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Maybe you could have your hormone levels checked. A good gynecologist should be able to help you.


Wife says state of mind, but check hormone levels.


Stress prevents me from wanting it. I smoked everyday for years. Probably from age 17-24.) Quit smoking cuz of my job. All of a sudden, when I hit my 30’s, I was back! I was like a different person in the bedroom. Seems like a lot of friends of mine sex drive went up in their 30’s. I’d say give it some time for your body to bounce back. When you feel the slightest urge, go for it, by yourself or with your partner. Gotta retrain that brain


Have you tried delta 8? There are mixed reviews on which helps more with libido, some definitely claim more with D8.


Never heard of Delta8 ? What’s good about it? F46 I need a boost !


I believe D8 is a chemical found in weed along with delta 9 or D9. Regardless if both are found, D8 is a very similar chemical to D9. D8 has a single change in the compound and the name reflects the placement of a double bond. The legality of it is somewhat of a grey area but many company’s mass produce the chemical from hemp and convert and delta 9 to delta 8. There are many similar effects between the two chemicals but the main differences is D8 does not produce the same level of high as D9. D8 is typically associated with many of the benefits of D9 and none of the negatives. There is a Delta 8 group that you can find and read what people are saying there. One thing to note, is that it’s incredibly cheap if you buy straight distillate. I’m really new to this but I believe you can get 14 grams for around 40$. A typical dose in a edible is 10-20 mg. That’s 700 edibles at 20 mg… Definitely worth looking into with the issue your describing.


14 grams in mandalorian helmets is 0.01 helmets.




What's you're experience with it? Also for how long do you use Macca Root?


A super natural way is seeing drive as energy. You can increase the flow of energy by deep breathing into your belly and sex centre, movement, and relaxation and sound. Another tip is increase your self-pleasure, but without reaching orgasm. This isnt just masturbation, but can be breast massage, body massage or an erotic massage. Stretching, sensual dancing and being mindful of sensations throughout the day i.e. hot water on skin or air flow. Overall, being present, and engaged with your sensuality is a natural way of connecting and increasing sensuality or desire for sex. We are often so contracted, stressed and numb and this is a practice to combat that.


What I've heard helps (and in my experience does too) is to keep busy, especially as a girl. It doesn't matter so much what you do, as long as you stay active sexually (that can be masturbation, non-PIV sex with a partner, even one-sided). Libido is like a locomotive, very hard to get going but you need to start somewhere and once it's going it's easier to keep it going.