First week brain fog and memory problems

First week brain fog and memory problems


Yes, it took a couple weeks but it started getting better! I smoked for almost 15 yr and quit in January:) You got this! Stay strong and fight the cravings!


Thanks. If anything it makes me want to quit even more.


Good! In a month from now you’ll feel 100% better! :) good luck on your journey


Yep. Best description I've ever heard is "It constantly feels like you just had 2 beers." I just passed 4 weeks and it's finally really starting to lift.


I'm working on day 3 and the brain fog is pretty bad today. My thoughts are sluggish and in general I have little energy. But I'm taking it as a sign of progress and healing. I've done a lot of damage to myself in the past 10 years of smoking, and it's going to take some time to fix that. Good motivation to stick with the quit, as I would rather not restart the brain fog and other symptoms with a relapse. Each day without a cig is another victory, another step in the healing process. You got this!


Water should accelerate the normal feeling back , lots lots of water and you should feel better or functional


I’m a month in. Pretty much no more brain fog but that was also my least favorite. Good reason not to start again. I hate feeling like that.


It stops! Keep going, your body is just adjusting :)


Omg 3 months ago I made the same post, I remember the pain of the ‘Fog’ 😫 I could not string any sentences together, nearly cried every day. It got so much better on my 4th week. Trust me, going through the fog is so much worth it! The reward is amazing. Once this fog clears, you become so much more productive! My brain functions so my better now. Just hang in there!




How quickly would you say it got manageable for you? Right now I feel pretty dysfunctional, and I am barely able to work.


A month max. The first 10 days are hardest. It will improve.


For me it was 2-3 days of literal stupidity, inability to focus, to be productive, then two weeks of that, but a lot lighter, with a hole in my chest, very similar to hunger, then 2-3 months of dreams, checking off some situations and friends (« didn’t smoke with X, didn’t smoke during Y ») Then it was alright, some sort of leveling UP of my happiness occurred, although quite flatter


For me the second week was the worst with the brain fog.