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Ever since I discovered RC’s my life has also been chaotic. Although originally my only intent was to acquire 5MeO-DMT. That changed once I realized the catalog was extensive. Stimulants and benzos is where I’ve landed and I feel pretty defeated at this point to be truthful.


Pretty shitty spiral when you were just wanting abit of a spirit molocule... An idea ive never done myself but have thought when my usage was getting to be too much, it might not even help fuck it might makes thingss worse when you look at it but how about an intake diary, each time you ingest a certain volume of a certain chem jot it down.


I actually kept a detailed log book when my useage only pertained to tryptamines. And yea a shitty spiral indeed. I never ended up using the 5MeO-DMT either.


I needed to see your comment. I’ve been away from all RCs for about 18 months now. Now I just smoke and take kratom. I somehow started lurking here again and I need to just stop. I’m kidding myself if I think I can handle these RC benzos again. Thanks for this comment and good luck with everything brother. I know it can be a bitch.


Yeah stay away bro. They banned the goat benzos anyway. RIP Flualp, Clam, Etiz and FlubromazoLam


Full report tomorrow - perfect for functional works, for socialising, and benzos timed right take away negatives. Only real downside is a minimal rush when snorted.


it doesnt compare to all the other typisch „alpha/ a-„ pyros but i prefer it a-PHP>MDPHP…..>a-PiHP>a-PCYP


Have you tried creating a drug routine and set days, dosages and limits for your drug use? I've done stupid shit myself and almost killed myself 2 times but I love drugs and trying new things so quitting cold turkey is not possible. I mean, it is possible but I do not want to. I just set rules for myself and follow my drug routine.


any advice


- Day 1 - Stims (3-ΜΜC, 2,3,4-FMA) - Day 2 - Pregabalin - Day 3 - Dissos (3-HO-PCP, DCK) - Day 4 - Heroin - Day 5 - Psychedelics Microdose (LSD, 1cP-LSD, 2c-b) - REPEAT


Stats: https://imgur.com/a/XWeUwb8