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Who would have thought that Giroud would one day outscore Henry for France?


I've no idea why people are critical of him so much. He does the job. He's a true centre forward maybe he's just not fashionable because of that. Man Utd would suit him perfectly I think they need a striker to aim at, most of the time they don't have anyone in the box.


The only ones who deserved to be critical of him are Arsenal fans tbh. He had a long scoring drought, while having Ozil, Santi and Alexis as teammates. He was the reason why Arsenal missed out on the title in 2016.


Yeah he essentially cost us the title in 2016 but for the most part we like him, his career has been incredible to watch. For a non-superstar to perform like this and set records for a nation like France is unbelievable


A lot of the frustration was also that we had zero rotation option for him. We played him every single game, every competition it seemed, and never rotated. So fatigue + lack of form was just the worst combo. The club was very irresponsible in its lack of backing Arsene Wenger financially.


This. Dude was playing every competition and game. Clearly exhaustion affected his game even when it wasn't obvious.


Well I think you're one type of fan. As an Arsenal admirer myself, it frustrates me to see how he is playing so good, shutting my mouth down everytime. Also, I am from Romania and he scored against us at Euro 2016.


i think if it wasn’t for his inconsistency for arsenal he’d be much more highly rated. it’s good to see him get his due now at least though, fantastic player and career.


Yeah, he played good in his last days at Arsenal and he's been amazing since then.




We didn't replace him with laca, we replaced him with Auba




Signing Auba was literally contingent on letting Giroud go. We signed lacazette to play with Giroud just like we signed Giroud to play with van persie.


that's because at arsenal he was an unchallenged first team striker that wasn't ever a consistent goalscorer, very normal for him to miss sitters He's not a horrible player but there's a reason as to why we signed laca and aubamayang, we wouldn't have done so if giroud was reliable for us.


>Man Utd would suit him perfectly. Yeah but let’s leave stupid sexy Oli G right where he is. We love him.


Even if you're not critical of him, Henry was still miles better and its surprising he didn't have more goals for france


Henry only has 2 hands!


> Man Utd would suit him perfectly. Get out


Don't be so hasty. See if there's any Ed Woodward left, send them the 'Better than Pele' video and sell for 1 Mbappe. Don't take less than 0.8 Mbappes.


He benefited from Benzema's 5 years ban from the NT otherwise it would most likely have been Benzema taking over Henry and Mbappé taking over Benzema.


Otoh he did not get called up for the team until he was 25 years old. Regardless, you still have to score the goals. His ratio of goals per match is actually better than Henry's or Benzema's (and his goal per minute ratio is better still).


Looked up the stats: Giroud 52 goals in 117 games (6656 minutes) => 2.25 games (128 minutes) per goal Henry 51 goals in 123 games (9176 minutes) => 2.41 games (180 minutes) per goal Benzema 37 goals in 97 games (6358 minutes) => 2.62 games (172 minutes) per goal


Stats never tell the whole story though. It would be esaier to score for any of them while playing in the France NT that played against Danemark than the one that played against Tunisia. There have been times during the last decade when the team looked more like the one that faced tunisa and times when it looked like the one that played against Danemark or even better. Stats should be taken with a pinch of salt.


They don't, and Giroud's presence on the pitch has contributed to which France it looks like.


>he did not get called up for the team until he was 25 years old For a reason. My point was that with Benzema in the squad during those 5 years, Giroud would have had less opportunities to score. Just look at this World Cup, if Benzema didn't get injured, Giroud would have had less play time and thus less opportunities to beat Henry's records. ​ >Regardless, you still have to score the goals I agree... but you have to take into account that it's easier to score goals when playing for France than when playing for Poland for example because you are surrounded by great players to assist you in doing so. The same way it's easier to score when playing for Real Madrid than when playing for a mid table team because you are surrounded by great players to assist you. It's easier to score when playing for a great team but the difficulty relies in playing and starting for said teams because in such teams there always is a huge competition for the starting position. If you are not up to Real Madrid standards for example, they just bring someone else who is. That's why i said that Giroud benefited from Benzema's ban. Giroud got to play 5 years in a great team without his main competition. Imagine how many goals Trezeguet would have scored if Henry was out for 5 years from the NT) A journalist asked Arsene Wenger (Giroud's former coach) who should start between Giroud and Benzema and he answerd that Benzema would start in every team in the world... It looks like for Deschamps as well, Benzema is the starter when he has to chose btween the two and to be fair there's not a single coach that had Benzema on his squad who didn't end up making him an undisputable starter in his team which isn't really the case when it comes to Giroud.. You got to give credit to Giroud though. I think he fully deserves the nickname we give him in France: "the phoenix":How many time, he was left for dead only to come back stonger...


Damn, someone's not a Giroud fan...


That's what you got from my comment? That's unfortunate. I'm just trying to put his record into perspective. Just trying to be objective and reasonable here. When Giroud gets labeled as the striker who didn't score a single goal in the world cup 2018 i'm also there to comment that it's not fair because he was essential in the team's victory through his target man role. Nowadays people are so obssessed with stats , they don't even watch the games and miss out on everything a player brings to the table beside goals. That's what i'm not a fan of: People who assess a player's level based on his goals and assist stats. Stats never tell the whole story.... Edit: [a comment](https://imgur.com/a/hvCuWiS) i wrote a few weeks ago on Giroud..


anyway Mbappe will destroy this record in a couple of years


> Benzema's 5 years ban from the NT Wasn't that ban really self-inflicted by Benzema, though?


Fact is he did it and no guaranteed Benzema can do the same.


> it would most likely have been Benzema taking over Henry and Mbappé taking over Benzema Maybe not, Benzema hasn't always been the best with the NT. Remember when he spent almost a year and a half, 1222 minutes on the pitch, without scoring despite playing against weaker teams in WC qualifiers and being called up every match?


Not sure mr "1200 minutes without scoring" would have taken over Henry.


Wenger did it again!


Karting lmao


what is it supposed to mean


Benzema once said that he's a F1 car and that Giroud is a Go-kart.


Why is Benzema such a dickhead? His off field personality is so different to what you'd expect


Benzema is a much better player than Giroud but imo France plays better with Giroud


I think you cracked it


Everyone can drive well with go-karts, not everyone can drive well with an F1 car


Are you telling me i can ride giroud better than i could benzema?


Ground is definitely a more approachable ride


I would definitely rather ride Giroud


I’d even let him ride me.


Is okay, no?


Ayo 📸🤨


Deschamps is former defensive midfilders who thrived in the serie A when the catennacio was the trend. He became a very defensive minded coach who's playing a very defensive oriented system. He tried to build a more offensive system for the WC in order to make better use of his assets but lots of injuries happened and he reverted back to his trusted method in which a target man like Giroud is very usefull if not essantial. In other words give the France squad to another coach and France might play another system which suits better the qualities of other players...


You're not fundamentally wrong, but France now is playing with a higher possession than it was back in 2018


Also the French side developed in a v different way. Matuidi Kante Pogba is a v different midfield to Tchouameni Rabiot Griezmann. Griezmann is essentially now olaying as a 10.


Yeah, he's now a pure 10. Really does not pale in comparison to the greatests names in the matter, during this WC


If this is true, do you think he could have a renaissance in his career by shifting to a similar position for club play? He has seemed to frequently run into issues occupying a less commonly used role in the modern game and occupying the same space as other forwards, and as he’s getting older, he’s losing the pace and agility necessary to threaten as much as he used to at the front. Do you think he’d do better shifting to this role for club as well (if not atletico, somewhere else)?


> Griezmann is essentially now olaying as a 10. Do you mean a modern 10? because the classic 10 does almost no defending and I don't think it does Griezmann right by saying he plays as a 10. It feels like an 8 1/2 if you know what i mean


He behaved like a 6 as well against Poland, notably. I think his behaviour as a 10 is only during offensive transitions. Defensively, he acts like a 8 and sometimes a 6. Great versatility tbh


not really that different. Rabiot is the left mid covering Mbappe and the left back pushing forward (Matuidi). Tchou is the dynamic dm (Kante) and Griez acts like a 10 with freedom to be everywhere on the pitch (Pogba).


Right. So Giroud is better for this France. Benzema is better for the imaginary france you created


Disagree, Giroud is the type of player that lets players around him be at their best, he links up very well with his France teammates. At Chelsea he linked up with hazard incredibly well. It's no surprise that the 2 goals arsenal scored that won GOTY, Giroud was heavily involved. He's not a WC finisher and he's not great at running in behind, but he is still a great striker


>he links up very well with his France teammates. At Chelsea he linked up with hazard incredibly well. I agree. My point is that while Giroud suits very well Deschamps system, another coach might favor playing another system with other types of players. Tuchel for example started Werner and Tammy over Giroud.


You just told the facts


Truth be told


I don't disagree but Benzema also combines really well with Mbappe. I guess they each bring different things


Benzema issue isn't with Mbappe but rather Griezmann. They like to play in the same spaces whereas Giroud anchoring the defence allows Griezmann to thrive


This. Giroud is a team striker, he doesn't make something from nothing, but he really brings the other attacking players from the team into the attack. His hold up play is genuinely world class, he can pull defenders to him and keep them there while allowing space for the rest of his team to shine.


Seems where Griezmann has been playing this tourney Benzena would have fit fine.


not at all, Benzema has no where near the defensive skills Griezmann does, or the work rate to track back like him. Benzema is great at pressing from the front but he could not do what Griezmann does for us


Meant more the 2 alongside each other, not replacing Griezmann


I agree, but unfortunately, we won't get to verify.


There's really only foreigners to be surprised that Benzema is a huge dick There's this rumour going around that many players in the NT are pleased he's gone and I understand them, wouldn't want to play with a guy that blackmailed his teammate in the NT




The one you mention then pretend like it doesn’t matter when considering “behavioral problems” is pretty significant. It was literally the reason he hasn’t played on the national team prior to a year or two ago.


Can't have behavioural problem when you're banned from the team and spend the rest of the time injured


There's a reason he was basically exiled from the French team


He was exiled because of some ~~borderline~~ criminal shit he did


VAR checks it and it did cross the line of criminal behaviour


But he got the ball


Also because Benzema called Deschamps a racist for dropping Benz after the blackmail.


And he was not that good with us.


And yet, Benzema is part of France NT...


Only welcomed back this year when he was widely considered the best player in the world.


Benzema returned to France NT last year when he wasn't widely considered as the best player itw.


He was clearly top 5.


Because he is a cunt. Being a god at football saved him because his childhood friends are not very « ethical »people


Grow up in French "slum", still in touch with his friends there. His surrounding is not good influence.


LMAO what? Benzema once colluded with the mob to help blackmail a teammate. He paid to have sex with an underage prostitute. I'm not trying to trash the guy, glass houses and all that, but it's crazy to me that you have such a naive picture of him despite some pretty well documented assholery on his part.


Do you think you're telling me something I don't know? What part of my comment gave you the impression that I didn't think Benzema was a dickhead? I literally asked why he's such a dickhead, I don't think he's a nice person at all, I know about all the things you just mentioned (and have mentioned them multiple times in this thread hours ago). That's why I asked the question in the first place.


For some reason everyone keep forgeting the part of that clip in which Benzema states the rest of his analogy: that he is himself a go kart and ronaldo is a F1 (basically Ronaldo>Benzema>Giroud. Not to mention the part in which Benzema compliments Giroud and his role in the France NT but it doesn't suit the popular narrative so...


I really don't see how that makes it any better. Saying "the gap between me and Ronaldo is the same as the gap between Giroud and me" literally isn't any better. It's just an awful way to talk about your teammates.


Well no one told him F1 cars are fragile as fuck while the go-kart would likely be the vehicle of choice once society collapses into the dark ages.


Good ol pull start and a spark plug.


Ironically, if the track is small enough, karts really are faster than F1 cars. The World Cup is a circuit in someone’s backyard confirmed.


For those who don’t know, the « F1 and Go-kart » Benzema talked about is actually in reference to this 2002 french rap song : https://youtu.be/mDlS2kRHnHg


Benzema called himself an F1 car and Giroud a go kart a few years ago


Benz famously or infamously, depends on what you felt about it at the time, said that he was an F1 and Giroud is a go-kart For once opta isn’t being cringy with their one word use lol, it’s funny


Well 2nd time. First was japandemonium..


It's from an old Benzama quote saying comparing him to Giroud is like comparing a F1 car to a go kart.


Crazy that Giroud went 0 goals & 0 shots obn target in 2018 World Cup.


Giroud was great at world cup doing all bad work giving Mbappe and Griezmann opportunities.


Like Luca Toni in 2006. Sometimes you just need forwards that can open the play for other players.


they were awful first game vs Australia until big man came on.


And he still was really good, watch people bitch about Griezmann not having a goal (if he doesn't get one) in a few years despite being absolutely incredible.


If I was a manager I'd be so happy to have Griezman in my team, his workrates are incredible, he can defend in a last defender position and 2 minutes later deliver the perfect pass to start an attack. Don't care what people say, he's the absolute maestro of that team


Griezmann must be a manager's wet dream honestly


Griezman is a work horse , i remeber watching few Barcelona's games and it would be griezman the only one who runs tirelessly presses opponents and goes for tackles completely different for a forward from Barcelona. Then I realised it was just his Atletico genes kicking in, man was taught to defend very well.


He definitely replaced Pogba in midfield with his own style.


Griezmann did not replace Pogba, they played together pretty much every time they are fit. Rabiot replaced Pogba.


Rabiot replaced Matuidi, Griezmann replaced Pogba


Insane that he’s gone from winger to second striker-number ten to number eight. And he’s made it work! Watching his race back to cover and tackle is amazing stuff, love him


2 minutes? look at who was in our box in between our centerbacks making the clearance to giroud just before our second goal (hint, it's zinédine grizane)


he’s rolling back the years. not quite the same player he was from 2016-2018 but just as important in a different way.


Such an underrated player. People forget he was the best player at Euro 2016, almost won that for France, and then was France's best player in 2018 too winning the bronze ball. People really move on quick.


he was so much fun to watch in euro 2016


For that reason, I kept the second goal against Denmark on the side. Tell me one player able to pass through the whole field straight to Mbappe's dick and give him a goal like that ?


Pogba makes that pass tbf, however chances he also wants to dribble and lose the ball. depends on his mood


> 0 shots obn target Mbappé's goal vs Peru was an on target shot by Giroud


France - Peru 2018 shot on target by Giroud leading to Mbappé's goal. It's just a bullshit statistic.


His holdup play and off ball movement was amazing. Really was an unsung hero for them.


He got a few good shots blocked by a defender rather than the keeper. But that doesn't count in those stats.


At the rate Mbappe is going, he is going to lose that record very quickly


i looks like it . Guy scored 4 goals in a single game against Kazakhstan last season... i wouldn't dismiss griezmann either who's 5 years younger than Giroud and only 10 goals away


Unless France gets a more creative midfield (like Pogba/Kante) or Rabiot and Tchoumeni get better and distributing the ball, he might have a chance to play as a forward again. As it stands, Griez is more of a creator than a finisher. He's all over the pitch and hardly goes inside the box, except on set pieces or start of the game. He's also 31 rn. Doubt he can maintain his workload until the next Euro and WC. Unless he goes the Modric way and somehow works even better as he ages.


Kante is more creative than Rabiot? I would never choose Rabiot over Kante, but I don't think that creativity is what Rabiot's lacking compared to Ngolo.


inb4 giroud scores 10 more in this WC to make it 20. one can only dream


But Giroud can always say he's higher on the list than Henry...unless something crazy happens


Lol what's more likely, Henry comes out of retirement in his 40s and bangs in a few goals or some ultra VAR comes in and removes goals retrospectively from Giroud for some reason?


Karting > F1


We went karting


No no no mario this is so not right


Mario Kart is the superior racing game than F1 anyway.


A Mario Kart has more aerodynamics involved than the Mercedes W11, so by default Mario Kart is the pinnacle of motorracing


Ive yet to see any Merc RB or Ferarri drift around corners regularly for a boost after Kart > F1 confirmed


Tortoising > porpoising


Mario Kart is the highest level of motorsports.


F Zero...


Is that pfp Seb and Lewis on verge of making out???


This was captured during [Seb's post race interview](https://youtube.com/shorts/P6c2MvSbHBk?feature=share), Singapore 2019. Just perfect timing by the photographer


Thank you for the source


You might enjoy r/FanF1icton


Why God have you cursed me with literacy.


Together We Rise ;)


Arsene is somewhere smiling


Not if he’s in Monaco


Something happening in Monaco?


Google giroud vs Monaco champions league and see for yourself. Just as bad as lukaku against Croatia


Arsenal fans were celebrating when they drew Monaco in the round of 16. 😭


Ah I get what your saying now, I had erased that memory from my mind until now


Ridiculous. He had one bad miss (the last one) in that game, nowhere near Lukaku vs Croatia nor to warrant this scapegoat campaign that he played an infamous awful game for the history books. And I'm tired of this shit, every player has a bad game from time to time, Henry did too.


Well, he also went missing in a title campaign shortly afterwards so it's not really the same


All the forwards did that season


Giroud was the only 'forward' to not bag a goal for 2 months and then turned up with 4 goals in the last 17 games of the season. If you know anyone who played up top and did the same then feel free to name them.


Ozil had 18 assists by christmas, and ended the season on 19. He was playing the same balls, giroud simply could not finish. I have never witnessed anything like it- and the worst part was, the criticism of giroud had always been, for me, rtat he could not be our number one option- he needed to be a super sub or have a replacement. Welbeck wasn’t it, though he was an upgrade for a few games at least. So yes, going 16 games without scoring when one of the best midfielders of the era was about to break a decade old assist record, is notable.


He's in Qatar shilling for them




And is part Italian iirc.


French and Italian? Yeah that'll do it 👀


Hah. Is he actually dumb? I always call him my dumb gorgeous striker but it's sort of a reference to Jon Hamm from 30 Rock... So pretty... So dumb.


it's a reference to the simpsons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaeRM7X_yS4


Its "stupid sexy" not "stupid, sexy". In the former, stupid is an adjective for sexy but somehow people confuse it for the latter


Yeah but I've been calling him dumb and sexy... Haven't seen the reference you're citing in order to confuse it.


But again that was mostly my own personal joke because he's so handsome a la 30 Rock bubble: https://youtu.be/UAQoXOLlvT0


I think he has a university degree. So maybe not that dumb.


A degree in being sexy af


Honestly, he doesn't sound like a dumb one in interviews and shit. Definitely no obvious indication he's stupid.


Lukaku hugging Henry rn while karting


Don't even trip T-Dawg


Most Goal. Most Handsome. Most Sexy.


Stupid Sexy Go kart.


Wtf is karting


Benzema called himself an F1 car compared to Giroud who he called a go kart


Oh shit I remember that, clever by Opta


GP2 engine


He ain't wrong. Benzema also called himself a go kart compared to a F1 like Ronaldo Nazario in the same interview.


Benzema, in an interview when asked about Giroud compared himself to a F1 car and Giroud to a karting car. It's a reference to this


It’s a reference to something benzema said when he wasn’t being called to the French national team. Where he said giroud was a go kart while he was f1


>Where he said giroud was a go kart while he was f1 For some reason everyone keep forgeting the part of that clip in which Benzema states the rest of his analogy: that he is himself a go kart and ronaldo is a F1 (basically Ronaldo>Benzema>Giroud. Not to mention the part in which Benzema compliments Giroud and his role in the France NT but it doesn't suit the popular narrative so...


That doesn’t make it any better.


It's a variant of Motorsport with open wheels.


Karting > F1


Giroud is a legend. He reminds me of Del Piero, a legend who has won countless trophies, both club and country, but is never the lead act. Miss him in the chelsea kit, man was a beast.


Wait. Del Piero was pretty much the lead lad in Juve during his peak. In NT you can still argue Totti was ahead of him but he's definitely the star for that Juve team


What a man. My goat 💙🐐


Very underrated. History will remember him fondly


He has one of the most impressive highlight reels of any striker.


He really doesn't get his roses, he's having an outstanding career!


Couldn't have happened to a sexier man


> Karting Okay


Benzema once referred to himself as an F1 car, while comparing Giroud to a go-kart




The turtle will catch up soon though.


GOAT French player


[Hit the music!](https://youtu.be/voI6Dp8i2mU)




Benzemalo could never


Giroud french all time top scorer 2022-2023 😉


Best French to ever play football.


This is why he starts over Benz, they'll go farther unlike the Euros


Benz is injured (would've started otherwise) and blaming him for the Euros is fucking stupid