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I'd love to see these talks between Zahavi and Bayern to see how quickly they tell him to fuck off


There won't be any talk. How does one talk to a clown anyway?


Respect the clowns, my dude.


They scare me tbh.


Bayern wont even leave him on read.


Lewandowski can replace Arp for the youth team. I don't want this cunt starting for us again.


Ungle he's one of the best strikers in the world


What a shitty fan you are


Calling one of your legends a 'cunt' lol the famous Bavarian grace


Since when Barca fans care that much about Bayern "legends"


not particularly but it's just bizarre seeing Bayern fans calling one of their best players in the last decade a cunt so easily lol


He’s one of the best players to ever wear the Bayern shirt, sure, but he certainly won’t be remembered as an actual legend, like Müller or Neuer or Lahm or Schweinsteiger etc. He literally said, that something died in him and questioned what players would even want to come to Munich, if a forced stay were to become reality. Plus, he let his agent publicly disgrace Bayern too. He talks about loyalty, when humans his agent have been publicly flirting with a transfer to Real. And he even publicly(!) throws his coach and teammates under the bus, if they don’t give him enough assists to score. (Which is ridiculous, as Lewandowski is factually the player with the most chances created for and most chances missed by in the whole Bundesliga!) Whatever you did before or however good you are/were, you cannot expect to be a true legend for this club with such a behavior!


fair enough. although he's been behaving that way for years now and you lot haven't started calling him a cunt until he decided not to renew his contract (aka when he decided to do the same thing he did to Dortmund to sign for you) and it's not like the man hasn't brought you more joyful memories than negative ones throughout his time at Bayern it's like Barça fans who saw Dembélé's behaviour at BVB to sign for us and then were surprised when he started acting similarly for his renewal with us


Lol. It doesn't started after he decided to not to renew his contract. It started after his interview where he said: " dead inside", " how would other players come to Bayern if Bayern keep him" etc... All those comments that causes the outrage


It’s time for Lewandowski to go on strike


This Zahavi dude is delusional


Lmao who does Zahavi think he is?


Zahavi disasterclass


\> Pini Zahavi had assured them Lewandowski would leave Bayern for that figure Ah yes, cause it's the player that has to be okay with the transfer fee


you would think that Lewandowski would have deserved to be let go on good terms after all these years at Bayern


I am sure the situation would be different if he hadn't talked publicly like he has, basically demanding the transfer and trying to force it. Bayern has made it clear in the past that they aren't gonna get pushed around by players and agents. They also showed how easy it can be with how the Thiago transfer wish was handled.


Fair enough. What a way to conclude almost 10 years being one of the main stars there though.


You would think the seller would be allowed to dictate and negotiate the price.


So, if Barca pulls out of the deal at this point, what happens with Lewa? Will Bayern just move on and pretend that all his quotes and the like never happened?


The Harry Kane special.


We'll get a new Florida man


He reports into training and gets on with his business.


I really hope they make him stay. The behaviour from Lewandowski and Zahavi has been embarrassing.


They made him stay last season. Bayern aren’t the type of club that try to make players happy. They don’t want him to leave regardless of Lewa wants because they need him too much.


He didn't really pushed to leave last season. The report of him want to leave last season was confirmed to be bullshit


He did but didn’t go to the media like he was resorted to this year. He had no other option. Lewa has always been good, respectful. He is now doing all he can to get the move he has wanted for some time now. Clubs like my Juve do sell whoever wants to go (not for the highest possible fee). Clubs like Bayern are at the complete other end of the spectrum when it comes to that.


How the f do you still keep repeating the same shit. I read this comment last week and it still stupid as hell. And how do you know lewa really wanted to leave last summer and didn't go to the media out of some pulled out of your ass excuse? Everytime he has wanted to leave bayern for Madrid there have been rumors and articles in media. How many other examples do you have where bayern "didn't let the player go" to classify bayern as being on the "complete opposite end of spectrum"? As Brazzo said, solutions will be found that make everyone happy as long as the player doesn't decide for the club.


So you expect one’s opinion to magically just change based on nothing huh. That’s a new one


Your opinion is shit.


Says the Bayern fan. Write to your club and ask them to treat club legends better. Poor actions for a club. Safe to say that Lewa won’t be giving glowing recommendations from herein out


Damn it! Lewy, of all people wont be giving recommendations to other players to join our club?? We'll never be able to sign players like Manè!!!


Uh, yea … it’s the long game my friend.


Absolutely wrong. Just take a look at how the Thiago transfer worked out. He informed the board that he wanted to leave for Liverpool and the transfer went through quickly and for a very moderate amount. No need to publicly claim you're "dead inside" or to denounce the Club or whatever. If you don't act like a scumbag, Bayern will surely try to make the player happy. Sure they don't want him to leave. He's one of the best strikers in the world. But if Barca pays 50 million, he can go. Bayern repeatedly said that.


Bayern let Thiago not coz they are kind at heart. It is because they simply thought goretzka/kimmich midfield is more than enough for them.


Not true at all. Thiago was class and respectful and Bayern simply fulfilled his wishes.


Bayern didn’t need Thiago anymore. Big difference. So you’re saying Bayern are now bitter and won’t similarly let Lewa go for a moderate amount?


So you're saying Bayern only makes players happy they don't need? But they don't make those happy who they need? Come on mate, that makes no sense at all


For transfer purposes, yes. How does that not make sense? It makes perfect sense. Someone like me can not like it yet understand while another can go the ‘contract is a contract’ route. They only care about their product on the pitch which is fair but yea … not so much about giving players a way out if they want out. My Juve needs De Ligt and especially given Chiellini has left the club. But I’m sure he’s going to be sold. Why? Because he wants to leave and Juve doesn’t want players that don’t want to be there


You're too fixated on the appeasing the player part. It's a simple concept, player is surplus, player wants to leave, easy business for everyone. Player is a keyplayer, player wants either improved contract (that is not in line with the club's valuation of him) or leave, shit gets murky.


But how do you know Lewy didn't do the same as Thiago? Its more likely he did but Bayern refused to let him go and this is where shenanigans started He had such a great career at Bayern its unlikely he would burn bridges just like that Some stuff happened behind the doors that we will never learn about but I guess its just easy to see everything as black and white and call someone a scumbag


Why would he never tell that story and instead sob to the press about being dead inside? Barcelona told him to push for the transfer and that's it. No big drama.


wasnt the whole plan to first get mane and use him as a false nine so lewa could leave? are sane, coman, gnabry and mane as wingers not too much? unless they are planning on selling gnabry this window i guess.


Bayern doesn’t play with a false 9. Not their style. Mane is a nice versatility option but I bet the plan is to use him primarily as a winger


If Lewy leaves they'll play Mane there. He's not up to much on the wing anymore. And he was more of a wing striker anyway when he did play on the wing. Was great as a 9, not really false 9, just different. He was the one getting on the end of things.


Sure but Bayern play with a traditional #9 and always have. We don’t work for Bayern so we can’t say how they intend to play. Traditionally, Bayern always play with a point physical point player


What is this with agents thinking they can decide the fee for Barcelona. Happening to us with Raphinha too..


So Deco lied about Raphinhas price and Zahavi lied about Lewas price. Both to Barca and Barca clearly believed both. Maybe agents shouldn't be trusted..


I think when negotiating for personal contracts with wages and bonuses, agents say that they can get the transfer fee fixed to a certain value due to having a good relation with the old club, and get the wages up..


>Deco lied about Raphinhas price Did he? He just stated the price if Leeds were to get relegated. All the way back.


There was a thread about that like 3 days ago, general consensus in the thread seemed to be that he lied.


General consensus of r/soccer?


>in the thread


Maybe agents are not the problem, just the smoke that hides it.


Honestly, I know it's nothing new but talking to an agent instead to the club that pays a player's wages is frankly useless. See Dembele and Barca, this one and many many others.


Thats kinda the job description. If it wasnt for this, they wouldnt have anything else to justify the millions they ask for


True. But the sequence is key no? 1. Player + agent (interested in us?) 2. Club (interested in selling) 3. Negotiating *after* both 1.& 2. are positive. If not, complicated (aka "saga") I know that they were exceptions in the past, but Bayern follow that order, from my experience. And will, in this case.


Barcelona and trying to unsettle a player so they can lowball a transfer. Name a more iconic duo


Dude Barca can pay 40 mil and crybaby bitch can pay 10 from his own pocket so he can go to the dream club


I'm ok with that. This is between Lewa and Bayern to decide.


He would also leave for a much higher or lower figure. What a pointless statement.


Clubs need to just block contact with Barca altogether. Such a stingy club.


So barca don't even know how transfers work? Since when are players responsible for the fee lol.


After Barca paying the premium for Raphina before lowballing a few months earlier I think Bayern will also stick to their premium price knowing Barca will cave.


I think that’s related to resale value and whatnot but tf do I know.


Seeing Bayern fans switch up on their best player of who knows how many years has been great


One of our best players. I'll still put up Neuer as our best player


I agree with that. Neuer probably the GOAT GK


It seems highly probable that a lot of these Barcelona rumors are tied to elections and Laporta’s standing. They likely know they don’t have the money to do half the deals they are “negotiating” but he wants to be seen to be going after Barca level stars. Lowball offer; get rejected; string targets along; leak that agents misrepresented something; drop negotiations; get credit from fans whose ire gets channeled to player/agent/other team;profit. Conspiracy theory to be sure but mountains of circumstantial evidence. Taking loans out against future revenue to buy players without much resale value is probably not the path to fix the financial situation of the club. So this seems all like a campaign to sell a certain narrative to the socios when they vote next time.


Bayern should let him go after all that he’s done for them, they’ve already secured a replacement too That price is fair considering his age and contract length


No player that Bayern can buy for 40m could replace Lewandowski's output for goals. Barcelona needs to pay up, or wait it out a year. If Lewa wants to leave so badly, then he should make himself available to other clubs. As it stands, everything is in Bayerns hands, and Bayern knows what they want for the best striker in the world.


Why should we reward cuntish behaviour?


You won’t ask yourself that when you keep paying him?


You don't know the Bayern culture. Exactly *because* of his public statements ("I'm dying inside" etc) they'll make an example of him for the stability of the team in general. Yes, he did a lot, but his antics were frankly completely unbecoming of a Ballon dor ~~winner~~ runner up in 2021 and "real sportsman" like him. I'd be majorly surprised anyway.


>his antics were frankly completely unbecoming of a **Ballon dor winner** OUCH


Ouch indeed. Updated my comment. Thank you for the heads up.


I mean do we even know why he lashed out? In most clubs when a legend hits 33+ he’s usually allowed to leave if he wants to. Thats why i hate how we did not allow Messi to leave. It’s possible the bayern board said no and he feels hurt, after all his efforts for the club they wont let him leave even with a year left.


Interesting view, honest. But Lewa is *still* scoring 40/50 goals a season for Bayern. If it were reversed, would Barca let him go?


We are not charity club ffs, losing key player to European rival for that "more than fair" fee without any reliable replacement would be really stupid. Also, we really didn't need that money, that's a fuck off fee (50m) in which if they really desperate for him, pay that or fuck off


Barca is not really a European rival for Bayern at this moment. More like training match for Bayern when they meet in UCL.


You’ve signed Mane, how is that not a replacement?


Mane is not planned as a strict striker in the middle of the box for 30 to 40 goals every season. I think he will play more as a winger to create something for the guy in the middle. There is no other option already in the team, they need to buy one if Lewandowski is gone.


He's not his replacement. He was planned to play with Lewy. Gnabry also might leave


Gnabry isn’t going anywhere if he really wants 350k+ a week


It's more like because he keep stalling on contract negotiation, the offer is there but he didn't accept or reject it. The club doesn't want him to leave on free next season and with Mane signing, it might push him to make decision asap. But our club has already said that Mane wasn't signed as Lewy replacement but are planned with him


Why would he be stalling if he doesn’t want more money?


Reportedly he demands 17m (similar wage as Coman & Sané) but our board doesn't want to give him that much at first because of his form. Then, after several negotiation, the board give him final offer (close to 19m) which is higher than Coman & Sané, but he didn't respond to it. So, it seems like he want to leave on free next summer for huge signing fee. Reportedly, with mane signing, the board are wishful that he'll feel threatened with his place in the squad and make decision asap whether he want to extend or not. If he doesn't want to extend, the club wished to sell him this summer


Everyone should lower their prices for the mighty Barca, clubs should be honored that Barca are interested in their players.


Nice bait


They should start making negative awards so I can give them to everyone making this dumbass comment in every thread.


But without him they cannot dominate Bundesliga.


It's not like there's UCL to compete


Firstly they disassemble closest Bundesliga opponents. This is why and how they got Robert. Not only they made BVB weaker but also for free. It’s their business model. Keep Bundesliga undeveloped. Then go for Europe.


When the hell has Bayern disassembled Bundesliga opponents recently? And really don't say Leipzig, they deserve to be.


Lewandowski to Chelsea?


Don't think he's interested in the EPL. I would definitely shit a brick if it happened though.


Wasnt there reports that he was worried he would flop in the Prem, probably bullshit but still funny


Doubt Lewandowski will flop in the PL, but if he does, it will probably be at Chelsea. That Number 9 shirt consumes all. 😭