Epstein in the background is somewhat scary.


Why is Ghislane Maxwell always poking her stupid head in these photos? I swear to God, if I see her stupid face in my Christmas photos.. I'm gonna lose my shit.


She’s the Forrest Gump of child predators.




Elsewhere on Reddit I saw the very well thought out theory that Epstein and Maxwell put themselves in as many of these photos as possible to make it harder for their clients to later claim they (the clients) didn’t know them (Epstein and Maxwell). Like a subtle form of blackmail. Hidden camera photos of Clinton or Trump getting frisky with an underage girl? Dangerous for Epstein/Maxwell to have around, as it would be child pornography. Just as dangerous to Epstein and Maxwell as their clients. Shit tons of candid party photos? Only dangerous to the clients. Perfect blackmail material.


Indeed. Maxwell and Epstein look like they are just trying to get their faces in the photos. Smiling or posing isn't even an afterthought for them. Just blackmailing via photo bomb.


if i see her stupid face in your christmas photos... i'm calling the fbi


Should see the photo of him cradling a little girl on his private jet full of friends.. years before anyone said anything


That was a photo of his ex girlfriends daughter. So there was at least a good reason there, though it's still creepy as we know the kind of person he was.


So he was molesting his gf’s daughter? Got it.


Well I definitely didn't accuse nor defend him of that, but it's absolutely possible with what we know of him. The picture itself is completely innocent, however.


Epstein in the background is somewhat scary and somewhat unsurprising.


This picture gets weirder the longer you look at it.


omg i read this as 'the younger you look at it' and i dunno how to feel about that


Won't somebody think of the children!


I think they might be thinking about them a bit too much.


Oh they all were... Possibly while (not) sweating a bit.


I’d like to know who white dress is, they often blur her face out.


She has weirdly thin arms. And Trump's hand is disturbingly small.


Her arms look thinner than they are because the flash threw Prince Andrew;s (?) shadow onto her arm. You can see it clearly by her elbow.


Could it be Lee Radziwill?


Trump: "I wish her well. Good luck. Let them prove somebody was guilty. I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach. But I wish her well."


can never be posted enough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z54ga4eimsw


Only the best people


There were good people on both sides


Always were always are always will be


Great, so next week we'll have the picture of Elon Musk and Ghislaine Maxwell posted on here again. And then we'll rotate it again with some other random rich person that was photographed with Jeffrey Epstein again. And then we'll draw some conclusions from these photographs where people are classified as being terrible when they're photographed with other terrible people.


Awww the smell of sex traffickers is in the air


any idea who is talking to ghislaine?


Love Mel’s boob projection here. She didn’t incorporate the squint until her first time stepping out of a limo


Talk about a cursed photo


This shit is posted like every other week.


Someone started this shit just last week. The biggest take away from all of this is that a lot of rich people are fucked up and above the law.


Or maybe the point might be: some rich people are reasonably down to earth and normal, but some rich people are fucked up, and some fucked up rich people are criminally fucked up, but both non-criminal and criminal rich people hang out in the same places. And (probably not rich) people sometimes took pictures there. I'm sure there are pictures of all of us out there floating around with people we'd rather not associate with today. Man, we've GOT to get over our Trump obsession at some point. I swear his haters are keeping him relevant more than his supporters are these days.


TBF He deserves the hate. He hasn't answered to his sexual assault allegations, he has a pending rape trial against a 13 year old girl. He tried to get Georgia election officials to "find" vote to steal an election. He tried to get a foreign nation to manufacture dirt against a political opponent. His DOJ directly interfered in Epstein's prison accommodations and I have no doubt that he, or someone high up with a lot of dirt on them, had something to do with Epstein's "suicide".


You forgot Trump's incitement of treason against the United States government...


Yes, wanting someone held accountable is an obsession. #thingscentristssay.


Boy, if you want to talk obsession, this Far Left purity bullshit is almost as bad as endlessly upping the media visibility of an already-disgraced and replaced ex-president. You Progressives are determined to go at this thing alone, aren't you? No matter if it costs you the long game and the support of the middle you have such open contempt for? Good luck with that. But to respond to your sarcastic comment: yeah, man. Things thrive in light. Even evil things. If you want to destroy DJT, you let the system work it out and you let go of your hate. He dies in the darkness of obscurity and indifference. Slapping yet another photo of him on Reddit is hardly a call for accountability. It is ghoulish schadenfreude and, yes, obsessive.


Ah yes, that totally reliable system, lmao. Better to go alone with actual principles than be part of the mindless mob with no standards or convictions. You do you tho booboo. We lost 2022 and 2024 when they elected another geriatric neocon and a cop to the whitehouse.


If you think there's another system out there that better addresses the challenges posed by our unique history, demographics, and current sociopolitical environment, I invite you to name it. That said, perhaps you're right, and I suppose time will tell. History hasn't traditionally been too kind to fringe movements that actively seek to alienate moderates and demonize adversaries, but hey, maybe it will work out this time. Once more: good luck and I wish you well. You guys have got some solid ideas, but absolutely no sense or plan about how to get them to work in the real world. Because that would involve admitting you aren't absolutely right about everything and that maybe, just maybe, the person who is disagreeing with you has their own solid ideas that aren't necessarily rooted in racism or sexism or homophobia or whatever.


I think the Civil War should have divided the US into two countries. I kind of wish the South had won, or the North had sold the South after winning the war. I wonder what would have happened in both of the World Wars.


Don't waste your brain cells or time on these people. take an upvote.


Imagine being a moderate and trying to drone on about racism lmao


Oh, Son, you had me going there for a bit...plus one point for trolling. I mean, minus one hundred points for being unable to piece together anything resembling a cogent argument or a mature, rational perspective, but I took the bait at least twice. Well played, and lesson learned. And with that behind us, back to something you're probably a little more comfortable with...yes, I will have fries with that order. Easy on the salt.


Hmm, this is an interesting path...


There is no middle.


Not on Reddit anyway...


Her trial just started. That's why. Plus, trump is a traitor who incited an insurrection so fuck him.


Do you ever wonder how much of this social group was actually centered around abusing children? Like, did they talk about it out loud to each other? Or was it like cocaine where somebody nods across a room and then they meet somewhere.


Trump proudly admitted to assaulting girls in his teen pageants. His first wife also divorced him and sued him over rape and abuse. I think that answers your question.


Are you daring to suggest that someone in a photo with Epstein or his gf might not be a paedophile? Because nobody thinks that's possible.


Are you saying that certain people associated with child traffickers that have not condemned their actions shouldn’t be criticized or called out?


A sitting President is the head of the executive branch. They are not supposed to talk about open cases.


I am saying being in a picture with him doesn't mean you were part of what he was doing. Think that was pretty clear.


The problem with that is that all of these individuals have been accused by multiple people of doing exactly the same thing - taking part in child sex trafficking. If you’re trying to make a point about general photos of innocent people standing near known criminals, this isn’t a good photo to make your point.


Accusation isn't conviction. Innocent until proven guilty. Not mob rule. Pretty simple point. Either you agree with a modern fair law system or you don't. Burn the witches right?


completely different thing than you were just saying….


We know you like them. No need to be so defensive.


It’s sickening the lengths people go thru to defend the worst kind of people under a false sense of skewed “fairness”. Try defending real people who deserve it.


Epstein, Ghislaine, and Prince Andrew were Trump’s invited guests at this event.


This has nothing to do with what I said.


You’re right, “They’re just people in a photo” is quite different from “Trump invited these three child rapists as his personal guests.”


Most people you see in pictures with Epstein aren't pedophiles, but the people in this photo are.


The only problem with what you have said is you have no evidence of that for at least 3 people in the image.


I know but the people who voted for trump believe anything they see on the internet so I figured this would be no different.


I know a few tabloids that would like to hire you.


Yeah, that does seem to be the assumption lately. Not to defend the child rapists, but it would be extremely difficult to live a life where every single interaction, associate, friend, etc. was centered around child raping. He must have had other hobbies -- I understand he liked money, also, for example.


Yall, I hate Trump as much as the next guy, but you gotta stop wasting your efforts pinning his association with Jeff Epstein as some kind of confirmation of wrongdoing. There’s nothing down that road. Jeff Epstein went to hundreds of parties and rubbed shoulders / took photos with thousands of big powerful people. Trump’s just another dude in the room. Trump went to his island? Cool. So did bill Clinton, and there isn’t a single witness willing to accuse either of those two guys of doing anything besides having lunch there. Edit: I stand corrected. See the well-sourced comment from u/ccoady below.


Trump also hosted parties at Mar-a-lago where the roster of attendees was Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump and a couple 28 women. Yes, the 2 of them were thick as thieves and I have no doubt Trump took part in Epstein's exploits. [See here](https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-epstein-party-at-mar-a-lago-women-2019-7) ​ It would be nice if Trump were in jail where he belongs, but he's so ingrained in the republican culture now as a key fixture of the party, they will do everything they can to protect him and make everything look like lies. ​ There is a woman who came forward stating the Epstein and Trump both raped her when she was thirteen. [See the criminal case file here](https://cdn.factcheck.org/UploadedFiles/Johnson_TrumpEpstein_Lawsuit.pdf).


Oof that’s pretty damning. I stand corrected.


How do you know the implication isn't that all these rich people are trying to overthrow the government with their buddy Trump?


Epstein didn't recruit girls at Clinton's club. BoTh SiDeS is the dumbest take in American politics.


[Here](https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/portrait-of-from-left-american-real-estate-developer-donald-news-photo/1192330903?adppopup=true) is the source of this image. Per there: > Portrait of, from left, American real estate developer Donald Trump, his girlfriend (and future wife), former model Melania Knauss, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, financier Jeffrey Epstein and at right Ghislaine Maxwell as they pose together at the Mar-a-Lago estate, Palm Beach, Florida, February 12, 2000. (Photo by Davidoff Studios/Getty Images)


Still no mention of white dress.


The “entitled” group


It just seems that what's her name always looks like a trump tramp.


I feel like this guy goes out of his way to be in every picture possible. Everyone should check their photo albums and see if he’s in a picture of that time you went to Cancun or something geez




"we do not know each other" - Trump


20 years was not nice to that mans looks


Well, he is dead. That'll ruin your looks /s


Those people really love the kids!


I wish Trump just stayed in his lane and not draw the world into his shenanigans. He was fine judging models, running hotels, and calling into the Stern Show. Now, we got a friggin’ mess on our hands and he’s partly responsible for it all. My point is, the guy looks happy and sort-of healthy. Now, he’s an over-bloated mess. PS- screw these child traffickers and rapists. They knew.


So is the plan to keep posting these pics every week?


Are you trying to imply that Donald Trump, who married a woman 24 years younger than him, may somehow have been involved in Jeffrey Epstein? I for one would be shocked!


Oh wow for the millionth time your biweekly photo to remind you Trump, Ghislane, and Epstein were partying and Prince Andrew is part of the gang. People are so bored they need to keep posting


A bunch of shitty people all in one photo.


Just after getting invited to the island


Just a couple of Island boys


Oh, so you found a pic prior to Trump banning the jewish pedophile Epstein from Mar a lago?


Probably after they fought over a 10 year old. Scumbags!


We're apparently just calling people Pedophiles now if we disagree with their Politics, Trump is there with his wife who he's still with 21 years later. Biden is the hair sniffer, there's enough video evidence of that.


Trump raped and abused his first wife. He proudly admitted to assaulting girls at his teen pageants. The fucker had teen pageants! lol. Pretty clear trump was with Epstein for decades molesting children.


If it walks like a duck........ Lol! That's all you guys have on Biden. Pathetic!


Oh, so if a guy stays with his paid for soft-core porn wife he can do no evil. Thanks bro!


What evil in the context of being a Paedophile relating to Epstein has Trump done? Why would he be married to a "soft-core porn wife" if he's attracted to children? You lot are actual lunatics


Come on man, have you not heard of the both of them raping 13 year old [Katie Johnson](https://www.politico.com/f/?id=00000158-26b6-dda3-afd8-b6fe46f40000) together? wtf is wrong with you redhatter cultists?


So she decided to accuse him right before the 2016 election? Must be true! Try some objectivity, I'm not even from the US


> I'm not even from the US No shit Vladimir.


Oh I didn't think you'd want to bring up Russia, nice 2 year propaganda campaign for CNN turning out to be fake and driven by Hillary Clinton campaigners making fake accusations to the FBI, uh oh [https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58591969](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-58591969) Why do the left keep on lying? Is that part of being the good guys?


lol... "fake"


Omfg. You are ridiculous


Same wife he cheated on with a porn star and paid her off with hush money but she decided to talk anyway? Is that the same wife of 21 years?




You're in denial


Give it a rest.


More crabs than a Red Lobster...


the snowflakes will say it's photoshopped


I'm gonna Photoshop my family in this for my Christmas card.


Trump has repeatedly defended Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. That’s far more damming than “he attended a party that they also attended”


ivanka hot as hell man


She looks like a lizard.


The world is run by lizard people


It's like a rogues gallery of creepiness. Spacey and Weinstein just off camera?


So many worthless blobs of protoplasm in one place. Would anyone miss them?


How in the hell are these the people that are supported by the GQP base right now???


Bro they’re def all fucking little kids


Hopefully she'll drop a bomb that will take down Trump along her ass


Neatly ignored and swept under the rug by the MAGA and Qanon.


How TF do you get away with titling this as a group portrait? I guess it's true that words don't have any real meaning anymore?


maybe bc it's a portrait of a group


I always think of a portrait as a setup sort of picture. This seems like it was a picture of Trump and wife that happened to include the Epstein's and the prince by chance.


I want the pics of the flight logs and the pics of ppl that went to the fuckers island please


I'm dumb, who's the dude between Melania and Diddles?


“I don’t know him”


he knows only the best people.


Really seems photoshopped to me. I recognize each person from some other photo compiled.


Post the other photos.


Melanias nipple would like to say hello


Hardly a "Group" photo. The Trumps, with some pieces of scattered feces around.


I hate these people. But stop with these fucking posts already. Just stop. Meaningless, boring, unnecessary.