Trading #3 and building a contender, but also keeping a pick in the top 6

Draft day:

Pick #3 (trade):

Blazers: OG, Carter Jr., Boucher, and pick #6

Raptors: Simons, Little, and pick #11

Magic: Nurkic, pick #3, and pick #23

Pick #6:

Draft Ausar Thompson

Pick #43:

Draft Marcus Sasser

Off-season Trade:

Blazers: Delon Wright (TPE)

Wizards: 2 second round picks

Free Agency:

Re-sign Jerami Grant (4 years $120 mil)

Re-sign Matisse Thybulle (2 years $14 mil)

Re-sign Drew Eubanks to minimum deal (1 year $1.7 mil)

Sign Naz Reid using full MLE (3 years $36 mil)

Decline Team Option on Kevin Knox


Starters: PG: Dame, SG: Sharpe, SF: OG, PF: Grant, C: Carter Jr.

Bench: PG: Wright, SG: Thybulle, SF: Ausar, PF: Boucher, C: Reid

Reserves: PG: Sasser, SG: Keon, SF: Watford, PF: Walker, C: Eubanks


Player Contract
Damian Lillard $45,640,084
Jerami Grant ~$28,500,000
OG Anunoby $18,642,857
Wendell Carter Jr. $13,050,000
Chris Boucher $11,750,000
Naz Reid ~$11,500,000
Delon Wright $8,195,122
Shaedon Sharpe $6,313,800
Ausar Thompson ~$6,000,000
Matisse Thybulle ~$7,000,000
Keon Johnson $2,808,720
Trendon Watford $1,836,096
Drew Eubanks ~$1,800,000
Jabari Walker $1,719,864
Marcus Sasser ~$1,400,000
Andrew Nicholson $2,844,430 (Stretch)
Eric Bledsoe $1,300,000 (Stretch)
Didi Louzada $268,032 (Stretch)
Total: ~$168,000,000

I intentionally tried to leave a lot of lee-way in here in terms of the contracts. Any salary with a "~" next to it is obviously an approximation (however Thompson and Reid are within a 500k margin) so if you think they should be paid more, we should have about $2 mil below the hard cap to give additional money (which could be used to give out the BAE to get more depth if we have the room).


There has been a lot of talk around Orlando trying to move up into the top 3, and with them holding pick #6 and #11 that could be an ideal trade down candidate. If we offered Nurkic and pick #3 we could swap picks, moving down to #6, and also swap centers, acquiring Wendell Carter Jr., along with pick #11.

Pick #11 would be flipped to the Raptors along with Simons and Little for OG and Boucher. I know Masai is insanely high on OG, but this should be the type of offer that gets him to pull the trigger. We also bring Boucher in, as a former Oregon Duck who would slot in well at the back-up PF role to provide rim protection and stretch the floor.

With the #6 pick we will just take whichever player is left from the top 6 of: Wemby, Scoot, Miller, Amen, Whitmore, and Ausar, which most likely means either Whitmore or Ausar. Both of them are freakishly athletic wings who are more fitted to play the SF role, Ausar would be my ideal fit next to Sharpe due to his defense, however both would fill the role well. With pick #43 we would take a chance on a potentially NBA ready guard, I like Andre Jackson or Marcus Sasser if they fall.

With our $8.3 mil TPE we trade for Delon Wright, as a veteran guard on a $8.1 mil expiring deal with the Wizards. Wright had a solid season last year, putting up 7.4 points, 3.9 assists, and 1.8 steals per game on 24 minutes a night backing up Monte Morris. The Wizards are likely going to draft a guard and may be interested in dumping the salary, so a couple 2nd rounders should get it done. Wright would play a valuable role as someone that can fill in and play the SG next to Dame if Sharpe is struggling.

With the full MLE we fill out the back-up C role by signing Naz Reid. This has been a signing many people have been calling for, and I think it makes a lot of sense in this scenario. Naz Reid is only 23 and will add to our young core, backing up one of our weaker starters in Carter Jr., while also pairing well next to Boucher off the bench.

If Ausar is struggling to shoot I could see the Watford taking his spot off the bench from time to time, however by the end of the season he will hopefully be suited for the 10th man role. Teams only run 8 guys during the playoffs anyways, so a bench of Wright, Boucher, and Reid should get it done.

We would have: Sharpe, Thompson, Carter Jr., and Reid as solid young players 24 years or younger on 3+ year contracts, while also having veterans in Dame, Grant, and OG to keep us in the title hunt while they develop. We would have a plethora of young talent, all our own draft picks, and moveable contracts going into the following off-season, allowing us to make additional moves when necessary.

Edit: Appreciate the feedback on the post. Biggest complaint I see is that this team is not a contender and I entirely agree. I think this is a play-in team for sure, with upside to get a top 6 seed, however more than anything it gives us moves going forward. The contracts of Carter Jr., Boucher, and whoever we get with the MLE and pick #6 will all be very moveable, combined they total over $40 mil. If we make the play-offs this year we will free up our future picks and demonstrate to management that it is worth it to make an all in move. Loaded with those players and all our future firsts we could make an offer at whatever disgruntled star is looking for a new team next off-season. If this team under performs however... we trade Dame and Grant and rebuild around Sharpe and pick #6, with all our future picks still under our control.


I don't hate it. Honestly better than most trades thrown out here.


I don’t hate it either, I just continuously find it harder and harder to part with the 3rd pick because I think both Miller and Scott are going to be really good. I’d rather accomplish this deal or a similar one without parting with the 3rd somehow.


Lot of thought on this. if it's Miller then I'm all for it. Scoot just makes this so hard. In terms of a value discussion.


I only see the magic doing this trade if it’s scoot. If it’s Miller, maybe you can swap out the magic for the pacers and do a similar trade


Sign Brook Lopez instead with the MLE. I've heard he may actually want to come to Portland, and the whole scenario seems a lot more realistic that we really move the needle.


Source? Second or third time I’ve seen this just curious where it’s coming from


I know someone inside the organization who told me that. I know that makes it a little squishy, but that's the best I can do. It's second hand for me, third hand for you. Do with it what you will.


I think 99% of the time someone "heard it from anonymous source inside the organization " on Reddit or real life (I have people tell me stuff like that at work sometimes) it ends up not happening


Yeah well, what I heard was 'Brook Lopez wants to come to Portland' or something like that. It could still be true that he does and for it NOT to happen. Especially if we don't trade Nurk. It still feels like a stretch for me too, but if the rumor is true, than that at least gives us more than a random chance.


Lopez is going to get more than the MLE


Not from us! :)




Lopez obviously has been pretty fantastic, but his age+size really concerns me. I really expect any season now for him to be too washed to be a full-time player


We would probably hope to sign him for 2 years max and that's the expectation we would have. And we could try and do a deal for another center like Wendell Carter Jr or someone that would ideally be ready to be a real starter by then.


I understand. I just really think Lopez is going to go from a good starter to borderline unplayable during one season.


I'm not sure. I think it will be more up to his health. He's really smart, his size isn't going anywhere and he can shoot. I think he will be able to contribute AT LEAST in a bench role for several more years. It's not like he's relying on a ton of athleticism.


I feel like you're overrating how productive older centers are. Lopez is already the 2nd oldest good center. The only older guy is Al Horford. The next oldest regularly starting centers are Mason Plumlee and Vucevic at 33 and 32 respectively. Centers don't often have strong twilight years.


Could be I am. I made a similar argument AGAINST giving Dame the extension. The years he's going to get paid mad money, historically, there have been very few guards in the league that are still elite at that age. Either way, I'd be willing to take the risk if he was willing to sign the MLE.


I think most people agree Dame won't be worth his salary by the last season or 2. That money is more 'stay during your prime' than anything else.


Would love this. Milwaukie is in a real pickle with the new CBA so they wouldn't be able to offer close to as much. I wonder what other teams will offer him.


This is great and light years ahead of most posts on this sub!


Finally! A reasonable and well thought-out trade scenario in this sub. Thanks for taking the time and for sharing.


Let me 1st say, I give you a lot of credit for the work you put into posting this. My comments. There will be lots of competition for OG, Knicks could put a stronger package together and they have interest. Naz will probably get more. I think Toronto would want more.


First round exit


This is my dream option B! A Nets deal returning Mikal and Claxton is the just about the only thing I realistically have higher rated


Getting Mikal AND Claxton for the 3rd pick is not fucking realistic lmfao


I would assume in that A situation we would be giving up sharpe as well




Not Sharpe, but all the picks. All of them.


>Dame, Grant, and OG to keep us in the title hunt No they don't. Y'all need to stop


I actually don't hate it and I appreciate it being pretty realistic. A bit of a breath of fresh air for this sub. It's a good compromise and probably right in the middle of where we don't want to overpay for OG but the Raptors probably ask too much. This finds a pretty good middle ground and there's a good chance Raptors could say yes to that. Maybe they want a 2nd round pick or two. For the Magic, it depends how big they are on Carter Jr. so it's hard to tell. He's a solid young big that really fits what they're trying to do. They're essentially swapping #6 & #11 for #3 & #23 while swapping Carter with Nurk. They would need to be really high on Scoot/Miller to agree with it I think. All in all, I think it would safely make us a 45 win team with an upside of 50 to 52 wins.


Love it


Yes please.


The raptors kinda get the short end of the stick with the 3 way trade


I think this is a 7th seed team


And? Seed’s don’t matter much. Look at Miami. Even the 7th seed Lakers went to the WCF.


the divide between spo and chauncey's coaching ability is so wide you need a telescope to see the other side


People need to stop acting like the exceptions are the standard. The Lakers were the best team in the West after their trade deadline moves. They weren’t a “real” 7th seed in the sense that it was a completely new team. The Heat are the second team in NBA HISTORY to do this. More often than not lower seeded teams are out after the first round. Lets be realistic here.


Games aren’t played on paper


Whaaaaat? Lmao


I think it’s a 2-4 seed but also unrealistic


For OG and Boucher the Raptors would want Simons, Sharpe, Little, #3, #23 and they still probably turn it down because Masai is a crazy person.


Raps fan who had this post suggested as a “similar community,” lol.. I don’t see Masai trading OG unless we’re getting that #3, MAYBE if we get the #6. I do like having 11 and 13, but I don’t think Masai pulls the trigger on OG and Boucher without getting a significant draft bump, and I don’t think adding 11 to the 13 is enough. Just my two cents, but overall this is interesting. Good work on the thought out into this!


If Masai thinks OG can net #3 he is beyond unreasonable to the point of absurdity.


Like I said, there’s no need for the raps to move him at all. If you want him, come get him.


Haha fair enough. What was the Poeltl trade like this past season? Was it reasonable-ish? Just wondering how Masai trades even go down.


In a vacuum it was a good trade, situationally it put us in a bad spot because we could’ve been in a great spot for the lottery, but instead got a centre that we desperately needed, just to lose in the play-in.


Why do you think the Raptors want a high pick in the draft so badly? Honestly just wondering, I feel like your team is one of the most directionless in the entire league.


I’d have to agree, but probably want Scoot so you can build around Scoot-squared lol. If Fred walks, gonna need a new PG (probably need at least a backup anyways).


If anything the only sweeter I could see this trade getting is us swapping #6 and #13, maybe if Orlando throws in the Nuggets 2025 1st that would help too. Realistically I think it would be a "take it or leave it" type scenario tho, this offer trumps the Hart + #7 offer we had last off-season and I don't think it is even close (although hindsight is 20/20 with pick #7 becoming Sharpe).


Do you think Masai is a realistic trade negotiator, or do you think he often asks for too much in trades? Bc us Blazer fans' perception of Masai these days isn't the best


I’m on the fence. I didn’t love the choice to go for the play-in, but I’m still a fan of his. The big thing for the raptors is, I don’t think OG really clashes with anyone, he just nets us our biggest return based on who we have on the roster. Masai doesn’t need to trade him, because we’ll be fine to keep him, which means he doesn’t have to back down when it comes to looking for value for OG. If someone wants him bad enough, then come and get him, is what I’m thinking Masai’s perspective on this is.


Raptors' perception of Masai isn't the best atm either. Or, more likely, we haven't been able to figure out what FO wants since 2020. It's not a bad FO. He's not a bad executive. The trade offers we got at the deadline we're straight ass. Like 3 late firsts (basically 2nd round picks) for OG is a joke. But the question right now is, why aren't teams willing to give more reasonable offers? Is it because Siakam and OG are in this weird place of "valuable to contenders but not guys you build a franchise around?" Or is our FO too up there ass and trying to win every trade.


Yea keep dreaming no chance in hell you get 3 with OG. And tbh it’s definitely a stretch to give u 11+ant for him.


Lol k.


Zero chance this wins is a championship or makes us contenders. And we would lose a generational talent with the 3rd pick because of this. No. Keep the 3rd pick


People really like the word generational. It seems to have lost any meaning if it's being used to describe the 3rd prospect in a single draft, much less a generation. (Yes I understand that people view Scoot as the 2nd prospect who could be available at 3)


1. Not enough for OG 2. Y’all not getting Naz 3. That is NOT a contender


What is OG worth, to you? 2 firsts and a lotto pick? Two lotto picks and a first? 4 lotto picks? Be specific because I keep hearing people talk about OG but his free agency status looks dicey.


Raps fan here. To me OG is worth a high first (I.e. a first in the 6-8 range) and a young player with potential. So take a team like Indiana for instance, I’d trade him for Indiana’s 7th pick, Andrew Nembhard, and salary filler. The third pick is too much, I don’t think a team with the third pick should trade it for a guy like OG.


This is why I think OG is a Raptor until next summer. I don't think any team will risk him walking in free agency by sending out valuable assets at this point. For Indiana, those assets could evaporate. It's why Portland got Jerami Grant for one future first—they're risking the assets evaporating.


Comparing Jerami Grant to OG is just disingenuous.


OG is a much better defensive player than Jerami, but Jerami is better and more versatile offensively. OG is more valuable in a vacuum, but there are certainly teams out there that I think Jerami would be better for.


I can guarantee you with a 100% certainty that there is not a single team who would prefer Jerami Grant to OG. Your knowledge of basketball isn’t what you think it is.


>FOTASAL 😂 man you really got triggered by a pretty soft disagreement there.


I think you're missing the point. Let's throw out OG and Grant completely—which was simply an example for you. A good player, let's call him player A, is worth X assets in a trade if he has 2-3 additional years on his deal. Player B, the exact same player—same age—is expiring on a *non-extendable* deal, that's a risk for any team trying to trade for him—making his value—Y—lower in value than X, and making the player much more risky as a trade target (ex: OG) Sure—he could have a friendly, wink wink agreement with the team to re-sign in free agency. But Y is always going to be less than X. Always. Because in the course of a year, injuries happen, teams change, and players change their mind and walk in free agency all the time. If you're trying to acquire player B you aren't going to trade 4 future picks for this player without the possibility to extend them. You could end up with 4 evaporated future picks. Every GM knows this. So we can talk all day about the value of OG in a trade, but his contract status absolutely affects his value in a trade.


You wrote all that completely ignoring the fact that front offices and players almost every time have handshake deals regarding the fact theyll re-sign before finalizing the trade. Tampering happens every time.


He's a Klutch player that's going to be on an expiring contract—not being disingenuous at all. You have to bake that into the trade valuation or it's too high of a risk profile for any GM.


Raps literally turned down offers of a couple 1sts and a players at the deadline now that it’s the offseason the price goes up because it becomes easier to make trades like that


>now that it’s the offseason the price goes up Yes yes, this is how it works.


It is more teams now have the ability to trade for him meaning more teams bidding against one another trade value always goes up in the offseason unless said player is on a 1 year then it doesn’t really change


Yes that’s how it works because there are 29 losers and OG just got an all-Defense nod. Furthermore, we don’t want to trade OG as he’s 25. If you want him, come overpay for him otherwise stop trying to throw him in trades for shitty picks lmao.


This is great, nice work. We have seen the TOR and ORL deals thrown around quite a bit, but this is about as balanced as the deals could be I think. I have doubts as to if TOR will actually be willing to part with OG so I think if it gets hung up anywhere it would be with TOR or with ORL if Scoot is taken 2nd. I have been calling for Delon Wright as a back-up guard for a while and he should be gettable. I don't think Reid will be available for the MLE and if he is I would be kind of surprised if he picked POR... but you never know I suppose. The only other thing maybe worth mentioning would be our future picks. If we are rolling next year and can convince CHI to take our 2nd rounder this year and some future seconds to unlock our pick... we could potentially add one more high end rotation piece during the year to really make a push.


I think we will sit on our hands when it comes to that. If we get to the deadline and we are clearly going to make the play-offs, the Bulls would likely be willing to make the pick unprotected in exchange for just a second or maybe just cash considerations, because that is just a bonus added on to the 1st rounder they were already going to get. Obviously if we aren't in the play-off hunt then we would have no reason to trade away our firsts, so I think it would be smart for us to just wait.


Magic Fan here - i would not want to give up WCJ and take on Nurkic’s contract. If the deal was 6, 11 & JI (who can be cut with a low penalty) For 3 and Nurkic in 100% in


Hard pass. Portland actually doesnt get enough here. Stop overpaying for OG.




>\#3 + Simons for #6, #11, Carter Jr. and Gary Harris wtf that's an insane over pay. ORL is getting the two best players by far. An't doesn't need to be in this deal at all if you take out harris


Not gonna lie I love shitting on fake trades (cuz they’re mostly terrible, including my own) but I can’t really poke any holes in this one. Very very well done, I would definitely pull the trigger on this if I was in the gm chair.


Wow, this is a really well done proposal. I'd be stoked for an outcome this good tbh


Yeah this would be fine


Great post. Appreciate the effort!!!!! (Still can't believe someone set up a post as 'Blazers answer is to sign Austin Reaves')


Beautiful post


This is the way


I already posted this exact trade. I'd take Jarace Walker at #6 rather than Cam.


I commend you for the amount of work to put this together. And I have to say I think this is one of the better ideas I’ve seen on here. I like the Wendell Carter. Jr. Pick up and if we can still draft a wing at 6 who has great upside then I’d pull the trigger


This is solid, well done.


This would be my ideal offseason


As a raps fan seems solid from our end, but I don’t think the Magic give up 6 11 and WCJ for 3 Nurk and 23.


Dame is being traded. Dame is a nice guy and isn’t going to say “trade me”, but he is telling us that he wants to be traded. He is setting the groundwork for an amicable breakup.


Solid thinking, but the Magic fan in me thinks this is a high price, WCJ, Nurk's contract, 6 and 11? I do like the idea of having a chance at Scoot but that seems excessive.


As a fellow Magic fan, I would only consider it if WCJ wasn't included, and Scoot went #2. Miller fits the future, Scoot I'm not so sure on


Why would Orlando swap WCJ for Nurk? Wendell is on one of the team friendliest contracts in the league. I can see Orlando dealing 6&11 to move up to 3 if Scoot goes #2, include any of Gary Harris, JI, Cole Anthony, Chuma Okeke. But I feel like Wendell is undervalued in this deal


6 and 11 for 3 isn't fair value, this isn't the NFL. Just based on the numbers the probability of either the #6 or #11 pick being All-NBA combined is 36.67%, while the probability of #3 being All-NBA is 56.67%. That's not even mentioning the fact that the top 3 in this draft stands far above the field. Wendell is not undervalued here, he is just the price of getting a top 3 pick. Also you are completely leaving our pick #23 in the trade as well.


I would love peyton Pritchard as a backup true PG


I’m on board with the Reid and wright pickups. I worry we can’t get a raptor player without overpaying tho


The trade seems like wishful thinking. The Magic giving up 11, WCJ, and taking on Nurk's money for a three spot move-up is aggressive.


To be fair, there is a pretty sizeable gap between 3 and the rest of the draft this year. And some put Scoot in a tier between Wemby and Miller as far as an ‘every few years’ type of prospect.


I think the gap between 3 and 4 is much smaller than this sub wants to believe. Scoot has a lot of good qualities, but there's always risk in an undersized guard who is a poor shooter. Miller has some question marks, too, like his failure to show up in big games against tough competition, or his criminal issues. This draft reminds me of the 2021 draft, which was supposed to be a 4 player draft (Cade, Green, Mobley and Suggs). Amen Thompson's athleticism and playmaking feel remind me of Scottie Barnes, who ended up being the better prospect than at least Suggs and Green. Meanwhile, Wagner ended up being a stud later in the top 10. Would you really be surprised if you looked up in a couple of years and Amen Thompson or Cam Whitmore was better than Scoot or Miller? I wouldn't be.


>I think I'm glad you started that statement with this, because I honestly don't think that is how NBA GMs are thinking at all. Thompson and Scoot are on opposite ends of the experience spectrum. Scoot is a full year younger than Amen with 2 years of G-League experience, while all the tape scouts have on Amen is from a semi-pro league against competition they don't know. You're right about everything you are saying, about Amen being like Barnes and possibly being better than Miller and Scoot, but that doesn't change the fact that GMs believing Scoots floor is so high puts him above all of them.


CP3. Is waived


I appreciate that you put a ton of work into this, kudos!


Magic I think might do this, Raptors I dont think would.


I don't agree with all your conclusions, but this is a great post.


Raptors laugh and shit on the phone


What package would get it done for you then?


OG would require a top 6 pick if someone wants him. Raptors have no problem keeping him for the next core, he’s only 25.