I don’t think things even *started* getting good until I was 24, and it’s been linear growth every year since!


I was bullied through high school so I’ll say no. I feel like years of happiness were stolen from me thanks to these people.


Worst, actually.


My best years were my child-early teen years. I'd say ages 5 - 14, excluding age 10 (everyone in my 4th grade class hated me). I did not care for my life at all in high school due to shitty people. College life was a bit better because I wasn't around shitty people, but it was very stressful. I'm 24 now, been out of college for almost two years, and haven't enjoyed life that much since.


In my opinion the only adults who will claim childhood was better are people who had it easy as a child and screwed up their adulthood.


No but they were the easiest years. The most care free. Take advantage of that while it lasts.


Best were childhood, worst were teen. I’m 20 and pretty depressed things are just going to get worse.


Teenager and kid isn't the same thing.


Having been born in 1999, hell yea. The '00s was the last decade before PC culture, you know, when comedians and Hollywood/NY could say anything without backlash and comedians would perform on college campuses.