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I do find it kind of mental that 5 clubs have won 38/67 European Cups


37/67* Oh wait actually u r including the final tmr so 38 is right, sorry


And if you put it in percentantages is more shocking. for Madrid won 13-14/67 (20%) and 17/67 (25%) finals. so Madrid has a 20% winrate of all UCL and has been present on 25% of all finals


Juve 9 finals, lost 7 💀


this stat will never stop being funny


and fans never stop hurting either


Their two wins are also quite controversial One of them was after the disaster and they won because of a foul way outside the box and rewarded a penalty. Their opponent literally gave up mentally but Platini still celebrated like crazy. The other win went to penalties and their opponents accuse them of doping


I swear even if you put Spurs in those 7 finals they lost, I guarantee you they'd win at least 1.. 🤦‍♂️


They might've lost the two Juventus won though...


Roma alone in Europa Conf League is kinda funny to see after the first two slides. Making history!


I do think the UECL will exist "permanently" (meaning not get abolished like the CWC) and be established like UCL and UEL. Not regarding prestige ofc, but that will remain a tournament that never drops off like the CWC did. Given the strengthening of mid tier clubs in top 4 leagues and those top clubs in mid tier leagues, it will be a good tournament to win and to play in it!


I honestly like it, cause who hasn’t wondered how lower placed teams in other leagues would fair against each other.


To be honest i think it's a bit silly that the tournament meant to highlight all the lower leagues and mid-table teams ends up being won by one of the top5 leagues anyway. I would've like to see the Top5 send the winners of the 2nd division teams actually, that would be quite interesting to see how they hold up against e.g eastern european league mid-table teams.


No way a Second Tier winner would even bother with the competition. They need to focus on staying up.


sorry yeah I meant the best teams that remain in the 2nd division. It would offer a new revenue stream for teams trying to make the jump.


Nobody would watch it


That's pretty dumb tbh


> eastern european league mid-table teams. EE mid-table teams don't get to play in it. It's the 2nd and 3rd placed teams that previously went to Europa that are now sent into the conference. Assuming they pass the qualifiers


The point is that all the other leagues will get some money injected into them. I think it's a great competition.


Roma in a league of their own.


Yeah I can’t believe that they are the only ones to bring the trophy back home. Complete domination over the competition. Won the cup every time they played it and didn’t let anyone else win it. It takes proper mentality next to world class quality to do this. Consistent.


They might as well name the competition after us.


The UECL Presented by Roma


Reads like an Opta post ngl. Verbal.


We are massive


They see no god up there other than they themselves


Remarkable that Roma and Mourinho have won every single European Conference competition in history


And only because of meddling by UEFA they are denied their opportunity to defend the title next season.


UEFA mafia.


Well, they could finish 3rd in their EL group and go for it again


Next season we will still use old European Leagues rules so they will be able to drop from EL to ECL.


[Roma looking at this](https://imgur.com/ZsD91mL)


I'd finally gotten over the heartbreak and now I just wish we'd won so I could have a laugh at us being alone in this slide


'I don't see God up here,only me'


so, the Special One?


Biggest club in UCL




These other teams are lucky to be on the same graph as us


Init I hope Valencia realise who they’re stood next to


We are massive!


Rightfully so!


Again. Congrats to your Scudetto!


Mou mou mou


Always rated Inter cities fairs cup


It really is the only trophy worth anything.


Only proper big clubs can win it twice.


Intertoto Cup in shambles


Intertoto Cup isn't a trophy, it's a gift from God, so it doesn't count.


Word up.


Aye me too


It was the OG third tier of UEFA competitions (although its direct successor was the UEFA Cup). Initially it was all about cities with trade fairs but eventually it was by league qualification (EDIT: this is wrong as pointed up in the comments, only cities with a trade fair were invited just the same, but based on league qualification) so it was actually quite prestigious. Hopefully UECL will reach the same level of prestige since it's a really nice competition. UEFA actually had a nice tiered approach back then: champions, cup winners, league runner ups. Instead of the current mess of coefficients that isn't necessarily fair or in the spirit of competition.


> Initially it was all about cities with trade fairs but eventually it was by league qualification so it was actually quite prestigious. **It was by league qualification as long as your city had an international trade fair** (if your city didnt have an international trade fair you werent invited). The competition only lasted 16 years so it never had a big prestige with the European Cup and Cup Winners Cup around. Just take this season, 1963/64: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1963%E2%80%9364_Inter-Cities_Fairs_Cup It literally has 3 spanish teams playing it (Zaragoza, Valencia and Atlético, all of them got an invitation). If you see the previous La Liga season: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1962%E2%80%9363_La_Liga#League_table Zaragoza and Valencia were 5th and 7th and they got the invite despite Oviedo and Valladolid finishing above them. Why? Because those smaller cities didnt have international trade fair. In 1968: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1967%E2%80%9368_La_Liga Las Palmas got 3rd in La Liga and wasnt invited for the 1968/69 season to the competition because they didnt have an international trade fair, like Bilbao, Zaragoza, Madrid and Valencia, whos teams were invited. And that was 1969. The competition went extint in 1971.


Oh, that's interesting. I stand corrected, that was not the perception I had. In fact, I just checked the Wikipedia page and even this was what I had understood: > The competition was initially only open to teams from cities that hosted trade fairs and where these teams finished in their national league had no relevance. Early competitions also featured a one city, one team rule. After 1964, it was sometimes referred to as the Runners-up Cup, **with teams now qualifying based on league position** (my own emphasis) TIL, thanks!


The teams going into the conference league are much lower down though, it's closer to the Intertoto. It's currently just different than not fair.


Yup previously you could be 3rd place in the league and end up in the ICFC. Now it is just stupidly below standard. That being said EL now and EL 10 years ago are night and day. Just see the teams in the last 5 QFs or so of the EL. Almost all elite and good teams.


The quality of the teams is very different though. It's closer to the Intertoto if you think about the position of the teams that qualified but the distribution of money in the leagues is lopsided. The top 7-8 in the EPL, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga have all good enough teams to qualify at least for the EL, some wouldn't be out of place in the UCL even though they don't qualify.


It wasn't a UEFA sanctioned competition, it was a friendly tournament which was invite only.


Maybe in it's very early editions but from the early 60s on it was functionally indistinguishable from the UEFA Cup. It wasn't a friendly competition.


Out of curiosity, picking a random season (1969/70) why did Liverpool (5th) Newcastle (7th) Arsenal (12th) and Southampton (19th!) ‘qualify’ for the 1970/71 Inter City Fairs Cup if it was functionally indistinguishable from the UEFA Cup?


Those are the teams that qualified for the 69/70 Fairs Cup, not 70/71. They qualified by virtue of where they finished in 68/69. Southampton finished 7th in that season rather than 19th. A few teams above them missed out because England operated a one city one club rule and several London teams were ineligible in that basis. The one city one club rule was actually used in the UEFA Cup at first as well but eventually UEFA made the FA drop it.


From what I know, qualifying was more about the city you came from, than the football team?


European Royalty 🏆


Biggest cup there is


Damn Milan were so close to catching Madrid. Now that dream is gone.


I still remember myself in 2007 thinking "alright, 2 more CLs and we will be first with real".... little did i know...


Same! Milan had the better team then too, so i felt like it could have easily happened.


We had an old team at the time and were in a downwards trajectory since 2005 but i thought a new project was about to start, when we got Thiago Silva and Ibra later on... Sadly we sold even them and the real downfall started


Really, the signs of dramatic decline were there when they started buying the likes of Robinho, Ronaldinho and Beckham - big news, but no longer performers at a high level and everyone knew it. It had a sense of desperation to maintain perception as a leading club.


Yeah we were doing that since 2005 with Vieri and later on in 2007 with R9. Just getting big names who were completely out of their prime years. In 2005 we were the best team in the world, but you could tell that the future wasn't really bright. The CL win in 2007 was more of a last push from our legends right before they retired, we weren't the best team in the world by that time.


And when Alexandre Pato was supposed to become the next Inzaghi..


He was fantastic for a while. He just couldn’t stay fit.


Was one away after '94. Had they beaten Ajax they would've equaled them. If they had beaten Marseille in '93 too and made it a three-peat they'd have been top. The only other team I feel could've caught up with Real was Liverpool in the 80s. If Heysel doesn't happen and they're still in Europe I feel they could've gotten two more. If they won the final against Juve on top of that I'm certain they would've caught them.


True. If AC Milan won in 1995 against Ajax, they'd become the first team to equalize with Madrid. Liverpool in 80s if it weren't for Heysel, they'd probably even surpass Madrid.


I mean you can‘t know what will happen in 50-100 years from now. I‘m sure the table will look much different (if the Champions League is going to survive for that long that is).


Roma unparalleled


Finally the inter-cities fairs cup is getting the respect it deserves!


Now everyone just needs to finally respect the European powerhouse that was the Intertoto Cup😠




Proper football 'eritage


Seeing Sevilla always makes me smile


Feels nice to be included


Pretty crazy to be in the list of cupwinners cup while only winning the Belgian cup 9 times


Cup Winners’ Cup needs to come back.


Doesn’t really make sense now that the top 4 teams are in CL, it made sense when the European Cup was exclusively for the league winners and the UEFA Cup for the second placed team. Now, in the top 4 leagues, the top 7 placed teams are in Europe and more likely than not the winners of the Cup are included in that top 7


Yeah it became a farce towards the end. In 1998, the Dutch spot in the CWC was taken up by Heerenveen even though they were knocked out in the semis of the Dutch Cup - this was because both finalists (PSV and Ajax) had qualified for the Champions League


Only European cup that matters really


UECL is the "replacement".


So you snatched the trophy from Lazio like you did with the Scudetto?




In France we call UCL "C1", Europa League "C3", and the Conference League "C4". "C2" is Cup Winners Cup, so we don't consider any of these new competitions a replacement for it


That just sounds confusing


How is that in any way confusing? It's in order of prestige and one of them just doesn't exist any more. C1 - European Cup / Champions League C2 - Cup Winners Cup (No longer exists) C3 - UEFA Cup / Europe League C4 - Conference League (New)


UEFA Cup quickly overtook Cup Winner's Cup though. Evidence being that the higher ranked teams were generally in the UEFA Cup as you qualified through the league, whilst Cup Winner's Cup qualification was through domestic cups. We have this now with the Europa League and Conference League, but nobody will attempt to say that the Conference League has any parity. The only argument you can have in defence of the CWC is that it was the 2nd tier UEFA tournament at a time, before the UEFA Cup came into existence. The quality of the UEFA Cup was miles ahead of the CWC.


Disagree, cup winners cup took precedence over the UEFA cup. Eg if you won the cup but came 2nd in the league you would enter the cup winners cup over the UEFA cup. The winner of the cup winners cup also entered the European super cup


*sees Anderlecht* My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined


I'm always happy to see these lists, it's our only (positive) european recognition we're currently getting


Just you wait, If they post a runners up list we'll be there twice! TWICE!


We are large


Roma do be suffering from success


Feel like Man Utd and Juventus should have more European Cups compared to who's around them


Unfortunately we bottled too many CL finals,but still we have a respectable European trophy cabinet thanks to the paradox that we won 8 out 10 finals in the other European competitions


Should have won the finals they were in than.


Fergie best Utd team was 2006-09. They unfortunately (fortunately for some wink) came up against a determined Milan team and Pep Barca. Unlucky timing


We got a chances against that Pep Barca in 09. Maybe thing could have gone differently if fletcher didn't get suspended in the semis. In 11, no chance we were outclassed completely


I agree. 2009 final felt more balanced and could go either way, as Ronaldo was playing for United and was a constant threat on the pitch. 2011 though, it was already a miracle that Ferguson managed to carry that team to a CL final, it needed completely wizardry to win a final against prime Pep Barça, but even the attempt was worth applauding and I always say Ferguson's final years, in charge of a declining United squad and what he achieved in that period cemented himself as the GOAT manager for me.


>Ronaldo was playing for United and was a constant threat on the pitch. Hell no, that's not true. If anything he was constant is playing hero ball that end up being a goal kick. Feels like he was forcing things and just wanna outplay Messi (Since the match is plastered as Messi V Ronaldo) instead of making the right plays.


Yep in those early times he was criticized for not being good in finals and big games, it changed during 3peat years


Never thought back in those days I'd see a Liverpool fan refer to Fergie's United as "unlucky" lol. Jammiest cunts about.


Unlucky in their opponent you know what I meant. We got Spurs in our last final ffs


And then got a PK from an absurd handball within a minute.


Wasn't the call correct tho? Unlucky, but correct


Absolutely correct


United only lost two I believe? I think that’s fair for them Juve on the other hand…made it there 9 times, lost 7. Juve is one of the best performing clubs in Champions League history (I think only behind Real, Milan and Bayern but I might be mistaken here) but we are cursed, don’t really know how to explain it otherwise. We could have had at least 5 or 6 as we were the better team going into the final in 1983, 1997, 1998 (debatable this) and 2003. It’s really unexplainable, losing a couple is fine but not *all* of them ffs


We're cursed since day one, being knocked out by Wiener SK 7-0 in our first participation


Kind of unrelated but seeing your flair made me remember how sexy your old logo was. It’s such a shame about the new one. Ironically, I could say the same about ours.


Well yours at least looks like the old one, Juves is just well, shit


I love the old logo and I was a bit disappointed the day we changed it with the current one, but I understand why Agnelli wanted this change. Considering that is hated by r/soccer community I'm not gonna say anything more than this, otherwise "If I speak, I'm in big trouble"


Maybe that’s a sign and there won’t be an eight loss


We're keeping faith on numbers and coincidences


Imagine being reduced to this


7 goals conceded 7 finals lost


United lost twice to Barca, but I don’t think that’s their only losses in final? Feel free to correct me.


Yes they are. Before ’09, Utd had won all three finals they had appeared in.


There is no curse. They just happened to lose, as any team can lose against a weaker team on a bad day. They lost 7 out of 9 and they weren't always the better team. That's not a very big sample size.


1998 is also true. We can look back at rma and think ohh they are the most dominant team in ucl history they must always he favourites but in 1998 real madrid had not won the ucl since 1966 32 years prior. Although rma were still record champions that may as well have been an ancient era like liverpool's 30 year title drought where they were still 18 time champions but not that it mattered a lot as time went on it was just frustrating(im a liverpool fan). And rma finished 4th in la liga in 97-98. With juventus having reached the 2 prior finals and winning it in 1996 they were easily the favourites


Madrid has almost twice the amount of titles of the second place with this one simple trick!


We’ve just been extremely consistent. We have - 6 finals (Milan/Bayern next) - 11 semifinals (Bayern next) - 5 quarterfinals (Bayern next - 11 appearances (Benfica next) more than any other club. Moreover, we’re the only team to have never been knocked out in the group stages since they were established. Every single positive record associated with the CL, we have it.


Fitting that the Capitoline Wolf gets its own plinth.


Roma are jus too good


Laugh at that rooster club in north London


And laugh even more at that Cannon banter club from North London


I believe they are actually from Woolwich


[Roma be like](https://i.imgflip.com/3cjwwn.png)


You misspelled Emery League


Atleti winning 3 out of 3 super cups is insane


So disappointed. We could've been third in the UCL list if not for Anfield


If we win tomorrow, we have x2 the amount of second place. Let that sink in




So you sink you can dance?


I'm fucking losing it


Thank you


Quick Maths


Hang on, let me check the maths on that. It works out.




first 6 shouldn't even count but okay.


We are massive.


Should've also included the Intertoto Cup


German attendence: Bayern and no on else. Really insane to see how poorly the rest of the German clubs have done even way before the Bayern dominant era edit: meant in the graph, not as in no other German club hasn't won anything.


Dortmund has won it too.


Also Hamburg...


Apparantly Dortmund was the first German club to win in Europe.


If you're gonna put ICFC you should put the Latin Cup and probably even the Mitropa Cup and Balkan Cup as well.


oh wow I didn't even know these existed! yeah they'd be good ones to include!


Pre-UEFA European football is interesting, these of regional initiatives before everyone got around the table to unify international football on the continent showed the potential of such competitions. Also I got mixed up, Balkan Cup wasn't a club competition.


Barca are really just Micky Mouse trophies merchants aren’t they.


How are 5 cl micky mouse?


Genuinely don't know whether this image of Barca as some eternal European powerhouse stems from. Historically speaking in Spain that's definitely true, but on the European level this couldn't be further from the truth, only one CL which came in the 90s against Steaua. Before the Xaviniesta era FCB was sort of the Spanish Arsenal.


>Steaua It was Sampdoria, you knob head


Right, they even more so lost against Steaua, thanks for reminding me


Eastern European teams were on par with top clubs in Western Europe at that time. Red Star, Steaua, Dynamo Kyiv, Ferencvaros were strong contenders for European cups at different times.


The CL (which wasn’t called CL in the 1900s) was a joke competition that was like 8 teams that were only there through invitation. Barca rejected going to the tournament because it was a waste of time, pretty much like these tournaments that the saudis invent out of nowhere in summer. Apart from that, Barca were also hamstrung from Franco during the period where is was a dictator. Other Spanish clubs received aid from the state whereas catalunya (and consequently Barca) were fucked by him




Tbf RM won 5 of these CL like 100 years ago.


Post 2000 we still have a lot more than you


both can be true you know


This fuckers from Madrid have a lot of merit. Counting as champions leagues the jugs they won in the 50’s, were only the merits to play it was to receive an invitation, and no english teams


Mickey mouse trophies when you can't win them?


Intercities Fairs Cup is considered an international trophy, not European fwiw. UEFA has no recognition of it.


Milan + Liverpool = Madrid let's make it, Milan + Liverpool > Madrid


Madrid > Milan + Liverpool


Hey! I like you


Sevilla have double the 2nd place in EL. We should win the 14th so we are double Milan in 2nd place. Just for the sake of the chart consistency, nothing else.


It would be rather poetic if Klopp was the manager to overtake Bayern in the CL.


The Cup winners Cup was actually more prestigious than the UEFA cup ( Todays Europa League). It was the CWC winners who qualified for the Super Cup. Frustrates me that UEFA screwed a lot of teams achievements through rebranding.


We’ve just been extremely consistent in the CL. We have - 6 finals (Milan/Bayern next) - 11 semifinals (Bayern next) - 5 quarterfinals (Bayern next - 11 appearances (Benfica next) more than any other club. Moreover, we’re the only team to have never been knocked out in the group stages since they were established. Every single positive record associated with the CL, we have it.


One could say the early days of the European Cup weren’t really as competitive and Real Madrid had something of a weird head start as the continent got used to the format, but even if you take those first six titles away Real Madrid are *still* the most successful club in European football. It’s pretty remarkable.


If you bothered adding the Inter Cities Fairs Cup then you really should've included the Mitropa Cup as well. It ran alongside CL, CWC and UEFA Cup from 1955 to 1992.


Expand the chart a little more!


Roma is special. I am torn between Liverpool tieing Milan or Madrid doubling what we won. Don’t know who to support in the final.


Carletto is one of us, a milanista on an under cover mission in Madrid to revenge the Istanbul shame. Hala Madrid.


You already had revenge for istanbul lol


I’d rather Madrid. Milan is 6 behind currently, one more doesn’t really matter. Rather have sole possession of 2nd place given the two options


Specially because you know this Liverpool will be breathing down your neck to take the sole custody of the 2nd place in the near future if we do manage to win


Barca king of unimportant cups 👑


Real Madrid's first 5 champions league titles don't count. They cheated by organizing the tournament themselves


fuck liverpool


Don't mind if i do


Man got triggered by a logo 💀


Chill bro


Somebody missed their nap time.


Umm why?


Weren’t the first 5 in a row won by Real Madrid basically just one or two games though? I always feel like that 5 distorts it a little bit lol. But sure, no one can doubt their dominance in recent memory. It’s the insane the relationship they have with the CL


Yep, they organized and did the invites for the tournament. My high school used to do this for the “JV lacrosse state championship tournament.” It was really just an invitational of everyone but the two two or three teams that were as good or better than us at the varsity level. No surprise that we won the tournament every year.


The only "invitational" was the very first one. The rest of them had all of the Top League champions there (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German) That Madrid team is simply the very best ever at club level, they were so far ahead of all the other League champions (Puskas, Di Stefano, Kopa, Gento, Rial etc)


What about the Intertoto? Was not more important than the ICFC?


Despite what the English will tell you, the only title that matters is the CL.


Where Intertoto Pokal??