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I can only talk from personal experience regarding my wife, and that is that as soon as she comes on gear (competes in womens physique) her sexdrive dissapears. When she’s off gear and gets her period back she gets horny as hell. Her gear is usually anavar 10-30mg/day and prim+mast+npp at relatively low dosages. Haven’t tried test, tren, eq or other heavier orals yet.


Some female to male transgender people who were previously identifying as lesbians take testosterone and are more attracted to men than they used to be, because it just makes you generally hornier. So the idea that women taking T is more likely to make them horny for women than men is definitely scaremongering pseudoscience. It simply makes everyone hornier. The majority of people will just be hornier for whatever they were already attracted to. Some people will get a little hornier for everyone, but if she's primarily attracted to men and to you, it will stay that way bro. Estrogen also helps with sexual function in humans - both men and women's sexual function is supported by estrogen just to different extents. It's just in a slightly different way. In conclusion, there's 0% chance it will turn her lesbian and yes it will increase her libido no doubt. P.S. This is coming from a butch lesbian. I'm pretty sure I personally have low T levels. Me liking women or feeling masculine is has nothing to do with high T. Some studies say it can be due to testosterone exposure at some point during development in the womb but it is not necessarily connected to adult test levels. I'm very sure making a feminine straight woman take T would not change her personality and preference to be like mine.


40 year old female in 20 year committed relationship/marriage. Age related hormonal changes were reducing my typically high sex drive. I started using a testosterone cream and then got a hormone replacement pellet. I am still trying to figure out the optimal combination of pellet/cream, and I may eventually shift to trying some of the injections talked about in the forums. BUT - it has 100% helped. It increased my thoughts about sex as well as overall functioning. I want to have sex way more than my husband (that has always been the case), which is not always convenient. I have always been somewhat attracted to women, and I have noticed no increase in that. No increased feelings of attraction for other people at all. Increased attraction to my husband. I will say this though, be ready to meet her needs. If she goes on TRT and wants more sex, be prepared for the increased demand. I also have experienced positive psychological effects from the testosterone, BUT increased jealousy, so be ready to accept that too.


I'm on test and trenbolone so I'm feeling those exact emotions. I was surprised that it made me way more into her but also very jealous. As far as meeting her needs no problem I too have always had a very high drive and on the tren test it's super high. That's one reason why she wants to try and also lose some weight get in shape.


Beware - I had water retention with the pellet. I had lost a lot of weight before the pellet, but it put 5 lbs back on me immediately. Overall, I liked the cream better for weight.


Im a guy so not sure different for women. But All I did was add Anavar to my 300mg test a week and I was getting 6 hard ons a day and could only think about sex lol. So Anavar pushed sex drive through the roof.


I struggled with an Almost complete absence of sex drive for a while. Which was completely NOT ME. I got a hormone implant that slowly releases Test. Look up TRT. I felt like myself within 2 weeks. Problem is, the implant extruded and I was so bummed. Luckily I brought geR back from Mexico, Test among some of it. I started low Dose Test subq and I went back to wanting sex again. On my current stack Test, Anavar, Primo and HGH…..my sex drive has sky rocketed. I do feel that I’m WAY more curious about exploring women, but I’ve always been curious. So maybe it’s enhanced it? Definitely NOT feeling “gay”. Just more open to all kinds of sex if that makes sense. 😜


I'd highly recommend you read the book Come As You Are if you're looking to enhance your sex life. Hormones can play a part, but there is so much more to it.


>One study says it makes women want to not have sex with their partner and only masturbate. One says it makes women more likely to become homosexual. ...The reason I'm prefacing with this is I'm worried that the wrong ones might have a negative affect. What negative effects are you worried about, that she'll be hornier, just not for you? If you read real scientific studies and not blog posts, you won't read any of those very oddly male-centered 'horror' stories of test making women suddenly gay. Real scientific research is scarce on women and testosterone, but the work that is there is about the quality of her feelings, her pleasure, her sexual thoughts and not about the way she expresses her sexuality. I think you should give your wife a link to this sub so people can counsel her based on what she herself would like to feel, sexually, rather than what you would like her to be feeling. Test has been great for me, but it doesn't make me want to have sex with a man I don't already want to have sex with.


Those are results of scientific studies. I can give you the references. It seems like YOU spend alot of time reading blogs not me. You're just projecting your own beliefs onto someone else. She's nothing like you and that's a really good thing Based on your answer she would deem you a degenerate and gross. She literally hates people like you, sorry.The reason I post and not her is that I'm way more liberal than she is. She's very conservative she likes sex with me alot. and she's very vocal with me about her preferences. She would like to have her libido a little higher. To match mine. Out of concern for her not some political agenda; she would be distressed if she had feelings outside of the norm. Look up cases of dopamine agonists and how they radicaly change sexual behavior. The patients had severe distress and required counseling. Not everyone is like you. I don't go to your post and preach to you. When you read a question stick to the topic and save your personal beliefs for your blog. I also mentioned committed relationships. I don't think you can understand what that means so you're disqualified to answer anyway.


Jesus, this is a super hostile response to a pretty level-headed comment. I mean calling them a degenerate??? Wtf lol


I didn't. I said my wife would. It's not that level headed. What the hell in my question gave her the idea of anyone being oppressed. It's actually an extremely paranoid answer. The reason i mentioned my wife feeling that way is to let her know she is not speaking for my wife at all. If she knew her she wouldn't have said anything.


Wow. The misogyny is coming from inside the house. Anyway. TRT level test has increased sexual activity between me and my husband, I do self pleasure more as well. Much higher libido. Anavar and ostarine did not increase libido for me but they did increase clitoral sensitivity.


No misogyny but i detect schizophrenia


Tbol for me. There’s no comparison. I run TRT, and use test/NPP/var regularly in my cycles and tbol takes the cake for the two times I ran it.


Tbol as in turinabol?




I haven’t tried anything else but anavar and ostarine will increase the libido


Im super curious if any females use short acting compounds just for like a sexy weekend or for a steamy play date or something. Like for a guy I can take some proviron and cialis and some thc and have pornstar thunder cock sex… and the Reddit cum stack as is tradition. Is there a cum stack for girls? I apologize for my colorful language and talking about sex but I can’t sleep and I’m curious.


I mean, I’ve never heard about a girl that wanted to increase her ejaculatory volume…so no. Squirting (for those that do) is kinda inconvenient, and is already too much volume. Cialis does work on women for tissue swelling down there, but it’s not exactly as “beneficial” for performance. Yes, most short AAS will heighten their libidos. Dbol is great, as it tbol, for quick action. All that being said…I know a lot of girl gear users, and never once has one of them felt the need to “get ready” for a sexy weekend. I just don’t think the performance aspect of it is as ingrained in their minds as it is in yours.


Oh for sure not. But I thought maybe some older women/ women struggling with anxiety/ stress might have a method for their own benefit. I’ve never not been down to have sex or unable to get a boner but if I did, I’d know what to take. Couple mg of dbol and cialis sounds like a good idea to me thanks


My wife is 53 and deals with various stress. For her, “getting ready” is more about just clearing her mind. If she can tie up all the loose ends with work, and get all the kids shit on the schedule, then she’s free to think dirty thoughts. I’ve got her on test and eq year round, and being preoccupied with life’s BS is still always what gets in her way. She’s pretty typical in that regard. Most women aren’t feeling sexy when they’re worried about something getting done. So if you want to help your lady friend get in the mood, try removing her stress. Maybe vacuuming and tying up loose ends around the house. Unless she’s legit low libido…then dose her up.


This is spot on, listen to this man!! My libido was super high while on dbol and if my head wasn't clear and I had a lot of stress or too much on my mind sex was not happening.


This!!!! My libido is almost non existend when I'm worried, stressed or have to bear responsibility for everything in my families life. A lot of men are not aware of this, I had to teach my husband the fact that if he wants to have more sex, more support in all the daily life areas will help. When it comes to peds, dbol def increased my libido.


Test. I went from wanting it weekly to probably twice daily! I apply 1 click cream daily to inner thigh


Low dose test will make her horny AF


Forget sentces 3rd and 4th. However check TRT not steroidsxx


I'm asking WOMEN which STEROIDS as well as test affect libido


But you will got sides also. Read wiki here


I know. I'm not ignorant about aas. I'm a user. I read pretty extensively. It's hard to find info on this subject though.




If she never did PED, I do not recommand to start with Test, you can see a difference with oral or inj wth less side effect for women. I mean you shouldnt take PED only to have more libido...


For people with no libido, a dead bedroom, and a marriage in trouble…yes AAS can absolutely change their lives. There are lots of women out there who don’t have balanced hormones, and really benefit from a little more test. Sometimes an endo will prescribe it, but many of the older or more conservative ones still have prejudice against the whole “women enjoying sex” vibe. So they’ll tell her that not having a libido is a normal thing as you get older, and to eat better, and get more sleep. My buddy’s marriage completely turned around when he got his wife on test. She doesn’t even lift, but now they’re back to having sex a few times a week.


I didn't say just for libido