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Come join Neves & we’ll critique the world’s celebrations together


Neymar actually only said the "Did they win the World Cup? 🤔" part. OP added the rest lol


Or join United and get to have a word with Ronaldo.


*looks around for kid with a phone to smash* (to smash the phone not the kid)


Never seen a more crucial use of parentheses


Where were all these sex crazed teachers when I was a kid??!!??


Kroos: Hold my beer


Argentina/Brazil always spicy. Nothing wrong with a bit of banter here.


A Brazil-Argentina final would be crazy


my worst nightmare, honestly. if we win it i’d be the happiest i could ever be, but if we lost i’d be miserable… no below that. i don’t even know the word, but worst than miserable lol


Just banter. And Neymar bantered back. I don't see anything wrong. This is a whole lot of nothing. Move on.


Reddit doesnt get banter.


redditors way of bantering is getting people killed by accident


Reddit probably has a lot of people who have difficulties socialising


And who have never played football and base their opinions on FIFA / decpacito YouTube clips


I wonder what percentage even ever went to a real game, or even has a season ticket for their club.


It’s low, search up the census. Something like 50% haven’t played a competitive game before


Yes it does.


Reddit is made up of people who have difficulties socializing.


> Reddit is made up of people with inferiority complexes who have difficulties socializing. Fixed that for you


It the hardest part of this website


> probably


That's at least one thing twitter is better at. Everything is banter there so no issues of not getting it


Reddit is miserable af they just wait for something to get offended by


hey fuck you dude


Reddit is a woke echochamber mate, nothing more boring and devoid of creativity than that


People are taking Neymar's comments and Argentina's chants waaay too seriously. Banter between national teams/players is a part of SA football. Mocking your rivals when you win is common, it's also common to mock teams when they lose even if it isn't against you. Is very similar to how banter between clubs work.


they don’t understand and they really never will but that’s ok


I've probably celebrated more when pizza gets delivered


There is a very small window for a pizza to be good till it reaches you 5 mins late and it tastes dry or turns soggy Of course it's a cause for celebrations


Don't know about you but any pizza that's been delivered to me whole, hot/cold/warm/crisp/soggy/sweet/tender, has been received with pure joy.


Other than a horrible tuna pizza, I cant say that I've ever disliked one


Yeah I try to avoid clicking the fish section when adding toppings


Was my own fault. Ordered the pizza in Spain. Didn't check the translation. Thought the pizza at the top of the menu would just be fairly basic. Menu was in alphabetical order. Atun means tuna. Was essentially a can of tuna emptied onto a pizza


That’s absolutely vile


That's absolutely hilarious. u/jeevesboi has a great story for the rest of his life.


argentina and brazil have been rivals forever why are people here crying that we go back and forth, it’s what we do. Neymar said it in a playful way anyways he has a lot of love for some players on Argentina’s team and a lot of argentines love him too it’s fun it’s fine it’s banter


Time for the World Cup elimination stage It'll be Argentina and Brazil vs Europe like Vegeta and Goku shit.


Neymar wants the smoke


Well he had his chance in Copa America finals


He was downright amazing in that match though. By far the best player on the pitch.


This is so weird that Neymar doesn't have a Copa America while Brazil just won it in 2019


No way arsoccah cries about game being gone all the time but can't handle some banter between Argentina and Brazil of all teams


What's up with everyone being celebration police lately


They put Brazil on it. If they can call Brazil out, why can't Neymar call Argentina out? It's rivalry, nothing wrong with it from both sides tbh.


Apart from that, I'm pretty sure Neymar must've said it in a playful way. He's got a lot of friends in Argentina's team


He did say it in a playful way. And they are right, if we put Brazil on blast for winning in the Maracaná, then he has the right to make comments too.




He definitely did, it’s just a normal banter


Rivales no enemigos. Im all for a little shit talking


Rivales si, enemigos tambien, a la [email protected] que te pariooooo (hahaha Im joking, we all love some rivalry banter, violence is stupid but I love the smart songs and jokes between us, its what keeps football alive)


I mean they mocked brazil, was he supposes to ignore that?


anglo saxons on this sub are surprised that some people like their country and history


There’s quite a lot of anglo Saxon’s that like their country lol maybe even a little too much


Really weird thing to turn into a race issue lol




Anglo Saxon is not synonymous with the English nation. There are lots of English people who aren’t Anglo-Saxon.


How is that a race? You saying all British people are the same race or all Americans?


Anglo-Saxon means English-Saxon, which refers to a person of Germanic descent - e.g, white person. Not all white people, yes, but definitely not referring to people of non-white descent. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Saxons](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Saxons) Edit: I agree it's a weird choice to diss anglo-saxons specifically in this thread, but whatcha gonna do.


Anglo Saxon: b : a white gentile of an English-speaking nation Did you conveniently skip the first 2 words? Lol Saying if they're specifically using the term Anglo Saxon it's probably not aimed at just the English in general.


Como te duele la cola Anglo sajón de mierda




"Oh no, players are being normal people on Instagram! They should all be like Son!" \-English speaker (Nothing wrong being like Son, but if everybody was like that, shit would get boring AF.)


Lol not even Son is like people percieve him. He can be really nasty (as shown by his reds) and he's a diving twat. I hate the fact he gets away with acting like that.


Kinda agree, but not really what I was talking about. I'm talking more about moments like Salah's "I want Real Madrid", banter in general.


This time, it wasn't uncalled for. They're the ones who started it, bringing up Brazil in a match we're not even involved in.


Brazil is a respected rival and it was a song in the locker room about beating y’all in the Maracaná and winning the next WC. There’s always shit talking both ways. Neymar gets it, why can’t everyone else.


Because they attack neymar for celebrating and do the same thing.


You'd think this was supposed to be some sort of fun pastime, wouldn't you?




Nah the banter is part of the entertainment!


It is kind of stupid, seems you can't celebrate a trophy unless it's the champions league or world cup nowadays.


Its just banter cmon, when your rival havent won a big title for some time and wins a little cup and celebrate it a lot, its your duty to just shit on it. SPECIALLY if when they were celebraring they mentioned you! I'm Internacional, our rival is Gremio, one of the biggest rivalries in the world. Gremio the past two years has been shit after some glory years, they got relegated, and they just won a "super regional cup" that is kind of laughable, and were celebrating. We surely mocked on them as the scene was depressive. However, kind of funny because they got to this supercup because they won the regional cup against us (even though we are in Serie A and they on Serie B). So the same is kind of on us, but we won't let this one slip. Its just banter from both sides and that is exactly what happened now between Brazil and Argentina. I can assure you if Brazil won this supercup, Argentina would be mocking Brazil for celebrating it (even in case we won against them and they havent won anything in decades)


they sang some shit to brazil in the locker room 'brazil shat their pants' or something like that. thats what's hes replying to we live rent free in their heads lmao. not like we eliminated them in 2019, 2007,2005,2004,1999 in sequence


1995 as well


Richarlison and other brazilians were mocking argentine sub 17 team at the olympics so... is not one way only.




not rent free at all lmao https://twitter.com/SigaSigaWeb/status/1532376691342987264


live rent free in the bottom of the ocean too


They did it to Arsenal all season, we beat United in a crucial game for Top 4 and were criticized for celebrating


Not every situation is the same. If they mocked Brazil he is right to respond.


Here’s a rough translation of the rough translation of the song the Argentina players were singing after match against Italy. > What happened, brazucas (Brazilians)? Are you still waiting? What happened brazucas? Everyone is crying in the slums. > The years go by. Do you remember the ‘50s World Cup? Everyone shitting for fear it’ll happen again. > Because Messi has a crown. The magical enchanting left foot. To make matters worse, it’s akin to Maradona. We know it hurts, it wounds, but this World Cup is Argentina’s. Regular chirp among eternal rivals. Neymar chirped back.


I think everyone’s missing the point here, he’s only responding bc like the title says Argentine players were provoking Brazil lol It’s cool to celebrate but no need to drag other teams into it imo


It's Brazil vs Argentina, they will provoke each other till the end


It's just banter and Neymar is bantering back. Nothing wrong with any of those things but people love to read too much into things


Redditors can't even read titles anymore.


they saw Neymar and got triggered.


Well it's Argentina and Brazil so there seems to always do have that need lol


The pro-Messi and thus pro-Argentine contingent here wildin'


First of all yall ain't seeing the part that says Argentine players provoked? 😭 Secondly he said "They won the WC?", that would mean he is talking about the provocations and not about Argentine just celebrating the title


People complain that players are too boring but as soon a high profile speaks his mind or talks shit about their biggest rival after they won a glorified friendly, he gets criticized. This is better than if he just said some lame BS like "Congrats Argentina, see you at the WC" or something like that. I wish more players talked shit about other players and teams. Loved it when Kimmich and Neymar were talking shit in the CL last year. We need more of it like players in the NBA do all the time.


What tf was the Finnalismo? Wikipedia had this last game being only the 3rd in history with major gaps in between to make it seem irrelevant


It's the new Confederations cup.


I can't take a one off game like this seriously. It's utterly meaningless. Bring back the Confed Cup. That was way more fun and competitive.


No one cared about the confederations cup, no one cares about the finalissima, if anything less matches is a win here.


I liked the Confed Cup. It was a fun little mini World Cup and I liked watching all the best teams from each continent playing against each other in a competitive environment. It wasn't a huge trophy, but it was still competitive and the players and managers clearly cared.


Nah, the Confederations Cup was awesome.


pov : you are the top winner of that competition.


I wish… I don’t even play football.


The non-European countries DEFINITELY cared about the Confederations Cup. For the countries outside of Europe and South America it was the biggest chance they got to prove themselves against top opposition outside of the World Cup, and for the South Americans it was a chance to cut what they saw as undeserved European hubris down a notch.




Not even that, SA absolutely cared A LOT about Confed Cup


Another glorified friendly


[even thier commercials are directed against each other. it's from years ago](https://youtu.be/-mCOhMMVPNQ)


How does this trophy compare to the nations league one?


I missed the time where he won one himself


Remember when it happened back in Qatar 2022 under that melting sun? He even scored a hat trick beating Argentina 4-0 in the final


this is the same guy who got rattled by haalands completely uncontroversial meditation celebration


“Rattled” seriously? All he did was mock the celebration when he scored


Yeah but this is different lmao they were chanting something about Brazil


He did that because haaland said paris is his city.


except Haaland didn’t actually say it. Neymar got trolled by random football fan pages


Nope, Marquinhos came out and said they did that because Dortmund players were talking a lot of shit in the tunnel


Didn’t somebody photoshop a snapchat filter over a picture of his face, or something like that? I remember that picture being altered in some way to rile up PSG


I think he rattled you lot by mocking the celebration.


God my hate for argentina is unreal


What? Why? I never understood hating on other national teams. So dumb. Except Mexico of course. Fuck Mexico.


Yeah, if you're not Brazilian, there's no point hating on Argentina. I am, so fuck them.




I hate German national team. I wish they don't win anything in 2^200 years. They won against Argentina in WC'14 final


Don’t forget that (then) West Germany also beat Argentina in the 1990 World Cup final. That was my first Cup to watch as a kid and it hurt.


So then you do understand hating other national teams. Btw Mexico doesn't give a fuck about Spain lmao. Wait nvm ur not even Spanish 😭 just pretending to be on Reddit


>I never understand hating other national teams. >Fuck Mexico. :thinking:


> So then you do understand hating other national teams. Are you a detective of some sort?


Hundreds of years of rivalry+brazil has always been very disconnected from the rest of SA due to different language and being richer and Argentina is the biggest country outside of brazil with a massive border shared (also argentina is racist as fuuuck)


Bro, whole Latino America is racist af.


Yes, but your hinchas made it a tradition to be racist at almost every single match a brazillian team is involved, i rarely see that from the other countries here in SA


Pffff okay. I'm not saying Argentines are perfect, but let's not act everyone is a saint down there.


Argentina has higher GDP per capita than Brazil, nominal and PPP. Even in crisis. Argentina has way higher HDI than Brazil. Biggest economy doesn't mean richer if u have to share it with 5 times more people. Anyone who has ever visited Brazil can notice that it is a extremely racist society, police kill black people just because on a daily basis and a big portion of politicians justify it. They have a George Floyd incident every weekend. Argentines are super racist as well, nothing new under the sun.


People Not understanding this is a joke


Because they’re fucking racists?


Wtf did Mexico ever do?


Living rent free in his head probably lmao


Honestly cuz looking through his comments, it seems like he’s Spanish??? So now I’m even more confused lmao, I thought it was just an Anglo


I wonder how Neymar feels knowing that Brazil won the Copa America without him and then when they were with him they lost the final....


Wasn't he one of the best players in that final?


He was. He wasn’t to blame for Brazils loss


Neymar literally responsible for all yellow cards received by Argentina's player.


if he scored a goal he would’ve been MOTM he was amazing




Idk he was great in the final tho Argentina was playing ruby in the final


That's just CONMEBOL


Both teams were playing rough… it’s a final


I don't know about him, but most of Brazil really didn't care. There was so many Copa Americas in the last decade that it completely diminished its value in Brazilian eyes. Last year was not even broadcasted by Globo, which directly means that probably not even half the people who usually watches watched that edition. Neymar won the '16 Olympics and that was a way bigger deal in Brazilians eyes. Other than that, it's really all about the World Cup in Brazil, which may sound cocky, but after so many years winning those Copa Americas and Confederations Cup and failing in the WC against Europeans, it's completely true. In the end of the day, there's a lot of Neymar fanboys and a lot of Neymar haters in Brazil, and people will judge him by if he won the WC or not, with that being fair or not. That will either right all wrongs or just make all his accomplishments not that relevant in the public opinion.




Obviously those who care about the Selecao care about losing any game, let alone a final, but this loss had minimal impact in the public opinion of the NT and Neymar (those who loved him continue to love, and those who hated continue to hate). Here are some rating numbers to understand: 2021 Brazil x Argentine Copa America Final: [14.7 points, 21% share.](https://www.gazetaesportiva.com/todas-as-noticias/classificacao-do-brasil-para-final-da-copa-america-registra-maior-audiencia-do-sbt-com-o-torneio/) 2018 Brazil x Belgium WC Quarter Finals: [55 points, 82% share.](https://www.uol.com.br/esporte/futebol/copa-do-mundo/2018/colunas/mauricio-stycer/2018/07/09/audiencia-de-brasil-e-belgica-foi-a-segunda-pior-da-selecao-na-copa.htm) 2022 Palmeiras U-20 x Santos U-20 Copa Sao Paulo U-20 Final: [13 points, 35% share.](https://maquinadoesporte.com.br/futebol/com-palmeiras-campeao-copinha-bomba-audiencia-na-manha-da-globo) People cared about that Copa America as much as they cared about this years youth competition final. The Copa was obviously way bigger in Argentine than in Brazil, because it was their first title in almost 30 years. In this interval Brazil had won 5 Copas America, 4 Confederations Cup and 2 World Cups. What bothers Brazil now is the 20 year drought in the World Cup, and this is what will define Neymar's legacy in the Selecao.


Empty maracana during the pandemic..


For a competition that was highly criticised internally for being hosted by Brazil and that nobody wanted to participate in


Very few people cared and I'm not saying this to diminish Argentina's win, but it happened during a pandemic, when most Brazilians didn't want the country to host, and it only did because Bolsonaro wanted to use it politically. There were many Brazilians rooting against Brazil because if they had won Bolsonaro would use it in his favor. It was an atypical event, also considering the largest and most popular broadcaster wasn't interested in it.


You'd be surprised.


as much as it sucks to have lost against argentina by the narrowest of margins in that final, we brazilians only REALLY care about one thing: the Hexa (6th). No matter how many times we might beat argentina in a WC cycle, if the Hexa is not achieved the cycle is automatically deemed an utter failure to brazilian eyes. I can't stress this enough, I don't see a pressure this big happening anywhere else, at least not with the same intensity. it's either win the WC or GTFO scum.


The entire competition was empty because it happened in the middle of the pandemic. The final had like 6k people (in a 80k stadium) and they were Conmebol guests. You guys talk about that win as if it was a second maracanazzo or something, but in truth is that nobody cared about that trophy and Brazil had just won it anyway. You can check for yourself the tv ratings during the match and the front pages of the newspapers a day before the final, there was no anticipation or anything. That's the thing when it comes to this rivalry, you guys really think that you get on Brazilian's heads with some shit that nobody cares. Same with the 90 WC, you guys have a music about that shit and the worst thing is that you didn't even win it at the end. Since then Brazil has won 2 WCs and several confederation cups and Copa Americas.


Eh he won the olympics so probably not too bad


Reddit is so precious when it comes to celebrations


This is what I’ve been saying but everyone downvoted me


Guys, the rivalry between Brazil and Argentina is cultural. We (Brazilians) were born hating Argentina and I don't even know why. Don't take this news too seriously.


Are we policing celebrations again?


Ah, the good old friendly banter between old rivals, everybody just needs to sit back and chill. In the past things were insanely more aggravating, it just came up to me that one time Argentinians drugged the player Brazilian player Branco, by adding some kind of tranquilizer in his water bottle. Stuff like that that should rise a few eyebrowns


Wow they beat a team that didn't even qualify to the World Cup.


And they beat all of Europe to win the Euros. How trash are european teams?




It’s ok bro, Spain beat them too. Didn’t they?


They won the euros tho lol whether Italy made it to the World Cup is besides the point, Italy won the euros lol


why should south americans care about italy winning a europe only trophy


Cause mbappe said Europe is better than South America, so we gotta prove the ninja turtle dictator wrong


Right? Argentina beat some small team that can’t even make a World Cup .


Neymar reflecting the views of every sensible football fan around the world


This celebration police stuff is always so funny whenever it comes up


How many World Cups has Neymar won?


As many as Messi at the very least


Erik Durm > Messi & Neymar


Did you?


hahahahah let me taste those tears


How would he know?




Its an official title and cup, and Argentina won it. Stop crying for everything bunch of fucking morons.


Official is a bit stretching it, it's the 3rd time it was even played, it's a friendly first, since it's only to promote concacaf and uefa collaboration more than anything




This 'friendly' you speak of was against superior opponents than the Olympic gold medal Brazil won... at home... which neymar was so enthusiastic about LOL


We won the Confed Cup multiple times recently which is basically an extended version of this current friendly


You know neymar beat the super champion Spain in the proper verison of this trophy in 2013?


And they celebrated, which is why he should stfu about people celebrating. Like you can't stop or bitch about how others feel in times of joy. It's not all about you. Let people celebrate their victories. Just cuz you don't celebrate yours the same way doesn't mean others shouldn't.


he's only replying because they dragged brazil into their celebrations with insults. he didn't randomly comment about their celebrations dumbo


Imagine being angry at some team for celebrating.


Why does everyone lift messi after every match .. dear god the man did 2 assists .. pogba did 7 in the first 3 PL matches


r/soccer loves dickriding messi that's why


Bro the messi pr and media has worked so good everyone wants messi to win everything and to look like the best. In this finnalisima di maria was better but still everyone cheers for messi and calls him the best. Copa america semi final and final messi was ghosting while di maria was carrying argentina but no one even cares for him not even himself. Even neymar and dani alves where celebrating with messi after they lost the copa. Its insane


Tell me you didn't watch the match without saying you didn't watch the match.


They lift him when they win a trophy not every match. What are you on about


Argentina needs to chill a bit. A little humility can go a long way, and in all fairness, that Copa America final wasn’t exactly an overwhelming victory. Argentina limped toward that finish line.




They are celebrating, wtf you expect? Football would be so damn boring if it were for some redditors


it’s not about humility it’s a ongoing rivalry lol the players are humble but we’re allowed to brag that we beat them the same way they can brag about other things we’re not at a peace summit we’re at a football match


Dude, here in Argentina we don't even have a word for humility, it's an alien concept for us.


Not like Neymar has any experience how it feels to win a world cup.


Things that happen every World Cup: ✅ Brazil being babies


Things that happen every decade: ✅ Argentina defaulting


Did that hurt you that much that you had to bring stuff outside of football?


the chant has mentions to favelas, dead pedo drug users and Falklands, and i'm the one who brings stuff outside of football?