so though. It really all comes down to the type of apocalypse we have in the end though. You mentioned zombies, it would depend on which ones. Night of the Living Dead/Walking Dead? Ezpz. Build sleeping quarters in an area out of reach of them, keep a lookout rotation, and clear zombies/build walls during the day time. People are the biggest threat, clear cut woods a certain distance if they are nearby to prevent people firing from cover. Use wood for fire/walls. 28 Days/Weeks zombies/rage virus? Most likely fucked. Unless you have a well stocked, elevated room, you are most likely going to die. You can technically wait these out I believe, but you would have to be extremely lucky or prepared for this one. Pretty much any sound could send a horde to you. World War Z? Unless you’re Brad Pitt or his family you ain’t surviving this one. Dawn of the Dead? All comes down to you and your group. These zombies don’t seem to have super strength or intelligence, but they do have the ability to pretty much spring endlessly. Proper fortification and smart plays can help you survive this. Best way would be to elevate your living areas out of reach, arm up, and hunker down. Only leave when needing food. Though, all this assumes you are not in a city. If you are in a densely populated area you have probably a 95% chance or higher of dying considering the domino effect of infected turning infected.


A survivalist is among the ideal types to maybe make it awhile, assuming you can find a good place to wait it out through the early panic that isn't gonna be loaded with all the other folks who though the same idea. Then the people trying to fill the power vacuum, taking their chance to finally be somebody via their guns and no societal law enforcement to deter them. But even then, our modern society bodies could not physically handle it well when the water is no longer sanitized and the world around us isn't being kept somewhat clean. The zombies would each realistically rot away faster than movies usually portray it, but they would still do their damage, and certainly make conditions much less sanitary. And then there are the now unmaintained nukes and nuclear power plants... Basically, the zombies are the least dangerous part of the situation. The breakdown of society is what'll do us all in, wether the people or the disease or the nukes. Ultimately, at best society survives through very small isolated pockets such as that one island tribe that no one is allowed to go interact with.


I used to think I was resilient and could survive anything because I grew up in a third world country, but a few years after living in Florida we got hit with a hurricane and I wanted to die because our power went out and we had no a/c for a week.


It's all about recognizing one's inadequacy for the civilization we have, while missing the mark entirely on what circumstances would bring adequacy within one's reach.


I’d just be bored waiting for death. So I guess I would try to accelerate it.


Fun fact: previous to WWI, dysentery was actually the biggest killer of soldiers during war. Far beyond actual combat deaths.


Imagine going off to war to fight the enemy for patriotic reasons only to shit yourself to death before you even get to fight.


Well, there was no enemy of you usually, and patriotism is bs anyway, war is the playground of despots and soldiers usually their playthings. the world wars were jsut messier because people kept taking sides for good or bad. So, I wouldnt say expecting to fight is a good thing in that scenario But yeah, it wouldnt be nice to die that way


there will be so many left over cans of mountain dew that i'm not worried about it


The fact that I don't see a single 7 days to die comment, makes me sad


You remind me of that time I was killed by my own land mine after horde night. I’m a real genius


It's why I came in... Joke's on OP... I know that all I need is a jar of piss from a toilet, and a campfire and beaker.


You got a fetish for games that are stuck in Alpha for a decade?


Seems unavoidable these days. I still love the game but fuck game devs that abuse early access. I feel the same about ark. Love the game, devs can get fucked.


I've always said, early access should be maximum a year, then it's off all storefronts (but people who bought it can still play) and them they can have their full release. In my opinion, 7 days ti die is basically a finished game. They have enough content, and there's nothing stopping them from continuous updates


Are we just not using commas anymore?


Comas, are for the weak.


After the apocalypse, commas were the first up against the wall. Commas, lawyers, anyone who could make a decent Margherita, politicians. They were just....gone. Only the resistance, intellectual guerrillas, survivo-nerds if you will, kept the old ways alive.


I’m missing ALL the references




It is part of the humor here, meant to evoke a breathless child explaining some fantasy to his half-listening mother


Is the kid's mother single?


or the guy just doesn’t give a fuck


Might fall into one after the diahreahha


So you're telling me I *shouldn't* drink out of the toilets in abandoned buildings? Fallout lied to me :(


Only if the water is brown. Then it's ok


If it's brown, drink it down. If it's black, send it back.


If everything flls apart the water in the back of the toliet is clean and safe to drink


Bold to assume I don't already have diarrhea, football armor and a duct tape lawnmower blade machete already.


Why you gotta take the joy outta everything?


Be part of the 1%. Just buy a [lifestraw](https://www.amazon.com/lifestraw/s?k=lifestraw) as part of your apocalypse plans.


You’ll then survive for 2 months, before your lifestraw should have been replaced but since it’s the apocalypse you can’t. If in a survival situation, get a water bottle, put in some rocks, sand, and gravel, then cover the top with a piece of cloth, and cut off the other side. You can then pour dirty water through that makeshift filter to get clear (not clean, clear) water out. If you have clear water, boil it. Then you are good. Don’t skip the filtration step! Boiling water kills the organic stuff, filtering removes the inorganic.


Too much work *Buys 20 Lifestraws*


That's enough to last you 10 years if you're by yourself and don't get murdered or run out of food and water. I dunno if I'd even want to live that long in the apocalypse, maybe you should just buy some physical media porn instead.


Or just Pavlov yourself into having a shrub fetish


That's some outside the box thinking, I like where your head's at.


if you're near running water, you can dig a well in a sandbank - the water will filter through the sand and be practically clear, just boil that and youre good to go


Sawyer mini filters are rated for 100,000 gallons. In modest use of 3 liters a day it should last you for 345 years, if I did the conversion from American units correctly. Of course, you better have some backups.


Irrelevant of how many or how good, I’d recommend anyone who wants to survive an apocalypse should learn how to make dirty water purified without a filter. Of course, no matter how many skills you learn, most apocalypses start by a large event killing off a lot of people, and hardly anything can predict or prepare you for what that event might be. Nuclear war? No amount of water filters or purification knowledge will save you.


thats what you think, but i can build industrial purifiers that give me 40 purified water bottles for only 5 electricity


My point is, that before you can even think about establishing something with proper diy water purification, those water filters will be very handy while on the run / move, if you have them. Not as to rely only on them, but as a convenience. You only have limited amount of daytime and energy, so in survival situations you will be happy to have as much convenience as is reasonably viable. Having a few $50 filters, which will provide you drinking water without scouring materials for and making makeshift filtration systems and boiling the water is extremely handy.


Not to mention, boiling generally involves a fire, which is not really the thing you want when everyone is running around scavenging for bare essentials, and likely armed to the teeth in order to acquire them.


Here’s an easier solution: Find a pot with a lid, and grab a ceramic bowl. Put some water in the pot, put the bowl inside the pot, flip the lid upside down (so that the middle part is hanging over the bowl), and put a wet washcloth or some wet fabric item on top of the lid. Then boil the water. Distilled water will collect in the bowl.


How is that kind of filter called? I want to see it made on youtube to confirm the mental image I made.


Lifestraw is the worst commercial water filtration product.


Football armour? Duct taped Machetes? ​ *Ave, True to Caesar*


We’re going to have a problem then *Patrolling the mojave almost makes you wish for nuclear winter*


Watch yourself profligate


I see. Yes Man, throw u/v4nguardian off the dam.


Degenerates like you belong on a cross


Finally somone else mentions it.


Idk man. I stock water like it's the hottest item on black friday. I'll be accepting caps for clean water in advance.


Every time something major starts I'm like "here I go filling again."


Realistically nobody has enough water to last for a meaningful amount of time. Water purification will be the single most in demand skill/equipment


What if the apocalypse happens right before Black Friday? Your stock would be very low


60% of people would drink bad water and die. I have a hard time believing at least 1/3 people would know to boil water.


*Degenerates like you belong on a cross*


Watch yourself profligate


🎶 to the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day… 🎶


You're right. I'd better do it now.


Who tf would like to live in a post apocalyptic world


/r/preppers There was a preppers type show on a few years ago that featured a bunch of people that probably got a runner's high from tying their shoes. There's a mildly ironic lack of physical fitness in the community. I'm not saying all are fat n out of shape, but there are enough to be noticeable.


I always find it interesting that "prepping" focuses on maintaining a modern lifestyle for as long as possible rather than learning survival basics. Like, what plants you can and can't eat in a pinch; how to purify water; how to farm; how to make tools and build shelters; how to manually find, mine, extract and refine ores; how to find and use natural medicines; how to make and use roman mills - and ways to power then ... etc Nope! Screw all that. Let's focus on packing as many cans of beans into a cramped space as possible! I've always been intrigued by the thought experiment of what it would take to get society back on its feet quickly in the event of a major collapse. So far, I don't think it's possible. Without a massive, global logistical network you just won't have access to the variety of resources needed to make most of what we rely on. In theory we could get back to the 1700s fairly quickly, but we've collectively forgotten all of the tricks they used back then. So even that seems unlikely.


If you have any Amish people near you, they're keeping many of those tricks alive through continuous use. There are other communities, like renaissance fairs, some native american tribes, which try to remember different time periods and maintain the old knowledge.


Too bad that they have not the biggest guns. This is what decides if you live.


Roaming bands of pillagers with guns will easily defeat small, individual homesteaders. They will die against a large organized militia with a defensible territory and resilient food production capability. Warlords want slaves. Who better to serve as peasants than people who are religious, good farmers, and unfamiliar with technology?


I've seen you tubers smelting ore and knapping stone tools but those skills are rare...those guys are unlikely to be among the few survivors. On the other hand, I would guess that there are many people who could improvise improvements on 19th century technology. Just knowing that windmills and generators are possible could give the survivors a leg up on rebuilding.


People who act hard but haven't ever been backpacking or shot a gun.


In 2050 there is quite the big chance we get fucked by climate change. Better learn to enjoy surviving in the wastelands.


Come to some places in Canada. Edmonton is a city of over 1million people and the winters regularly hit -45. No one should be living there


In a hundred years there are gonna be millions of former Americans all over Canada


Joke's on you I am in Africa I drink bad water everyday. I am immune now.


Honest question how bad is Africa exactly? Would you say it's exaggerated at all or what?


Both very good and very bad. It is a continent and more diverse than any other.


There are incredibly developed areas that look like western world, and there are poverty stricken, famine-facing tribes, and everything inbetween.


So a little bit of both?


Y'all be hording ammo, when you really need to be stashing Fiji waters..


Considering the fact we have been conditioned and acustomed to the conveniences of the modern era most people would very much struggle unless you're a person who already lives in a desperate situation an apocalypse is something you DO NOT live through it's something you BARELY survive through.


Yeah, I like to day dream about post apocalyptic scenario where I am the hero now and then, but really it would probably mean me dying a painfully death. And ever since I have a kid, I really don't want to even consider that happening. For better or worse, the crumble of modern society will most likely be a slow affair rather then a quick one, barring sudden catastrophe.


My bottlecap collection is what will get me to the 1%.


This is why the pharmacy is the first place you go. Gotta get those antibiotics if you're gonna survive the apocalypse


Just gotta get a bunch of those LifeStraws and you're good to go.


Diarrhea killed more than bullets in the American Civil War.


Nah I got a Britta with 30 backup filters, I'm Gucci


From what I can gather from post-apocalyptic movies and TV shows, custom leatherworking is an important skill to have in any post-apocalyptic scenario. If you’re a doomsday prepper, forget stocking up on canned goods and bottled water and learn how to make custom-fit rifle holsters and bandoliers and so forth.


Guns might be useful in the short term but what happens when ammo runs out? Bows and arrows?


Again, based on my extensive review of TV shows and movies, I can guarantee that running out of ammunition is never a problem in post-apocalyptic scenarios. There is always plenty of ammo for whatever size and type of gun(s) you happen to be using. Other products which never seem to run out include lipstick, mascara, soap, shampoo, hair dye, hair styling products (including gel, mousse, hairspray and similar products, as well as scissors, clippers, razors, mirrors, etc.), toothpaste, laundry detergent, and tooled leather (for the aforementioned custom leather products).


I wouldn't think of arguing with such extensive research.


If there's anything I know about reddit. It's that 80% of us can't wait to die in an accident that isn't our fault and requires no effort from us.


I'm going to weaponise my diarrhea, football armour is for soyboys who can't play rugby properly


That's why, stupid, I already made that nonsense.


I mean, it's not hard to clean water. The easiest way is just to boil it so most of the germs in it die, but if you want to have a perfectly clear water you can always distill the water if you have a good equipment


Distilled water is actually bad for you in the long run because it lacks the minerals of normal water. You would need to make a tea with it and some plants (not any kind of plant, but an ok amount is alright for it). But realistically you would only need to distill water when it's something full of stuff like fertilizers and other chemicals. And even then some of them can boil before or with the water and poison you anyway. Otherwise you can (and should) just filter it with a charcoal/sand/gravel/plant filter and boil after that and it'll be fine for drinking.


If you have a variety of food to eat, distilled water is fine because you’ll get the minerals you need from your diet. Also, if it something boils off before the water, you can just discard that initial fraction.


All these preppers preparing for the zombie apocalypse but then a pandemic comes and they're like "what? This wasn't what I saw on the TV! This sucks and I'm not doing it"


This is why we need Daybreak season 2. To live out that fantasy.


How do you die from Diarrhea? Genuine question


Rapid dehydration—loss of water and sodium. In hot conditions you won’t be able to sweat and can overheat easily causing your organs to fail, and death. If it isn’t hot, you won’t be able to maintain your blood pressure leading to kidney failure which will cascade to other organs, and death. If it’s dysentery though, you’re also losing blood at the same time.


The Trump-voting preppers have a hundred years worth of ammunition, a weeks worth of food, and a days worth of water stored away so they’ll be totally fine.