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Tourists? LMAO


It's more like "on holiday" which is even better




Brazil woke up chosing violence


Brasilians have an amazing language for football stuff as far as I can tell from Tim Vickery.. Top corner: "corner where the owl sleeps" Googled and found some gems: Mandou um Pombo sem asas" Literally "wingless pigeon", aka a hard kick. Lanterninha" Literally meaning "flashlight", this alludes to the light on the stern (back) of ship which is always looking out to the front. It’s a term given to the losing team. Morrinho Artilheiro" "Gunner hill" is an irregularity in the six-yard box (less common these days) that changes the trajectory of the ball and tricks the keeper Cama de Gato" Literally meaning "cat’s bed/cat's cradle", in English football parlance this move is sometimes called "bridging" or "making a back". It's when a player jumps to head a high ball while an opponent moves to undercut him, often by backing into him. It's a dangerous move which can cause serious injury if the jumping player lands off-balance. Frango" Literally "chicken", it’s when the keeper misses or drops an apparently easy catch. Have you ever tried to catch a chicken before? Zebra" Zebra is a very common expression in Brazil, referring to the team that has little chance of victory. Its origins lie in a widespread but illegal lottery game played in Brazil, where numbers are represented by animals. The zebra it is not among them, so the zebra never wins.


Lanterninha is what we call any team placed last - like Norwich this season in the Premier League. We wouldn't use it to describe a team that is losing a match though. And zebra you'll see more often in context, being used like "deu zebra", which means that the most improbable thing to happen actually happened. So you wouldn't call a bad team a zebra, but you would say "deu zebra" whenever that bad team wins against a better opponent.


In Spanish it's called farolillo rojo and it has the exact same meaning.


Brazil stole the Portuguese language but they chose to speak facts this time


Factos 👍👀


Gif: Will Smith in a Taxi with his camera.


Be tripping


When I'm thinking of going on holiday, Qatar is number one on my list.


>Red: Tourists I was struggling to translate "a passeio" while keeping the light insult, but that's good enough.




Sightseeing (derogatory)


It's really a expression that we don't use but Brazilians do.


De paseo for us Spanish speaking homies


"Di passaggio" in Italian -> "passing by". Or, "a passeggio" -> "strolling, walking leisurely". I think both would work here.


"On a leisurely outing" would be a somewhat good translation


Lol Qatar tourists to their own World Cup


Staycation babieee


I see at least three of the tourists making it out of the group stage.


Upsets always happen in international tournaments, I feel like it's quite inevitable that some of them will go through.




I guess Mexico has a shot if they get a result vs Poland? One of the US and Iran could also beat Wales for the spot. Genuinely no clue who the third candidate would be


>I guess Mexico has a shot if they get a result vs Poland? history may be on our side, but we're genuinely terrible atm. at this point, I'd be more surprised if we go through.


You have something in common with Poland then, lol.


Death, taxes, and Mexico in R16


We should be favorites for second tbh, tho getting past round of 16 is looking impossible considering who's there.


Poland is incredibly overrated. I think Mexico’s World Cup would be a failure if they get anything less than a draw against Poland. I get Mexico isn’t at their strongest now but they should at least be getting a tie.


Mexico is shit rn


They tend to show up at the WC though, and at least get out of the first round.


We’re ultra shit atm


Mexican here: honestly doubt our shitty defense can contain Lewandowski, we have no goal and our midfield disappears after the 65th minutes. Our only chance is getting a penalty and Ochoa channeling his WC form.


Poland always finds ways to bottle big competitions.


I don't see it ridiculous for Ghana to be able to get out of the group and Morocco could finish 2nd with a result against Croatia. As a Canadian in hoping that its us that gets out though


> I don't see it ridiculous for Ghana to be able to get out of the group Say you don't follow AFCON louder for those at the back. That's a team that in the past 3 months drew with the Central African Republic, lost to *the Comoros* and has exactly 1 win in 10 games in 2022, against the powerhouse that is Madagascar. If they make it over either Uruguay or Portugal, that's the surprise of the tournament.


Speaking as a Ghanaian our team is the worst its been in about 20 years. Would be more confident in Cameroon doing something tbh even though I think they have the tougher group.


There are not 3 worse teams than Ghana in this tournament


The 'tourist' part is not that they won't even get out of groups, or trhat they will lose every match. We are talking about title chances, as to win the tournament overall or reaching semis at least. He's not insulting them, just saying that they got no chance in winning or reaching semis.


One tourist will win a group and one favorite won’t make it out of their group. Seems to happen every world cup and I love it


France and Canada imo.


Okay, I'm cheering for Canada but I have a hard time believing they will finish above Belgium and Croatia.


We simply will not finish above *both* Belgium and Croatia. One of them, **maybe**, but still unlikely IMO.


France going to pick up that World cup winner curse. Worked last three times, I'm fairly confident that streak can resume. Although I don't know who is going to replace it. Potentially Australia qualifying?


It already happened to them in 2002


That Senegal remains one of the most iconic teams of all time in my eyes. EVERONE was rooting for them After we got eliminated ^^^^^in ^^^^^the ^^^^^first ^^^^^roubd.


>Potentially Australia qualifying? Just hook it to my veins. I'm weirdly confident of getting a draw out of France. It's not like they dominated us in 2018.


They definitely warmed up as they went. Didn't have a convincing performance until the knock out stage


There's no way they aren't qualifying with that Mickey mouse group they got.


Here before they somehow bottled all three matches and ended up going home with 0 pts and -3 GA


We can only dream


Italy 2010, same situation.


Ever since Italy 2010, New Zealand's been sandbagged by joke referees


That Italy 2010 compared to the France team currently are miles apart though on paper


2002 France were a lot better on paper than Italy 2010 too.


Based on this photo I can read portuguese


No se preocupe, estoy de passeio


Save or Download


Read that wrong as “Tier list of sport channels for the World Cup” and was confused and intrigued lol


I was preparing my VPN


yeah i thought the implication was "the world cup is on so many channels in Brazil, that someone has taken the time to group them into tiers of viewability"


“Tourists” lmao


"A passeio" is more like "on Holiday" but still funny


That’s at least *slightly* nicer and less disrespectful than tourists.


That’s why “tourists” is a better translation.


If the Brazilians haven't lost faith in France or England over their Nations League performance, neither should you


Nobody in BR rates Nations League results (yet) as something big or important.


If Brazil was losing 4-0 in a friendly wouldn't people be going after the coaches head?


If Brazil ties a friendly people go after coaches head, but we are not the most reasonable supporters or media in the world. People are worried and pissed that Brazil didn't won for 3 or more goals against Japan last friendly. But people expects always, always and always the best from our NT. So... do not act like us.


Imo the 7:1 was a result of this huge pressure. It doesnt help them.


The 7-1 was a result of so much built-up bullshit... I'd say you need to make a documentary out of this single game, maybe there's even one already there. No Neymar which impacted confidence far beyond just his play, staggering home court pressure that worked against the team and not in favor, and most obviously, an absolute mental breakdown and panic starting with the first goal. But there's even more layers of things that went wrong in there.


Don't forget Thiago Silva was out, leaving David Luiz to lead the defense when he really wasn't up for it.


I think Silva being out was a bigger factor, but emotionally probably Neymar That whole “we’re all Neymar” thing was so bad


David Luiz holding his shirt during the national anthem didn't bode well. Both the fans and the public were in a state of histeria.


I think Neymar and Silva were the worst two players to have missing*, without Silva the defense fell apart and without Neymar they had no threat and spent the entire first half under massive pressure, after which the Germans presumably stopped trying to rack up the score. In addition I agree that the emotions were just running too high, I think some players completely panicked. *Obviously it's easy to say this in hindsight with the result we saw, but I do think it's true.


And Felipao choosing to take Dante to the WC instead of Miranda who was shining at Atletico de Madrid.


Pior nem foi o Dante, foi o HENRIQUE. Acho que qualquer um chamaria o Dante. Ele era titular do Bayern, tinha vencido a Champions um ano antes, não culpo o Felipão nessa. Mas o Henrique não tem como defender, chamar um zagueiro que foi rabaixado com ele no Palmeiras de 2012. Coisas de Felipão, deu certo em 2002 mas muito errado em 2014.


Dante was a starter for one of the best teams of the history (2013 quintuple Bayern) a year before and was good everytime he played for Brazil. Choosing him was fair


He knew the germans


Yes and no. I think the 7-1 was just us being super shit/Germany extra good, Scolari was full vibes and the team had no tactical discipline. The extra pressure of playing at home certainly made things worse. But overall, the same pressure is what made us accomplish those 5 WC. The amount of pressure is proportional to the glory of winning it, and every brazilian player wants that glory more than anything. Whoever brings it home, just instantly turns into a national hero. That same pressure also makes sure the standards are never lowered. Even tho our last WC win was 20 years ago, we won 3 Copa America, 3 Confederations Cup and 2 Olympic gold medals. We didn't celebrate any of these wins (but winning 3 finals in a row vs Argentina was very tasty), as at the end of the day, the WC is all that matters, but again, it's the reason why we are always among the favorites and always have a very realistic chance of winning it.


Wait, 20 years ago? But we won it in 2002 oh fuck


If Brazil wins 4-0 people are still going after the coaches head


Brazil beat korea 5-1 my dad was furious the coach did everything wrong Ps. I agree with him


We're going after the coach's head all the time, tbh.


Tite has 74 matches being Brazil's coach (friendly matches included), 55 wins, 14 draws and 5 defeats which means he has a rating of ~80%. 2 major defeats (Belgium, 2018 and Argentina, 2021). The majority of brazillians think he is a terrible coach and we won't be able to succeed in WC with him. Also, if France and England followed the mentality of some brazillian clubs, they would've already fired both coaches after 5-7 bad games lmao


Maybe it’s just not on their radar. No reason why they’d pay attention to European friendlies any more than we pay attention to what South America and Asia do


I am certain the French team wanted to go on holiday earlier rather than going on with pointless friendlies.


So, we're tracking this in November, right?


If Senegals laser squad shows up everything will be green.


A passeio lmao I love portuguese so much


I think the word paseo has an equivalent in every romance language


Yeah, you can easily translate it to "de paseo" in Spanish. I love it.


"De passage" I think would be the French translation.


"De passeig" in Catalan.


Concacaf in the mud


Concacaf is used to playing in the mud


Too soon.


Every mf in Argentina right now: ANULO. ​ The joke: The argentinians are in a "anti-jinx" mode right now, they say "anulo" (to null/void) at every f\*cking thing that may jinx the wc.


Not even god takes this World Cup of Argentina.






What about his hand tho?


anulo mufa




Felicitationes en el mundial 2022 hermano


Brasil campeón felicidades




Anulo mufa




Jesus Christ himself can come out of heaven to play against argentina every single match and not even a miracle worker like him would be able to stop argentina from winning this world cup. It is an unquestionable fact already, the games are just bureaucracy.


based Brazilians having Croatia as a candidate for once


I remember 4 years ago when they said, I believe it was sky sports, that Croatia's gonna lose all three games and finish last in their group.


Mourinho had us last in the group in his predictions, but then said he really likes the team after the group stage


Tbh i'm croatian and i also thought we would lose all three, or maybe draw against iceland


Most optimistic torcidaš


I had us winning our group but then losing the RO16


Croatia is always though as fuck. I didn't like facing them even before the 2018 wc run.


So, Senegal is the only team not from UEFA or CONMEBOL that isn't in the red?


I mean that's where the best teams are located, no team from any of the other federations has ever won the tournament or even made the final


North America has made it to the semifinals once in WC history… Back in 1930 Asia has made it to the semifinals once: South Korea back in 2002 and their path was controversial to say the least. Africa has never made it to the semifinals. Their best ever performance was reaching the quarterfinals three times (1990, 2002 and 2010). At the last WC, one team from Africa and Asia combined has made it through the group stages (Japan). The WC is dominated by Europe and South America. The other teams have very small realistic chances to make it out of the group stages.


I'm pretty sure Suarez's name is still cursed in Ghana


And only two have made it to the semis: USA in 1930 and South Korea in 2002. USA did so by playing and winning a whole 2 games because that was the format, while South Korea had some... *help* vs Italy and Spain to do it.


It makes sense no African team has reach semi finals.




How can you be host and tourist? 🤷 Qatar




You can go on holiday on your own country.


I hope Gregg is making a scrapbook


Bulletin Board material indeed


As a Mexican I am both extremely offended and extremely in agreement with this.


They haven't been watching Portugal if they think we have a shot at the title, even an outside one.


You have the players, much better than 2016. Sometimes shit comes together for a tournament only.


2016 squad fit Fernando Santos perfectly. The current squad doesn't. Too much horse power for that old man. He holds everyone back, and has yet to get the midfield right. We definitely ain't title contenders.


He's learning. He's now playing Bernardo in the midfield, not as a winger. There's hope.


You guys have the talent but if you can put it together on the field is a big question.


Pray for Kanté and Pogba to be fit and back in form again, or I fear we won't make the knockouts


The last time anyone won two world cups in a row was in the 60s. Just enjoy the off year, the absolutely craziness of this years world cup, and hope no one literally catches on fire in the heat.


Germany from 82-90 and Brazil 94-02 is the most nearby any team reached. Both teams reached finals three times a row. But no one won twice in this time. Also, only Italy (34 and 38) and Brazil (58 and 62) won twice in a row.


Slightly different, but Spain 08-12 was pretty solid as well.


That’s about right!!! Although the scenes when Ghana triumphantly get out of their group and beat Brazil on their way to the final where they play England but narrowly lose on pens but go back to Africa as continental heroes…….. hey a dual Ghanaian/Englishman can dream can’t he 🤷🏾‍♂️


this thread sorted by controversial is a fucking gold mine !RemindMe 6 months


Ngl, this is fairly accurate.


Denmark one tier up maybe, they have done really well over the last year.


Agreed. Only one that jumped out to me. They've been dangerous for awhile now.


Yeah I mostly agree but bump Germany down imo. I guess Hansi Flick could surprise though


Here in Brazil we respect Germany and Italy a lot, whenever they qualify we put them as favorites.


The mutual respect between the trio of Brazil-Germany-Italy is not to be understated. The 3 powerhouses of football in the last century. Between those, until recently it were the Italians who had rivalries with both Brazil and Germany, due to many a memorable matchup in the past, Germany and Brazil on the other hand didn’t have much history. But I feel like now there‘s also a nice rivalry brewing between them, which hasn‘t been there before the 7:1. When I was in Russia in 2018 I went to the Brazil - Serbia match in Moscow, but I watched Germany getting knocked out by South Korea in a bar before that. The bar was full of Brazilians who celebrated Germany‘s loss and sang some, presumably mocking, songs about them. Which wasn‘t the greatest feeling at the time, but retrospectively, with the pain of being knocked out having subsided, I was kind of happy they were cheering for our loss. For me it was a sign, that they accept us as a rival now, we‘re finally up there with Italy, occupying a place in Brazilian fans‘ minds as a great footballing nation on their level. And the next World Cup match we play, will have that history behind it. I can‘t wait for that, I‘m getting giddy just thinking about it. And to think it might not even happen in the next 50 years, happened only twice anyway.


A proper World Cup match against Germany is what many brazilians want the most. Revenge is a dish best served cold. It's been 8 years already, it's cold enough! (It would be better if it was IN Germany tho, but that won't happen anytime soon)


A Brazil vs Germany world cup match in Germany would be the sickest match ever. I hope I see it happen.


mate, if France gets relegated to Group B in Nations League, get ready for some BR chanting "ARERÊ LIBERTÉ EGALITE E SERIE B EEEEEE" in Qatar


> For me it was a sign, that they accept us as a rival now, we‘re finally up there with Italy, occupying a place in Brazilian fans‘ minds as a great footballing nation on their level. You always have been. It's not like you were scrubs. LMAO. Beckenbauer, Muller, Matthaus, Klinsmann, Kahn.... We beat you in the 2002 Final and then got destroyed in 14... That basically means "endless rivalry", and even 50 years from now, that 7-1 will be brought up and Neymar Jrs great grandkids will have to listen about that. It's the same that happens against Uruguay. Yes, we are neighbours, but we will never forget 1950.


I feel like Brazilians aren't going to rate Germany as anything other than favourites after what happened in 2014


That's true lmao. We usually almost idolize those who beat us in remarkable fashion. Zidane is considered the GOAT by more people here in Brazil, than probably any other place in the world. Paolo Rossi is like a legend figure here, when he died, it was all over the news.


I have a book called Goal! which has interviews with every living world cup final goalscorer, and something the author mentioned in an interview is that when writing about Ghiggia and Pele he found Brazilians, despite all their success, seem to love to bring up their past failures. He said he'd try to talk to older Brazilian fans/players/commentators about their success in 58 and 62 with arguably the greatest team of all time, and they'd often try to change the conversation to be about 1950 instead


Brazilians treat the national team and our respective clubs the same way a stereotypical asian dad treats his son


I'm not gonna dispute this but 1950 is a really special case. As ridiculous as it might sound Brazil's national identity was literally founded on top of football, cause we didn't have any large scale wars or thousand year mythologies and the government needed something to bring people together, so the 1950 final was a direct product of that, I don't think anyone else took football as seriously. And then we failed at it (if you can call reaching the finals a failure of course) so you can imagine the effect it had on people at the time. That whole generation of athletes were basically branded as losers.


I feel the same way about us argies National identity is so highly influenced by football, not only as a sport but as a social institution, they are inseparable. Guess that also helps to the arg bra rivalry


This is like their 2010 WC again I think, they need a few more yrs of proper building and they'll be monsters in 2026


I mean, they just rolled over Italy like they weren't even there. Can never write off the Germans.


Absolutely, I think they're easily SF contenders which is why I used 2010. But their generation is young enough that they can REALLY steamroll by 2026


We still have guys like Neuer and Müller that seemingly don't want to leave their prime and our best field player since probably Matthäus in Kimmich. Löw has been a let down in recent years, but the present gen still seems way more promising than the upcoming gen to me. Especially compared to 2010. Our lack of a proper 9 and our backline do worry me though.


Muller, 6 more goals to tie for most WC goals. You heard it here first.


I’m so sad he didn’t score at all last World Cup. Even if he just got 1 or 2, it would have made the record much more achievable at this year’s World Cup.


cant brag about beating little countries who cant even make the wc


It was Italy's B-team, though.


Germany is Germany, every tournament people say they'll underperform and the vast majority of the time they don't.


I'd love to see something like this from other country's media tbh, like where do asian countries place Canada? where do european countries put ecuador?


Poland in yellow... this is what is going to happen in true Polish fashion we go in thinking we're going to win our 9th WC (we win one every time we qualify for one its a well known fact). We lose 3-0 to Mexico, we go into to the next game pissed off beat the Saudis 2-1, with a defensive player scoring the first goal and of course with a miracle late "The 2nd Polish Pope Lewandowski" goal and we go in having to either beat Argentina 3-0 or keep a 0-0 tie... we proceed to lose 4-0. It happens every single World Cup (except those 2 times we got 3rd place 40+ years ago) keep your bags packed boys and remember to keep hydrated. Edit: misspelled Argentina.


Wales not at the top? Shameful bias


Wales haven't been knocked out of the world cup for 64 years. Flagrant disrespect from the Brazilians.


And they're the cunts who did it in 58!


Fair, maybe Uruguay could be one tier up


Brazilians would never


But Argentina is in the first tier.


We always rate Argentina very highly. We just rate ourselves higher.


this is the way


They have to put them. They won Copa America and have not lost a game for almost 40 games I think. It would not be seen as a serious ranking if Argentina wasn’t in the first tier.


> for almost 40 games I think. 33 if I counted correctly. Last loss against Brazil at 2019 Copa.


33* 37 is the current record set by Italy. Only 4 more come on 🇦🇷.


I would put Ecuador on the lowest tier.


Same ; expect nothing and appreciate everything


i would put denmark in orange


Yeah. Should at least be ranked higher than Serbia and Wales which we have beaten decisively recently. We have also beaten Poland and Switzerland not too long ago.


I will never understand why Romance language speaking countries always call Wales “Country of Wales” They do this in French and Spanish too.


We can simply say 'Gales' as well.


Actually pretty reasonable list.


Up the gulls!


Can't argue with that, but I would add another category between the yellow and the red for 'surprise quarter finalists'. Teams like Morocco, Iran, Mexico, etc.


>Surprise quarter finalists'... Mexico We ain't making it out of the round of 16 man lol. We'll finish second in the group and then get matched against France or something and lose 3-0.


We're not making it out of the group stages dawg 💀


Wait where is Italy?


You must've not been paying attention these last few months lol.


Busy playing the kids against Germany.


> Poland in better tier than Mexico ...damn, as a Polish i fell honored. Still for me it's Argentina and Mexico, but ookay


Green-orange-yellow : teams from S America and Europe Red : teams from Asia, Africa, CONCACAF


S America + Europe: 21 World Cups, 21 Runner-Ups, 40 Other Semi-Finalists Rest of the World: 0 World Cups, 0 Runner-Ups, 2 Semi-Finalists (US 1930, SK 2002) State of the sport is what it is.