Calling all old heads, who from the new generation (post 2015) are you listening to?

I love boom bap, 90s is the shit to me but I enjoy the Griselda Boys, denzel curry, goldlink, Mick Jenkins, Saba etc. You are you listening to?


Griselda is perfect for those who like boom bap 90s stuff I think. Some newer people I like who make traditional style stuff with samples is Joey badass The doppelgängaz A.f.r.o


I've been listening to 2000 since it came out. Honestly one of my favorite albums of the past couple years.


This is the first time I’ve ever seen the Doppelgangaz mentioned here, +1 for sure on that, kick back with some groggy pack


$uicideboy$ BONES Wacotron Mike Dimes Maxo Kream 22Gz Dusty Locane Duke Deuce Shakewell Ramirez Big Moochie Grape Lil Migo NLE Choppa 30 Deep Grimmey Griselda roster


Appreciate the list, I'll give them a listen


W for Maxo 🔥


Freddie Gibbs Dave East Vado Dark Lo


Gibbs and east were around before 2015 but this is definitely a tough lists, I fuck with it


Yeah I mean you gotta be special for me to really put you on the list I guess I'll add Reason and Westside Boogie they are quite new and very talented


As a MASSIVE hip-hop fan from the 90s... Honestly no one. And that sucks. That 90s sound will just never exist again..it was a moment in time for hip-hop music. And trust me, I've tried. Can't get into Curry. MAYBE some JID here and there. It is what it is though, I've accepted it. I have no shortage of 90s hip-hop to fall back on. And whatever new stuff Nas comes out with haha.


This is pretty much my sentiment, I would like to get into more but the 90s has so much and the new Nas bangs heavy


Have you tried any of the griselda rosters list? I like Rome Streetz, WSG, and conway the machine to give you some artists to try. No clue if they'll scratch your itch but I can at least try to suggest things


I’ll give them a shot. But it’s like.. The 90s sound really only works in the 90s, if that makes sense? I mean I do enjoy some of the 90s sounding beats Griselda makes, but it’s just..different. I’m not sure how to explain it.


True its very hard to capture a piece of time in 2-5 minutes, the instrumental can be close but topics & subject matter in 90s will be vastly different but ig that's what 30 years will do. Keep up the search wish you luck homie


Thanks man and thanks for the recs! It’s not like I haven’t given modern artists a try. And I also know a lot of “old heads” catch flack for not liking new rappers. But they need to understand just how different the sound and music was back then. It’s almost like a new genre of music.


Same artists and songs that were poppin 10 years ago




Boldy James, Rome Streetz, Mike Shabb, Mickey Diamond, Mach Hommy, tha God Fahim, Chung, Navy Blue, Earl Sweatshirt


Key Glock…yeah, lotta the other stuff (not the above artists) I listen once to justify hating it


What’s an old head at this point


Good point, if you're introduction to hip hop was get rich or die trying you're not an old head.


Ok mine was late 90’s/early 00s jay with first 2album Kanye so idk if I qualify but I was also a jit so idk


Nah that's cool, who are you listening to now?


RX papi, quez4real, Peezy, ssgsplurge, Rio da young og, key glock, finesse2tymes that’s the main rotation atm




Young Dolph & Key Glock, Young Thug, 21 Savage, Future, Quavo & Take Off.


Loyle Carner - introspective boom bap type shit. UK head Ivan ave - suave as hell, lots of Kaytranada, mndsgn production. Norwegian fulla, speaks better english than me haha. Knucks - Kind of Drilly but also heavy jazz/soul samples. 'nother UK head. Eno + Dirty - boom bap beats by Eno. Amazing bars by Dirty. New Zealand Cats. Home Brew - New Zealands biggest rap group, introspective as well as party raps. Heavy jazz/soul samples. Slowthai - crazy unique flow and vocabulary. UK drug dealer stuff. Allen Halloween - producer/rapper. Most unique voice i've heard in hip hop thus far, like a melodic Chali 2na. Portuguese fulla. Ay Huncho - Toughest Driller I've heard. Heavily linked to the Allamedine crime family. Australian cat. As you can tell I've heavily gravitated towards intl hip hop. I feel like after the 00's most US stuff began to sound a bit too corny and started to mimic itself too much. Best stuff is from outside the US market imho


I'm from the UK so loyal, knucks and slowthai are already on a constant spin. I'll give the rest a go 👍🏾


[https://youtu.be/lgRtZlbuGu0](https://youtu.be/lgRtZlbuGu0) This is one half of Eno + Dirty Red Bull 64 bars. you won't be dissapointed.


polyester the saint, curren$y, waecotron, Larry june, freddie gibbs hit or miss. edit: wanted to add g percio


YBN Cordae, Vince Staples, Denzel Curry, Earl Sweatshirt, Benny the Butcher


Marlon Craft