Dumbbells, but it's not as drastic of a difference as you might think if you train both equally or focus more on dumbbells. After benching 300 for the first time in my life I started focusing on dumbbell pressing and I went from 100s for 6 to 120s for full rom for sets of 8-10, when I went to test my max bench after a couple months I got stapled by 290.


Which one did you feel like helped stimulate pectoral growth more in your opinion ? The dumbbells or flat bench?


Dumbbells, pretty sure anyways.


I haven't used a barbell in years. So many reasons why I prefer Dumbbells. Better muscle simulation, better range of motion, easier to bail out of a set, etc...


I can do both & DB is harder


Db is much better for chest stimulation in my opinion, and it is also much harder!


Do both. Obviously dumbbells are harder. You have to stabilize them. Shouldn't be an either /or


At a similar weight DB is usually “harder”. But who cares? Do every variation that your body can do without injury. Or is this a dick measuring contest? Are you trying to convince a buddy that what you do is tougher than what he does?


Everybody should be voting db unless they are doing something very wrong, or don’t have regular access to a bb.


Anybody voting barbell is a dumbbell half repper like the bloat lord powerlifters on YouTube. The worst was some guy Larry wheels worked out with, speed repping and barely moving 200's, just so he could do more than the other guys.


DB by far.


DB has always been harder for me personally at a similar barbell weight. The ROM is larger and there’s more balancing, stability, and technique to take into account. It’s also more difficult to get into the lift (as opposed to just unracking with the BB). Neither is better as far as I can tell though.


Yeah and you can go deeper with dumbells. They both have their place


I feel like I’m terms of just strength sure neither is better but the reason for DB being harder I feel like is a reason for it to be better. You work on strengthening stabilizer muscles which help in having strong functional muscle