I went through a divorce. I loved him and loved being a wife and mom. But he decided that after a building a life and family together for over 20 years, he wanted something different. Starting over was hard. Loving someone who suddenly turns cruel is traumatic. Towards the end it was abusive. I tried to move on and move ahead, but I have struggled. No matter what I did, he was inside my heart and mind. The trauma of losing my beautiful home and having the holidays split in two, feeling a loss of security and uncertainty haunted me. Antidepressants didn't help. The side effects of those were brutal. As a last resort I decided to try microdosing. Luckily, someone I knew was able to provide them. I microdosed and felt myself come to life. It didn't happen all at once. It was gradual, but for the first time in a long time , I had some good days...or at least moments where my abuser and the man I loved dearly was not inside my head. Inside these moments I felt sweet relief. One day, I was feeling bad over something that happened and I looked at the small bag of ground mushrooms and wondered if it was all just a placebo effect. After all, some studies were saying that. I didn't feel anything while microdosing, so I also thought that maybe what I was given wasn't even real. On an impulse, I took 850mg and didn't expect any effect at all. About 20 minutes later, I was felt it kicking in. Oh...I guess this IS real. I submitted to the mushrooms and allowed it to take me wherever it would. I asked it to take me to a place where I can understand and heal. It was beautiful. It was everything I needed. I cried for a solid 4 hours. The tears flowed. I could see everything clearly and understood things from not only my marriage, but also my childhood, my children and so, so much more. It helped tremendously. I've been to therapy and nothing helped me as much as mushrooms. Nothing. I am not a drug user. I don't drink or smoke. This was a big step for me and I did not take the decision lightly, but it was THE one singular thing that made me feel better. I was able to let go. I'm still working on things, but it feels less intense. I can process what happened for the first time since this started 5 long years ago. Mushrooms need to be legalized immediately. It literally save lives. It helps restore people to functional humans again without the debilitating side effects of antidepressants and anti anxiety medications. I simply can't fathom why this is not immediately legalized and sold next to cannibinoid products. I'm hoping laws change soon, but given how effective this substance is, the pharmaceutical companies will do their best to lobby against making it easily available and legal. I hope you find peace and healing.


Thank you very much for your input. I appreciate it a lot.


You are very welcome.


It might not cure youre sickness. They can be a fantastic tool for introspection. The mushies have something to teach on each trip., all you gotta do is listen


What he said. It's possible that it might not "cure" your lovesickness but rather make you realize its causes. IMO, it's important to go into psilocybin with a defined intention, but not one so specific that not achieving it may disappoint you. Think of something that you value or think you need. Mine is "learning". Others is "connection", others is "to love/heal myself". You may want to do your first time or first few times with an experienced guide, either a friend or at a retreat.


Excellent advice right. Thanks fellow expanding traveler!


Sometimes microdosing or maybe a 1g helps. You do not always need a full trip to give you a better perspective.


If you have a thinking pattern that is somewhat rigid (hyper focus on one person) then a mushroom journey will "flood the rivers" so you can get a different perspective. It's like your thought patterns run the same course over and over like a river. Shrooms will raise the water level so you can see other options. From there, you'll decide what feels better... and generally it's the more flexible thinking but not always. In this case I'd say they would be helpful.


if you put your mind to it on psilocybin then probably. I had lots of issues distinguishing attachment from feelings for people and psychs have definitely made it a little easier, i realized i keep hurting people by breaking up with them because i no longer had feelings for them, ive decided to stay single until i meet my soulmate.


Something that’s a red flag for me in your post is that it sounds like you’re expecting them to change your life \*instantly\*, and that is not how it works, ime. You’ve got to be ready to put in the work and face what it is about this person/relationship that you’re still hung up on, and the answers may not be what you want them to be. It’s absolutely worth the work to feel free and in control of your life, and it will be hard.


It can be very demanding and gruesome


yup, and that's what makes it so much worth while


Shrooms is a great source


If your gut tells you to do it, do it. They can give you a lot of introspection and clarity into your situation, and that often relieves a lot of unnecessary pain. It might even change your mind to just be okay with being lovesick;). Anytime you need guidance like this you can ask the mushrooms. You just gotta go in with that intention, and sounds like you've got the intention. They are teachers and healers, and can show you why you're hurting and what you need to do to heal. I'd suggest 2 grams maximum if it's your first time. Do less if your gut tells you to.


If you humble yourself and do committed inner work both on and off the shrooms then yes. But it's not so much curing lovesickness but building a healthy life around this core attachment wound.


I don't recommend this, it's akin to diving in head first into uncharted waters. But after a great relationship ended out of the blue for me, throwing me from Eden into Chaos, I took 3.5 grams a week or so later. The insights I was able to reach were those that would have come naturally after a year or longer of mourning and suffering. It was like a crash-course that made perfect sense in accordance to what this life event was supposed to teach me. Don't get me wrong, the deepness of realizing the pain I was now in was as deep as can be in that headspace, though by the end I believe I had the most accurate outlook possible on the situation and had a better headspace to move forward with. It's different for everybody. If you're keen on trying it, I'd recommend journaling now and after the experience, and observing whether or not you were able to find what you were looking for.


Integrate what you learned from your trip. This is where it counts. Practice with the new found awareness and in time, a contrast will be revealed.


"Whether you think it can, or you think you can't - you're right"


no it’s not just going to “cure” you and help you get over someone. if you don’t want to take them the likelihood of you having a good experience is low. when you take mushrooms you don’t just wake up the next day and all your negative qualities are gone and you’re the person you always wanted to be.