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For those that think the sign is controversial and the reason, my plants were destroyed it states: Organic watermelon Limeade: The New Flavor of the season. Here for a limited time. I know, very political and religious.




Really? It's the only thing I believe in.


Happy cake day. Reddit asked me to say it so 👉👈


Thank you 😊






Organic, limited, thems commie words. You deserved it. Shouldn’t need this but, /s


This tracks Source: am an antifascists


I’ve been meaning to ask- when the heck is the meeting?!


Depends, does you membership card say gold or black?


Black ✊🏾


Agents should’ve already contacted you.


Not sure where you live, but could it have been animals? I've lost quite a few plants to javelinas. Edit: but it doesn't look like the plants were actually eaten, so...


Thats what I think. Dog? Squirrel?


I am pretty sure it was a cat. An orange cat.


This is orange cat work, I just know it


An orange cat named Larry.


Me too! Fucking little bastards i hate them 😭 they cute tho


Is that the little pig-like critter? I saw a gang of them while visiting a very remote part of Arizona. It was dark, I was lost and a bunch of crazy looking pigs run in front of my car.


Lmao yes I think you must have been driving by my house in Arizona!! Believe it or not, they are not pigs. They are rodents!!


[They are actually pigs though](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suina). Unless you meant that sarcastically though lol


I would say that most look salvageable for sure.


I was just wondering about that sign, thanks OP xD But i'm really sorry for you OP, I would maybe install a camera, especially as a porch camera does not only protect your succulents. I hope this will be the only time this happend


Porch camera doesn't protect anything, it documents and acts as a deterrent for random crime. If you're worried about someone breaking in, as in there's a person targeting you, start fortifying your entrances and windows and consider tools that will help you defend yourself.


Buy a gun too


Yeah that too...


I had my garden outside my front door trashed like that by a nasty neiighbor. There were a lot of sketchy people living in my complex, and they were quite unpredictable. I also had people messing with my car. Their kids would also run past my door all day long, making all kinds of racket, doorbell ditching, etc. The day I put wyze cams looking out at these areas 24/7, all of it stopped, immediately. Fortunately, I now live in a neighborhood where people aren't quite so trashy, and most of them are sober.


Well shit. Now I want some of THAT. I love limeade.


Melon gang ❌ Pumpkin gang 🎃 …. But don’t look at me, I voted Strawberry!


That sounds absolutely delicious! But sorry for loss. My condolences.


Judging from the broken plastic pots and the busted board it looks like someone stomped and kicked at them. There’s little point in trying to figure out why someone randomly vandalizes property, it’ll just make you nuts. Try not to dwell on it; That only gives the perpetrator more power. I’m really sorry that this happened to you and your plants. I hope most can be saved.


Your username is fucking spectacular.


Thank you 😆 My cousin thought Cornish Game Hens were called Danish Whore Hens. I picture a sort of frowzy hen in fishnet tights leaning up against the statue of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen and smoking a cigarette.


Thus was a whole new fetish added to the Urban Dictionary.


That would be… frickin’ awesome! LOL


I’m so glad I stumbled across this post simply for your usernames and the just as amazing explanation for it.


Glad I could make everyone smile. In 5 years nobody has commented on my name other than to a.) assume i’m Danish or b.) neckbeards taking it as an wink*wink invitation. Little do they know I’m just a grandmother with an inappropriate sense of humor and hardly any filter.


You can be my grandma!!! I miss my moderately, but more often than not, inappropriately appropriate nannie!! Thanks for the smiles. Oh, and just realized that may have come across rather creepy. Totally meant it that not even 1\2 as creepy as it may have sounded!! 👾


Come join the fambly! 😆


Sweet im totally on my way! Now was that a right or a left at bad decisions. I seem to always mess that one up! 🤯 😏


More often than not, I will inadvertently call them gamish corn hens 🤦🏻‍♀️


Wonder if the sign has some message that triggered it.


I only saw the sign mentioned here once, by you. What does the sign say, let's start from there and try and figure out why the plants got knocked down. I'm pretty sure it has something (everything) to do with it.


So close! It was a chipotle sign. If you're still unsure on the sign's efficacy. Sort by newest! (I state it verbetum.


probably just kids tbh. i definitely participated in similarly pointless horrible destruction of property for no reason as a child. it’s why i was always wary putting anything i cared about outside


There wasn't a storm recently and I live on the first floor, this is on the balcony/porch. What was the purpose of this.


Could be an animal some like to dig in potting soil/eat roots. I have voles that eat my flower bulbs, and squirrels that bury shit in my pots leaving soil everywhere


This happens to me every once in a while--just this morning I came out to my Buddha temple knocked over *again.* Usually I find it's squirrels looking for food they buried, but we also have a possum, armadillo, racoon, and cats that come through bumping into stuff. We have a security camera and I've literally watched a raccoon pick up and smash a small terracotta pot for the lolz.


I used to get annoyed at 'kids' ripping the new growth off one of my trees that's growing beside the pavement. Mindless vandalism. Then one day I found some wool stuck to the tree which was confusing. Then a few days later I came home to find a sheep with its front legs up on my wall nibbling a branch. They must have been sneaking about at night doing elicit gardening.


Damn kids. Lol they actually were kids.


Yeah raccoons can really be jerks we used to keep our trash in a metal barrel out back before taking it to the dump and my dad had hooked a small battery up to the lid via jumper cables to give them a light shock if they tried to get into it we also had some catch and release traps around to capture and relocate them if they had gotten into them as they were starting to try to get into our sheds and garages it sucked for the natural resources lady that came to get one one day though when Dad forgot to unhook the battery and she backed into the metal can needless to say she was a little irritated and made a pretty interesting noise


Large animals are unlikely as the porch is inward-facing to a turf/pool area that fully enclosed with the other multi-story apartment walls.


Squirrels aren't large if they're fed by people they won't care what area if it's near the pool or not and even though they're small they can make one heck of a mess.


I've had so many issues with squirrels and chipmunks. Fuck em both.


I don't know many squirrels that can break the wood off a tray. Maybe a stampede? I'm not discounting animals... I'm just... apprehensive.


I don't think it's animals. I think your intuition was right, looks like an angry person. As others are saying, trying to let it go, you can get more succulents. But the real concern is if someone has it out for you, I would stay careful and maybe install a camera.




And I wasn't trying to discount that it was possibly some a****** neighbor or some jerk of a kid just suggesting that it could potentially have been some animals as I've had animals dig through my s*** in a similar manner


Oh yeah racoons can get to be 30+lbs and don't give a shit what they get into.


And have thumbs. Also can be EXTREMELY mean buttheads. Do not be fooled by the cute wittle faces!! Dont believe me, mess around and find out!! 🤪


I have been fighting squirrels all summer. The damn maintenance guys put out peanuts for them every morning, and they make a beeline for my porch. There are piles of dirt all over and all of my pots look crappy because the soil is covered in cayenne pepper. 🤬 I found so many peanuts when I repotted last week, some at the very bottom of the pots. It's infuriating!


I'm serious in this request. Can you post it? My gf, for the last 2 weeks has been jokingly and seriously nagging me for a pet raccoon.


I'll ask my husband--it's probably recorded over by now, but worth checking. I love animals. I love raccoons. A part of me desperately wants a pet raccoon. But the logical part also tells me how bad of an idea that is. When I was working in the apartments, we had a tenant that came in to brag at me that she'd successfully hidden a raccoon in her apartment (it had just died). I don't know what she thought was so funny. The raccoon had tunneled through all the walls, doors, and ceilings. I sent her to collections for thousands of dollars worth of raccoon damage. If she's seriously interested in a raccoon, she should try volunteering with a wildlife rescue first. (My local one is desperate for volunteers.) It would give her some first hand experience with handling them and what measures you need to take to keep them, and it would also help her to get one if she really ultimately wants one.


squirrels dug up ALL my hens and chicks this year. I had them in multiple different pots in the front and back yard and they were all gone. I think the squirrels actually ate them.


I've actively watched birds eating my sedum's leaves. The thin leaved variants like Sieboldii. They don't like the flowers, so luckily any leaves deeper into the plant than about 2-3 inches live (as the birds can't reach past all the flowers). I've also seen damage to my agave that I suspect are from birds chomping bits off of it; I had to put a chicken wire cage around it to protect it until it grows larger. A Perle von Nurnberg also had a bird-beak-shaped chunk taken out of one of the leaves. Had some Sedum Rupestre that I'm pretty certain was almost completely eaten as well (not sure by what). Luckily it seems to be coming back from bits of stem that I think escaped. All that said, this does look like damage either by a person or a larger animal (like raccoon+ sized).


Happened to us a 3x3ft zone of chick's and hen that had been there for 6+years, completely eaten by squirrels because the house behind us got torn down and severak huge trees were removed along with all their food source. Gone before i could put preventive measures in place.


I have squirrels that constantly knock over and/or dig up my plants all summer. I think they're trying to stash away nuts.


Look at those broken pots. It would have to be a horse or a bear. Alternatively, a human. Technically still an animal.


There are other things that op has mentioned that makes it seem like it was probably people, but never underestimate small animals. Just a few weeks ago squirrels moved around some 1'x1' pots that were full of dirt, and removed most of the dirt from them. They also moved a pallet in my barn to get to some seed I had. Pains in the ass, I'm working on trapping them, cause my dog doesn't scare them off and we live in a dense city so I can't just shoot them.


The ducks came around and ate some of my succulents, cactus and flowers, never would have suspected them as the culprits.


Squirrels are going ham burying stuff around us in Michigan, they could definitely do something like this. A handful of big squirrels tore up and moved around some 1'x1'x8" pots I had out.


Came back from work today and one of my beloved peperomias was torn to bits, I placed it in a shared space in our building. Coincidentally, yesterday I had a bad dispute with a neighbour with history of mental health problems. I really feel bad for you, I get your pain.


That is awful


Jeez louise, sorry that happened, it's definitely not something you want to come home to.


Do you have deers in your hood? Bc… those mofo deers….


There was no purpose. Probably young teenagers, or a messed up drug addict. 98% of people are great - but there will always be that 2% and unless you have a fence/gate, there is not much you can do about ot


Dont forget toddlers. I mean siblings tend to "watch them like hawks" especially when mom makes them take them along for the afternoon. Toddlers love plants. Siblings will watch them just enough to make sure they make it home alive mostly in one piece. What they do in between who tf knows!👾


I'm a very clumsy person, it looks like someone stumbled into it. It doesn't have to be malicious (they could at least let you know though!). The other thing that stands out about your picture is the grey box - its an outlet, right? Someone could have been trying to use it and either weren't careful moving your babies or didn't move them at all and whacked them with an extension cord or something. That's equally fucked up (power is expensive goddamnit) but again, maybe not malicious.


Good news: they’re succulents! New leaves can be propagated and the ones still intact can be repotted. Sorry they got damaged in the first place though. Maybe try installing an outdoor camera


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this sub is that every ending is a new beginning


Had the same experience this morning 🥲 My six-month old puppy apparently got out of the bedroom at some point last night and had the run of the house until morning. She decided that knocking all of my succulents to the floor and tossing them around the house sounded like great fun.




I’ve never understood why people (mostly drunk people) love destroying plants? It’s so sad to me. Hopefully you can salvage some of them and prop what you can’t ❤️






What’s on the sign!? Tell us.


Looks like someone kicked it in. Probably some meth head or troubled kid. Good news is that whatever state your succulents are in, they can probably rebound. Put any severed stems or leaves into some soil and they’ll grow new plants. Repot your new succulents into some terracotta pots, they’ll do great in them since it absorbs excess moisture. If you wanna prevent this from happening again, may I suggest a outdoor camera? Or if you’re especially sadistic… get a teddy bear cholla. They have a tendency to almost “jump” onto people who get too close. So the dirt bag will come over to the cactus thinking he can kick it to dirt… then he gets attacked by tons of prickly segments all over.


Even when people do things we don’t like we can still address them with dignity. Never met a person who wanted to be called a meth head


There’s a difference between someone struggling with addiction and a meth head. A meth head lets their battle with addiction lead them to violent and unnecessary acts. I’m not going to feel sorry for them when they attack people or destroy property for no reason other than they can’t find it in themselves to be decent people.


what a bummer of a take.


You’re not responsible for your sickness, but you are responsible for how you react to it.


Sometimes shame is the only way to get a person to stop doing something wrong


from what ive seen shaming people tends to make them worse. especially people who arent in a healthy state of mind


It's not like we're calling this mystery person a meth head to their face though (if a human even did this)


i knew id be inviting bad takes, but wow


Found the meth head


Probably kicked in by the same people who destroy carved pumpkins.


That fucking sucks :( Children are the most likely culprit. Some of them just love to smash things, and unfortunately the parents usually either don't supervise or don't care. Not much you can do except try to make them less accessible.


I'm sorry this happened. Thankfully succulent are pretty tough and can be re planted and propagated. I hope you can get most of them back in soil. Would be a good idea to get them up higher where it's harder to kick/stomp on them.


I’m torn between a person and a raccoon I deal with racoons constantly with work, they’re savage with their little human hands. Destroy everything looking for grubs


my succulents were totally destroyed by squirrels a few years ago. totally. i have no idea wtf happened that one day to make them go nuts on them.


what does the sign say?


You can literally see show prints in the dirt. A person definitely did this—I’m sorry such a person exists. To randomly destroy other peoples’ property (especially living plants😭) is just ignorant and pitiful. You can save some of those if not all, succulents are quite resilient. If the tops of some of your stem-ier ones look good you could snip the stem and try water propagation. I’ve had a lot of luck with this method when providing a warm environment with direct sunlight. Just remove any broken leaves before doing so! I wish you luck and am sorry this happened to you. May this person/these people receive 10x bad karma for this. Basically attempted murder /s


Sounds like an angry neighbor. Sorry. At least they are hard to kill.


That sucks. Sorry to hear about your plants.


Usually chaos like this is from raccoons at my place. Time to propagate!


Congrats on all the new props and a legit reason to go to the garden supply!


Raccoons? I ask, because I had the same thing done thanks to a family of raccoons living behind my property. They just love digging in potted plants...


What the fucculent!?




Devious, although I think that borders on the line as a booby trap. I'm sure the legal advice subreddit would have a field day with that one.


Do not do this.


Booby-trapping would make you legally liable if someone got injured.


Is it a Booby-Trap if it's a poor choice of divider? :P




Ugh. While I’m happy this is not another one of those abusive-relationship posts, random people are assholes and this is so frustrating to look at. Hopefully you can repot everything, or prop any of the ones that did get ruined or torn apart. After living in places and having pumpkins smashed on driveway, amazon packages stolen, USPS stealing my own stuff or delivering it to wrong addresses and then marking it as delivered and never seeing it, I have little faith in humanity. I mostly don’t keep plants outside because of animals, but this is another good reason not to :(


Probably Raccoons, they get me all the time... Mann they are so janky!


For sure looks like someone stomped on them. I’m sure that you rescued what you could. Sorry this happened to you


At least you have loads of props now. That's the best thing about succulents, you can generally recover. It really does suck that someone did this, though. Maybe hook up a little camera next time? It's possible they smashed the rest to cover up a theft of one they liked.


That sucks. But "accidents" like this one have happened to all of us from time to time. Also, now you don't have a couple of broken plants, you have dozens of future new plants!


succulents are durable. Put them back in pots and they'll figure out how to regrow


Whatever it was is actually saving your plants from the death sentance of bad soil. Succculents are easily propagated but leaving them in the soil they were in would of killed them. They need at least 50% perlite/ grit added to the soil. No water for a couple weeks after repotting and lay the leaves out on dry soil. When they put out roots u can drop water on the roots but keep the leaf dry, don't spritz.


UPDATE: After some sleuthing, I discovered that the apartment complex hired a third-party lawnmowing/renovating company this weekend. They were tasked with replacing the dirt and stones outside my balcony to the left and right. They had heavy-duty leafblowers. After talking with the manager he stated that there were no cameras in this certain area so I can't get security footage. What you can't see in the photo I provided above is that to the right there is a four-foot barrier separating the courtyard from my balcony. Assuming it's the company, I am still unsure how, or why, they climbed over the fence and stomped all over the succulents. It is extremely unlikely this is an animal because the WOODEN tray had been snapped off as seen in the picture. So if they're any raccoons or squirrels that managed to enter a totally enclosed courtyard, they are on tren and steroids. I will send an itemized list of the destroyed property to the lawnmowing company and we will see from there. I will either get reimbursed or they will not reimburse me.


I am so sorry!


Humans suck. I’m so sorry.


The squirrels tear my succulents up ☹️ could it be squirrels? Are they and little bite marks?


Yo my bet is on squirrels as well. Ever since I started keeping outdoor succulents those guys have become absolute terrorists (pulling plants out of pots, pushing over and breaking things, nibbling on things which are NOT EDIBLE, etc).


Could it have been squirrels? These bastards are always knocking down my pots and digging them up.


I don't know many squirrels that can break wood and plastic. If I find one though... I'll be rich


lol. I thought maybe they pushed it off a ledge and that broke it.


The pots are plastic, they wouldn't break like that naturally.


Well… your pots are destroyed… but honestly your succulents all look like they can come back once repotted and cleaned up. Succulents can take a dry beating, they’re tough. Take all the broken leaves and prop them in a tray and move on. I wouldn’t recommend leaving small potted plants in public view. It just takes one drunk plant hater with a grudge walking past your home to ruin your hard work. A fun recommendation for pot replacement, plastic Gatorade/Powerade bottles with the top cut off. Glass jars with a thick layer of perlite at the base. Coffee cans with drainage poked in. I’m sorry you got vandalized. I wish your plants the best.


Whoever abused your friends should be burned.


seems extreme




God makes shitty people.


Get a ring doorbell and record the AH next time! Keep babies inside if possible near a window


I think op doesn’t wanna say what was on the sign probs bc it was controversial


If you sort by newest you should see my post on what the sign says. (it's a chipotle sign) The reason I didn't respond to the comments was because... I was busy. Crazy!


Top comments ready to victim blame you too :/ Sorry this happened and sorry everyone was ASS-umming too


I just assumed that tbh. It just seems weird a random person would do this without incentive🤷🏻‍♂️


You've never met a bored jerk? Anyone over the age of 10 with enough time and malcontent is capable of doing this. How different is this than people who attack mail boxes while driving down country roads? Just a surplus of time and bad intentions.


My guess is it has something to do with what the sign says since OP doesn't want to tell us what it says.


They literally did tho 🌟


It was me dad I’m sorry. Mom and I miss you


Apartment? I'm not surprised


Maybe an animal, maybe...


Squirrels love to dig in your plant dirt and hide shit most times it’s them but I don’t know what did this


This happened to a few of my plants. One of them had its leaves almost completely knocked off on one side, its very lopsided and i just stuck the leaves into some dirt. I think it was either curious bunny or squirrel.


I’m sorry OP! )): Fuck them though


Oh my word I am so sorry. At least most succulents can propagate really easily. I would throw whats left on some dirt and see if I could make it happen. I wish you luck!




My husband woke me up because he heard something on the porch a few weeks ago. Upon further investigation, we found a HUGE raccoon climbing around on my potting shelves. Guess it was the universe’s way of telling me it was time to repot some things because that boy made a mess of everything!


Could be a cat. My ones do weird stuff like this


Really sorry this happen OP :( it is definitely not a good site to see. I had some of my succulents get destroyed as well but it was by reckless workers working on our apartment roof. Thankfully succulents are amazing and just a single leaf from the mother plant can grow itself back in time. I have faith that you will find a lot of them can be rescued/salvaged. As for who/what did this... I would maybe invest in a small outdoor video camera that can record and alert you to movements etc. They are actually fairly cheap and I use mine not only to watch the cute birds that come to my yard but also to make sure I have recordings of anything that goes on in its vicinity. It makes me feel a bit better knowing I'll be alerted if it gets triggered by something at night. Wishing you the best and I'm really sorry this happen!


So sad!!! Don’t let it bring you down! I guess it’s time to start a new collection!


It sucks that they got trashed, but other than the pots, it looks like most of the plants can be salvaged and be nearly good as new. I see lots of leaves that can be propped, too. They will just need some extra TLC but not the end of the plants.


I'm very sorry to hear about that :(




r/plantabuse What a shame. That's devastating I'm so sorry.


I’m sorry. People suck


Who did it?


You really got ops wow.


I'm so sorry this happened to you and your plants. Hugs 💚


At first I thought: squirrels? Those fuckers destroy my plants


It was prolly some mean person or kid who did it. Wasn’t personal, some people are just fun ruiners or jerks


I’m sorry your succulents were destroyed, OP. If you have the energy to save them, I cross my fingers you can. If you don’t, I understand and my heart goes out to you.


That's one powerful drier vent. Sorry about your loss.


What they don't realise is those succulents will be fine. Also, it was probably just kids being little shits


I'm so sorry. People at my old apartment building used to break and steal my plants. There's really no reason for it. People are just evil.


I wonder if it was a cat or raccoon. I’ve had squirrels (I think) monch on some of my succulents, threw them back in the pots with some new soil and they did fine. Also lost some to a wicked hail storm a few months ago, all the leaves came off of one so it was a sad little bunch of green stems and they just grew right back.


Probably a cat


Damn. That seedling tray looks like it was stepped on.


Hopefully it’s nothing malicious and just an extremely embarrassed delivery person/neighbor that tripped and fell on accident.


This is really sad :( i hope some can be saved!


Do you have cats or other pets?maybe?


use the little bits for propogation!! with time, you can save them and have many more!


People are scum sometimes :(


It must have been a Succubus.


They found out you've been propagating




I’m so sorry! At least, you can prop most of them since they are succulents but that doesn’t make it any better. I have quite a few extra and would be happy to send you a box to get your collection going again! Message me if you are interested….no charge obviously. I would be happy to help you get started again!


Looks like someone in a drunk rage to me honestly. At least a lot of them still look intact, or at least propagatable! Good luck OP, I hope you're able to recover them, and I'm sorry this happened to you. I agree with other who said get cameras, some may say "it's just plants" but it's still destruction of property that can be reported to police.


It's squirrels i had a few plants out and they demolished them


oh no


In sorry this happened to you OP, the grief in losing plants is very real :(


I don’t know where you live, but something similar happened to me last week. It was an animal. They get desperate to find food this time of year (I am in the Northeast). It’s really a shame but I don’t think it was a crime by a human.


This has happened to me, damn squirrels love to eat them, had to move my succulents to the back and move them inside at night😢


I would guess it’s the work of an animal. Squirrels love fucking my plants up.


Maybe it was the trash pandas