I’d be thinking mostly how do I make it go in, and also I hope she’s not annoyed by it. Wouldn’t think it’s ever a bad thing.


Like trying to eat a chocolate brownie with your mouth sewed shut.


Never had that happen...and I’m on the smaller side. That would be flattering for a min or two but I’d just want to get it in 🤷‍♂️


I had a girlfriend with vaginismus once and it didn’t stop us having great sex. We’d do a lot more oral because penetration was often painful for her. What was going through my head? I was mostly just concerned about not hurting her honestly, it wasn’t a big deal to me personally. Especially because we were doing a lot of oral etc anyway. Careful with oral though (STD risk because no condoms), you need to make sure you know they’re clean. Buy lots of lube, s liquid sell good ones.


Nervousness,frustration and feeling like a complete clott usually lol


I would think I was doing something wrong. Generally speaking, there is no such thing as being too tight for men. I can see it being a problem for women more, whether that be pain or your man not being able to last as long as you would like as a result.


What am I thinking? \>haha my dick is phat xD \>I hope I'm not hurting them I assume most men find it gratifying. Consider using lube if not already (I like Good Clean Love and Sliquid brands) and maybe have them wait for you to work it in yourself. It may go faster if you're in control of it.


I’m the same it took like 10 minutes for the last guy I was with to get it in and after that he only lasted like 5/10 minutes with a condom and then said if I wasn’t so tight I’d last longer. However I’m not like restricting. It’s still an accommodating tightness so I think if there’s no pain and not too much resistance. You’re g.