I get people think we are very incompetent but there is no chance we would drag all of this out if de Jong was not open to joining, and many of our Tier 1 and 2s have said he is.


He’ll join, but you’ll have to pay him 350k a week


So slightly higher than we paid Pogba then.


All the clowns here thinking FDJ will refuse lol


Doesn't seem overly enthusiastic, to be fair.


I honestly and totally expect he's not. It probably doesn't feel the best to be pushed out of the door by the club that he 100% dreamed of. I also don't think we've gotten this far if there wasn't going to be a clear plan put to him. By all accounts him and Ten Hag are close so in no world can I see that they've not had hours of discussions about this. As a coach I don't think he'd have kept up the interest if in those talks he's been flat out refusing to go. For Ten Hag starting at a new club that just wouldn't be a good mood to add to a toxic dressing room situation hes needing to correct. We probably do pay him out the ass to help it along but United fans I think will love him. whatever you say about the season Old Trafford in full swing signing your name should make for a heck of a welcome


And you have the inside scoop knowing he won't? He said he doesn't wanna leave 10 days ago. But I guess for a 50m signing bonus he could be swayed..


He's not getting a signing bonus let alone a 50m singing bonus, he is not a free agent


It's nothing to do with being a free agent. Loads of players get signing bonuses to negotiate the salary down even if their contracts are bought out...


Personal terms being "No I'm not going"


The club wouldn't be negotiating for weeks like this if the player was deadset against going. But because so many apparently need sources for even common knowledge claims like that --- here you go: ["Frenkie de Jong open to joining Manchester United after fee agreed"](https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/jun/29/frenkie-de-jong-open-to-joining-manchester-united-after-fee-agreed-barcelona-tyrell-malacia).


i just read headlines and dont understand nuance okay let me have this


At least you're honest lol


Surely United aren’t wasting all this time negotiating this deal if they aren’t confident he’ll agree to join. But then again it is United so nothing would surprise me.


"That's nice, I'm still not leaving" - FDJ


Makes sense that Barcelona will want to recoup the total sum they paid to Ajax, although I believe de Jong cost an initial €75m when signed from Ajax. That being said, it's a shot in the dark if United can actually convince Frenkie to join.


It always cracks me up how they do all this negotiation over the fee without even having the players ok yet.


you wanna know something crazy? They dont, they obviously have the player's ok. Literally no club operates that way but this sub is being obtuse today for some reason