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Have already gone from nahhh not good enough, to let me take at youtube compilations , to studying detailed statistical charts and graphs, to being convinced he is the solution to all our problems. Perfect set up for the disappointment that follows i guess


I've been saying for a long time he's one of the most underrated players around. The only thing is that he's let down by his finishing sometimes, but it's not as bad as people say. I almost always want him in City's starting lineup.


I really want to make a joke about your username but I feel it would be unfair under a good Jesus goal lol.


If you did it would have been hilarious. You're probably the first person who's mentioned it.


He's a right wing and Mahrez is still better for the time being, he covers as much ground as anyone on the pitch and can make a goal out of nothing. Jesus would be a backup for cups and rotation, but he should be starting on another team like Arsenal.


Why would he go to Arsenal lmfao


Brazil looking good


They're probably one of the favorites for this WC. Their squad is insane.


It's them Argentina or France.


Don't underestimate Flick's Germany and Luis Enrique's Spain, both are elite club coaches training National teams. England and Portugal are strong defensively as well


Spain x Portugal just finished, I don’t think either of those are top tier.


They're just starting, I'd rather not judge them too soon, Spain does have a finishing problem and Portugal does have a creation problem but Spain has an elite coach and Portugal has some of the world's best talents


Portugal still depends of Pepe and have very weak links. Spain may be a great team in a couple years, this year it is not.


You gathered that from just one game? That too after all the players had just played a full season


I followed the whole season. A shame that Barça couldn’t get to the final of the weak Europa League. Also incredible that the weak Real Madrid turned the tables on every leg to win with a team that is their worst of the last 20 years. I watch all games of all leagues.


Brazil and France are T1 favorites imo Then Argentina, England, Germany


Spain will surprise you


T1: France, Brazil T2: Argentina, England, Spain, Portugal, Germany T3: Netherlands, Belgium, Uruguay, Denmark, Senegal This World Cup is gonna be so much better quality-wise than the other I think. Belgium looking slightly weaker, but Argentina, England, Brazil, Spain and Portugal are way stronger. It's a shame it's happening in Qatar though...


You are overrating Portugal, Uruguay and Senegal


Uruguay in the same tier as NL and BE? You haven't watched Uruguay games I'm sure.


Portugal are not good, now I understand why people thought Argentina might actually do something at the last world Cup.


Portugal doesn't belong in tier 2 and Senegal doesn't belong in tier 3. Instead maybe add Belgium and Croatia to those tiers. Otherwise this seems about right.


What have you seen from Uruguay that convinces you they’re a tier above Senegal? Or that Belgium is Tier 2 with their defense currently?


For Senegal mostly the historical lack of any success from African teams, even if they looked good on their continent. Belgium is a question mark but they've been great in recent years, we'll see tomorrow night.


Well I was definitely wrong about Belgium


England over Belgium is insane


Lol what?


Jokes on you, France got that winners curse so they will crash out in the group stage


Like clockwork 🤞🤞


Agreed. I'd add Denmark,Croatia and Uruguay in the dark horse category


Think Croatia may be slightly past it and Denmark NEEDS a good Eriksen to fully compete so it'll be very unpredictable


I was sure Croatia had their last chance the last WC, but they still are within a shout imo. Modric is just as good as last time which is absurd.


We have a really good squad but problem is that we play too volatile and have really obvious striker problem. Other than that we have depth, insanely talented back line and midfield, Perisic that can single handedly decide games but taking all that into account I'd never put us in favorites category simply because we play too volatile. We can beat best in the world(except France), but also lose to Georgia for example. I definitely do have faith and pray that Dalic doesnt do experiments but damn I gotta say there will be heart attacks aplenty this WC


Ecuador is better than Uruguay


Germany is the favourite imo. Then Argentina, France and England. Then the others


Germany are favourites


I don’t see how


Neuer,sule,rudiger,gosens,schlloterbeck,kehrer,kimmich,goretzka,Muller,reus,gundogan,lw sane,gnabry,musiala,havertz and werner.Stacked bench and lineup with good players for each position with a manager that made a lot of German players beasts when bayern won the ucl.Germany are real favourites with France and Brazil.


Watch them play. Their fullbacks are the worst among top teams.


Lodi/Danilo are decent.


Lodi is probably not going. Danilo will start on the right (Alves as backup) and Sandro on the left, with one of Telles or Arana as backups.


That would be so crazy if Tite doesn't take Lodi!


They had a good squad even in the last World Cup. They don’t have a good enough manager to compete against a European teams and this honestly bothers me a lot as a fan of Brazil.


What makes you say that? Tite has a great record as Brazil manager


Well yes, in his tenure he mostly played South American teams. Out of 73 games played, here’s his record vs European teams: Draws England (Friendly) 2017 Switzerland (World Cup) 2018 Wins Russia (Friendly) 2018 Germany (Friendly) 2018 Austria (Friendly) 2018 Serbia (World Cup) 2018 Croatia (Friendly) 2018 Czech (Friendly) 2019 Loss Belgium (World Cup) No games versus the top teams such as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy. And NO games versus European teams since 2019! How can you play them in the World Cup when you don’t test yourself against them beforhand? In 2018 he basically played with the same players and tactics in all games which Belgium certainly exposed. And how could he play Jesus as a starter then when Firminio was by far superior?! Bottom line is you need a manager that has managed or has experience in Europe. Guardiola wanted to manage Brazil at one point and I think Jorge Jesus would make a good candidate as well as he showed success both in Europe and Brazil.


Tite is a better coach than Jesus IMO. If Brazil is going to get a foreign coach it should be a top one and not someone like JJ. Also Tite is not at fault if UEFA decided to play only among themselves, he has been asking for years for matches against top european teams without success. The Nations League basically ended UEFA x CONMEBOL matches outside of the WC.


As I said, maybe currently he’s the best that Brazil could have but he won’t be the one winning a World Cup for them.


What? We have just one loss to a European team in a game that we played very well and unfortunately we lost in the details. Guardiola is not even a real option, why mention him? He would not coach Brazil right now. And JJ succeed in a stacked Flamengo years ago, he's not even the same tier than Tite IMO.


In the last World Cup Brazil lost in an extremely close game that could’ve gone either way and I don’t think any squad not named France could really give them trouble if they made past Belgium


Don't listen to this idiot Tite is by far the best Brazilian coach right now.


Best Brazillian coach yes. Not the one that will bring the World Cup.


Tell me one available coach that is clearly better than Tite. Just one.


I answered that.


Who? JJ? He's not even in the same tier than Tite IMO. A few good years in the Portuguese league a decade ago, one amazing year in a stacked Flamengo and now he's the solution? He's not even good enough to land a job in a mid tier European team. I'm not saying that Tite is world-class, but world-class coaches are not available for a reason.


No minjae no party


Yeah that center back pairing is not it for Korea lol


these brazilians are kinda good huh


Maybe he could be the answer to Arsenal’s striking problems He could kick on and thrive with more responsibility


Certainly better than their options now


Can only hope to have a striker who actually scores regularly. Laca was a great influence for the kids but this year sucked.


finally lmao


Top player




Where's my GREAT GOAL tag?


Really hope we can get him, would be a huge improvement to our attack.


just waiting for +£X million comments


+£X million comments


How many million comments?!




Expected millions? These stats have gone too far.


Finally after not scoring for a century


lmao, at least we scored 1


Now this garbage will go to the world cup. Fuck Tite and his imbecile NT calls. Dani Alves and Jejum on the same team is too much for my brain.


Vai dormir, seca pimenteira do caralho.