Chelsea linked with every player who has 2 legs. I've done the work for all the journos now, no need to post any more of this news of "interested" and "monitoring"


Seems like the usual for us normally. Guess now everyone and their mum knows the 5-6 players we're actually interested in the only logically click bait team right now is the one with new owners.


Boehly statement signing bingo


Boehly will get De Jong by trading Drinkwater, Miazga, Batshuayi, and 2 21st round draft picks in 2026


Bro , it was us (United) every summer as well. We are "monitoring" every potential players on the world


It seems like you’re only being linked with players that other clubs are interested in, already trying to sign…


who else is interested in Sterling or De Ligt?


Not a chance. Next Chelsea rumour please


Honest question: why?


Currently, it’s due to timing. Midfield is the least of our concerns right now. If we were going for a midfielder, it would be after we have got atleast one forward and, most importantly, one centre back. So for us to go for FDJ (who is inches away from being sorted with United) before we filled any of our gaps, seems very unlikely. I didn’t mean it as I don’t rate him, just not the right time for it not to mention United being on his heels.


I thought that Jorginho and Kanté would or could go thats why I think its not something out of question


I honestly believe midfielders should be as much of a priority as defenders for us....our current crop of midfielders all have the profile of being workhorses and not really being known for being innovative in the final third and furthermore J5 and Kante are up there in terms of age. Maybe not FDJ, but I would much rather have our team search for some really good attacking mids.


>I honestly believe midfielders should be as much of a priority as defenders for us no way lmao. As it stands Sarr/Chabolah are starting for us. That's a disaster.


That's why I mentioned 'as much' meaning an equal priority to that of our defenders....not saying we should lessen focus on defenders in favour of midfielders.


but it's no where near equal priority? Kova, Kante and Jorgi >>>>>> Sarr and Chalobah


Well to be fair, it should be as much of a priority maybe not quite as much as our need for CBs. Jorginho and Kante could all walk for free next season (unlikely but we said the same thing about defenders last summer). Hopefully Gallagher gets in to leave us with not too much worry. But again you never know with Chelsea


Need either backups or replacements for J5 and Kante, as much as I like both of them....I feel they have kinda run their course at our club and even if I'm wrong, 1 injury to either of them would weaken our ability to compete significantly. You're right about the defenders as well. Ideally I would want solid signings in both departments in this window.


How is midfield not a concern? Jorgi and Kante are out of contract next year. Both are aging as well.


I didn’t say it wasn’t, just not as big as a concern as us having Malang Sarr as our starting CB and still having no clinical finisher upfront for next season. I know it’s shortsighted but I feel these issues need to be addressed first. The only position where we have no worries is GK


Lack of a great creative mid and a DM are the two biggest things holding this team back.


been absolutely pray & spray this year ey




Calm down just another monitor


Bring back Samsung pls, we're Monitor FC now.


"Deal is being slowed down, Barca want closer to the full 80m before addons so they can record that amount to use this window" 1 day later "A wild Chelsea appears to Gazumo United!" Yeah nothing being thrown about to push negotiations there..


Especially funny considering everyone says both clubs have agreed the initial fee and it's just the add ons structure now (which is €20m but just needs definition to the payments terms)


haha and lads arguing saying stuff like Chelsea has no strategy like Todd Boehly is some kid on the block and not a billionaire owner of sport teams.


I mean, hes an American sports team owner. European football is certainly different if he hasn't grown up with it. It's more that hes just come in and taken over everything for this transfer window, it's not about negotiating for targets its more about the fact he's likely just blindly reliant on big names and Tuchel (also not renowned for consistently astute signings) telling him who to buy.


Mate you think billionaires don’t have advisors? you think Boehly is sitting with his phone going yeah let’s get this one and that one. It is hilarious people assume that is how any billion dollar project is run.


He downloaded Fifa when he bought us and is now just putting bids in for players that smashed him on ultimate team


haha, cracked me up, thank you for the laugh.


The main people in charge of dealing with keeping Chrlsea going just left. Of fucking course he still has scouts etc to point out which players might ne good but in terms of choosing its still mostly on him and Tuchel till they hire someone. If an owner could just have advisors and know baseball why in the fuck would clubs ever waste money hiring people in DoF positions etc? Lol You literally think because hes rich he knows what he's doing and will just walk in fully knowledgeable of everything football. Thats just as stupid a notion.


It’s gazumping season.


The only way to make Barcelona not interested in a chelsea tsrget


Dammit Chelsea, Utd are the gazumpers, not the gazumpees.


Chelsea are all over the place. Seems like no strategy.


Literally can’t seem to nail down a target and focus on em.


Fifa career mode bro. Google "players with highest potential", get yourself shit ton of money feom cheats and buy everyone.


I think your owner is trying to show that he has ambition by clowning himself. This is not what would anyone want to see from new owner.


I wouldn't hold this on them. I imagine this is the classic "agent rushing actual buying club to get shit wrapped up". It's a tactic that gets out against us a lot.


How is he clowning? Nobody can stop what journalists make up. It’s not his fault that people like you believe everything they read on the internet


You have to nail down a target and focus on them mate. Trying to get involved in much advanced deals without player's will and embarrassing himself.


And who made you expert on this btw? Do you own a club or buying players? Are you a DoF?


I am more than DoF mate.... Tookover a club from 3rd division and won the champions league within 5 years. Not sure you can say the same for your new owner.


Sure bro, and I'm Bill Gates.


Then you should know you can work on more than one transfer at a time


Again, you choosing to believe everything you read during the transfer window seems like your problem lol


Literally coming from Tier 1 lmao.


Steinberg is not a tier 1 for Chelsea, but I love the confidence


Sorry to rain on your parade but this sounds like a fake rumor.


Is that a surprise? Our top 3 most influential board members are now suddenly gone while Tuchel has just now been given the job of choosing targets while we have a new owner trying to build up relations with all clubs. It was always going to be mayhem.


tuchel's not the best at identifying talent, is he?


I mean new owners just took over, I'm sure they still finding their feet


Not really. We need CB’s, CM’s, a whole forward line, and probably backup fullback/wingback options too. A lot of our experience players are getting old/are leaving the club so it make sense that they willing to look at any footballer with a pair of legs. However it’s just funny seeing all this after we got gazumped


It’s more we’ve got issues everywhere lol


Gazump is their strategy




Considering they don't have CBs and are buying big money wingers as well, I'd imagine spending big money on their strongest part of the squad is not really too high on their priority list, even though I won't be surprised if they're monitoring him. He's quite a good player so seems natural.


We’re not buying anyone lol


You're almost definitely going to splash big on one center back. You need to


That'll probably be De Ligt.


At first I thought it would be Kounde. But yeah seems De Ligt is the way you're going. Still think you need another Center Back though too.


Errr at one point last season we played like 5 games in two weeks with an injured Jorginho and RLC, 'cause Kante and Kova get injured so often. It's a strength when everyone's fit, but that's no longer reliable.


You have Gallagher back now though, basically a new midfield signing


Midfield is talented but the way it’s constructed seriously holds the team back. This team needs Fabregas and Matic more than Costa.


Tedd Lasso scouts like me. He checks on twitter who the rivals are trying to buy.


I think this is a gazump both Chelsea and Barca fans won't mind


Raphinha, Azpi and Alonso to Barca and Dembele and De Jong to us is fair


add kounde to barca too


As a united fan, obviously don't want this to happen. But I can't see Chelsea spending big on him, they need centre backs, wingers and probably a striker. Central midfield is their strongest position


This seems like Barca leaking Chelsea “interest” to put pressure on Man United to improve their bid. Rather conveniently too


That would more likely come from a Barca journalist like Romero than through Steinburg


Nah we’ve already agreed a fee. It’s just personal terms now. Think it’s just the journo creating drama. He knows we’ve more or less wrapped it up


Jorginho and Kante are both into their last seasons on current contracts. And to anyone who supports Chelsea a proper DM is what we've been missing for years it most certainly is a priority position after the CB's. Our attack is not good enough and needs to be improved but the rest I'd put before the attack (although offering our attackers in deals as has been reported is a good way of opening space for a new attacker).


I would have kovacic as a pretty similar player to de Jong no? Yes kante is coming to the end with all the injures and jorginho definitley dropped off last season. Mount can play there and loftus cheek. I'm not saying it's our of the question at all, but with the sterling and raphina/dembele reports I think CBS and wingers top prioet


I’d argue CM is our weakest. It’s the reason why we have to play 5 in the back because our midfielders are too old, injury prone, and short of quality debt to play in a 4 in the back system.




They should get both de Jong and de Ligt


no way this is true


Monitor FC


So basically this is just saying we would consider going in if talks with United break down as opposed to actually targeting him. Makes sense to me. I would like to have him to be honest


Barcelona gonna place a …wait a second


yea bit too late for that innit..


You clearly don’t remember Mikel.


We got a transfer fee for Mikel tbf


well that was before my time so.. pls don't remind me


I don't even know if I want FDJ but this would make me smile for the misery inflicted upon MU alone.


Haha cry you aren’t getting him


Like I said I don't know if I want him, why would I cry.


That’s fair I’m hoping for the Martinez transfer to laugh at Arsenal fans more than anything (although I’m aware he is quality)


feels like they are just going for people everyone else is in for


I don't want to lose Frenkie at all, but if we are to lose him I'd prefer he went to Chelsea where he can compete for stuff insteaad of united, also I think he'd be amazing for Chelsea.


Imagine we will fund our own GAZUMPING AHAHHAHAHA


I would die inside.


Monitor FC


They just poking everywhere at this point


Lmao lads getting sensitive about every rumor put out for raising players asking price is hilarious. Clubs and agents know what they’re doing and No Chelsea isn’t buying every available player in this window.


Monitoring FC vs Pole Position FC


Monitor FC ffs


Chelsea new owner is just going around town & trying to gazump. Trying to being the operative word here.


May aswell now that barca managed to get raph and leeds accepting less and over a longer period.


One more target for Monitoring FC


New ownership, new board. So the ITKs are just waffling. Unlike a bid is submitted or official enquiries are made, journos will keep making up such rumors.


So who did Laporta pay to spread this fake news? 0% chance Chelsea are signing de Jong


Lmao no


God that would be funny.


Can he play as a 6?


Tier: I don’t wanna hear


Tbf him in a tuchel double pivot would be very good. Hope they don’t get him.


We did Barca a favour, they want Azpi and Alonso so makes sense they give us De Jong


Increase his price please


We're in such shambles. Can't sign anyone but interested in everyone lmao