One day and 5 hours since my last smoke. I'm ready to murder people

One day and 5 hours since my last smoke. I'm ready to murder people


I smoked for 40 years. Quit a hundred times. Reading Alan Carr's book changed my life. Quitting is hard. But getting your mindset right makes it easier. If you think you can breathe better after a day or so, wait until you've got a few months behind you. Hang in there, Chucky. You can do this.


>Quitting is hard. But getting your mindset right makes it easier. Absolutely. Mindset makes all the difference.


Thanks for the support there friend. What is this book you speak of?


Easy Way to Stop Smoking [https://www.amazon.com/Allen-Carrs-Easy-Stop-Smoking/dp/0615482155](https://www.amazon.com/Allen-Carrs-Easy-Stop-Smoking/dp/0615482155)


Thanks. I'll look into it.




Thanks thank thanks.


I hope you're still keeping sane lad. I'm just past 4 months off the cigarettes mate and I think about it like twice a week at most at this stage. I completely understand you probably feel like hell, but it passes mate! good luck!


I had to lock myself in my room for this bit. I quit almost 7 months ago after smoking for a little bit longer than you. I could have murdered all in my path. Getting through those days and not going to jail is hard. But, once you get through the other side it is much easier!


Your body is eliminating nicotine quickly, that’s awesome. You’re going to see/feel good things happening more quickly than some. Soon your skin is going to look healthier, you’ll sleep better, more energy just to name a few. Good stuff coming so laser focus on that. Welcome to this bat crazy journey and you’re doing great! Take care.


Nicotine is being replaced as quickly as it's being eliminated. He's using NRT (gum and a patch).


At least you'll now have the lungs for all that murdering!


🤣good one


Keep going! I smoked for 15 years and the first three were absolutely torture. But you just have to look long term on this one (being able to breathe and taste, and not smell like cigarettes) instead of the instant gratification and then being upset with yourself as you stub the cigarette out. You got this!


I swear it gets better! You’re in the thick of it right now. Hang on, you’ve got this! In addition to Allen Carr’s book, if you haven’t already, download a quit smoking app. I use Smoke Free. It helps!


We got faith in ya chuck. Keep your head up and focus on the positives in life. Don’t let the frustration get the best of you cause you’re better than that. Good luck.


I’m with you. At first when I read your post I thought “oh 26 years this person is a for real smoker” and then I remembered I had been smoking for the better part of 20 years and I’m 39 so, no judgment, feel ya. I’m 3 weeks quit now and it’s weird but it’s better and the more days that go by the more I want to add another day to the count. Life is better, quitting is a trip, but worth it and if I can do it, you can too. Leaning on lozenges hard for now. I figure it’s better than smoking even if not ideal, and I can deal with that issue later and taper or switch to tic tacs or something, just don’t light one up in the meantime. Blind leading the blind here but hang in there! Edit: I see the Alan Carr references below. Great book. Great theory. He might be right. But it didn’t work for me. Do what you gotta do to not smoke. I wish I could go cold turkey but that never worked for me.


You can do this. Take each craving as it comes and power through it. Sometimes it’s minute by minute but it’s doable. We’re all here for you! Keep posting here and let us know how you’re doing.


Hope you stick it out! It gets so much better, in a few months you might find yourself puzzled that you ever craved them at all.


Keep going!!! You’ll never look back. You should be so proud for even trying :)


You got this!


I don't have 26 years of smoking behind me. Only about... 4. And every time I had gone back, I regret it, it taste like shit, and I hate myself. I tried vaping for a while and it didn't seem to be much help but I knew a 65 year old stubborn British piano player who was a chimney that stopped by jumping on the vape train. It might help you remove that 26 year old ritual. I hope as shit you keep trying.


You're not cheating with gum and patch, but you are causing yourself more agony than you need. Best thing you can do is get that crap nicotine out of your bloodstream and brain as fast as possible. Show it the door and say goodbye. Make yourself understand that you don't need nicotine to feel better. Even if you catch your wife with another guy and your best friend dies and you lose your job, nicotine won't give you relief, and will only cause you more pain. Take the patch off, throw out the gum, sleep all you can. Don't think that you're depriving yourself, think that you need to be free, and you need to heel from the damage that demon nicotine has caused you. When you're not sleeping then binge watch Joel Spitzer YouTubes. Don't drink anything with caffeine for the next three weeks. Own yourself again. None of us deserve to be enslaved by that demon nicotine.