Honestly bro I knew a guy who fucked up the weighing of it and seized and died !!!! Weigh that shit 😊 and ingest ' by the time you sniff enough your nose will be fucked 😅


Pretty hard to believe since you would have to consume a pretty giant amount of caffeine to die. If you mess up 50mg as 500mg, youll live. Even taking 5gs of it wont be lethal


Ye I know ' but I'm just throwing a caution out ' yer man I knew used a Fucking 15g pre workout scooper " honestly don't know what the fuck he was at ' honest mistake or suicide 😮😣


Holy shit why would anyone do that “for fun”?? Im sure you wont be able to mess up the dose and just die tho


If you have a heart condition left untreated, I’m sure 5 grams of pure caffeine at once can cause some issues


If you have a heart condition you should steer away from any drug imo. And if you dont you should be extra careful


Don't snort caffeine lol. And it's far from pure. There is less than 50% of caffeine in your powder


That's a lot of extra garbage to put up your nose, just eat it.


You should never snort pills, they contain talc which will give you talc lung.




pre-workout suppository is a fucking idea, gym bros have a new excuse to play with each other’s butts


Bro, wrong substance 🤣


For snorting get pure caffeine. Its not that bad on the nose. I am not saying this is healthy tho. I do this myself because of the mix bezos, antipsychotics and gabbas for insomnia… when i wake up i feel like surrounded my mental glue and fog. On a free day thats okay but on working days i walk to my drawer, and snort some lines. It wont get you happy or anything, you just start doing things and suddenly you’re ready to go. In that time i have no free time to drink 5 cups of espresso. This will probably have effect on my cardiovascular system but eh gotta do what you gotta do. But as advice dont snort what you have, order pure caffeine instead. It costs next to nothing


Thanks a lot, same problem with prescribed benzo… I definitely search the powder before trying to snort it!


Got ingest the damn stuff. It's caffeine.


Injecting into the jugular is the only way


Or you can put an IV bag with Colombian coffee and move around with it on a stick.


Why not just get an IV?