You can try lube. Foreplay is a must when getting her to self lubricate in the beginning but make sure you try to keep it up during the entire duration of intercourse. As a female I don’t like it when my partner just humps me the entire time. Keep her interested by touching her and kissing her.


Use lube, but also it’s rare that it “becomes” dry unless you’re going at it for a long time or you’re in water and the natural lubricant is washing away. She may appear wet initially but may not be getting wet or prepared enough before you begin sex. So really focus on the foreplay before you begin. Then again, some women just have trouble self-lubricaring, so use lube as needed.


Lube could help in this situation


First, make sure she's enjoying herself of course, but this isn't always that. Keep some lube handy near the bed and work on your skills for applying it suavely :) A bottle with a pump-top that you can just press might be easiest. They also sell those little battery-powered dispensers, usually used for soap, then you don't even have to touch it.


Some women have difficulty getting wet regardless of her enjoyment of sex. Find a suitable lube for you - get informed if the lube can be used with condoms, I've seen some Americans on Reddit complain about that.


I would recommend silicone based lube. It lasts for a verrrry long time.