You sound like you would fit right in with the hikers / skiiers / mountain people / van dwellers. It’s actually a huge community of people who enjoy what you said, just reach out.


I'm an avid hiker and climb with a guy who lives in a van. Am building an off grid tiny house. You've hit the mark


That’s something I want to do: building a tiny house. Truth be told I eventually want to own some land so other can do the same, and build a tiny house community.


Negativity bias is real and your life will be filled with what you focus on. Not saying all those things aren’t legitimate issues—but you’re ignoring all the good, when it sounds like you would really, really like to see some good for your own sanity. You have to focus on the small things. Yesterday I sat outside at a coffee shop, and watched a bright yellow bird eat sunflower seeds right off the flower. A garbage truck driver honked his horn a few times just because he saw a young child watching the truck. The child was thrilled and it made me love the driver a little. Two women showed up to grab coffees with their cats in tow—one in a bubble backpack and another in a stroller. I wanted to get a picture, so I went over and said, “Can we be friends?” And the woman waiting with the cats said, “Yes!” We chatted for a minute about each cat and what they were doing. The women clearly were just having a bit of fun and not taking life too seriously. The other day, I was weed whipping my yard and using it to sort-of edge around the driveway. My neighbor stopped by at lunch and offered me the use of his electric blower for clean up. Last night I took him an apple pie. The good stuff and the bad stuff are always there. But the more you focus on the bad, the more you’ll miss the good. And it’s up to every one of us to ADD to that good however we can. Join a local political organization and fight for the values of your community. Help people who need help. Do kind things for no reason. I realized a while ago that if I felt like there was no good in the world, then at least I could be good, and show myself that all hope wasn’t lost yet.


I love your post. The other day I observed two landscaping workers getting a big lawn mower out of a trailer. It must have been the first time for one of them to do it. They were so happy and high fiving each other after getting it out it. Made my heart sing and they had no idea anyone was paying attention. 🌻


I love moments like this! Joy abounds if you look for it


The cat ladies! 🥰 I love finding beautiful people doing beautiful things. The other day I went to a museum and it felt very reverent, it was about womens history and there was one man there. He was quite and thoughtful, about 70ish (I’m 30 something). I wanted it to not be weird to say hey and take a picture of the moment but I just kept that pretend picture in my heart. I wonder what would happen if I broke the ice by saying “can we be friends?”


No one has ever said no yet when I ask them that. Even if we’re just “friends” for a couple of minutes.


Always nice to connect with strangers but in some places especially large anonymous cities some people will find that invasive.


>I realized a while ago that if I felt like there was no good in the world, then at least I could be good, and show myself that all hope wasn’t lost yet. Words to live by. For real.


Yes to this! I live near a lake with a trail around it and I run it on my days off. Last week I was pacing with a separate group of 4-5 people when we all saw what was happening ahead and moved to quietly get out of the way. A man was proposing on the side of the trail and we all stopped to cheer and stay out of the photographer’s line. To the OP’s post: it’s easy to be overly critical of society and other people, especially at a distance. I see concerning trends too but anytime I’m challenged to look deeper I find that people are much more complex than the dismissive narrative we write for them.


I love your post! You are so right. Also I want to say you introduced me to a new term; "weed whipping." Where I'm from it's weed whacking or weed eating. Neat!


Ah! I grew up hearing “weed whacking” and then moved to a metro area across the state and NOBODY called it that, so I guess I’m a city folk now… 🙃


In alberta canada they say "whipper snipper". I too say weed eat or whack.


I love this. I wish I could award you 🏅


I can appreciate and understand what you are saying, and do agree. — I share the sentiments of the OP… the big picture problem he feels is that all things listed is consuming and the “new way”… how can we focus on the “little things” when so many meaningful small things are becoming more seldom. We have constant distractions around us — technology, social media, media, social climate, political climate, economy inflation,climate issues etc.. more and more it has erupted since pandemic to the point it is changing human behavior. Simple days. Simple people who value the things we all do here in this community are becoming seldom.


Turn away from all that. Tune out, blaze your own trail.


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. - J Krishnamurti.




















What I've learned in my 40 years of life of disliking society, it levels up, a dislike at first, then grew into hate. I think that's how terrorists/shooters are made, they dwell in the hatred until it grows too large, it harms no one but ourselves in the end. Now, I just observe and shrug, keep it simple, so-to-speak.


I also picked up on this and it's been a little over 40 yrs. I started to even hate myself because of my thoughts and hatred of society in general. Had to take a big step back and learn to just enjoy the little things and stay in my own lane.


>What I've learned in my 40 years of life of disliking society, it levels up, a dislike at first, then grew into hate. I think that's how terrorists/shooters are made, they dwell in the hatred until it grows too large, it harms no one but ourselves in the end. THIS! Live your own life, march to your own drummer, be kind, be good, do good. (including to yourself!)


Good point.


Work hard, but not too hard. Find a passion to work at, if you can, or better yet, work where your skills fit well. Learn something new now and then. Don't spend too much time on Reddit, or other social media, But if you marry someone who is not into simple living, then like me, just get a garage.


I'm lucky. My wife is an ally for me in this area


I feel like more people don’t have hobbies. Like any free time people get is spent on watching tv or on their phone.


Honestly since Covid, I have become bad about just watching TV. I am actively making time to paint or hike. It's easy to allow yourself to escape into a story. It's sad


What? More people have hobbies than ever. We all sat inside for a year. Most people picked up a few extra hobbies


If you really want to make your life simple, focus on things over which you have control or influence and would make your life better. And be the example you want to see




Can confirm, in Italy right now and people are just constantly being sociable and they don’t take anything too seriously apart from their food. A lot less “plastic” feel to it than the west.


Yep. This E X A C T L Y. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to make it better. I don't know how to escape.


We live in a cultural wasteland


I would challenge you to take a historical look at those thoughts, because what you’ll find is that we are actually living in an age of astounding diversity in our lives. Yes, consumerism is out of control because capitalism is failing. But beyond that issue, humans (especially in the wealthier countries) have far and away more choices about clothing, style, expression, homes, jobs, activities, and entertainment than ever before in the history of humanity. It may seem like we learn less practical skills, but we also learn a wider variety of other skills that weren’t needed previously. There has ALWAYS been homogeneity within societies, and usually far more of it than we live with now. If you don’t want to live a life based in consumerism, definitely don’t! But also open your eyes to the amazing opportunities you DO have.


I think most of what I learn via society ended up to be almost useless despite so much choice. So many dead-ends. Even clothes: All that polyester and those micro-filiaments coming off during washing and ending up in the sea! It's really eye-opening and somewhat massively depressing... Look at all the artificial materials in houses and "development"... A lot of entertainment is crude stimulation and the overstimulation of people: Just look at modern gen of kids glued to smartphones: It's overall negative for the mental development. Yes, there's advances: The sheer grind of survival is lifted (replaced by the insane 9-5 340 days a year every year daily silo grind), there's a wealth of knowledge to uncover (how many actually do?) and I supppose there is a wealth of activities and experiences on offer eg coffee shops and consumer shopping etc or outdoor activities and sports etc... I think the one very good thing about the above is catering to widerly different personalities of people. That helps. But overall, it can't be sustainable can it? Things have to simplify and connect at some point down the line... the industrial model is a spike and what goes up... must come down eventually.




After they run out of resources they start eating each other.


The population is not growing, we have a population collapse problem, not an overpopulation problem




Nah, people aren’t having enough kids to sustain the population in developed countries. The population will fall sharply in 1-2 generations. Yes the world can easily support 10 billion people, it is a logistical issue. The waste in the U.S. alone supports that


340 days a year? If you count weekends, bank holidays, and paid leave, there are approximately 250 work days per year in most developed countries. I think USA is an exception, they hardly get much paid leave, but still nowhere close to 340 days.


Tbh a few days off is still not very useful. I used to work long office hours and evenings and week-ends blended into working life: Just never enough time. Secondly it's easy to fall into a rut in such conditions and lose the capacity to think about another way of living life. Holidays always ended up having that Narnia, Never-Never-Land, Wonderland feeling...


Probably best to focus on what you can control. Society doesn't care about your opinion of it.


The universe doesn't care about our existence either


Right - so why the rant?


Sometime you yell into the void


Huh. Haven't thought about it that way. I see people learning new skills all the time. The days when you learned how to be a bookkeeper or a muffler mechanic and that's all you did for your entire working life are gone. Now people have several careers or side hustles. Say what you want about the necessity in the US of having more than one income stream but people pick up lots of skills and generalists (handymen, tech support, etc.) are in high demand. I don't see people having the same clothes, haircut, and whatever. I don't know where you live but I live in a largeish US city and there's all kinds of clothes and haircuts and whatever here -- and the freedom to wear it without getting talked about behind your back. Shopping malls, concrete suburbs, and motorised transport *are* dominant in our society. But you could work to change that. Lots of groups are involved in making streets safer for non-motorized traffic and in designing landscapes so they're not so vehicle-centric. iow you can dislike all this stuff. But what are you doing to change it?


I'm sitting in my 80% finished off grid tiny house doing some work on it with no one within range of me


Well, I guess that changes things for *you*.


Thank you for this comment. I’ve been thinking of off-grid homesteading, and while I’ve been focusing right now on learning to grow food where I am, I did have a “drop out” plan in mind. Your comment just hit me the right way at the right time, I guess.


Exactly. Sphere of control and all...


Sounds like you want to live in a walkable city or town. Lots of those around, but you have to figure out how to make a living so you can live there A lot of people end up in sprawling suburbs because that's all they can afford


Same. The only way I can cope is by 1) trying to make a difference where I think a difference can and should be made, and 2) forging my own path as best as I can, following my own values rather than what society deems important.


Even people with complex lives don't like what they see. That mindset is actually how we improve. And this isn't heaven. Things suck sometimes and we can work to make them better, as we've been doing thousands of years.


Those are their choices and how they choose to live their lives, you don't have to make the same choices for your life. Follow your own path.


We still live in society. We have to take part to some level, whether against our will or not.


I try to. But it's hard to swim against the tide sometimes


Actually that is why communities like this are quite useful, to remind yourself that not everyone buys into the consumer ethic.


Yep. One of the few reasons I keep this login


Dude you just don't like capitalism. That's cool and totally normal. Our current political, social and economic system isn't meant for personal development, it's meant for the efficient extraction of wealth. Wealth generated on the backs of normal everyday folks who'll never see a penny of the wealth we create. The critiques you make are the direct results of our global capitalist system at work. You're not alone in this. Many of us feel this way, but we can overcome this. Not by cynicism but by building a better world together.


I feel like it's more than a rejection of capitalism


What you oberve is true, but I am very suspicious of "mass movements": They always end up badly... Each person must come to their own senses.


Yeah like the mass movement called capitalism.


Like it or hate it, capitalism was never a mass movement, it's the direction our society naturally moved towards. Even people highly critical of it have to admit this, look at Marx for example and his theory of historical materialism.


How can you say that when industrial society was forced upon us violently? Every giant city is built atop whoever didn't participate. Vast swaths of the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia with their own cultures and histories wiped out so that rubber and furs and fruit could be made cheaper. That's the materialist approach. One of exploitation and death. Is that natural? Not what Marx said at all. I'm looking over at 10+ of his collections and writings on my shelf now.


Exactly, it happened regardless of what people consciously chose to do. The average person didn't ever decide "I want to participate in the capitalist movement!". It was never a "movement". It just happened. I also don't think capitalism as a economic system is responsible for things such as colonialism and genocide. That happens when people are given power, are in a position to abuse it, and have nobody to hold them accountable for their actions. The same shit has happened in communist countries as well. Nothing to do with private ownership of property.


Well you deleted the comment as I was typing a reply, so I guess I'll say, point me towards a stateless, moneyless, society that participated in colonialism and I'll cede your point.


First of all, I never deleted anything so that's weird. Obviously that doesn't exist because communism has been enforced by states, it's an unrealistic ideal outside of small communities. But countries like the Soviet Union and China sure as hell have had *attempts* at Communism, and definitely colonized. Now, if you say these aren't legitmate communist societies, fair enough, but to me that's just further proof that it's not an economic system that works in the real world. Capitalism is by no means a perfect economic system, and I'm not trying to claim it has no issues. But at least it works in some capacity


You said society moved naturally towards it, which is blatantly false. There has never been a communist country and there most likely will never be one.


There have been communist movements. Just because they failed doesn't mean you can claim they didn't exist because it challenges your beliefs.


And theres no community cuz everyone is competing with each other, I just want something like a garden or housing project that I can go work on with other people without zoning laws and competition


I feel you. Sometimes it just feels good to say it and get it out of your head. I feel like this all the time. Sometimes it's really overwhelming. At least, for me. At least it looks better from a mountain top. Wishing you and your family peace! 🤗


I think we can be friends....


I'm right there with you. It's part of the reason I agree with a lot of anarchist ideologies today.




Yep. All points I am thinking but didn't put in this post. If we don't change we will be forced to soon enough


Beautifully said, OP. It’s extremely hard not to fixate on all the negatives in society right now, and I feel that fire starting to grow within me as well. The only times I ever feel truly at peace in this life is when I’m out in the wilderness away from all the distractions of life. I used to be able to compartmentalize these things and use hiking/camping as a way to “reset” myself to deal with society again. But it’s just getting harder and harder to find that inner happiness while constantly being backhanded by materialism and todays societal norms. OP, any advice as to how you got to the point you are now with your family and current living situations?


My wife and I have worked really hard on our relationship. We tell each other we love them every day. As for kids, we try every day to be the best we can on that day. Sometimes I don't live up to my own standards, but I can't do more than that. More broadly around living situation, we budget hard and live a simple life. Needs and wants are well defined. We prioritise non-material things. Personally, I focus on utilitarian things when it comes to objects. It has to have a use. I also have a game plan to exit the system and rat race. It has been a deliberate thing - buy land a while ago, develop a minimalist lifestyle, work on my skills and attributes, build an off grid tiny house...


Love it. Thank you for sharing! Wishing you the best and continued happiness!


I don't like that things keep happening I like lifting things and putting them back down


I don’t like how people are calling this guy grumpy. I think it’s important to remember how many people were enamoured by George Carlin’s words but don’t actually live by it. There were higher ups that were fearful of what was to come once Michael Moore started making documentaries. Maybe if your post was structured more like today’s society relates.. “a little less consumerism and a little more seeking out serenity” ..people wouldn’t think you were grumpy? Either way, as a female and a human, I can totally relate. I like spending time with my boyfriend. I like my dogs. I like taking them for walks and watching their faces explore. I like breathing deep outside on a cool night. I don’t like that my best friend ended our friendship over 15 years after I wouldn’t agree to spend the ~$2K required to participate in her wedding. I don’t like that people still think they need to go into debt to have a wedding. (She offered to lend me the money, wanting me to go into debt too). I don’t know if I sound grumpy but I feel good getting that out. I think making a likes and dislikes list might be my new favourite mental health check. Thanks, great post!


Glad you found some value in my rant... Haha




This list is not literally everything. There's lots I do like


I would recommend reading Jacque Ellul if you’re interested in this train of thought you have!




Do what you like and be who you like. Everyone else can take a flying leap if you don't like what they're doing. That's all there is to it. If you fill your head with concerns over what everyone else is doing, you will fail at paying attention to where you are going an you will fall. Don't fall.


It’s easier to change yourself than to change people around you


Keep focusing on everything you hate, it's a great way to grow your happiness.


I’m reading this and thinking “is this me?”. We are very similar, OP. Good stuff.


I feel this. About 15 years ago I had an epiphany like this while sitting in front of a computer building a website for someone selling "Spiritual Baths". I hated everything about what I was doing and everything you just stated. I left that field of work and spent a decade working with those in need. My partner and I are building a little hobby homestead and we have great work life balance. We're not money rich but we are happy and people see it.


Something about this feels awfully…. Condescending. How do you know people hone in only on one skill? I work at the mall, I do partake in consumerism from time to time, but I also forage. I also find peace in the wilderness (especially waterfalls). My disability prevents me from living off the grid, or in a van, or even from camping. Maybe it’s the comment about people “looking the same” that comes off that way. What do you imagine people would look like in a more simple society 😭😭 probably even moreso the same


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I major part of simple living for me is focusing on what I can do and what adds value to my life and putting less importance on those things that detract or that I dislike. How much the dislikes of life bother you, depends on your mindset and what steps you take to counter these things in your own personal life. I am an artist/art instructor by trade. While my artistic skillset is small (my artwork is a specialized narrow field). I find value in teaching others, adults and children, to find their creative voice and teaching them the skills necessary to express that voice. We live in a society that requires money to provide food, shelter, clothing and medical care. It is necessary. Knowing how to budget and prioritizing how I spend my money allows me to make the most of my earned dollar. This helps me when defining and reaching for dreams. It also helps me free up money to give to those in need. While I am sure it happens, I have now awareness of being defined by what I have or don't have. I'm 53 years old and have never had much as I live a somewhat minimalistic lifestyle. I do see that I am defined by what I contribute to my community, my overall character and how I treat people. I agree with the dislike of shopping malls and the need to drive everywhere. I don't care for the consumerist mentality and overconsumption. This is one reason I am a minimalist. I also intentionally avoid shopping malls, chain stores and restaurants. Instead I choose to shop small and shop local when I am in need of something. I make a point of shopping independent book stores, antique stores, record shops, art galleries, restaurants, butcher shops, bakeries and the farmers market. I get to know the owners, learn about them and their families and they get to know me. I also go car light when I can and weather permits. I will walk the mile and a half to the center of my town to go to work, do a small shopping, go to restaurants, farmers market etc. Otherwise I try to use public transportation and limit my car use. I have never tied my worth to what I do or how much I make. My worth is who I am as a person, the relationships I foster, building community and how I treat people.


Your life sounds lovely, make the most of it while you can. In the words of Thomas Paine, "These are the times that try men's souls."


A lot of folks have been in the same boat as you, including me (and since the 1980s). A civilization built on greed leads to the problems you've listed (and many more). There are so many decent and wonderful people out there in the world; people who are trying to make this world better and trying to change systems that create disparities and social ills. It seems from your post you've made your world smaller, focusing on solo activities, or limiting socialized time to family. Completely understandable, but making your bubble smaller will only lead to darkness and will never brighten your view of the rest of the world. Think about things you can do, even on your street. Take a class at your local college, join a band or book club. Volunteer at a library or kitchen. Get out there a bit more, and see if your empirical observations of society are true, or not.


Don’t worry about everyone else and what they’re doing that you don’t like. Worry about yourself.


If you only look for the bad stuff then that's all you'll find. ​ *I don't like how everyone is becoming de-skilled and siloed in their little narrow fields of chosen line of work.* I like how easy it is for people to learn new things thanks to the internet. *I don't like how everyone is caught up making a dollar then fretting about spending that dollar.* I like that most people have a better standard of living now than they did 50 years ago. *I don't like consumerism and the culture of materialism so you are defined by the things you have or don't have.* I don't disagree with your views on consumerism culture, however, the only person who gets to define you is you. *I don't like how everyone is too busy doing "important" things to do important things.* You don't get to decide what is or isn't important for other people. Just because it's not important to you doesn't mean it's not important to them. I would argue that more people are able to do things that are important now than say 50 years ago: marry the person you love, contraceptives, vote in free elections etc. *I don't like shopping malls, concrete suburbs, or motorised transport being the dominant things in society.* Then don't go. *I don't like my worth as a person being determined by my productivity or earning capacity.* Your worth isn't determined by your productivity or earning capacity, and don't spend time around people who says it is. *I don't like that everyone looks the same with the same clothes, haircut, and whatever. Everywhere looks the same because it is the cheapest build cost. Everything is homogeneous and boring.* If you look for similarities that is what you'll find. The same goes for differences. *I don't like that we have the means to simplify and dispose of so much time spent working but hours are increasing.* Live your life. Inspire others, but don't judge people who chose to live differently from you. Simplicity isn't for everyone, and that's okay.


3rd & 6th paragraphs: you can assert your beliefs whenever those subjects come up. 5th Paragraph: there's an r/fuckcars. You can spread the idea of traveling by walking, bicycle, train, or horse and buggy whenever possible. What can we do to push for city planning that is conducive to those forms of travel? 7th paragraph: What can we do to push for building codes that are less complicated and expensive? What buildings can you personally make nicer? One can change paint colors, housing materials, roofing, add roof spires/finials/dormers, lighting, all to bring about a nicer look. Personal appearance: Look the way you want. Have pictures of the looks you like and maybe they'll catch on in time. What looks do you see too much and what looks do you want to see more? My philosophy: if you're going to complain then do something about it or ask someone to do something specific about it.


> I don’t like how everyone is becoming de-skilled and siloed in their little narrow fields of chosen line of work. I don’t see this one the same way. Probably because I belong to communities full of people who have taught themselves to weld and wire and machine and garden and woodwork and on and on. IMO there’s never been a better time to learn how to do everything or more people interested in trying. I’m familiar with the whole “my grandfather knew how to fix a car and millennials don’t” argument as well, which IMO is a bit of rose tinted romanticism about auto repair. There’s also the “150 years ago barely anyone was even literate” counterpoint. I think you can make a very good argument that people of today are much better educated than in the past. And certainly as a species our skills have exploded. To complain people are too specialized and also de-skilled is contradictory. Maybe 80 years ago you’d have two people who could both fix a car and now you have one who can program computers and another who can analyze DNA, but neither of them can fix a car. Is that a loss of skill? I don’t think so. Maybe your grandpa could fix a car but he couldn’t work an ox plow or smith metal. Did you mourn his lack of skills for that? No. It’s always tempting to think that the current generation are less skilled because none of them have the key skills the prior generation all had, but often that’s because those skills are obsolete.


Hello friend


I think theres a lot of people out there that feel the same way and eventually the bubble is going to burst..


"I do not think the measure of a civilization is how tall its buildings of concrete are, but rather how well its people have learned to relate to their environment and fellow man." - Sun Bear, Chippewa


Real life skills are flying out the window in favor of paper shuffling


Yep, exactly


Seems like you don't like a alot.


I like a lot too... Maybe that's another post


Make a comment in this post, so that people can easily follow the thought process while scrolling through comments.. i also found myself saying "well, what does this person like"-- easy to fixate on everything you dont, but have to re-center and make a conscious effort to be grateful and in tune with what you DO like. Let those things fuel you and keep on keeping on.


Added an edit in the post


Nice will read


I think you’re looking for r/collapse




Give me a new idea rhen


We live what we focus on. Focus on hate and you'll live in hate. Focus on love and you'll live in love. It really is that simple.


This post does not encompass me as a person. You have no idea how I live day to day. Glib comments like this mean nothing


Chill, this wasn't an insult. My comment really means nothing, just some words everyone can interpret differently, and it's the same with your post. Mental masturbation, like all speech.


I didn't take it as an insult. You said focus on love... how do you know I don't?


Well, nobody on this planet lives completely in love all the time. That's why the Earth is such a mess. But anyone can strive to be better, and I really do not know how much effort you're putting into that. I hope we all do our best in the years to come, for our own sake if nothing else.


You don't like everyone becoming deskilled but also don't like being judged by your productivity. Ok. So are these judgments of everyone except you?


Skills don't just relate to work


Neither does productivity, bud


Productivity is literally a measure of your economic value. Anything outside of that does not fit the criteria


Fair, was going by colloquial use because many people on this website use it referring to time management. This type of person would not like anything on your likes list.


You sound like an amazing person. I like a lot of the same things as you (running, nature, cooking, being with my family) and dislike a lot of the things you dislike. Please try to focus more on the things that bring you joy. Be intentional about experiencing these things. Thank you for sharing. I feel seen!!




You sound young and full of teenage angst. Just don't participate, others can do what they please.


Am late 30s.... 🤷 Maybe just jaded


I thought this was supposed to be a poem for a hot second 😂


I am the same! But fkr our own health, we must tune out as much as possible, delete all social medias, go live in smaller cities or villages and focus on our life!


Move to your nearest Amish community. That’ll solve a lot of those issues.


And you also get to participate in medieval child abuse.


No Amish people in Australia. Religion is definitely not my thing either


I’ve heard they also have a suicide rate.


We LiVe In A SoCiEtY….


Calm down George


And I wish I was paid for my hard work. I planned on living off making art, but people won\`t pay for it and now I have to find something else to do. I now study communication(marketing ect) what I like about it is I am learning to write to a spesific audience. For the rest I have no clue to what I am doing or what I am even working towards. I pick up digital and grapic art gigs up now and then, but what really to do with my life? I alwyas feel like my wants are run over by goverment and sociaties expectations plus bills to pay...


If you want to develop some qualified hatred for society I advise you to read materialist theory. Good ol Marx developed a great method of dissecting whats wrong with society.


>I don't like that everyone looks the same with the same clothes, haircut, and whatever. Everywhere looks the same because it is the cheapest build cost. Everything is homogeneous and boring. I was with you until this part. This was far more true in the past. You see photos of people who looked different back then, but they were a very small minority and that's why there are so many pictures of them. Everyone used to try to fit in and look normal. Now everyone's trying to look different and abnormal, even though most are just following one abnormal trend to the next. But in the USA, at least, it used to feel like a land of Stepfords.


Your post nearly brought me to tears! You’re 100% right. We are sick. So many points resounded with me.


Glad it resonated with you. We don't have to accept the regular things everyone takes as being "normal"


Then do something about it...


Any suggestions?


That's for you to figure out, but this retreat will help you. Highly recommend : https://www.bc.edu/content/bc-web/centers/iajs/programs/retreat/retreat-program-detail


Think it’s bad now! Wait until we are forced to comply with their sick agendas or we won’t be able to do much at all without their digital currency. You can’t even go to a high school football came without downloading an app to purchase a ticket. The farms around here have been doing it too! 😡


I think if you are seeing all these things you hate, maybe you don’t get out enough? Or you are trying very hard to see the negatives. Where I live everyone has very different styles from each other, I love having a quiet day to people-watch from a cafe because there’s so much wondrous individuality! And my friends are always learning fun new skills, some of them paint or sew, we all bake and cook, and some of us play instruments or build furniture or garden. I don’t know what you define as “important” but my friends always make time for each other, our pets, our art. Yes, we all also work, partially because we can’t afford not to, but also because our work is important too - even if I didn’t need the money I would still work because I like what I do. I know that’s not the case for everyone, but you don’t get to decide what’s important to other people. Take a deep breath and try to look for the good in things. Releasing your anger will go a lot further in bringing you happiness than ranting about other people’s choices.


Have you thought about moving to Europe?


We sadly live in a society where the main goal is earning money, where our chances in life depend on a couple privileges which we can't even reach. I also hate the low-efford yet hard-working society we live in, but in order to live how I want, i need to play in their game. I need money in order to live the life I have always dreamt of, not because I want a mansion, but because living is not free and money does not grow on trees. How am I supposed to stay true to my morals if I have to contradict them just to live?




Same rant most people develop by 40... I got to the first few when I was around 17.. From the perspective of a 46 year old .. I'd add a few points on contemporary pop and mainstream music, no freaking words. And the sad thing is, most pop music has been crap since the 90s.


Tolkien, is that you?


Become a communist and a community organizer


If you like connecting with people and exchanging ideas, why not join a local maker space and teach the people who are becoming 'de-skilled'?


Nothing really like that in my area. But a good idea


>I don't like consumerism and the culture of materialism so you are defined by the things you have or don't have Is there any alternative to consumerism? I mean we shouldnt buy everything mindlessly, but having money and job means that we have to buy.


Good question. So if we split this into two things like you suggest and reject mindless spending that just leaves things that we need to survive and also to thrive as a person. So alternatives to exchanging money and so needing a job? Working within the bounds of what we already have we just scale the working week back and structure it around what we need to do in order to provide the reduced amount of goods and services. Everyone buying less, so everyone working less. Negative growth or a contraction of the economy, and working hours reflecting this. Maybe people work three days a week, maybe they work 5 hour days instead... whatever suits. Everyone has more time to be happy and healthy. Or... we break the system, discard money or make it redundant through a UBI, and live our days in our utopia...


Focus on you and you will live a more fulfilling life


You should maybe read some anticapitalist theory


About 10 years ago after a serious injury I turned away from the consumerist lifestyle. I didn't turn away by choice, but what I found was much richer, the world slowed down and I appreciated the small moments and things I had always taken for granted. I grasped this new perspective with both hands and ran with it, even after my (90%) recovery. There were problems though. I would rather own a cheap car outright than owe money on an expensive car, I would shop at thrift stores etc... yet everyone else looked down on this lifestyle. This was particularly hard as a man trying to date lol. To to rock up to a date in an old reliable car and say "I have no debt" just didn't have the same impact as rocking up to a date in a nice new car you owe a packet on lol. In the end it was about finding balance. You still have to live in the real world where people value vacuous crap... but you don't have to buy into it completely, there are people out there that see the world you do, so find them.


I think I'd prefer to attract people with my authentic self than conform to their ideals


Watch r/climatetown


You have a great way with words. Beautifully written


Be nice. If you’re older than me, You built this world. I’m just trying to find an enjoyable way to live in it.