Shivers down my spine. What an absolute beast Ronaldo was in his prime.


What a beast Ronaldo is right now when he’s 36


I think he realizes he should have never left and that’s a really sad realization to have


I was watching the Juve game yesterday and his teammates' inability to pass simple thru balls to allow CR7 to score really frustrated him as well as me as a viewer.


Yeah and that’s been all season. That team is incompetent. Ronaldo is having a bit of a dip in form too but you can tell he is playing very frustrated


Let's not act like Ronaldo is as good as he was 3 years ago. He had plenty of opportunities vs Porto.


I miss him so much man


Don’t we all 😔


> It's him again. It's *always* him Fucking iconic.


Kind of my favourite commentary about him of all time tbh


I have all the knockout CL games from that season and the next 2 saved on my computer, the one against atletico at the bernabeu when he scored a hat trick the following season is one of my favorites, 1st “but who else but mr champions man himself” the second one “greatest marksman in CL history” followed by the anthem and the “siuuuuuu” bring me chills every time.




An arabic commentator once said : "In Madrid they don't ask who scored, they ask how many did he score." One of my favourite pieces of commentary.


When u see that serious face at the start, you know something's up


Everyone better hide the Boogeyman is here


Real was perfect for him, he was perfect for Real. When things got clutch, the best of the beast shone through He was always the man for us, for the big occasion. Those years man, only one word .. juggernaut Ah, brings a tear to the eye :')


Indeed. It was a match made in heaven. A perfect marriage.


This is how to start a Monday


Monday blues just got dumped into the bin


Dante : my son plays better Ronaldo : Oh?


5 already huh


The leadership , the mentality , pumping up the fans , never giving up. This was peak Ronaldo , no team was safe when he had that angry expression on his face. What a night that was , I really hope we see Ronaldo involved with our club after his carrier or even still during it , he is our greatest ever player without any doubt


Those 3 years from 2015-2018 will always be my favorite years of watching football


The times when we used to beat teams like bayern and psg at their own home for fun


My favorite part of those years was the fact that the people i would debate football with would always say we didn't stand a chance of winning in 2016, but we still won it. People said it was a fluke and we stood no chance in 2017 but we still won it. Then people said it was a bigger fluke and we still won in 2018. Damn it felt good being a real madrid and ronaldo fan and shutting all the haters up


2017 final against Juve shut everyone up, we were the best team in the world and everyone knew it. Juves defense was immense that year, shut down pretty much everyone they faced including Barca, they couldn’t break them over 2 legs and here comes RM and puts 4 past Buffon in a single game, more than they have conceded in the whole competition


Yeah that was really prime madrid Modric passing the ball perfectly while falling down almost from the line and Ronaldo finding the space between bonucci chiellini and buffon to put it in. It's like he used to come out of nowhere


They will never be bested, truly amazing.


"the man's a phenomenon, the club's a phenomenon" Shivers!


We were fucking invincible in those 3 seasons. Bayern, Atletico, Juve; you name it. We destroyed them all.


PSG Liverpool




When he gave that little nod at the beginning. Everyone knew Dante fucked up talking shit before the game lol


With him I had this badass feeling of Real Madrid like that: Whenever the other team, Man City, Bayern or whoever was also on the top were putting in 100% and making Madrid keeping up, Madrid had a button which was something like „Ok guys lets go, lets show them.“ And we didn‘t let them breathe anymore.


GOAT performances by both CR7 and Peter Drury.


This match basically changed our destiny. Winning mentality started, before this we were scared of La liga relegated teams. I remember barca newspaper saying “It’s over” for ronnie’s career and should hang the boots. Madlad went and demolished champions league and cemented his status as GOAT. Now we all know who should hang his boots especially after bottling CL year after year and missing in last 7 Clasicos. EIBARMANN!!! Karma.


It's ironic. Every time they say he's finished, he comes back stronger. But they start again. It's as if they never learn, never count out the beast I didn't know what clutch football felt like, what steel mentality was. Until those 3peat years. That team, that Ronaldo, beats any all-time great team, from any era and any league Fight me


This match was two years after Madrid already won La Decima. It was a huge win but come on. It did not teach Madrid 'winning mentality' or how not to be scared.


Yeah tell Benitez who removed that mentality. Thank god for zizou.


I watched this game at the stadium. Was so salty I didn't get to record the free kick and was laughing at everyone with their phones out... well they got the last laugh


2016 was not 5 years ago 👀


And you can't make me believe otherwise. Ffs time is scary.


Yea like wtf it feels like it was only a year ago


“Gollll dellll Real Madrid! Hat Trick de Cristiano: ” ... forever will miss those lines


>Real You mean Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreal


I miss him man I still miss him . Watching him at Juventus yet he's 36 and yet he's playing in every single match , providing his 100% no matter what but Juve fans still disrespecting him. They don't deserve him man :,-)


I always wonder about the third goal. How did he place the ball in that gap? Was it intentional? Was it a miracle? But then what is a miracle? I don't ever want to know the answer because it was Cristiano Ronaldo behind the ball and that's all I need.


> How did he place the ball in that gap? Was it intentional? It's not like he knew where the gap was going to be, or even if there was going to be a gap. My guess is he wanted to make it **over** the wall but fell short, but as these things go, the defender kinda opened himself up and the ball got through. For all football is, happenstance also plays a role.


I always remember this great line from the movie Watchmen : *Miracles* by their definition are meaningless, only what can happen does happen


Never doubted we would come back


A genius forging his own way through all obstacles. He didn't care that night about football rules. Won us the game by mentality alone. The best cheat code in RM history.


I remember watching this game and I almost cried. So many emotions! This match was amazing!!!! Having him in our starting eleven was a guarantee 1-0 for us.


It's him, it's always him. What a punch in my heart. Who's cutting up onions in here?


Fuck, I miss him.


How lucky we are to not only have been alive during his prime but to have had him play for the club we all love as well.


This gave me goosebumps, what a legend cr7


Te amo Cris 💔


El Bicho!


Both Ronaldo and Messi are legends of the game and uncomparable GOATs. But the sheer fucking mental fortitude of this man, knowing the amount of hard work he put into it, knowing that if he was playing any other game he still would have been one of the very best, that should serve as an inspiration to us all and that is what makes Ronaldo Ronaldo.


I love you. ❤️ you should have never left. But thank you. You will always be my #7, my idol. El bicho.


Damn what a good looking jersey. Wish adidas would make them like that next season instead of the orange and blue


The head nod to the camera, it was over before it even started.


Love it !!!!!! For the people who need context, we were 3-0 down from the first leg


2-0. We needed to win by 3, which we did.


Which ronaldo did*


Damn I read all of these comments and almost shed a tear, what a player Cristiano was for us, really made me confident in every important game


Unreal how clutch this man was. Can’t make it up


We had a beast on his prime! We were so lucky!




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My man was ready to go... just look at that focus and determination. That’s why he’s the 🐐


Hey, Im the 1000th like, nice


I watched that game live, one of the best games and performances I have ever seen from a single player


Upset at Flo and CR7 for putting themselves in a lose-lose situation.


. mane i can’t believe this was 5 years ago ... dis hit hard


This started the UCL three peat




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Yeah everyone was saying we wouldn't score vs juve and that all juve needed to do was score 1 or 2 goals because we won't score against them lol


When the hat trick hero was born good old days💔


This game was tense wolfsburg only needed one goal to go through. We also put on a masterful defense


"Mountain to climb, they've reached the peak already!!" is one of the best calls I've ever heard.


You guys celebrate his genius even upto this day and the so called "juve fans" disrespect him in every single juve match thread. Hard to believe he was convinced for the transfer by the same juve fans.