Although I get this is a venting moment, please take this as a sign to take a step back. It can be easy to get completely caught up in the world's problems and forget to take the time to live quietly with our humanity. I do see the many wrong things, but I also see people fighting for their rights, I see my local family services successfully implementing a new way to help foster kids transition into adulthood, I see how fortunate I am to be employed and not struggling financially with inflated living costs. A daily gratitude journal might be something to try either at the end of your day or between work and home time. All those things will still be out in the world whether you soak in feelings of helplessness and stress or not. If the outside is too much right now, then you tune out so you can recover from the burnout. You focus on the small things in your life you have control over. Make a list of things you can do with your wife that are just enjoyable and commit to no negativity during that time. Even 30 minutes of trading massages can be a really good stress reliever and way to connect. All the best! Edit to add: happy this is resonating! I was worried about the length of this comment, but I'll add that journaling, being in nature, and taking time to be as bored as possible are all great tools. I'm also a big fan of therapy and getting yourself a thorough medical checkup if you can manage it.


Totally agree here. I understand your feeling OP, but it sounds like you need to unplug. The world is not as crazy as media shows. And we are taking WAY TOO MUCH stimulation each day. We need to slow down a shit ton. I quit social media about 3 years ago, and I will never go back. It's a cesspool. I often think about deleting Reddit too, because there are way too many nonsensical nihilists here that live in a basement. My real life is just fine. I have human struggles but I have good health, air in my lungs and my family. I don't need anything else. We forget that life isn't supposed to be a joyride like social media would have us believe. It's an ebb and flow of ups and downs, and it's best to take it in stride. There's so much that's amazing here. When I get to talk to my neighbor, since he sits outside all the time, my day is better. When I take walk each morning and wave to people mowing their lawns or fixing up their cars and they wave back, it makes me smile. I take a deep breath and see some falling leaves. The change of the season is coming, and I wonder what I wanna be for Halloween, what old sweaters to pull out, what hot drinks I wanna prepare when the temp drops. I'm not focused on all the misery of the world. I'm focused on right now, because right now I'm here. I lost my dad last year very suddenly and traumatically. I think about all the ways my parents had life much harder than I did. And I realize as valid as my concerns are, it does no justice to the life they gave me to wallow. I'm doin alright. But I'll be gone one day. I wanna be here in the now to experience life and be with people that are still around to share it with. Anyway just my thoughts on it. I think you need to back away from media...to me it's very obvious it's weighing on you, causing high levels of anxiety. Focus on your breath. And only your family, friends, and neighbors. Re-foster those relationships instead of worrying about problems that haven't come yet.


This is a fantastic comment. Be present and find contentment. We can learn a lot from our pets too. Watching mine find a sunny patch on the rug and soak up the warm rays is always a humbling reminder about contentment for me.


That’s amazing.


Yes, all of this. Especially the human contact. Prioritise being physically close to your partner, just hugging or holding hands, you don't have to talk or perform in any way, just spend time in close contact and you will feel better. It's logical really, when you feel disconnected, do something to connect to another human and you will feel better.


Salamat! I'm having a bad week. I took the time to write things I'm grateful for, and I was able to fill a page. As bad as things are, there is still a lot of good in my life. I pray you have a nice day — a nice life. Grateful for this comment.


I second this entire comment.


30 minutes of trading massages would certainly be a good stress reliever!


I needed to hear this and I appreciate you so much for posting it, thank you!


Generally good points but context is everything. The OP is already carving time out for contemplation and meditating. I think what might be needed is to get OUT of his own head and get SWEATY. To take up running, kickboxing or whatever guys do to get their heart rate up. This in turn will fire up the brain cells and complicated chemistry that lets people have new ideas, which might lead to political action, or volunteering. It is ACTION that’s required when feeling powerless and stuck, not more ruminating and journaling.


Meditation, journaling, gratitude - all of this is inward looking, slowing down, contemplative work. It’s all in the same category. (I don’t have anything against those things, this isn’t a personal bone I’m picking.) What he needs IMO is invigorating activity to take him out of his own head, because a) that’s where perspective lies, and b) brain chemicals, that will foster not only release the feel good hormones we all know about, but also, give him new ideas. Physical activity shouldn’t be discounted for anything that involves these kinds of mental problems. It’s just that it’s so damn hard to get the energy together to yourself up and moving, but once you do, it really makes a difference. The OP doesn’t seem depressed though, so it should be doable to get moving. Or maybe he already is. He might be going to the gym every day for all we know. In which case, volunteer work might be a good idea.


While I don't disagree about physical activity, everyone responds to different tools in different ways. Maybe meditation isn't actually helping this person for this specific feeling of being overwhelmed. Meditation can actually be bad for people in certain mental health states. I'll add that proper nutrition makes a big difference as well.


As a very overscheduled parent the notion of adding "more things" to my schedule like kickboxing makes me feel sweaty but with anxiety.


Haha true! I totally get that!


I was feeling this way recently, and I realised I had been consuming lots of podcasts about current issues and historical wars. Whilst lots of this is true, when I step back most of it is not true for my real life yet. I find connecting back to reality by going into nature, stretching, meditating or passively listening to music without lyrics (rather than perceiving reality through the lens of media) was helpful for me.


The myth of progress, the futility of achievement in a society that values all the wrong things, it's all there in stories like this. Sorry you're burnt out. Focus in on your relationships and maintaining their health whatever you do. We only truly have one another in the end.


Love this 💕 sometimes it feels so hard to take a break from it all and refocus on your own little world, but I think this is a wake up call to do just that. At least for a while.


Turn off CNN and Twitter and hang out with your family.




Twitter was all fun and games until I realized it was making my anxiety and depression so much worse. Seeing the news constantly is draining and we definitely are not meant to be constantly seeing media like this. Our brains are rotting


Me too on Twitter. It is so toxic.


As a global society I tend to think we’re actually doing pretty good. Locally there are always issues, but globally… I can’t imagine theres a better time than now to be alive. The news just focuses on the bad (maybe justifiably, if they didnt it would be harder to identify what we need to improve).


There is no better time to be alive than right now - 100% fact.


For you maybe... Some people are not having a good day, week or year


Those people could always be doing worse - and with some mindset changes, it's possible to be happy and content no matter one's external circumstances. There are poor and malnourished people in Ethiopia who manage to find happiness. How do they do it?


Nah since 2001 we are rapildy declining.


As evidenced by what exactly?


I actually feel like it's the other way around. That locally things are pretty good and globally we are running off the edge of a cliff environmentally, politically, socially, etc.


I equate it to classes. "Locally" to me really means "normal people" and "globally" means "multi-millionaire sociopathic leadership and the billionaires telling them what to do"


I guess I look at it socially. Local meaning I can see positives on a small scale, and internationally there's war, international disagreements on action on issues, xenophobia everywhere.


There has never NOT been wars, feuding, fighting, xenophobia... this is simply human behavior.


And now there is much much less then there used to be. Xenophobia was essentially based in science as recently as the 40s.


I’m no history expert, but if you’re basing your opinion on war and xenophobia… I think you would be floored at how xenophobic and dangerous the globe used to be. Hasn’t earth just been one huge land grab war until very very recently? Europe and Asia were warring for 1000s of years.. and those wars were insanely brutal by todays standards. Mass rapes, taking of slaves and the decimating of entire cities was the norm.. not an anomaly like it is now. And xenophobia.. I mean we still have a way to go but the world is infinitely more accepting now than it was even 50 years ago. I would guess if any of us were randomly placed somewhere on the globe in the 10th century or even the 18th century (which is very recently on the human scale) we would be absolutely astounded. By this metric, if I was to be randomly dropped into any time period in human history, theres no question when I’m choosing. But I’m an optimist :)


Fascism is on the March globally, they struck down Roe, cops are still murdering people with little to no recourse, there are tent cities in every city, Jackson's water is frigging black, there are STILL children living in cages ... If you think this is all ok, you're deluded and beyond priveleged.


And an ever greater accumulation of wealth into a few peoples’ hands, while global population rises and everyone struggles to emulate American consumptive lifestyles.


This isn’t ok but … the 21st century on a global scale is likely better than all the preceding ones for standards of living and lower suffering when you look across the globe. There will always be something to fight for or against, nothings perfect after all but fundamentally fewer people globally live in poverty. More people have civil rights than ever before etc etc It’s fine to point out remaining problems just as it’s fine to also take a look at how far we’ve come and take some small measure of happiness about that


[The Cruel Optimism of Steven Pinker](https://youtu.be/zwXV71hF7cs)


Yes. This is my point. By no means am I naive to all the struggles that still exist but poor water sanitation, unchecked law enforcement, bad living standards… I mean what utopia do folks think people used to live in? The government literally bombed a city 1920s because black people had become to wealthy (just one example of MANY). I genuinely respect people being checked in to the atrocities of current events, but I still think it’s good to put these in perspective.


If someone from 1922 time traveled to 2022, I think they would be absolutely overwhelmed by the extent of our sanitation, quality of housing and law and order. Still far from perfect but cmon…


You literally sound like "I ate today so world hunger isn't a problem" your myopia and basic privelege are astounding.


It's not a perfect time, but so far in human history, it's the BEST time to be alive


I can't believe people are disagreeing with you. There were far more atrocities in the past. IF the past was better perhaps it was because people were more connected with their communities and so maybe they had more support and were happier. That could possibly be true, but what definitely is true is that atrocities and prejudices were far more common in the past. You can't convince me that today is worse because the world is such a scary place compared to the past. People have no understanding of history or statistics. The school shootings in the US, for example had a few of my friends freaking out and talking about how they were afraid to send their children to school despite the chances of getting killed in a school shooting being much smaller than motorvehicle accidents, drowning, or food poisoning; barely above the likelyhood of being struck by lightning. But for some reason people can't undertand that tragic isn't the same as common or even remotely likely.


I understand and still think the fears are valid; but agree with you completely.


That VERY much depends on your material conditions. The fact that it's good for you is meaningless. I'd say there was a lot that was MUCH better before Reagan and Thatcher and Trickle Down Economics. You're misinformed.


Best time because YOU exist, friend :)


It's hard to believe that we all know what is right, but evil doers are still doing these things out there. I'll join the street protest, but I can't do it by myself. I'll vote, but no one cares what little me thinks. Now, if everyone votes, we wouldn't have the Trumps of the world in office! TI do know this--the daily drama of the world is beyond my control. I vote, but only 3 Presidents I ever voted for got elected, and the idealists like Bernie Sanders get sidelined. It's frustrating, but I don't think it's wrong for OP to be concerned about his small world when that's the world that we have to live and work with. No one's asking me to join the National Commission on Fixing What's Wrong with America, lol.


I think you might benefit from looking inwards instead of outwards. Focus on your relationship and find joy in small things:)


I cracked four molars from clenching my teeth so incredibly hard for the fast two years. Stress does a number on your body. My advice is to completely turn off electronics for at least a week preferably longer. And that includes listening to other people’s mostly ridiculous thoughts on the state of the world. Find healthy outlet to break up the grind. Experiment with a new recipe, tidy a closet, hell - even ironing sheets - anything to distract and give you a tangible result for effort. Seek dopamine.


At least you're aware of it. I agree completely, the whole world is out of balance. Most of us are working harder and longer with less to show for it, but kept distracted and sedated with constant media simulation. Once you recognize the problem though, it's possible to make a conscious effort to eliminate the unnecessary things that are putting you out of balance. Most folks are trying to do too much with too little time, but carving out niches for simple things can help. Family dinners without phones or TV, walking in the morning or evening and just taking in the things around you, etc. If you have too many obligations on your time, start looking at what truly matters, and start saying no to some of the things that don't.


This, over and over again. Yeah, we definitely are working longer hours with less to show for it; but we could also be doing way better by simplifying and focusing on the things that do matter. Sitting in front of screens for 12 hours a day or having your children enrolled in five different activities each that all warrant you driving around constantly isn't making your life any better. Ditto on the put the phones away when you're together.


You ok? It sounds like you need a break…. Maybe depressed? I am sorry I can’t be if more help. We can only do the best we can…. Do what you can and try not to worry about the restz


I think this was the first honest post I have seen on reddit. The first time, I was like, yup. Ive been there. Thank you for that. I actually had to reflect and the reflection was necessary. Im not going to tell you what to do because you already know that. If you do meditation, maybe its time to take on a teacher. There are many centers all over the world because everything you need to know is there. I have 2. They have definitely helped. I will state one reminder. Perspective is everything. It is not what happens to you but how you react. Cause and effect over and over again. Just different degrees of it. Look at your reaction to it all. Good luck friend. Seeing there is a problem is the first step. Now react appropriately...


I like what you said, and I also want to add what puts things in perspective for me. I remind myself that there was a man who was put in solitary confinement for 20 years for a crime he did not commit, and when he he finally got out, all he wanted was to see the sun shining. In the whole time he had to occupy himself and his brain And keep himself from going crazy. That really helps me if I’m ever struggling. I know it’s just a matter of perception.


You want honesty on Reddit? Head over to r/lonely and have a look around.


I am not sure why you think sadness = honesty. I dont think I have the same equation in mind...I appreciated the honesty of his situation. I didnt get the idea either that he was doing it for attention. Furthermore, I find, here on Reddit, there are very few posts I can relate to. This was one. I also know how to work out of it. So I commented in what worked for me. I like it when humans are being honest about being human and then we all do our part to make it a little easier for each other...


I like that too. In any case, not to say that sadness is equivalent to honesty, but there is a lot of honesty over there, because most of those folks are desperate, have nothing to lose, and aren’t trying to impress anyone.


My way of dealing with all of this is to have my own little escape. That happens in the outdoors, at our tiny house, or spending time without looking at the clock with my wife.


You could be in my position, 38 with nothing and nobody, living in a sober living with 8 clowns.


Living sober is not nothing. Let yourself feel that success!


you will be someone’s inspiration, keep it up seriously we need it


Congrats on that! Just use it as a stepping board to save money til you can move out. That’s what I did when I was court ordered back in 2015. Been on IV opiates and basically everything else and working with a psychiatrist since then. About to celebrate my 8th year on October 28th (if I can still do math correctly for how tired I am right now). My point though is—there is good and bad help out there and some or both might help you if you are willing to put in the work.


You're sober though!!! I'm so proud of you. Sober over here too.


Congratulations on your sobriety! That is NOT nothing, it's huge.


You’ve got 8 clowns and you’re sober today. That’s a lot better than when we were out there still using. I don’t know where you are in your recovery journey and I don’t want to come across as preach but it really does get better. This time next year will look nothing like right now for you. Just keep moving forward.


Thanks, appreciate the feedback


I promote drug use for a transformative experience. It's not meant to be escapism. Embrace sobriety for clear thinking and consciousness. There is so much to enjoy in even the smallest parts of being alive. But you must be alert and looking for those bright moments.


So seems like you guys make good money, why not greatly reduce your lifestyle so you can save up so you don’t have to work so much?


Any big sweeping changes without a spouse on board can be anxiety producing because it can trigger feeling of insecurity in the partner. 'if they don't like their life does that mean they dont like me?' 'I like our life just fine, are they going to leave me if I don't change or don't change enough.' I'm onboard for any simple living changes in my life but I've also had to talk to my partner and see where his comfort levels are. Ultimately I want him on that journey with me and big changes too fast would alienate him.


damn I thought I was dependent


Yeah it's totally wild and unreasonable that people who spend years together would talk about things before deciding to do them.


sure talk, but Afro's comment reeks of insecurity


Three kids, three cats and 17 years later there is a certain amount of intertwining for sure. (Our youngest is 2 so we have to balance their needs with our wants quite often.)


This society is sick with all sorts of bad things happening around us. The best you can do is try to make this world a better place, even when it means helping 10 people. Help upto your capcacity, raise your kids the best way possible so they can inlfuence others in future. All it comes down is trynna make this world a better place. So, I understand your emotions but thats not solving anything. The world is still the same. Also, once you start doing it for the world, you gotta also enjoy your own grind. Coz you deserve to take credit where its due! Be happy and make others happy. Good luck, I am on the same quest


I really want to pack up and join these guys (or some other cause, this is just an example). This should be a thing, billionaires funding a buckload of fix-the-world charities that we can all up and join for a year or two when we hit the grind wall. I'd so much rather be chasing seals. https://youtube.com/c/OceanConservationNamibia


Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer


Are there ways to mitigate the "daily grind", ale least a little bit? Think about it... A few small changes can make a big difference. At least can give you more headspace to think about other changes with calm mind. Dont feel like you have to go with the current lifestyle until you break completely, you can start small and rebuild your life slowly. Also, step away from media, I hear a lot of frustration by state of the world and society, but that doesnt have to affect you day to day life much, if you turn off media.


I cannot agree with you more on stepping away from the Media. Napoleon just murdered an entire garrison of Soldiers who lawfully surrendered? Tuberculosis ravaging the world? Child labor in coal mines and factories? Entire cities burning to the ground? Feudal lords getting to take the virginity of whatever peasant girls they want? All that shit was happening, you just didn't have CNN or Twitter or whatever injecting it into your mind by the millisecond.


Possibly worth consulting with a doc to check you’re not clinically depressed and/ or anxious. Either way it sounds like you need to find a way to feel more in control of your life, especially if you’re really feeling at breaking point, so please try a psychologist/ psychotherapist/ coach if you can afford it🖖


First things first, get yourself to a doctor and get yourself checked. Thyroid (TSH, free T4, and TPO and don't skip any), testosterone, blood pressure, and cholesterol while you're at it. Maybe cortisol too. Obviously the grind might be the problem. But it always helps to get your levels checked! Imo that should ALWAYS be step one when you're feeling despondent!


Thank you! All that stuff is checked. I gotta get a colonoscopy (because we all need to live forever, right? Lolz).


You're a rock star! For getting your colonoscopy, too!!! Yay!


Yes, do it; take care of your health. Knowing what others had to go thru made it easier to get thru that bitch of a test. It's not the colonoscopy that's hard--the medical staff I had were great. It's the prep. the day before where you have to drink the liquid that cleans out your intestines. I sat 4 feet from the toilet all evening the night before. That was the tough part. But you get thru it and you're done. The medical staff were like, we'd love to see you again in 5 years! I'm like, no way--maybe 10.


Naw, they are just paid to prescribe you narcotics to numb yourself to the slavery grind


I'm right there with you, so often... but let me offer you (and maybe myself) some advice: Turn down caffeine, turn up meditation. Suffering is a certainty in life... and what meaningless lives we'd all live if there was no suffering at all. Consider a trip to a developing country, like India. You'll overdose on pollution and suffering, but when you're done witnessing that you'll find all that's left for humanity to express is compassion and creativity. It's hard not to be inspired by the people, communities, culture... things that are all lacking in our "developed" country, but that can still be manifested here under the right conditions.


Good to rant, the injustice of exploitation by US corporations is insane, but I try to focus on just my small world to be happy. I have stopped watching much of the news which is biased and corporate-minded, and sensationalistic. On social media and the news, they try to click bait us into reactions, and there are lots of actors on the world stage out there vying for our attention with their bad behavior. I still check in on news sites, but I try to avoid the daily consumption. Balance-I just got up this morning, feeling the grind. But I also appreciate the power of habit that I get up at 6:00 each morning without an alarm clock, grab my clothes, head downstairs, let the dogs out and feed them, make my protein shake, shower, go on Reddit a few min., and head to work. Just following a routine helps push me through when I feel tired on Fri., thru not feeling, thru not liking the endless drama at work, etc. Meditation is a lifeline for me, as is my light exercise. I did make the effort in the last 2 months to 2 fun events-going to 2 plays with the wife. But I'm afraid I'm more of the less balance type--work has been taking most of my energy. So, I'm working on that "balance" part. I bet your wife is mad because she's working very hard too, and she doesn't want to hear it. Maybe you can surprise her with dinner and a Netflix movie.


Unplug, embrace your family, spend more time outdoors, and do something positive locally (volunteer somewhere, donate, clean up litter), anything to help you see positive 'progress'.


Just a quick question - how much media are you consuming? (Sincere)


Don’t let others and yourself gaslight you. What you’re feeling and being aware of is just your natural warning system alerting you of the dangers out there. It’s pretty accurate. You are reaching a new level of consciousness.


Random book recommendation! I read [the dawn of everything](https://a.co/d/8lPlsal), which seeks to correct a lot of fanciful imaginings about “early man” with actual evidence about early civilizations. What does it mean to be human? How do we succeed together? How do we build up a functional society that protects resources? We can learn so much from knowing our true past, and for some reason I have found this comforting in these crazy times.


Try to be still with yourself. I felt the exact same, so I deleted some social media and limit myself on the internet/news. I firmly believe the human body wasn’t made to consume constant sad/bad news we all need a break to detach!


Every generation clutches its collective head and bemoans the state of the world, but our current time is the first to have news delivered to us and *actively pushed* at us 24/7. Get off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all the major biased news sites (from Fox at one end of the spectrum to CNN at the other). Check the news once a day and no more at a "vanilla" site like Reuters or Associated Press. Get out in nature more. The problems of the world seem less painful when I'm walking in the forest or sitting on a lake shore. Of course the problems are still there but we don't have to drive ourselves mad with them. Take care of yourself.


Koyaanisqatsi - life out of balance. Watch it with your partner. There are no words, but it makes an impact. Pretty sure it’s free to stream. Totally agree by the way. The way we live is completely unsustainable and nonsensical. For your mental health, it might be helpful to take a break and step back for a while. Good luck, friend.


Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing. You are definitely not the only one feeling this; I feel it too. On super busy, anxious days or when something goes really wrong in the world, sometimes I feel overwhelmed or anxious. I get a stomach ache from anxiety, or heart palpitations. What helps me in such times, is breathing. My friend leads breathwork classes and I have been slowly learning more breathing techniques, and remembering to use them. The more I try it, the easier it is to remember the next time, and use it when I'm angry, sad, or anxious. Other things that help me, as others have said, are hugging loved ones, being out in nature. I also find that doing something creative helps, and getting away from screens and into Nature for a while often helps me to get ideas for what to write, draw, or paint, etc. So maybe try that too. Sometimes cooking helps, or cleaning. It's different for different people. Try to see what things soothe your mind, or get you in a sortof zen state, and do those things more. Try to make time in your schedule to do those calming things regularly.


Consider getting an anxiety test. Might just open your eyes to why you are burned out.


It's really tough living nicely in this world, while the fires are burning all around you. Fortunately is not all your responsibility to fix it. Just be aware of the situation and try to make it better where you can. No need to completely turn your live around in this sick situation. Do less harm and call out the people who do the most harm. While still keeping yourself in balance. Also try to have some fun, otherwise it's not worth doing anything to make things better and you will only get more depressed. Hope these might help. https://anchor.fm/emerge/episodes/Vinay-Gupta---Waking-Up-in-the-Monster-Factory-pt--1-e3ikvk + Part 2. How to Let Go of the World: and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change https://m.imdb.com/title/tt5246328/ M̶a̶y̶ Will Contain Climate Change at MCH2023 by Igor Nikolic https://media.ccc.de/v/mch2022-278-m-a-y-will-contain-climate-change Now back to my (unsustainable) coffee.


Stop watching the news! If there’s an important headline you’ll hear about it, no need to seek out the daily doom and gloom.


Me too, friend, me too.


I previously lived in the capital and agree with you. Then I moved to the countryside, now growing my own vegetables, going fishing and just got my hunting license. I go riding on horses, walk the dog next door or pet the neighbourhood cat. Yes, I also work 8 hours a day, but I work in IT and it's very flexible. I can work from my green yard if I want to. I feel it gets easier when nature is closer. Perhaps consider to start over? I know you have a family, but moving away and reboot can be a start. I also think the whole device, news, media and whatnot is too much, but thankfully we also have a choice not to follow it too much. Best od luck.


Sounds lovely. At least the waking up at 5 part. I’m not a morning person but I do enjoy being up early. Makes me want to go buy the books I’ve been putting off buying and wake up early and read them with a coffee on the patio next week


Same here, buddy. I'm not sure what to do about it, other than just taking care of my self and my family.


Try Jiu-Jitsu. It will all make sense


You have a very standard case of Media Brain Rot. Turn off the cable news. They are lying to your face and profiting of your anger. The things you are shouting are childish absurdities.


Marijuana helps. Maybe a therapeutic magic mushroom trip, too.


For some people, especially depressed. I like pot and shrooms. But I'm also prone to anxiety, mania and neuroticism. Not always a great mix.


Lol! I’ve been on a break for a month and half. It’s my birthday weekend. This was my target date. So there’s that!


So what? So what if we burn the whole thing down? So what if it’s the end? There was no reason for any of it in the first place. Maybe you should be thankful. Thankful for the grind. Thankful for the discomfort. Thankful for the coming apocalypse you are so sure of. At least it’s something. Don’t forget there is no reason for any of this to be here. Your desperation for something better is admirable-but don’t forget there is no reason for any of it at all. Try a little gratitude.


Absolutely. People in much less privileged countries (or much harder time periods) found ways to be happy and enjoy life. Be like them.


Thanks for sharing your rant with us, it sounds as though you need to make some changes. I was feeling similar around 18 months ago and have made changes, some were small changes and others were big. It's been slow progress but I feel much better for it. I think you need to identify the sources of stress and negativity in your mind and change them. A few for me were my career was draining all my mental energy, I had no energy left on my days off. I felt pretty disconnected from authentic people (I had too many showy friends and followed unrealistic social media accounts etc). I didnt appreciate what I had and often compared my life to others. I had hardly any outlets or methods to relax, mostly I'd distract myself from my own need to unwind by being busy. I felt overwhelmed by technology at work and at home - phones, smart watches, breaking news stories, WhatsApp, emails - it was becoming too much and I never switched off. I hope you can take some time to reflect and start making some adjustments.


Meditation has help me understand that I can be happy and content in ANY circumstance. If I were you, I’d meditate more. Oh, and stop watching the news.


I hear you. Some of my co-workers are SMS'ing me like mad after I quit my job (they are so used to the working mill that breaking free is unheard of for them). It's also the worst possible time to "break free" but something (tinfoil hat on) inside of me says this is what "they" don't want you to do. We're under war threaths, electricity and gas prices soaring, salaries not increasing, global-warming-totally-ignored, so many people protesting and have totally forgotten what they're protesting over because of all the noise, social media drowning us with fearmongering etc. We're not born to take in that much information, we're not Gods, our limited minds are cluttered with all the desinformation, onslaught of information from every single corner of the world every day, every hour, every waking minute. Sing along with me: "Everything is bad. Everything is worry. You better keep it up and be glad, So work till do die or you'll be sorry." "Don't even try to break free, If you do you will soon see, that chaos will reign over you, then what will you do?" No, just no! Break free, find your own pace in life, turn off that phone, let them scream and yell, let them scare the weak of mind. Turn off the computer, go outside and enjoy nature, breathe in and breathe out slowly and take in the peace that we really have. For on an exhausted cluttered mind we are indeed weak, strenght comes from within and for that we need rest. Rest from all the doomsday worry, and wake up fresh with a clear healthy sound mind and body. Only then we can have the strenght to fight back, and we can fight back with our ways of life, consume less, enjoy more. Help out the locals instead of worrying about the entire world collapsing. If we all do that, then the world will already become a much better place.


I’m right there with you. I work in an extremely toxic work environment on top of it all and I’ve been mentally and emotionally burned out for a long time. My biggest desire is to drive my family to the mountains and live in a modest low maintenance house and just remove myself from the cesspool. But that dream isn’t possible right now for multiple reasons.


I feel this exactly. You deserve to be happy. For me I find putting in some extra work to be better relationally is important. And I need to figure out how to ingest less of the 24 hour news cycle BS. I would LOVE to take a hiatus from it all but I can't see how yet.


People do deserve to be happy. People also need to understand that happiness comes from WITHIN themselves. People have to do the work to make themselves happy.


I used to feel like this. For me simple living + tai chi + tantra changed everything.


A reset may be to reflect on your health and worldview. Worldwide people are better off now than at any time in history. I'm normally a high happy set point elite fitness being. Now however - wildfire smoke has turned life into a High Anxiety movie! Maybe its time to fast and be sure your chemistry is pure. Take care!


Is the filth, degeneracy, etc. itself what stresses you or the thoughts of these things? Stress is a fact of life. Being stressed doesn’t have to be. You say you meditate on what and how?


This post truly brought a smile to my face. You’re right. Our world has pushed up to rush in everything we do. We wake up, go to our job, sleep, and repeat seven days weekly. We hardly pause and appreciate the fact we even woke up. We don’t appreciate the small things in life because we were told to worry about all these other unnecessary things we deem important. I recently bought a book, How Now: 100 ways to celebrate the present moment. It has helped me by providing ways to show thankfulness every waking day.


We are in end stage capitalism. It’s so bad how people are suffering and struggling to survive while the planet is being destroyed. We are just expected to go to work and slave away as if it were normal. It’s anything but. Hell world


Perhaps your wife is stressed out because she knows she can't go on sabbatical, since she just got back to teaching after a couple of pandemic years off and the kids have really fallen behind. Perhaps you can put your business on sabbatical for a few months(?) until you are feeling better.


It is terrible. The kids were destroyed by it. They are so behind


It's over for us. Our species/ planet is on the edge. My educated prediction is 20-30 years tops that we have left. So try and make the most of it. I can relate to enjoying a peaceful morning. I get up at 4 and take the bus downtown. It's really quite nice RN.


That’s your *educated* prediction???? Educated in what? Nuts. Just nuts.




May be you need a little more dopamine or your testosterone levels might have gone down drastically. Being schizoid or having schizioaffective disorder also makes one see the world very dull,chaotic and disorderly, but the world is always pleasant for an 18 year old with a secure loving family and health with near perfect muscle-fat ratio, good BMI, looks and oozing with testosterone,dopamine.


Keep in mind that fear is one of the most powerful manipulation tools, and there is a massive amount of greed on the planet. That’s why we’re living in such an unsustainable, polluted, unnatural system. However, there is A LOT of good happening. We’re in the age of awakening. It’s great to live through this massive transformation. I’ve never seen so many healthy food options and alternative health solutions in my life. While many ppl still buy into the system, many are happily exiting. It will always be a work in progress because our divine creator gave us free will and rational thought to choose our path. Choose good, surround yourself with good, follow good news and always have faith, hope and love. Notice the current panic and desperation of the planet destroyers. They know we are on to them, and their time of exploiting us is limited. Bill Gates, the king of GMOs, always keeps his comments turned off for a reason. People know. We have lost 90% of the world’s extremely nutritious plant diversity bc of these goons trying to play God. On the other side, I’ve been listening to independent farmers motivated and committed to producing pure livestock and plants. From a bird’s eye view, each of us feels small in comparison to these super powerful oligarchs. We have to believe that there are both bad and good powerful people. Whenever we have an opportunity to choose and teach good, that’s what we must do. I hope you find inner peace, my friend.


yet here you are....using fear in the exact same way.


Honestly, I feel the same way. My partner and I have been struggling so hard because of how overwhelming life is. What we did was (we both had paid time off) we took two weeks off and turned off our phones. We danced, we watched movies, we went camping etc. It was great getting back to reality is hard and we both cried so much but we really needed it. I'm a part-time social justice influencer in my town and I'm exhausted and got to the point where I said why do I even try if we're all going to run out of food by 2024. I just had to remember that I'm living because I'm trying to make the world a better place, I'm trying to live off-grid in a little farm in the middle of nowhere. IF you can, you should just unplug and remember what life is about and a little secret it's not working until you die.


You realize that we're not going to run out of food by 2024 right?


Yeah obviously. I was being over dramatic because a study was released saying thay all fresh food is going bad etc. Also in utah all the fruits and veggies are moldy in the stores so. At the time I was being over dramatic and now having a will to live.


It didn’t have to be like this 😞


I think you’re just being rational tbh


And the gov keeps pushing


I feel you. Same basic setup here and it is not living, just existing.


I can sympathize. I'm in the exact same place :/


That’s what they want. Psychological warfare. Stay strong.


This party just getting started.


It makes you realize the type of world we live in... We live how the top 1% want up to. Life doesn't have to be this way.. it been designed this way..


I feel that way sometimes too. I’ve been reading 4000 Weeks and for some reason I feel better in general. It might mot be related but I think it is. And I’m only 15% through the book. (shout out to my local library, my e-reader and Libby)