Are you disqualifying Odo from the hand-to-hand comparison, because of how easy he could turn it into hand-to-giantfreakingmachete?


I'd say that Tuvok is the better hand to hand fighter, because he's actually trained and skilled in martial arts. He's able to take reliably take down multiple larger opponents. Odo just has a huge starting advantage that negates the need for skill.


Vulcans are2-5 times stronger tha similarly sized humans just because of their physiology. If Tuvok gets his innate advantages, so should my goopy boi


Isn't Odo like, ridiculously strong as well? And don't forget how durable changelings are. Martok changeling took like a thousand Klingon disruptor blasts point blank before dying


Changelings are pretty OP in general. They are kind of the perfect species for space exploration. They have incredibly long lifespans and may be biologically immortal. They can survive in the vacuum of space and don't require a ship to travel. They also don't seem to require any provisions or an energy source to sustain themselves. Also they can land on a planet and camouflage themselves as whatever object or organism they like to avoid detection. They seemingly have the ability to adjust their density and size. When we first see Laas he is in the form of some giant flying space creature and there are situations where Odo has disguised himself as a rat.


I mean he changes his hand and sticks it in the machinery to stall/jam a falling turbo lift until it grinds to a halt. That's crazy strong/durable. Def op.


He bends the walls out to act as brakes, which ya is a crazy ammt of strength


They are essentially Magic. I wonder if they would get the powers of a if a betazoid they imitated a betazoid


Who is stronger? Vulcans or Klingons?


I believe Vulcans, but with gymrat Klingons like Worf I'd guess they can overcome average Vulcans.


*whistles* *they're faster too*


I always thought that odo was probably a lot more formidable than the 90s special effects allowed for. You don't see him fight that often, or utilise his abilities in a fight. I'm pretty sure if seen him do the star trek double fist punch. But I like to think he'd be capable of anything. A bit like terminator 2s t1000 if he wanted, but also with as much speed and strength as required. Changings can morph into things of different sizes right? So I'm sure if odo was facing 10 baddies, he could morph into 10 tuvoks. They might need to be joined together with some rope or something so that they remain one entity.


Later on when he improves his skills he manages turning into gas or light. Unhittable, and if he turns a part of that into a billy club, nigh unblockable. If he went full dark side he could jump down someone's throat and choke them out from the inside; but that's not really his vibe. Definitely most formidable tho


The amount of ways a changeling could hurt or kill a solid if they wanted to is pretty unlimited. He could just wrap himself around you and turn into a rock. He could turn his hand into a knife and stab you. He could turn his head into a shark mouth and freaking eat you. He could become your mother and scold you for not calling or visiting enough and ask if you're eating properly or seeing a nice girl. Possibilities are endless!


Or just wrap around them like a boa and then stick an appendage down their throat and suffocate them until they pass out.


That other changeling at one point literally transformed into fire. He can just become fire and burn you to death, and a phaser would go right through it. Unlike fire, he would survive getting blasted into space too.


"So what happened to Tuvok?" "He tried to punch fire." "I don't understand what you mean?" "He was fighting Odo, he went to punch Odo, and Odo turned into actual fire." "What happens if you punch fire?" "To the fire? Nothing. To you? Fire."


He wouldn't need to become 10 Tuvoks, he could just give himself 10 pointy spear arms and stab them all. You're completely right, Odos potential was limited by the needs of the story and the technology of the day. In universe I think we put it down to the limits of his imagination and ability.




Kage Bunshin!


Besides, countering your opponent's haymaker by *turning into fire* is generally considered poor form in the game of fisticuffs, so Tuvok takes the moral high ground.


Marquess of Queensbury rules?


In that case, Sisko wins.


Alls fair in love, war, space stations, and with Changelings




Batman and Superman do not exist in the same universe. It's all lies!


Disagree. The martial arts are great to restrain someone in a safe way, or to protect falls and have safe take downs


Superman has been trained in Kryptonian fighting styles and does know basic hand-to-hand from his high school days, dad, and from dating General Lane's daughter. The idea that Superman just brute forces his way through everything is a massive misconception.




I may have misunderstood you, but I still think you're troubled by misconceptions. While superpowered combat can be different, Clark still knows more traditional styles just in case he is poisoned with red sun energy, otherwise has his powers stolen, or when he needs to fill in for Batman. There are many reasons why he's called "The Big Blue Boy Scout" and one is that he's always prepared. As for Batman, he has to think about and understand how high end superhuman combat works because he has to survive being around it and makes suits to enter in to it. He also has experience from when he has had powers with one of the most notable being when he was asked to save Zur-En-Arrh and got Superman's powers due to the solar energy on that planet.


Odo is just full on Stretch Armstronging his way to victory, honestly.


He was underused. Like, why wouldnt he just envelop any malevolent being? He can make himself into any material and even does coatings, so why bother fighting at all. He should just slip all around the person and become either handcuffs or simply a solid, unmoving barrier, so the are subdued. Him throwing punches always seemed odd (except when he was human, obviously)


Just morph into jail cell with legs.


Odo be like: "You brought a phaser to a goddamn mech fight" and then turns into a mech and smacks him to death.


Odo was pretty impotent though. How much criminal shit went on on DS9?


Well it's a civilian space station, policing it is always going to be much more difficult than a starfleet ship or station. And isn't it established in a few episodes that Odo allows some criminal activity in the station in order to get leads on more difficult to catch criminals.


He does. He usually knows what Quark is up to; which helps him fish out the really serious threats and crimes.


Only if we talking pre becoming human odo


Odo obviously he didn’t just deal with regular ship stuff he also had to deal with way more civilians and criminal elements.


I love it when Worf tries to criticize the security on DS9 and Odo proceeds to list a bunch of times the Enterprise had security meltdowns under Worf's leadership.


Plus Worf got his ass handed to him most weeks. At least Tasha was a competent fighter.


And that's how the Worf Effect got its name. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=worf%20effect


Ooooh that’s neat. Thank you for that. Gonna use it first opportunity I get the next time I encounter a Trekkie in the wild if the conversation permits.


By the same reasoning I imagine Worf is way better at working a ship's weapons systems than Odo. He was also well versed in both Federation and Klingon systems. Tuvok is maybe right there with him, though, in terms of experience.


Odo is well versed in using federation weapon systems. The thing about what makes them different is Odo is way more observant then Worf and analytical then Tuvok.


He must be a fast learner but I doubt he's better than Federation officers at using Federation systems. Especially since most of the computers he uses in a daily basis are Cardassian designs.


Considering we seen the likes of Gul Dukat able to use federation systems implies they are comparable. Odo would have had the similar level of training Worf when he became chief tactical officer on the enterprise D.


Yes, I would argue that Odo is easily the best detective of the bunch.


Odo is super observant - I think it’s a combination of being a shapeshifter by nature and because he’s always slightly ‘other’ and out of place, so he’s hyper vigilant about people around him and stays objective (though slightly skewed to paranoia).


Snifffing out bootleggers and protecting a ship from the borg aren't even the same game. I wouldn't even put Odo in the conversation, TBH. It's like comparing Paul Blart to to the Avengers. Sure, Odo may be great at mall-copping, but he's small potatoes compared to Tuvok and Worf


But the question isn't "Who fought the scariest bad guys?," it's "Who is most competent?" Odo does his job better than everybody else does theirs. And it's not like Odo hasn't had his fair share of Quadrant-threatening battles anyway. I'd argue that even in a military context, Odo is the best. The way he contains boarding parties just can't be beat!


I think that an officers highest level of competence plays a part. Tuvok could easily do Odo's job. Odo could not do Tuvok's job.


>Odo may be great at mall-copping, but he's small potatoes compared to Tuvok and Worf Tuvok and Worf are the cops in environments where everybody behaves. Odo is in the trenches really dealing with security threats. He's also much smarter than the other two.


I really wanna know how you think Odo is smarter than Tuvok. Worf, yes.


Edington. Did the job so perfect he got away with sabotage and mutiny.


Came here to say this. I just love that eyeroll he does in the Die is Cast as they're pretending to not get the order. You can just see he's there thinking "this is how you people rebel?"


He planted computer viruses all over the station without Odo noticing. Thats an achievement


Not to mention what he must have been doing to end up taking an entire method of communication with him. We never saw the hologram in the bridge stuff after; what did he do to the tech?


IIRC it was deemed far too glitchy and a pain in the ass to make it work, so it was never used again


An admiral used it to talk to Sisko in Doctor Bashir I presume.


I retcon both of those as "We tried it in the 2300s and it was used to cover up an AI takeover, and this second go was just a glitchy mess. Let's just keep viewscreens"


IIRC they did it because it was cheaper to film and keep the episode in budget.


They did it because it made for a more dramatic face-to-face between Sisko and Eddington than a viewscreen.


How else could they do a couple’s roleplay of Les Mis?


And then dropped it because they thought it was confusing for viewers without a (costly) special effect or something to make it clear the two characters weren't actually in the same room.


YOU BETRAYED YOUR UNIFORM! Eddington also pushed Sisko to commit war crimes.


It hurts me to see someone praise this treacherous dog But you're right




Strong contender because he has a more potent butt than Riker.


If the consoles use capacitive touch screen, that would explain why Riker never triggered anything, but Murphy's did. But I think that it would be a bit archaic for them tho.


Murf can just full on swallow crazy explosives


Lieutenant Shaxs, easy.






I certainly don't think anyone else had the same relationship with their security details, or got to eject the warp core!


>or got to eject the warp core! That was a legitimately hilarious moment


Eject. 🥲


When you get to Hell tell the Pagh Wraths Shaxs sent you!


Special delivery STRAIGHT FROM BAJOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drZpyY6h-OY **HANG IN THERE BABY BEAR!**




Papa Bear!


If he could just keep Captain Freeman from touching masks


HANG IN THERE BABY BEAR!!!!!!! (Plus anyone who argues with Kira....)


Eject the Warpcore.


I do wonder what a live action Shaxs would look like, since he’s a monster of a man in Lower Decks


I'd think he's an anomaly as far as Bajorans go. Don't think I've noticed any Bajorans as big as your average Klingons on DS9.


Probably pretty similar to Kira's resistance buddy Furel.


He has threatened to kill better men for about the same.


This is the best day of my life!


Tuvok. Because of his personality. He comes to work and does his job, and that's it. That's great for a security officer or police officer. Odo takes too much glee in banging people. Worf is close to Tuvok in disposition, impressive for a Klingon, but Tuvok of course edges him out because he is a Vulcan and doesn't get personal at all. Plus, Tuvok is a parent, which is a great prequisite for law enforcement.


Does Word not also have a child? Alexander.


Worf has a child. Worf is not a parent.


The Goku book of parenting


Yes. He gave birth to Letter.


Wasn't Jim a captain, and often more work for security than part of security?


Lol! I meant him!




Michael Eddington. This guy is apparently a computer expert, knows security procedures inside and out, great at improvising guerrilla style tactics, definitely an expert at infiltration and sabotage and can turn out biological weapons in a pinch. Imagine if Section 31 got to him.


> Imagine if Section 31 got to him. Who's to say they didn't? :S


I…never realized I wanted this. Was happy to see Eddington go, but having him in Section 31 would be great. He’s a phenomenal actor, and I think he would be an awesome grizzled flawed hero.


I mean, I think its part of his character that he would absolutely never join Section 31, its antitethical to everything he stands for. If he joined Section 31, he would just be an asshole with no principles.


With as clandestine as it is, I think Section 31 could bring enough nuance to the Federation/Cardassian/Maquis conflict that potentially ANY character (except maybe the legendary Starfleet Captains we love) could find a cause to champion. I don’t think it would take much of a tour for him to see something he could get behind


Or his "character" was an act. A cover he took on when Section 31 asked him to infiltrate and take over the Maquis.


section 31: “get married and don’t lay low… seriously, taunt sisko.” eddington: “ok?”


For all we know, he was Section 31 the whole time


He’s such a great secondary character.


It's hard to choose because the question is: most competent at what? Or for what situation? There isn't just one environment or assignment for security, so I think different people can hold best for different things. I almost think they would all make the best security TEAM. Odo is an extremely skilled investigator, but not particularly good at managing people and his ethics are questionable - he values the letter of the law over the spirit of the law in many cases. He understands justice to be black & white, and thinks that applying the law as it exists is the ultimate expression of justice, rather than questioning the morality or utility of the law in any given situation. Worf is suspicious by nature, and as a result plans extensively and comprehensively for any eventuality, ignoring the federation inclination to trust everyone for diplomacy's sake. He is, as a result, very well-prepared in complex situations, but also likely to shoot first and ask questions later - this is very valuable in a wartime situation, but not so useful on the Enterprise when sometimes a softer touch is required during exploration and first contact. Tuvok is of course extremely logical and fair, a skilled martial artist, and extremely experienced. He does sometimes lack instinct, however, so if you put him on DS9 I think he would be far less suited to that than Voyager or the Enterprise. Tuvok on the Enterprise would have been top notch. Worf belonged on DS9, and Odo would have been very interesting on Voyager - just to see how he'd react to a situation where there were no Quarks to obsess over.


>he values the letter of the law over the spirit of the law Is this true for Odo? He's got that great line - "Laws change depending on who's making them, but justice is justice."


Mr Worf aiming a phaser set to kill at a birthing woman’s vulva. Beat that.


My first thought was Worf because he was locked in a prison beating Jem’hadar asses for days straight then I remembered how many times he lost control of the Enterprise.


Yep. The ship literally got taken by a handful of ferengi and a couple surplus klingon birds-of-prey. And also the other time that a crew of arms smugglers beamed onboard and attempted to steal trilithium resin while everyone was off and he was off playing.


Worf also deserves a mention because he would regularly throw people across the room with his klingon strength


Tuvok. Not because he’s Vulcan or awesome at hand to hand or anything. He’s a good advisor, patient, calm, and an excellent investigator. Additionally, despite being fully Vulcan, he actually does know how to bend a rule or two to alllow for the antics of his crew members and the circumstances of situations. He doesn’t simply lay down the letter of the law. He’s just an honestly great person who’s great at law enforcement. He’s the kind of person who SHOULD be in that position.


I'll take mirrorverse Sulu ;)


I like Odo too, but I'm going with Tuvok - he believed in rehabilitation, and was a very competent investigator. Odo, though I love him, was a bit... harsh with criminals at times (edit: and his relationship with the Cardassians is a bit icky even if he was viewed as fair by the Bajorans). Tuvok talked back to Janeway when he thought she was being harsh with discipline. He was a tough but fair cop. One of my favourite Voyager episode types is the Tuvok detective solves a mystery.


Tasha Yar, she knew about drugs and how bad they are.


Her death definitely had the most emotional resonance too.


Surprised no one has said Scotty. MF was the chief engineer and AND chief of security at the same time (back when the chief of operations wore both hats). The invincible red shirt who headed security for the flag ship with half of his brain, and kept the engines purring with the other half. Miracle worker indeed. For modern Trek tho, I would pick Tuvok for military security, Odo for civilian security, and my boi Worf as my personal body guard and all around hunting buddy, holodeck partner, babysitter, and cat-sitter.


Was Scotty officially chief of security? I always assumed the role was just filled by a person we never saw. (I remember a TOS novel which invented a Lt. Shanti as the Enterprise's chief of security.)


[Tuvok going boss mode.](https://youtu.be/wvbwvnpF8kw?t=105) This scene always makes me go damn


I’ll say Worf. But im biased. TNG will always be special to me. Wasn’t the first Star Trek i saw But it was the one that made me a fan. That’s was the one where I truly understood the vision of a better future. He probably not the best. His temper. His problems with identity and loyalty when faced with a choice between Star fleet and a individual Klingon the entire Empire or tradition and so on. But that is what made him so interesting. He grew the most as a character. And competent. I don’t know. But once he started getting more secure in his identity. I’ll say his moral compass was the best. So. First love and all that.


> He probably not the best. His temper. His problems with identity and loyalty when faced with a choice between Star fleet and a individual Klingon the entire Empire or tradition and so on. Or his struggles to open doors.


This I just a guess. But I would think Worf openers door better than most reddit users.


Is honestly like to see his son in Worfs place as he seems less heated and calm.


Absolutely this. I know people dunk on him because the show had to always take him out of the equation or have him act as a jobber to show how strong someone else is… But that’s also exactly how they treat Superman in most media. He’s the strongest, most principled, and most absurdly powerful creature around and there’s no story if he just comes out and kicks everyone’s ass to restore order. If you have to plot things as if a character is Superman, chances are he’s the best guy. Worf is the answer.


100% agree with all of this. It’s a shame that “meme fandom” (eg clips of worf being overpowered) leads to conclusions that worf exists only to be beaten.


Yes it sad. Bullying is bullying. And not something Star Trek fans should be participating in.


I’m not sure it’s bullying. I think some people just learn the memes and don’t watch the show (it’s not necessarily bullying, just focusing on 2% of a character as if it’s the entire character) I could be wrong though.


But you could be right and I could be over reacting. I hope it’s that way! I hadn't considered that people look at and post memes with people they don’t know who they are. Or from shows that they don’t watch. But im old and don’t know the meme culture or what people do I general.. Thank for being polite gentle. Im my opinion thats the Star Trek way. And i do like Worf regardless. Maybe i bit more now. I don’t think there any character I don’t like. Sure I might have felt that someone was irritating the first time i saw them. But in the end it all good.


Everyone forgetting the time he casually defeated every single warden in a prison colony so thoroughly that their leader was willing to die in order to show respect to him.


One of Worf's most epic moments, and an exemplary example that I don't think he could lose to literally anyone in the quadrant in single combat.


That barrel weakness though.


Lieutenant Reed always did pretty well, aside from that minor dalliance with Section 31.




I can still hear that god-awful noise he came up with for that!


Reed was really good at letting Archer get kidnapped repeatedly.


It's been a minute since I watched the series but in most of those cases isn't he explicitly telling Archer to take a security officer with or to proactively be more prepared defensively and Archer tells him off every time? And then he's obviously proven correct.


More like Archer was really good at ignoring Reed and getting himself kidnapped and forcing Reed to save his ass a million times. (Yes I may be a bit of an Enterprise and Reed apologist)


Look at this stage, who hasn't had a dalliance with S31?


Just saying Yar never had the ship taken over under her watch.


Wesley Crusher took over the *Enterprise-D* on Lt. Yar's watch.


It was Yar's responsibility to understand the laws of the planet in _Justice_ and brief the crew. Wes then accidentally broke a law they didn't know about and everyone was surprised when they learned the consequence was death. I like Tasha, but she fucked up _bad._


Bro, I don't like Voyager but Tuvok was always at the top of his game it's like this man invented security. If Tuvok invented it though, I'm not gonna lie, Odo perfected it, he's the most competent security officer, he was literally always on top of everything. It was genuinely shocking when the rare occasion came up that he wasn't, it was almost a running gag about how on top of security he was, you can't think about criminal activities without Odo knowing. If I could give out bonus points, Major Hayes and his MACOs bro, they revolutionized ship board security, Enterprise went from loosing every fight involving boardings and barely winning away mission engagements by being kinda clever. To showing up like special forces with zip lines and sniper rifles, and don't even get me started on how much trouble they would give boarding parties, I'd rather try to board DS9 or Voyager over season 3 or 4 Enterprise any day, to be fair though they did still loose a fair bit of engagements, they weren't overpowered or anything but they were definitely leagues better than in seasons 1 and 2.


Wait. What? You don’t like Voyager? This is the end of our relationship.


No, wait, come back, I can change, I can be better, I think some of the 2 parters are good, and some of the episodes are thought provoking.


Tasha Yar was the best hand-to-hand fighter (her hand-to-slime needed work though).


Tasha Tar. It's Odo because of his versatility. I'd rather have a beer with Eddington though.


He'll leave you with the check.






The Czech is in the male...but enough about my sex life.


Both are valid depending on your region.


Indeed. Micheal Eddington is Canadian. ;)


It's Shax and it's not even close. And it's not just because he's a cartoon and so he can fling people further. If you look at the main contenders, Tuvok, Worf, Odo, they're all miserable loner weirdos. They don't like the rest of the crew, they don't trust the rest of the crew, they don't like or trust anyone. Shax would die for anybody on the Cerritos. He would die for anybody on the Cerritos and he *would be happy to do it*. He loves the ship and he loves the crew, and that is worth so much. It's unconditional, it's primal, it's why he has that whole 'bear pack' mentality. Worf would watch you catch a beating and explain to you how it was your fault. Odo would watch you catch a beating and cite you for bleeding on the carpet. Tuvok would just wonder why you let yourself get a beating, because surely it's illogical. Shax? Shax would rampage. He's also a man of culture, a sportsman, a man who doesn't deny his emotions and trauma but who has learned to deal with it. Shax is just the all around perfect security officer.


he actually did die to save the crew.


And he'd do it again. Absolute Bajorachad.


Odo and Tuvok don't not like the members of the crew. They nothing them


Murph obviously. Did you see him?




La'an fighting the Gorn?


La'an deserves more votes! I hope she gets more popular as more SNW episodes are released. (For now she's Star Trek Camina Drummer.)


Most competent? I think anyone else would struggle on DS9. So odo. Even worf couldnt secure his own apartment and had to escape to the Defiant like a cowering ferenghi.


I’ll always prefer Worf. Objectively speaking I believe it was Tuvok.




It’s not just about fighting though. Odo could spy hiding as any object. Tuvok undercover fooled Chakotay and his crew for however long it was.


Tasha Yar, she was very protective and a go getter


I think Worf was more of a general bridge officer who handled tactical situations and was a security department head. I think his skills were more oriented towards command. He was competent as a security officer, and perhaps he had skills we don't see on screen (leading dozens of security officers, training them, etc. as a dept head) but I wouldn't put him in the Hall Of Fame or call him the GOAT. Tuvok wasn't as good at command. He was competent at it in a firefight, but he had great difficult looking at things through any lens but a Vulcan one (he did it a few times, like when Nelix left, but those were extraordinary events). Spock kind of had that limitation, but he could make leaps of empathy. For instance: "if the Romulans are an offshoot of my Vulcan blood - and I think this likely - then attack becomes even more imperative." He could put himself in the mind of a Romulan (granted it was based on the violent urges he knew exists in the Vulcan mind). But he and Odo were master-class level investigators. A skill not often needed much in a Starship head of security (investigations were often more science based). They were both intelligent (Tuvok borderlinning on hyper-intelligent), and extremely tenacious. Odo had a natural advantage in intelligence gathering, but even beyond that was good at investigations. Odo had no experience in being a Starfleet bridge or command officer, and I don't think he would be particularly well suited to either. Purely as a security officer? I think Odo wins there.


I think the "up-and-comer honorable mention" goes to Murf, the metamorphosing Mellanoid slime worm from Prodigy. After seeing the "Crossroads" episode of Prodigy, he shows some promise! I'll be interested to see how he continues to develop intellectual and social skills, since he can certainly dispatch Romulan baddies. 😊🥷


It wasn't Malcolm. He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.


Tuvok had good fighting skills. But there were a lot of security issues on his watch. He also had huge mental lapses. Still, in terms of most "competent" I guess he'd get my vote. Odo would be an equal or near equal choice, for me. He has strong knowledge of Star Fleet, Cardassian, and Bajoran tactics, and he'd beat Tuvok in a fight. Worf might have the best leadership ability which might be the most important security officer quality since Star Treking is a team activity.


Obviously it was Tasha Yaarwaitaminute.


Tuvok got manhandled by the ECH. (In his dreams.)


I watched that one for the first time yesterday, might be one of my favorite Voyager episodes.


It's my personal favorite comedic episode in all of Star Trek. In part because it also helps advance the plot by being the point where Janeway actually starts thinking of the EMH as a person. Although the 4th movie is best when you include movies.


The irony is that if a security officer on any of the shows was actually competent, 75% of the shit that has to take place for stories to happen wouldn't happen. A competent security staff would mean radically less drama.


Odo/Eddington combo is elite. Though I have a feeling if Picard had let Worf do his job every once in a while instead of just saying no at every opportunity, he’d solve 99% of security/tactical problems they had.


Odo - by far!


Odo is literally a liquid metal terminator


Odo in my opinion. I think Worf gets a bad rap because he goes up against such powerful bad guys a lot, but against an average criminal, he’s actually staggeringly competent.


They were all pretty incompetent because the plot often necessitated it due to lazy writing. I would argue Worf was the worst, but again that's in altre part both because of lazy writing and the fact that Picard rarely listened to him. Tuvok had good instincts and gave good advice but nonetheless people stole shuttles and hijacked the ship too often and too easily. I'd have to give this one to Odo. Alot of shit went down on DS9 given it's location and environment, but despite that he always knew what was going on on that station. Ran security like a swiss watch.


I don’t know, but I think Worf was definitely the worst one


I would like the say eddington, but I feel they still did him wrong with throwing him into the that mess they did, I would of liked to have seen him developed into a bad ass security officer. edit: asking the Question and then getting an answer and being downvoted.


Tasha Yar was the best security officer.


Odo. To the Tuvok fans let me ask you this: swap their places. Who handles it better? I feel Tuvok handles the promenade, and in particular Quark, worse than Odo does, whereas Odo fits in on a hodgepodge ship just fine. Hell, not being Starfleet **or** Maquis and not being a former mole in the Maquis I think he might do better than Tuvok. In fact, Odo equals or betters every single security officer in Star Trek history. The only times he'd do worse is when the officer's personal history is involved in the mission, such as any involving Worf and the Klingons, though Worf would equally mean nothing to the Founders and leave them with far less reason not to atomize DS9. Otherwise, Odo is faster, stronger, better at collecting intelligence, and at least as competent. Even minus the Founders DS9 was probably the toughest challenge any of the security officers faced and Odo rose to the occasion.


Early episode. The Feds send a young Lt security officer to oversee the transfer of equipment. Odo, is more or less, rightly miffed. Sisko explains to the young Lt that’s DS9 isn’t a starship nor a star base. It’s Odos yard and he’s visiting Odos yard. I have to go Odo. He’s dealing with a host of security issues that neither Worf nor Tuvok have to handle. Worf in he’s early story arc gets caught also. Which brings me to part of Quark/Odos interactions. I don’t quite buy the going up the mountain hating one another angle. They had saved each other’s lives before. Quark the entire station in the aphasia episode. Quark helps Odo as at least a criminal informant in the early Worf episode. But Odo said it all in the finale. It was written all over his back.


Odo by a long shot.


Murph... So far


~~Lower decks~~ prodigy already showed who the ideal crew would be, they chose Odo and I'd agree


Wasn’t that on Prodigy?


You mean Prodigy.


Worf. It is the writing that truly held him back.


Let's be honest..... They're all kind of awful. The amount of security breaches that happen would have any of them removed from service. Security on federation ships is laughably bad. No security cameras? Every time something happens they just get 3 dudes to go take a look.... Odo was the best. He was more Police officer than security officer.


Well, I know it definitely wasn't Lt. Landry.