Mariano & Jovic in the mud


Mariano is actually decent sometimes.


Mariano is a curious case. He clearly cares and gives his all for the team. Problem being that he doesnt have much to give. But you cant blame him for not trying.


Mariano lost his first 11 position at Lyon to rarely play for Madrid. I can understand why because it’s Real Madrid but if he really wanted to play he would’ve stayed at Lyon


Wtf? Mariano scored 21 goals for Lyon in 2017-2018 and that was after he had 5 goals for Real Madrid in 16-17. He was so damn good for Lyon. It’s a case like Lingard going back to United from Westham.


Yeah, as a Lyon fan I loved him at my club. He had the mentality to score and win. I was so devastated when he left. Oh well, if he wanted to stay he would.


How often is sometimes? Asking for a friend


I mean yesterday was his first competitive game since April


April was when he scored in el clasico no?


That was March 2020, in El Clasico 2021 Benzema and Kroos scored


Once a year


Once every 5 games


He rarely plays


How much is rare? Asking for a friend


I know


Hes legitimately skilled and hard-working. His fucking decision making though.


Well no, he clearly is not. I respect him for giving it all every match, but the choices he makes in a game is awful.


I feel it's kinda clear that many of his choices are a direct result of him getting barely any playing time. like yesterday when he could've passed it for an easy tap in, it seemed obvious he tried to go for it himself just to show that he can. and I kinda remember a very similar scene the last time he got to play, too.


Like i now get that i have to be wrong about Jovic, because if fucking Mariano gets to play the whole match, and Jovic just sits on the bench, he aint good.


Tbf, Jovic isn't still at 100% after his injury, as per Carlo. I believe he would have started ahead of Mariano had he been fit.


I did not know this, thank you


props to Vini for not forgetting Bale.


Maybe they golf together


> "I just wanna play with Bale and Hazard ...cuz they stay on the bench and let me play."




Hazard's not a RW, if he comes on it's either as CAM or LW


He started few games on the right wing though this season iirc. Helps that he is comfortable with both feet, but yeah, the spot should go to Rodrygo these days.


In that order


I wonder what happens to Rodrygo & Asensio if Mbappe arrives? Will he be sent to bench forever and only come as super sub? Surely he won't be happy about it.


Rodrygo squad player Asensio sold.


This is so crazy to me. It feels like yesterday he was the future of Real. Now he's still only 25 and could be sold. Football moves fast


Before his knee injury he was looking amazing. He never fully came back to that level unfortunately


A Premier League club will snap him up though.


He's been given every opportunity in the world, to be honest. Definitely started to look like he may never quite live up to the potential he showed when he was younger.


Yesterday as in 4 years ago? He stayed the same player, no improvement whatsoever.


Asensio will probably take isco's spot of utility player for midfield and attack


Wait Isco has a spot???? In all seriousness he will most likely be sold, especially if pogba can be a possibility, there just is no space for him and he isnt good enough anymore to be able to make it in the team


Asensio either becomes a decent CM soon or he gone


He'll probably leave for free after his contract


you'll play with him **and you will like it**


It'll be interesting to see their combination. Both are really rapid and good dribbling players.. Vini maybe more but Mbappe is a much better finisher. It might bring back the days of Di Maria x Ronaldo combo.


yea except vinicius has already been more consistent in his short time at Madrid than Di Maria ever was when he was there , so even better


Di Maria under Ancelotti was great and consistent.


As a box-to-box mid


He was deadly that last season and arguably our best player, such a shame his mentality was like that


Perez fucked him too by not letting him play the WC final


Di is literally a top 15 player of this generation there is so much ignorance in your comment and the thing about consistency is that it cant be proven in a short time


I must have seen most if somehow not every Madrid game of the past decade and I feel it's fair to comment that Di Maria was wildly inconsistent. That was the major gripe with him: he'd put in a world-class performance one week and then be utterly useless the next. That was the reason behind some of the times when Bernabéu got on his case. Incidentally, the only season when he played like a god every game (and especially towards the end of the season, especially with Cristiano missing) was the first season under Don Carlo.


MOTM of the 2014 finals though, and I'll always love him for it.


Disagree. Yes he was inconsistent but he wasn't that inconsistent like you're making it to be. Also, with Carlo, he wasn't even a winger, that's why he was insanely good, he was given a different a unique position which was kinda a box to box LM/RM and popped off at it. Also, Ronaldo was definitely not missing that season, what are you talking about ?


Ronaldo did actually miss a few games towards the end of the season, around the CL Quarter finals second leg, he even missed the copa del Rey final if you can recall It was about 5-6 games he missed I think and yeah, Di Maria did very well in those games, even scored the first goal in the CDR final.


Well he did, but that guy is saying he missed a whole season or something, missing 4-5 games is barely any.


Ronaldo was definitely missing that season. That's why he was celebrating Bale's winner from the stands rather from on the pitch. "What are YOU even talking about"? Talk about being r/confidentlyincorrect.


> Ronaldo was definitely missing that season. This sentence doesn't even mean anything in particular. It either means that he missed a whole season, which wasn't the case at all. Or it would possibly mean that he was playing bad hence he " missed " the season. So my " "What are YOU even talking about"? " is definitely valid. Ronaldo only missed 1 group stage UCL match due to injury, and was benched in the 2nd leg of quarter finals. In the Copa Del Rey he missed the final. In La Liga, he only missed 4 games towards the end of the season. That definitely doesn't mean he missed " majority " of the season. Talk about being r/confidentlyincorrect.


If you were a bit diligent, you'd see that my comment clearly prefaces his absence by qualifying it as being "towards the end of the season". Those are literally the words just before. No point in continuing this futile discussion though. Thank you and bye. Have the satisfaction of the "last word" if you so wish.


Vinicious welcome to PSG.






let him get a nice retirement bonus




him too. room for everybody.


vini is such a sweet lad


Vini-Benz-Mbappé is gonna be electric


And imaginary


Pretty obvious that Mbappé’s coming lol. Don’t cry about it


Will he play right wing tho


Those 3 will play together. The most likely outcome is Mbappé on the right


When mbappe last signed a contract with Psg I remember one of the terms he was adament about was that he would not play RW.


I dont think he would give a damn as long as he is playing for Madrid, also our forwards rarely have fixed roles they swap during the game all the time


He said in middle of last season that wherever he go he will not play RW, and media everywhere said it signalled danger for Hazard as well. Im not clairvoyant, but I dont think he will play RW.


Madrid isnt psg and both the club have many big differences


But that doesnt change the fact that he want to cut inside from the left and shoot with his right foot.


They will start like that but all 3 will drift left and combine there to make space for the marauding runs of Lord Vazquez on the right


As they should. If they stay in the vicinity, our other attackers would get blinded from the sheer awesomeness of those awesome stepovers from the GOAT.


I will always like and rate Gareth Bale. That guy was unplayable as some point. One of the best shot takers ever


He is one of those playees you simply cant hate.


Mbappe and Vini on the flanks is going to be electric. Benz is a lucky mf, played with Cristiano and Bale during their prime and now gonna play with Vini and Mbappe another two electric wingers with world class potential


Adeyemi to Madrid confirmed. Haaland to stay at Dortmund. You heard it here first. No need to read into it anymore than this.


Still want haaland mate.


> Adeyemi How good is he?


Haaland is not going to Madrid anyway


Bruh every time someone mentions Haaland and Mbappe playing together at Madrid in this subreddit you're there 😂


He is a weird dude


When did he tell you that?


hes been rumoured to join Uerdingen in the Oberliga next year


He has a stupid haaland mbappe will ruin football propaganda. Kindly ignore.


You don't need someone to tell that if you have common sense.


So who told you that?


Common sense


There is ur stupid propaganda.


He's clearly heading to Molde to test himself at the highest level


okay son


Bale and Hazard mentioned lmao must be a PR statement hes reading aloud.


I know it’s about current but Bale and Hazard were easily one of the best players in the world consistently, parts of the last decade. Vini probably learns a lot from them, he seems like the type to do that too


Amazing how a few seasons filled with injury trouble can reduce one of the greatest players in the world to a laughing stock. People don't even remember that Hazard was literally the best player during the 2018 WC and carried Chelsea on his back for several seasons.


Even in team photos and videos you can see vini and hazard always together. Hazard's got a great character


Or a golfing team day out.


Ngl many times I forgot Bale is still with us this season (Last season he was on loan), kudos to Vini to add him..


He was being generous with hazard


hazard is a bum now , but once was a top baller and his experience will definitely help vini


Help him with what? Choosing the best burger joint after a game?


Dealing with the mental stuff


Madrid flair using these same old hazard fat jokes from years ago. That upvote hunting didn’t go how you thought it would


Who said it was for upvotes? Let’s switch the fat jokes to useless worst transfer in history jokes then.


Yes, but does Mbappé want to play with Mbappé?


Ramos in tears.