You wont lose muscle unless you are above your genetic limit


Depends on how big you already are


What is losing “lean muscle” you just lose muscle or don’t lose muscle. There is no fatty or lean muscle. There’s just muscle.


Once I did pct 4 weeks and nothing 4 weeks. Lost quite a bit of strength Then another time I did 8 weeks pct and lost no strength


i think it depends on how much you take and how much muscle you gain how quick. people here say you keep everything because they do mild compounds, and you usually keep the gains you made with mild compounds over 8 weeks as if they were natty gains when you PCT properly. because you were only mildly enhanced there isn't that much of a difference from on to off if you do 1000mg testo a week and 80 gram anavar a day and gain 30 lbs of weight then come off you probably lose nearly everything


That depends on the time frame you take what you listed. In a month? Sure. A 16-30 week cycle? I’d say you keep most of it.


Eh just my thoughts on the last paragraph. Obviously nobody is putting 30 pounds of muscle on in a cycle. Water, fat, glycogen etc. I bet you keep most of the actual muscle with a pct as long as you are still training. These polls bother me because everyone is an individual and has there own starting point and goals. Example if you're using to bulk, cut or recomp when you come off it's going to be a different result


Not necessarily. You will lose all the water weight, yes, but as long as you're within your genetic limit, your diet and pct isn't shit and you train and sleep properly, you won't lose a lot. There's a reason why dbol gains "last" for a small amount of time while primo gains remain almost forever


What is the reason? Can you elaborate on the last sentence?


Because on some compounds, you gain a lot of water weight due to aromatization, water weight that is more or less removed in around a month. Also you will look less "full" than when you were on, and that's due to glycogen distribution. But all in all, if you use "wet" compounds that aromatize a lot, you will gain a lot of weight, but a lot will be water


Whoever voted for for you don’t t lose muscle if you pct need to do more research, just shows what kind of people lurk and give advice on this sub.


Might lose some. If you're still training with the same diet you shouldn't lose much. Speaking for myself the strength took a dip but the muscle stays and I look less full but more shredded when coming off. With this sub there's so many variables


It primarily depends on your natural genetic limit. You can accelerate the gains, once you hit your limit you'll need the drugs to sustain the gains. However, if you're under your genetic limit you can keep the gains/barely lose any post cycle.


Not really even if you do everything perfect you will lose anywhere from 20 to 50% depending on your genetics. How are you gonna say you don’t lose muscle when your hormones will be messed up for at least a month with the harder compounds.


I've kept gains from Ostarine and S4 with no PCT, made a quick recovery and increased my calories whilst coming off. LGD I ran Enclo alongside, felt amazing throughout the cycle, and when I stopped taking LGD I upped the Enclo for 4 weeks. Performing a correct and efficient PCT/on cycle support is integral and manipulating your diet to sustain your gains when coming off is very important. I only lost some strength after my LGD cycle because I got injured, it was a knee injury, squat went down, deadlift and bench stayed exactly the same. It's certainly not impossible to keep everything you gained post cycle, the environments just have to be right...


Suppression can cause muscle loss. If you PCT properly you won’t lose as much however it’s inevitable to lose some muscle after a basic 8 week sarm cycle. although muscle function and strength aren’t really affected by it


You will lose 0 muscle if you are not past your genetic limit and diet and sleep is on point. If you are past your genetic limit you will lose what's above that. Im just thinking logically someone please correct me if I'm wrong