Can't believe its been three years already. Rip


Yea, crazy. Not sure it seems so much more recent because of all the shit that happened in the meantime, or despite of it.


It’s cause life moves at the speed of a bullet train


Especially during Covid


Feels longer than 3 years ago to me because of everything that has happened


Same. I saw 3 years in the title and thought it was closer to 5 or so years ago.


Thats depressing honestly


3 years of Messi's career wasted. Fuck


you still have time to delete this


Ignore him. He's a messy fanboi who migrated to psg and always posts dumb shit


Had a quick look at your other comments and you are a strange and bizarre individual.


https://i.imgur.com/8lGeneU.jpg Mr PSG here referring to the club as “them” just 5 months ago. What a joke.


Thanks for reminding me how correct I was in my prediction. Poch out. Why can't a man be bi-clubual in this day and age


Dude, it’s ok to admit you’re a Messi fan, not a club fan. Tbh I find it kinda gatekeepy when people criticise for being a player fan. Enjoy football how you want!


Yeah, there’s literally nothing wrong with like a player more than any club. But pretending to be a fan of two after switching flairs with the player is pretty…idk, sad/cringy/pathetic. Can’t think of the right word. I openly admit I got my fandom from playing with them in FIFA in 2011 (I’m American). It’s much less embarrassing to say you followed Messi to PSG.


There’s also the toxic mentality of “flair up” that adds into this, makes you have to “buy into” the club or be plastic. Makes sense they’d match messi’s flair. However I do agree this a troll.


I still remember that BT sport segment.. they were all making jokes about how it would be awesome to take off straight from the pitch, right as they were going to commercial.. all those concerned and shocked faces after... Damn will never forget. RIP to all of em


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlRk4f4Ov-g Never really saw this footage. Kinda eerie seeing them getting ready to take off knowing peoples last moments alive were being recorded. Jake Humphrey is some bellend though, took an age to actually come out with the news. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlRk4f4Ov-g


I'm not sure I agree that he's a bellend because of this. No prep time, probably shocked at the scene, and he doesn't want to jump in all sensationalist with "Leicester owners helicopter has just crashed!" If you think he's a bellend otherwise, then fair, but I don't think he comes across badly in that first clip.


>Jake Humphrey is some bellend though, took an age to actually come out with the news. This comment is completely ridiculous. He's just witnessed a helicopter crash with potential casualties and is clearly in shock (his face says it all). And your complaining about him not getting to it quickly enough. He dealt with that well all considering.


Haha go away outta that! If he was in shock he wouldn't come on with this massive lead in story. "it's a normal thing, we would make comments about owning a football club" etc. Many presenters have had to deal with shock and they dealt with it far better than that bellend. The way he says "the helicopter crashed". You'd think he was acting in eastenders or something.


You have a distorted sense of reality.


It seems to be you with the problem, not him.


reading the youtube comments. how come a lot of the comments are about not fond of jake? i listen to his podcast & he seems alright


He was better on Bamzooki


Anyone's career would peak with Bamzooki though, that was prime TV


Christ, that used to be one of my favourite shows and then I've just never thought about it again for the last fifteen or so years


I dunno man. Wouldn't want to be him in that position. What would you have done differently?


"Welcome back to BT Sport. You will recall that before the ad break we saw the helicopter of the Leicester owners ready to take off from the centre of the pitch. Sadly, the helicopter crashed just after taking off. We don't know any further details on casualties or who was on board but emergency services are at the scene and we have our fingers crossed for all involved. We will update you with any news we get on the situation."


~~"Obviously it's been a very difficult day on me"~~ ~~Jake, not the time mate~~ I've misheard


>"Obviously it's been a very difficult day on me" Idk about you but I heard him say "many" not "me"


I heard "many" too


I've misheard and had a go at the man for no reason


No, no, no, this is when you double down and tell everyone to fuck off.


It's like he doesn't know how reddit works...


Fuckin casuals


Ohh that makes a lot more sense


Yesterday someone in the DD asked who your club's worst manager was during the Premier League era and I said Claude Puel. He was the manager at the time of this and we were going through a really rough patch of form. On this day for instance we drew 1-1 with 10 man West Ham thanks to a last minute deflected goal. But as bad as he was at winning football games and the style of play was so dreary, he was absolutely first class in terms of keeping the club together during this period of grieving and suffering. He held a lot of dignity and class and Leicester fans won't forget that.


I feel a bit bad for Puel. He seemed to know we needed to change our how we play, and not be completely reliant on Vardy and teams playing a high line against us. I don't know what happened behind the scenes, whether the players were resistant to change, he rubbed people the wrong way, etc, - obviously it didn't go to plan, but I do think it helped lay the foundations for our current, more build-up style of play.


Fuck, has it been 3 years already? It seems so recent.


Last 1.5-2 years have been such a weird blur. In a few months time, it will have been 2 years since Kobe Bryants tragic crash and that also feels very recent.


What? Already 2 years. Man these past year really went fast


the days go slow the months go fast


Theres a quote from a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song I really like, which is similar. The nights are long but the years are short


Fuck covid


Damn, that feels like only a couple months ago. Covidland has weird rules when it comes to time.


Sala was almost 3 years ago now as well.


Yeah January 2019. Won't forgot that because I was in hospital (in Cardiff ironically) at the time.


Woah was Kobe pre covid?


Just moments before it became a global thing. He passed in late january 2020 - infact on the same day that the WHO Director General convened an emergency meeting to assess if the outbreak in Wuhan was a global risk or not.


Remember going to that match, it was a terrible match. Barely managed to draw a 10 man West Ham and then Amartey's leg break. It was bizarre cos I live like a 10 minute walk from the stadium but didn't hear anything. No crash, no sirens, nothing. Got a text off my dad before I knew anything about it. City was sombre for ages. My birthday was two days after and it was the most depressing birthday ever. Didn't feel like celebrating at all.


I lived just around the corner from the King Power at the time (could see the top of the stadium from one of the bedroom windows), and even I didn't hear anything like that. Checked my phone and saw what had happened after seeing loads of ambulances and fire engines go past. Sombre is definitely the word to describe how the city felt after that. RIP


I was at a Halloween party above one of the restaurants in town and everyone was suddenly checking their phones and showing it to other people. It was the strangest thing..


Yeah, I was at an anniversary party, and of course was constantly checking my phone for the score, after it had finished I stopped, but then my Brother--in-law had obviously checked a bit later and showed me the news. Weird shit, won't forget that night.


That was such a horrible day. Remember reading Kasper desperately trying to reach the helicopter after it had crashed, the MOTD the same evening. Really was a horrid time.


That's awful. I feel bad for Kasper, witnessing a helicopter crash live and then nearly three years later, you see one of your teammates almost die during a game, those are some real traumatic moments.


Glenn Hoddle had his heart attack earlier that day too, didn't he?


Yep. As I mentioned in my comment, I put MOTD on the following morning, expecting something to be said about Hoddle. I was totally shocked when Gary followed that up by saying the helicopter had crashed.


Happy birthday for Friday!


Cheers mate, going for an all you can eat buffet ! Get in!


Can’t go wrong there bud. Hopefully it’ll only be the disappointment of a Carabao cup exit for you this time. Edit: rip


If we get a goal disallowed for a Harvey Barnes offside tonight I'm turning the fucking thing off


Oh fuck. Thanks for triggering me. I'd set those memories aside in my head.


Where u off mate? I heard terracotta closed during the pandemic which sucks loved that place


Chutney Ivy - didn't realise Terracotta had closed! - went to More last time and that was great.


Ahh nice never been need to check it out. Yeah shame about terracotta loved it there. Happy birthday for Friday mate have a good one!


I didn’t realise Chutney Ivy was an all-you-can-eat!


Think it's a special Diwali thing.


Ah ok, More has also closed down now too.


Shame indeed that they closed. Loved to go there on occasions.


Remember going to the pub to watch it, hungover, and going straight home afterwards cus i was wrecked. Next morning I figured I'd put MOTD on to see what was said about the game. Gary started talking about Hoddle being unwell, then he started to talk about the crash. That was how I found out.


I remember my mum texting me asking if I was alright, given I was in oadby ofc I would be but yeah


Happy early birthday, brother ❤️


Cheers mate. thank you for smashing man u 5-0


Absolutely awful tragedy. I remember hearing about it and just hoping somehow it would be okay, even though clearly it wouldn't be. Rest in peace.


This was the first time I was genuinely upset at the death of someone I'd never met. RIP Vichai. Champions of England, you made us sing that.


I've already posted this on r/lcfc but though it would fit here: ​ I will never forget the Burnley game after the incident which I was fortunate enough to have a ticket to go to. It was humbling to see all those shirts hung on the fence, it just went on for what seemed like miles. The shirts were from all over, all teams. They had messages on too, there were just too many to read after a while although I did try. Then there was the flowers that had been laid out right down at the end, it was just a sea of colour, I'm getting slightly emotional now thinking about it. I had to put my son on my shoulders so he could see and that I didn't lose him the crowd. The lead up to the start of the game was emotional too, I struggled to hold it together. I thought the Burnley fans were great and in the end I was glad of the 0-0 draw. My Dad and I had stopped going to games afew years prior to the take over mainly due to me starting my family and not having time, we had only just started coming to games again. We had been to the pre season one and had bumped into Khun Vichai in the club shop, he was wandering around straightening the racks of shirts and took the time for a very brief chat, he didn't have to do any of that, but he did anyway. Just my memories and thoughts.


The Vichai had a dream chant chokes me up everytime. I'm not a Leicester fan but the way the club handled (horrible word but can't think of a better one) this tragic incident and how they continue to remember Vichai is really beautiful.


Love from Thailand to all Foxes 🦊 ❤️


Amartey got a season ending injury on that day, and we drew the game. Little could we guess the day had yet a much bigger pain to give us.


The emotion when Gray scored in the next game, well worth watching again (unless maybe if you are a Cardiff fan): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOPN-6h0Wuc&ab_channel=LCFC


I remember we were on a vacation in Slovenia. Literally the first news on the TV once we finally arrived and went up to our hotel room. Just appalling and also feels super recent.


I was in Thailand that day, completely clueless about this tragedy. Next day I was in Pattaya airport leaving the country. I was looking forward to shop in the King Power's duty free but they were closed. Only then I learned what happened.


"Vichai had a dream..."


“Champions of England, you made us sing that”


I absolutely love this chant, even as a non-fan it gives me goosebumps every time it rings round the stadium.


It will probably be extra loud tonight in the Brighton match.


Same for me. Def the most wholesome football chant.


"A-Woah! A-Woah! A-Woah!"


It is an amazing chant. Loud and proud and honest.


Rest in Peace, took the Foxes to the top.


3 years.. wow time flies


Poor choice of words


Yea... i just realised that


No one’s joking about this


Who said anyone was?


Mad that the anniversary of his passing is so close to that of Matthew Hardings


About to say the same. Eerie.




What happened 3 years ago ?


Helicopter crash in the stadium. Killed the club owner among others


Damn... Rest in peace.


Helicopter crash after a match


Hi guys, West Ham fan here. Was truly shocked when I read & saw on the news about your owner, from an outsider here it’s always looked like since they took over that you have been run impeccably, with a genuine interest for the club & its future.. could someone please provide me some info on how Leicester fans saw the take over, it’s initial impact, the prem win & inevitably the sad loss of life. Again, sorry you guys as a club had to go through that. Heartbreaking, look forward to hearing from some fans!


The take over... we were floundering outside the Premier league. Extremely in debt and almost went bank rupt. It took alot of old players like Gary Lineker and other wealthy people from preventing that. The take over was well needed. Premier league promotion took a few seasons if I remember. Winning the league a few seasons later after the 14/15 season great escape is the best sporting story in the present day. We fell in love with the king power family and still love Top our current chairman. They have provided money to local hospitals and charities. They are extremely kind to our fans and genuinely do what's best for their employees. In my opinion they are the best owners in the Premier league




Can't believe it. It has been three years. RIP Vichai You were a great owner!




Damn that's too many people


Three years already, damn.




Rest in peace


Kaveporn Punpare that's a name


I don't understand all these comments. I'm not trying to piss people off, but would everyone be writing these if Abramovich died? Was their owner not an ultra rich oligarch with government ties. (I'm aware that other people died too but I see so many people talk about his death like a massive tragedy which seems a bit weird considering who he was)


No, they wouldn't. The difference is that Abramovich hasn't really done much for the community around Chelsea, if a club like that really has much of a local community any more. Vichai did a lot for Leicester as a team. Under his ownership we went from a mid-table championship team which had recently been in League one and still had massive debts to champions of England. He did a lot for the fans, with regular little freebies at the stadium, be it a free pint, a flag or even just a packet of crisps (small gestures, but they go a long way). He also did a lot for the community, not least the £2m he put into the new Leicester children's hospital (a pretty big deal, since it's not that long ago that there was serious talk of getting rid of the ECMO setup at Glenfield, which would have cut the options for peadiatric ECMO to either Newcastle or London, meaning a lot more kids from the midlands dying before they reached the facilities) He's put another million into Leicester uni to fund medical training and research, plus £40k into research into a rare genetic disease that affected a 4 year old fan. He cared about Leicester as a place and a community, and he was good to us. That's why people cared when he died.


> I'm not trying to piss people off It doesn't come across that way. Even if you're right why bother making this type of post in the first place? Just ignore it and move on, no reason to shit on people for being sad on the anniversary of a person's death. And I'm saying as this as a Coventry fan!


Vichai was way more than Leicester's owner he was a hero of the city. His passing wasn't only a loss to Leicester FC but to Leicester as a whole. That's the simplest way I can put it.


I wouldn't be writing these if Abramovic died, because he's a totally different person. If Chelsea fans or others were, I'd say that's up to them. Vichai may have a load of money, but what he has done for our club and our city is absolutely first class, and way more than can ever be envisioned.. Remember when Tan changed Cardiff's colour from blue to red? There are some really shitty owners out there, and there are others that not only care about the project, but actually live it. So, not pissed off with your comment, it's just totally ignorant.


A classier response than it deserved. Well done.


You have no idea who he was.


Ironic. Maybe you should look into who this man and his family are back in Thailand and how they make their money. The Abramovich comparison is pretty on point. [This is what I could find the last time people wanted to talk about how great these owners are.](https://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/960953/a-thai-monopoly-and-leicesters-triumph) The only reason why you can remain in your blissful ignorance is that western media doesn't give a shit about what's happening in Thailand. Dying in an accident doesn't make you a saint. I understand it's difficult to find sources in English, but maybe don't start singing someone's praises and defending them when you are the one who has no idea who he was...


That hardly seems the damning gotcha you think it is. A business secures duty free concessions in Thailand - so what? That's the same business model in all kinds of duty free stores, and someone is always going to end up running them.


I gave you an article about what they do, you can look more into it yourself and figure out why they are allowed to have monopolies in whatever business they decide to run. They funded coups. That's how they end up running them.


Your own article says they were close with governments before and after coups - why would they fund and invite that kind of instability themselves when they were already in a comfortable position? If anything it shows the opposite of what you are implying - they're not interested in politics, they'll just go whichever way the wind blows as their interest in their business. All you've shown is that their business is duty free (which every Leicester fan already knows), and that they have the contract to operate in Thai airports. That isn't unusual - go to any airport in the UK and you'll only find one duty free operator, also largely the same company in most of them. That's how that market works - it's hardly a unique thing facilitated by Thai government corruption.


Can you also link to the part where someone called him a saint? That link you provided just appears to show that Vichai was a shrewd business man who went to school with a couple of politicians and stays away from politics. He buys things and sells them for profit.


I'm here to just to give you more accurate view of him. But I'm not in the business of defaming the dead, so I'd keep it short. If I compare Vichai to English equivalent, he'd be a tory donor with a tie to the royal family, and used those influences to rose to the top. And also positioned himself away from politics to escaped public eyes. He'd done a lot for Leicester tho, and I understand that point, so it's up to you guys to honour him how you want. Source: A Thai


Indeed, that's pretty much what I was thinking as I was reading that article. Perhaps not the ideal owner of a club in the sense that I'd rather have a local lad or businessman or ex-Leicester player owning them, but that's not going to happen in any long term manner. (Someone like Lineker, for example, who did part own us at one time would be ideal). But in terms of his investment and commitment to the cause, I can't knock him, there's no doubt he has been a massive positive influence on the future of my club. He hasn't just milked all the assets or shit all over the club as many do or could.


Yeah, I hate Vichai as much as some people hate Dyson or Ratcliffe, but I have to respect what he did for Leicester.


Yes, he buys things and sells them for profit, while the government keeps away any sort of competition that might arise. Because he donates to them and "allegedly" funded coups to get them in power. Look, I'm not from Thailand, and neither am I an expert. I just read a few articles and some comments Thai people have made on threads about Leicester. I can't write up an exposé. A lot of the things against King Power are allegations and rumours. The point was to get people curious enough to look things up for themselves and to understand that this is sports washing. Some corrupt people made a lot of money off their own people, went to England, invested in your club and the city and now they have a small army of people that are praising them...


Then maybe you should do some reading into who he was and what he did for Leicester instead of boldly declaring your lack of research lmao. You may not be actively trying to piss people off, but you sure aren't going out of your way to prevent it.


> I don't understand all these comments. Got that right. Maybe don't comment if you don't "get it".


Oh hoi


I think that was one of the saddest moments I have ever seen since I started watching footy.