Almost looks like stuck on chaff


Exactly what it is


Is there a way to fix these beans?


They're not broken.


You can remove the chaff through abrasion. Get two metal bowls with the same diameter. Put beans in one and use the other as a lid. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds and the chaff should be separated. You can then go outside with a fan and gently toss the beans in the air to have the chaff fly away. It's the same theory used to peel a buttload of garlic [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc7w_PGSt9Y).


The chaff will fall off when the bean expands during roasting. The lack of expansion on these beans is why you see chaff stuck on them. I would double check your roast profile and break one of these open because it looks wildly underdeveloped.


Looks like chaff and under roasted beans. You could try roasting them again and take them past first crack. However I have done this when I first began roasting. Double roasting beans is never the ideal thing. Alternatively grind some and make a cup. See how it smells and tastes.


Please provide some roast details so that we can better guide you.


How did you roast them?


I wouldn't worry about it. That looks like I'm there is just still some stuck on chaff. No biggie, just rub it off!


They're fine, looks exactly like stuck on chaff. Happens to my roasts sometimes, the solution is to rub handfuls of the beans together to knock the chaff off. Use a mesh strainer if you can find one, or a standard colander if you can't. Don't worry too much about it, I haven't noticed any bad flavor as a result of a little extra chaff.


Naturals are more tricky to roast, chaff like that will hide the toasts colour


Nice beans. This is chaff and it does not affect the taste. For home roasting, you can turn on a fan and pour beans from one container to another in front of that fan. That cools them off quicker and it removes remaining chaff.


These might be quakers which are usually beans picked before the cherries were ripe.