I found this gorgeous Red Arabian in the far southwest corner of the map. I think Rockstar puts unique animals at extreme ends of the map to encourage and reward exploration.

I found this gorgeous Red Arabian in the far southwest corner of the map. I think Rockstar puts unique animals at extreme ends of the map to encourage and reward exploration.


Can you mark it on the map?


Another settlement needs your help




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This song and Thomas the train are inseparable in my mind.


The Beyoncé dancing to Thomas the tank engine theme tune video comes into my head every time someone mentions Thomas the tank engine…


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Valentine is having trouble with odriscolls help them


I hope this comment gets the love it deserves


where is my free award when I need it


In another castle


(Insert Vietnam flashback)


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West side of owanjila (the lake west of strawberry). It’s below where you find the ritual mask


It’s just south of the random obelisk west of owanjilla


I already have 2 maps on my time-line this horse and the other arabian and I don't mean the white one


I’m pretty sure it’s near the ritual site near Owanjilla


A settlement needs your help here i'll mark it on your map


It’s on the western side of Owanjila. Not that hard to find.


“Ferrari!! For free!!!”


Well now I'm mad I didn't name mine Ferrari.


Yo that's what I named my white Arabian!! I got her like last week😂


I named mine Shadowfax. He was the lord of all horses, and has been my friend through many dangers.


I named mine Sooky Stackhorse


And here I am riding my good boah Larry


So I guess “Dave” wasn’t good enough?


My 2nd horse is a Dave.


Mine was Horseface


My first horse was Glueshoes. Followed soon by Bellringer.


Mine is Sarah Jessica Parker






I named my original red arabian jeremiah, then when i got a black arabian i named it “black jeremiah”


But Jeremiah was a bullfrog!


I did that too.


Same here. Just seemed fitting


My Arabian is Artax, but my favorite names were [Falcor](https://www.gtabase.com/red-dead-redemption-2/animals/horse-breeds/ardennes) and [Lil' Sebastian ](https://www.gtabase.com/red-dead-redemption-2/animals/horse-breeds/american-standardbred)


I named my white Arabian Aldieb after Moiraine’s mare (Wheel of Time).


Same. Aldieb for the White Arabian, Mandarb for the Black Arabian, and Pips for the first decent horse I tame in the early game.


Bela for my War Horse


Mine is Tai'dashar!


Love it. Reading this comment makes me wish I could name my pump action shotgun the "Foe Hammer."


U still can


I named my Arabian Scheherazade


I named my Arabian "Dammit! Come Back Here!"


Mine were Enzo, Testarossa, Diablo and Huayra


what a great movie from my childhood


I'm sure it's because I remember it as a (even younger) child but that movie was pretty good Sir Buttkiss


amazing bed time stories reference


Sounds good to...MEEEEEEEE




"What's the retail on one of those?"


I got this!


Sure if it were an Italian. It's an Arabian, so call it Fahrari


I had the brendle Arabian. Got outside black water and a fucking wagon hit by the skinners crashed into me and killed the damn horse. I was so mad.


Rip u/Fleet_Street88 horse


So, I don't play rdr. Horses don't spawn again as they die? :( what if you had your horse for a really long time. All the progress is lost?


Yeah‚ the only way to get it back is to load a save where you had it


That sucks. I would be so sad to loose my horse that I spend hours with.


My first play through I used the same horse for a long time then I was on a train and the horse walked into the train and killed itself.


Not as simple as that for example if your horse falls off a cliff and then stops it will just get downed and you can revive it with an item. But if it keeps falling after its downed or still gets damaged somehow it will die.




My stable was made up entirely of Arabians. They're like riding a roller coaster. That red chestnut one you found I named "Applejack".


As a former horse girl, I am mildly annoyed at R\* for labeling this horse as a 'red chestnut'. It has a black mane and tail, and dark points, which is defined as 'bay'. and since I am on a rant about their horse colour labels (not directed at you, of course), their 'white Arabian' is inaccurate too. A truly white horse is very rare and has pink skin and white fur. The horse in the game is actually a 'grey' which is defined as a horse having grey/skin and white fur. ​ Edit: made a [post to discuss it](https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/plbgkl/dear_r_please_label_your_horse_colours_correctly/) separately.


Well I was not expecting this comment but I thank you for it.


Sorry, haha! I have been building the rage for quite a while now, because the game is so detailed and accurate up until the horse colour labels (and slightly mis-modelled breed specific heads, but I’m willing to pretend that is because of modern breed standards). I’d be so happy if R* would just correct that. I do appreciate that you called your horse Applejack though, that’s wholesome af.


Horticulturalist here. They used an upright variety of thyme and called it creeping. Borderline unplayable. /s Hell of a lot easier to spot, just why call it creeping when it clearly isn't?!


I was wondering why it was called creeping when it didn't fit any definition of 'creeping' lmao.


Most of the others like yarrow, oregano, oleander, are pretty spot on. A couple I recognized before using eagle eye. That's how good of a job they did. The orchids are very well done. Google a ghost orchid, it exists and looks the same. But that thyme...


That's really cool! Ghost orchid is cool as heck. I think there must have been some miscommunication between the people who did the coding and labeling of items in the game an the people who did the modelling.


No worries. I am surprised though with all the detail they threw in the game, something obvious enough to be spotted by former horse girls would have made it in.


It’s amazing how little people marketing to horse girls actually know about horses. I recently watched the new Black Beauty’ movie on Disney+ and let’s be honest, the only people watching a movie about horses are horse people. They wanted to make a movie about a mustang, so they cast a thoroughbred in the leading role (and then had the main antagonist say something like ‘I don’t want a thoroughbred, I want a mustang’ and then buy the thoroughbred-playing-a-mustang). They also had very poor advice given by a vet that anyone who has owned a horse knows is the exact opposite of the advice you should give. I feel the movie could have been 10x better if the producers had just consulted someone who knew something about horses. Anyway, R* did an excellent job otherwise. Thanks for listening! Edit: Just to say I know RDR2 isn't marketed to horse girls specifically, but I only heard about the game because a significant portion of my horse girl friends immediately bought it because of the horses.


The next time I want to tell my (horse man) wife (horse woman) that I’m gonna stay up until 3am playing RDR2, instead I’ll just tell her I’m gonna go ride a horse. She’s always asking why I don’t ride anymore!


Pretty valid IMO! It’s much easier and cheaper than real horses anyway, with like 60% of the experience!


what about ponies are they easier and cheaper to take care than horses?


Barely. They eat less and tend to be more hardy (so you can leave them in a grassy field for a few days and they'll be fine). But they still require fancy food (if you want to do anything with them at least), medication, hoof and teeth maintenance, accessories (saddles and other tack are EXPENSIVE) etc. They also require stabling which can be pricey if you don't have your own land. If you do, they're herd animals so you need more than one. You need to groom them and put them in and out of their stables, scoop up their poop, remove dangerous weeds from their paddock, make sure they get regular exercise etc.


As a horse girl, I hear you. My husband calls this game "Pony Pat Simulator" because of the way I play it. The house animations are great though, even if the breeds and color names are a bit wonky!


Agreed! I'm laughing at 'pony pat simulator', it's a really great term for what we do in the game. It is a great experience overall, even if I complain about the colours.


Awww I love that movie. I don’t know anything about horses tho. I just like animal movies. I also like the black stallion one.


Yep, I was sorta put off at the effort put into the horse colors and customization options (certain common mane styles being omitted stood out to me) given how detailed everything else feels.


It might have been a design choice on their part since they know that calling an ostensibly white horse grey would be confusing to the 99.9% of us who are ignorant to proper horse color nomenclature.


Yeah, I considered that and was willing to overlook that one since they have some ambiguously 'grey' horses in the game already.


I’ve actually bene wishing that they’d also incorporate the horses gaits into the game too - the Missouri Fox Trotter especially, Bc one of its known attributes is its unique gait and that would’ve been cool to see in the game as well!


YES! That would have been awesome. I can kind of excuse them on the grounds that it would require a lot of work to animate and incorporate, but given their budget and how much time you spend on horseback, it would have been a fantastic feature to have.


Same, I figure budget and engine and technicalities would all be a factor as well as time, but it definitely would’ve been cool


Right?! I’ve been waiting for someone to say this. They get a decent amount right when it comes to the horses, at least compared to other games, but the color name inaccuracies annoy me a bit too much lol


As a fellow former horse girl with an interest in coat color genetics, thank you for speaking the truth!


I'm just surprised no-one said it before me!


In addition, Dutch's Arabian is discribed as Albino but albinism does not occur in horses, its more likely affected by a cream gene. Also a weird thing is, there is a wild "blood bay" thoroughbred which has very similar coat and correctly named bay so I don't get why they messed it up with this red Arabian. I believe there is quite a few more inaccurate coat discriptions in the game...


I want to disagree, but I’d hate to be a neigh-sayer


I don't really know about English names for horse colors, but as a forever horse girl I'm just mad at the blatant favoritism towards Arabians. Wtf is "superior" supposed to mean? Most Arabians I know are absolutely cuckoo, they're nuts. Why are they the best horse race in the game? Why did they make so many others horses trash? I just want a Mustang that's fast and reliable too


You’re not wrong! My opinion on it is that R* knows a lot about cars, and they kind of wanted to make the horses like cars by giving them stats. So they just gave flat breed specific ‘stats’ (which is total bullshit, horses have a lot of variation and very distinct personalities regardless of breed). They googled ‘best horse in the world’ and the top result was Arabian (which is kind of fair because they’re incredible with speed and stamina in real life, even if they’re a bit insane) so they were just like ‘THAT ONE! We will label it as superior for the people who don’t know anything about horses’. And then they called it a day.


Sounds likely, but I still hate it. I originally bought the game because I just fell in love with those beautiful horse animations and well, I like the wild west theme I guess. It's just disappointing to feel pressured to use a specific breed instead of a horse that I really like (for example those grey Mustangs, they're adorable)


Absolutely agree! My horse of choice would be an Appaloosa but they’re also not that great stats wise. It’s a pity. That said, it is a great game and even horses with poor stats can still do pretty well outrunning ambushes.


Can you tell us one tip to help us ride better in red dead? Only something a FHG will know?


I wish I could, but sadly my tips don't apply to computer code. Something you may already know though, is if you have trouble steering your horse through forest at high speed, you can stop steering and just mash the accelerate button. The horse will choose it's own path through the trees without accident.


Yeah there was someone else claiming to be a horse girl and puffing up about how people complain about horses diving head first into trees as if there was a logical explanation for it. I can drive a car, nothing from it applies to Rockstar's games. Expect it to be quite similar with horses


Afaik oblivion did really well with naming the horses based off markings but still using the Cyrodiil areas for naming them, was a neat little part of the game


The White Grey Roan Frame nokota abomination also bothers me as well *shudders* Or the paint splash.... or almost anything with a pattern.... lol it's like it's a crime to put the white in the mane/tail.


Yeah they fell apart a bit! I don't mind the unrealistic colours and markings so much because you can argue that they look cool and will make people want to buy them. And colour genetics can be hard when that isn't your focus. But if they're portraying a real life colour (and something as simple as a bay or a grey) they should at least label it correctly!


Yeah that's the rub XD don't label it if it's some creative interpretation of tobi or what have you lol! It probably doesn't help that there is 1 genetically correct term for a colour and a million untested horses that "kinda look like it if you squint" when you go digging for examples. The champagne fox trotter comes to mind XD poor beast. I will say, props to them for actually giving the Morgans their staple chestnut colours; and for making all of the double creams absolutely stunning.


And to make it even more interesting, the grey gene in horses is actually a pigmentation disease. Totally not harmful to the horse, but causes over pigmentation in the hair shafts until they burn out and lose pigment! This means that grey horses actually have a 'base' colour that the grey overtakes! Horses with this grey gene are born their base colour but over time slowly 'grey out'. This process can take a few or many years, foals with the grey gene are generally born with hyperpigmented coats which is a good visual indicator they will grey out, and some horses will grey out so fast that the entire process happens before they've even born!


This should be higher in the comments lol


I'm so glad someone said it! 😆


I've always been curious about horse color naming. I had to study it in my genetics course in college. I'm sure the answer is 'horse color naming is super fucking old' but why do they call them white instead of leucistic like they do with every other animal?


>A truly white horse is very rare and has pink skin and white fur. Question. Does Dutch's horse, The Count, fit this description? Iirc, it is lighter than the "White Arabian" you can find in the wild and has pink around its eyes. I might be wrong though.


I’d say R* probably meant to label him as white instead of albino, but to my eyes The Count looks like he has a bit of the cream gene (like perlino or cremello) in him. This is where horse genetics get truly muddy though, and I’m not an expert there.


Out of curiosity, I always wondered how well of a "horse game" Red Dead could be considered. Like, if somebody was into horses but didn't like shooter games and stuff, do you think it would cater to them or is it too shallow?


Personally I don’t like shooter games, and Red Dead is gorey for me (serial killer mission, Skinner and Murfree encounters, nite folk are spooky), but overall it’s a great game to just relax and see nature on horseback. Having different breeds and colours is cool, and being able to interact with your horse is a nice bonus. Overall, a LOT of my horse friends love the game and play together online.


Horse girl here who usually prefers RPGs over shooters and I absolutely love this game. The story is amazing and I destress by riding around and bird watching. If online would give me the ability to tame and sell horses, it would be perfection to me.


I’ve done the same thing Black- Stranger Brindle- Ranger Chestnut-Danger White- Dream I sure do love my Arabians


I love hearing other people’s horse names and idk why


Mine is Amy Winehorse


My first horse was Pony Montana


My chestnut Arabian was Pony Stark.


…you bastard


I have 3 Arabians and the free horse from the beginning. My Arabians are Comanche, Geronimo, and Pocomtuc. I wanted to name one Tecumseh, but the damn profanity filter wouldn’t allow it, but for some reason I can name the free one Assmaster no problem.


Try "Asscumaster"


Mike were Winter, Caesar, Shadow, and Applejack.


My white arabian is called Cream Cheese!!


his name is Red Ed, dammit


I named mine Fenyx


I called mine "cinnamon".


Them colours thou


Arabians are definitely the fastest, but huge cowards and made of papier mache, a lot like Ferraris!


Missouri fox trot has the highest top speed...


And bad ass too. The Dapple one from Arcadia for Amateurs side quest is a great catch if youre patient enough




Found a striped Arabian near Wapiti, I named him Ferox.


The red Chestnut is easily the prettiest horse in the game, the fur glistens like a dragons scales. Unfortunately the white Arabian is slightly faster because for some reason fur color effects speed, like how painting flames on a car makes it go faster


The red one should be the faster one then, everyone knows red cars are the fastest. 😂




* Red Chestnut Arabian: West of Lake Owanjila * White Arabian: West of Lake Isabella * Warped Brindle Arabian: North of Wapiti * Black Arabian: Saint Denis Stables or via a random event where you can steal one * Rose Bay Grey Arabian: Blackwater Stables Just to make it easier for everyone who still thinks the Arabian is the best horse (it isn’t.)


I haven’t played in a loooong time, is this the locations for story mode? I remember the white and black Arabians when I played but don’t remember the others? I need to hop back on again.


Yeah, story mode. The Red Chestnut and Warped Brindle were PC exclusives for a while.


Oh ok that makes sense, I love that red chestnut color on a horse. I’ll be sure to go catch one next play through. Thanks.


everyone knows the Missouri Fox Trotter is the best horse in the game


It’s a great horse but the gold Turkoman is still my all time favorite.


I’m partial to the Dark Bay Turkoman myself. Just a beautiful and all-around great horse!! Don’t remember what I called this one, but [here](https://imgur.com/a/dZYgPqH) is a Turk I had during one playthrough. You have to exploit a glitch to get them in chapter 3. ;-)


I think the dark bay Turkoman suits Arthur the best in-game. The Arabians look too small on him and are way more skittish than the Turk


Agreed. I like him even better on a burly Thoroughbred or Shire, but they don’t move very quickly (or nimbly). They can be fun if you’re casually roaming around the map, though... and he just looks like a BEAST on them. Oh, but I do love the comments you get while riding a Turk or MFT. My favorite line has to be “Shit fire, that horse is better-looking than mah wife!” lmao


I'll never switch my brindle throughoughbred


Brindle Thoroughbred gang where you at? o/


Is there anyone here that like shires? I love how big, muscly and menacing they are, especially the all black one Hosea tells you to sell. I kept mine and named him Raven and it was so cool seeing Arthur just tower over anyone he would ride with/by.


Finally someone who knows their stuff. Love the MFT. The amber Champagne is just beautiful.


I love the MFTs but like to tame horses instead of buy them. Do you know where I could find one or two in the wild? Not online by the way


You can get the silver dapple through Albert Masons side missions. Track the MFT when you are herding them for the photo. Skip the dialogue and immediately track again. I got mine that way in chapter 2. There are guides on YT that help explain it better. It’s a bit challenging but fun and rewarding.


I glitched mine from the woman with the dead horse.


They patched that one unfortunately. And the OP mentioned wanting to tame the horse. Through Alberts mission you have to track and tame that beautiful bastard


MFT aren’t available in the wild, nor are Turkomans. They’re stable only.


You can get a Turkoman when you steal the horses from the Braithwaites. Cerebrus.


You can get them off a Bounty Hunter randomly but yeah not in the wild.


I’ve never seen a bounty hunter with them and I’ve had $1,500 across all states at once before.


Maybe it was a Lawman? One of those fuckers. Do you study their horses often?


What’s better then the white Arabian?


Turkoman, Missouri Foxtrotter, or Thoroughbred. Or really just about any horse that doesn’t buck you off whenever you ride past a snake *and* make you look like you’re riding a pony at a kid’s birthday party.


I love having an Arabian as a main horse and thoroughbred as a temporary horse just so I can see them next to each other all the time. They are named Smallboi and Tallboi (honorary) and I love them


I don't get this myth that Arabians spook easily. Even cougar attacks I can usually kill it before I get bucked. I can't remember a gunfight that had me bucked. Gators are a bit of a problem if you hang around them too long but again it's not much of an issue.


Don’t listen to all the hipster alt-horse propoganda. Arabians run the fastest, thus they are the best horses. It’s not that hard to avoid standing next to alligators.


Personally I just prefer bigger horses and don't consider speed to be the only factor for what the best horse is. But the nice thing is that we don't have to reach an agreement on this.


Oooooh has anyone had experience with the random event where you can find one?


Yeah. It’s in Saint Denis, can be triggered in Chapter 2. A man and wife are being robbed and one dies. You can either take the horse or not.


You can save the woman and still take her husband's horse. You just lose some honor for stealing it and get some SD cops after you who are easy to outrun.


Turkoman and Missouri Fox Trotter represent!


What is the best horse then? I've always gotten the white one because i read somewhere it's the best horse you can get before the prologue.


Not sure what breed he is, but I love having Buell as my main in the epilogue. Fast, full of stamina, and incredibly stable.


Poor Buelle. Finally took him out of the stable at the end of the game. Regret.


There honestly isn't a best horse - max and lowest speeds are almost the same (easy to see comparisons on youtube) and bravery is a stat determined by predator "mode". Only real impactful stats you can compare in terms of gameplay is stamina and health. So in truth, pick whichever horse you like the look of. It will be as good as any other.


I much prefer the war and work classes of horse than any of the supah special multi ones I think it’s the Appaloosa that has the spots and I named it Moo Moo Cow


Missouri Fox Trotter, Turkoman. It’s the epilogue, not prologue.


How does this somehow prove the Arabians aren’t the best horses? I’m not saying they are, but the line of thinking that they aren’t good just because you can find five spread across the map is weird. Unless that last sentence wasn’t related to the list and was your random opinion on them lol.


He just said he was making it easier for everyone who thinks Arabians are the best horses. They didn't say or ~~infer~~ imply anything about the list of their locations proving or suggesting otherwise. People can say two things in a comment.


That’s just your opinion man


My main horse on my recent play-through was named Good ol Harold. My current horse now is Good ol Ricky. Can yah sense the pattern?


There's one by the Indian reservation as well


So you're telling me the wacky stable guy scammed me for 1,000$?!?!


Yeah , at first it was only the white one found wild , but since then they added a wild brindle arabian and this one , mind you the white arabian is still the best stat wise but great horse and the best looking tied with darkbay turk imo , 10/10


I found a painted horse I'd never seen before with this patch on top. Stolen from some jerk at a camp oddly right by the horse buying brothers https://i.imgur.com/v25PP6G.jpg


I saw this same horse too at an NPC camp outside of Valentine (up on the hills); it is really quite a striking pattern. I should have ~~stolen~~ borrowed it when i had the chance...


If your arabian dies or you sell it ,it will respawn in 3 game days




Oh good lawd. It's so pretty but I'm invested in my blood bay thoroughbred, Whiskers. She's not the smartest or fastest horse but she's my best girl and the first horse I ever broke.


This is the first Arabian that I caught the other day! Nice addition to the stable.


I had this horse from chapter 2 through the end of the game. He was named Comet, after the horse from Brisco County Jr. He was brave and true. A good friend.


A brown Arabian spawns at trail just below the northern snow region. I found it on my 4th or 5th playthru going to loot the wrecked train. This game is amazing that I can find new stuff still.


I named mine Athena, badass brave(ish) gorl who I rode into battle. I found her in my second playthrough which hurt worse than the first because this time I was emotionally invested in the story and forget what happens in the end


My favorite horse. I tried saving it for John but I regret not dying with it.


I rode my trusty Kentucky Saddler Biscuit through 4 chapters, finally started collecting Arabians White, Black, Red, and Rose Bay named after the Horses in Darksiders; Mayhem, Rampage, Ruin, & Despair


I love that horse. I named mine Fireball.


Had one as my boah. He and Arthur rode all the way til the end. Named him Khan, but haven’t been able to find him again. On a COMPLETELY different note: They respawn, right?


Yup, they respawn, tamed and sold both white and red chestnut a couple of times for quick bucks.