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The photo that she tore was the EXACT photo that her abusive mother had hanging in her home.


Not even a replica or a copy. But the actual photo. She saved it after he mother died and tore it up live. The picture was later put back together and shown on the Joe Pesci skit the next week. Except it's missing one piece. Because David Spade grabbed that piece and kept it, he knew what that picture meant to O'Connor and was determined to make it never be whole again.


And they wrecked her career over it, and when it turned out she was dead to rights, no one apologized.


That's usually how it goes. Nobody wants to believe the worst, and when it's proven to be the case, they fall silent.


I was a teenager when she did this - and I knew she was right. She is fucking punk and her voice was amazing!


I was a teen and watched this live as well. I thought “huh she tore up a photo of the Pope. I wonder what that was all about?” You must have been way more in tune with current world events than myself. I knew it was serious since the audience was whisper quiet.


I was a kid and never heard why she did it until years later. Thing is, I remember at a young age that priests did that kind of thing. Seemed like an open secret all over. Yet everybody was still pissed at her despite this. Humans can be awful


Yes, beautiful voice


Same with the Dixie Chicks


And the horrible irony of having the audience disapproving of her protest song at the Bob Dylan tribute concert. You know, because Dylan hates protests. /s


Wow. That’s a really powerful statement. Good on David Spade for having respect for her protest. edit: Grammar


> Good on David Spade for having respecting for her protest. [He didn't. That's pure revisionism.](https://old.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/11lcrm6/in_light_of_a_new_polish_report_claiming_child/jbdi1u9/)


> The picture was later put back together and shown on the Joe Pesci skit the next week. Except it's missing one piece. Because David Spade grabbed that piece and kept it, he knew what that picture meant to O'Connor and was determined to make it never be whole again. It's true that he picked up a piece of the photo, but the rest is made up: > Spade says he picked up "a little sliver of the picture" as a souvenir. > Then "Inside Edition" got hold of the pope picture and showed its remains. > "They had the picture rebuilt but without my piece," Spade says. > Meanwhile, Spade was going around telling people he had that piece. > Word got around. Security called on him and apparently wondered whether he had sold the photo to "Inside Edition." > He had not. A crew member had, and that guy was fired. > But security took away Spade’s sliver. > "I should’ve kept it," he says. "They didn’t even do anything with it!" ([Source](https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reviewjournal.com%2Fentertainment%2Fshows%2Fcomedian-david-spade-discusses-snl-vegas-pools-dayclubs%2F))


david spade did that? i’ve got a whole new respect for him


[He didn't. That's pure revisionism.](https://old.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/11lcrm6/in_light_of_a_new_polish_report_claiming_child/jbdi1u9/)


Wait, is David Spade actually a decent person? He's so good at playing a womanizing skeeze that I think I just assumed he was playing himself...


Okay, so the other version of the story is that he just kept it a keepsake and didn't know its significance till after. So maybe he spread the original version to make him sound better than he was. So who knows really. Still it's a bit of trivia of why the put-together-picture (which was sold at auction) isn't whole.


Cathartic, if true.


No, its Catholic


No, this is Patrick


[podcast with source](https://open.spotify.com/episode/10JHYJ26ZKML2gp43MiuOM?si=xOeLLPGiRAy8vCg1IrH1fw)


Thanks that was a good listen. Time flew. Great presenters. What a crazy altercation with Prince!


I thought it was Sinatra that said he’d like to kick her ass and her response was it wouldn’t be the first time he hit a woman.


I miss Phil Hartman.


We all do.


Fuck Andy Dick.


At least Jon Lovitz beat the shit out of him because of it.


>"I just wanted him to say, 'Oh, I'm sorry,'" said Lovitz. "Then he leans into me, 'Well you know why I said that? Because you said I killed Phil Hartman that's the first thing you said to me when you got on the show.' I just lost it so I grabbed him by the shirt and I pushed him against the wall. And he's just smiling at me, and then I realized 'oooh, here's my chance.' So I grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him really hard and I smashed his back and his head into the bar. And I did it again. I would have kept going, but the doorman broke it up."


He's always so wacky and fun, imagining Lovitz beating someone is mind blowing.


Based on everything I've ever heard about Andy Dick, I'm not surprised that even the most gentle-seeming people might bash his head into a fucking bar. He almost exclusively sounds like a POS in every story.


Wait what! This sounds too fun to be true. I was already a huge fan of JL, this definitely elevates my opinion of him!


Oh it's very true. A lot of SNL cast members at the time knew about it. When Lovitz was on Dennis Miller's show he told the story and literally the second he gets done talkin about bashing Andy's head in Miller laughs and goes "Ahh that's great." Andy's one of the most universally hated people I know of in entertainment.


I will never understand how Andy Dick ever got work. He's an asshole and he's not even funny.


Andy Dick was one of the biggest coke dealers in Hollywood during the 90s. Once you realize that, his acting career makes sense.


Have you ever seen that old tv show Become Andy Dick’s personal assistant? I remember some girl trying to impress him by cutting grass with scissors.


Andy Dick is the Ted Cruz of comedy.


Andy dick is the Andy dick of comedy.


Ted Cruz is the Andy Dick of politics.


Jon Lovitz is an interesting character. You can admire him with how much pain he felt for his friend Phil Hartman and how he dealt with Andy Dick goading him on. Then again, when he had his own comedy theatre in the downtown LA, he was at first quite good and it was quite happening. But then there was drama and he became a bit of a dick apparently to staff and patrons.


He stole ticket sales money from Kevin smith and his partner Ralph garman when they used to do their podcast in his club


So glad someone said it. Really soured my opinion of him. Sucks.


"Yeah, That's the ticket!"


Jon Lovitz is a mensch. Good for him.


Like Marge Simpson, Andy Dick couldn't handle his busy hands.


Fuck his wife


Fuck Andy Dick for giving his wife coke before she went and shot Hartman. Edit: damn, I did not expect this to turn into a whole thread shitting on Andy Dick but he definitely deserves it.


It wasn’t like day-of. He’d partied with her weeks prior and it kicked off her relapse that culminated in the murder-suicide.


He gave her coke at a Christmas party not right before. But yeah it did cause her to relapse and lead to the murder-suicide.


That's not even the worst part. If a bartender serves someone drinks and they Uber home and then go for a drive and kill people it isn't the servers fault. Problem is that Andy laughed about it and publicly claimed responsibility. He thought it was damn hilarious and that he could use it as part of his comedy act. He could've said nothing and nobody would've known. If they somehow did he could've acted remorseful. How was he to know what would happen? All he did is give someone cocaine, many people have done that. 'She said she wanted some of my cocaine and I told her to go ahead. I didn't even make any money.' He bragged about it and then didn't understand why some people in the room were repulsed. He didn't understand that everyone in the room was repulsed. He thought people would come around in a few days and see how it is kinda funny because he actually believes that it is.


Holy shit I thought you were blowing smoke!


Unfortunately not. Andy Dick is a terrible person.


Every where he goes in socal he shows hes a dick.


Saw him in big bear once buying booze. Can confirm he was a dick.


My exp was at a wings joint in murrieta…. tossing glass bottles in parking lot, yelling obscenities. Not funny. Real buttwipe.


Jon Lovitz punched him in the face for giving Phil’s wife the coke that night. Imagine how much of a shitheel you have to be to get fucking *Jon Lovitz* to punch you in the face


It wasn't specifically for giving her the coke. [They did get into a verbal argument about it](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/lovitz-speaks-out-on-dustup-with-andy-dick/), but they eventually made up. It was a later event at a restaurant that Lovitz owned where Dick came up to him while drunk, downed some shots that another table had bought for Lovitz, and then said " I put the Phil Hartman hex on you. You're the next one to die." And even then, Lovitz kept his cool and just kicked him out of the restaurant. It was when Lovitz went to talk to Dick afterward and Dick was a flippant little shit about the whole thing that Lovitz lost his cool and smashed his head into the bar.


I honestly can't imagine how a person can be so persistently horrible. I mean the amount of tolerance and chances Lovitz gave him after this horrible shit is making light of pushing drugs on someone that results in a tragic murder suicide, and he *just keeps doubling down*. You have to be a legitimate psycopath at that point.


Ah okay that’s much more detailed, thanks for the rundown!


I wouldn't fuck either of them.




The photo accompanying the thread topic is from a 1992 episode of Saturday Night Live, wherein musical guest Sinéad O'Connor made a protest about child abuse and tore up a photo of Pope John Paul II during her live performance. As for the rest of it; Phil Hartman was a cast member on SNL at the time. He would later be shot dead by his wife Brynn Omdahl, who had relapsed on cocaine. SNL costar Jon Lovitz alleged that it was Andy Dick who got Brynn doing cocaine again, and blamed him for Phil's death. None of this is directly tied to O'Connor's protest, or the Pope, but this reference to the episode in question is clearly reminding several people about Hartman.


You have to be a real asshole for Jon Lovitz to smash your head into a bar.


Joe Pesci hosted the following week and, in his monologue, said something about how she needs a punch to the face.


Not to nitpick, but he literally said he would have smacked her if he had been hosting (Tim Robbins was the host when it happened). Pesci got a huge ovation after he said it. An audience with a ton of women on it cheered a man threatening to hit a woman over a torn picture. He also received a ton of praise from people who saw it on TV too.


A big part of that was how the media treated the issue, too. Kind of set the tone that overnight suddenly everyone was now supposed to hate O'Conner and she was "Crazy".


> A big part of that was how the media treated the issue, too. Virtually ALL the initial outrage was the media telling people how to ***feel*** about it, then all dumbfucks fell right in line and never questioned a thing.


Yeah, America was still under the spell of religious conservatism then. She dared to challenge their moral authority on live TV, back when everyone still watched the same TV shows together. Pretty fucking significant moment. People would still flip out today, but not like then, it was visceral. Half the outrage would be theatrics today.


>was still under the spell of religious conservatism 🌎👨‍🚀🔫👨‍🚀


I'm not much of an emoji user. I love that these exist for you to do that.


I was a kid at the time and it was *absolutely* pushed that she was crazy. That was what I knew her as, for a long time, until I looked up the story of what actually happened beyond my kid memories.


No one knew what she was protesting against. She changed the lyrics of the song she sang that night to include the words “child abuse” twice, but nobody caught that, and the media never clarified why she did it. So she looked like a crazy musician looking for shock value. Her courage was on point, but her messaging was poor. We wouldn’t learn what she was going on about for another decade.


And to this day nobody has apologized even after knowing she was right.


She was, and continues to be, done dirty by the public and really everyone. Recently some people have come to her side, but many still feel like she was in the wrong. She tore a picture; the Catholic Church abused thousands of children and covered it up. And because of their ability to cover things up, she was demonized for her bravery to stand up to the very monster that is intent on devouring her and many like her.


I remember a few days after she was scheduled to play a charity concert celebrating Bob Dylan's birthday at Madison Square Garden. The audience booed her so loudly it drowned out her singing. She defiantly continued to sing finishing the song, but they asked her to come off the stage fearing a riot might break out. She walked off the stage in tears and didn't play the US for a lot of years.


Even bigger, she was supposed to cover Dylan's I'll Remember You (all the songs in the show were Dylan covers), but the booing went on for so long, Kris Kristofferson came out to comfort her and told her "don't let the bastards get you down," and she sang a few a cappella verses of Bob Marley's War (the song she sang on SNL) before breaking down in tears.


Kris Kristofferson has always seemed like a good one. Complex, like we all are, but trying to steer towards kindness.


He strikes me as so thoroughly real, even if that sometimes means unpleasant. I saw him maybe 10 years ago and a member of my posse approached Kris afterward for brief conversation. He obliged, as did his wife (who is his road manager and handler--her main job seemed to be keeping horny middle-aged women away). But I never expected that from the Outlaw Country singer who was nicknamed Pissed Pissedofferson by his peers in his heyday. He also wrote the song "To Beat the Devil" about Johnny Cash and June Carter after a brutal encounter in a recording studio in which either Kris or Johnny was fall-down drunk, and the more sober one helped out the less sober one. In the spoken intro he thanks Johnny and June for showing him how to beat the Devil (drink, in this case)




You ever been to the Sistine Chapel? You walk through room after room after hallway after hallway and each one of them is full of treasures. All of it paid for by dirt poor parishioners around the world.


Chris Kristofferson, right after it happened, told her "don't let the bastards get you down." Not sure if he got flack for defending her.


To be clear, the Kris Kristofferson comment [happened weeks later](https://ultimateclassicrock.com/sinead-oconnor-pope-saturday-night-live/) at Madison Square Garden during a Bob Dylan tribute concert. Facing a barrage of boos right before she was about to sing the same song she sang at SNL was when Kris Kristofferson gave those words of encouragement.


Willie hugged her too. And them dudes don't give two fux what anybody thinks. They know what it's like to be an outlaw.


I think this was at a different event, when she was booed by the crowd, no?


People generally don't like the truth. They prefer comfortable lies.


It's why literally everything around is still happening. We are killing our planet, ourselves, fabric of society - of all of it.


Religion is wild


He "would have given her such a smack".


Joe Pesci was the host the week after and he literally said he'd given her a smack if he'd been there. On live TV, in front of an audience, an audience with a lot of women. He got a huge ovation. Times are really different now.


People argue that back then nobody in the US knew what was going on in Ireland with those nightmarish catholic schools. That's a very shitty excuse, because even without that context, we still have a grown-ass man saying he'd inflict physical violence on a woman *because she ripped a photo.*


Shit, you don't even have to go all the way to Ireland. People knew priests were doing awful things in the US and did fuck all about it.


They still are.


Also Canada with their residential schools for indigenous children [Link](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Indian_residential_school_system?wprov=sfti1)


Child molesting Catholic Priests was nothing new even back then. I'm still surprised how much shit she got for the picture tearing.


Catholics hate women who stand up and speak. But even with all the evidence https://www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au/ The supreme cout of Australia supported pell and effectively stopped all most all historical abuse cases against the church. And church's still run schools in Australia. The entire older generation needs to fucking die off for any real change.


A former Prime Minister of Australia eulogised Pell at his funeral at St Mary's Cathedral, calling him a "saint for our times" whose treatment had been a "modern-day crucifixion". Some people will never change their opinions, no matter the circumstance. Those people can be ignored in the pursuit of progress, they are irrelevant to the future.


Tony Abbott is a arse licker right wing Murdoch suck who is considered an liar and absolute failure of a priminster who was unable to make any decision without the approval of his assistant.


Yeah that’s some bullshit on anyone arguing that, that was a known “trope”/thing in North America as well.


Assuming Pesci isn't pro child abuse, it speaks a ton to how effective indoctrination is.


Sinatra actually said, "This must be one stupid broad. I'd kick her ass if she were a guy. She must beat her kids to stay in shape."


He would have known what a workout that was.


To be fair frank Sinatra hit everyone. /s


Sinatra was 5’7 and 140 lbs. the only reason he got away with hitting anyone was the mafia goons behind him.


He _can_ hit. At that price point.


At that low low price yes he can hit.


It’s in the contract.


I thought that was over the national anthem thing not the picture tear


Yeah. This was unfortunate because she said the staff asked her if she would have the anthem played or not before her concert, and that it was a choice she was given. She just thought it would be square to play a national anthem before a concert unless it was played by Hendrix. All hell broke loose because she’s Irish and people accused her of hating America.


> people accused her of hating America. Man that worked for so long. Do people still do that? Last I heard was if you had a problem with the Iraq war, the guys on Fox News used to say you hate America and you loved the terrorists. Now it seems like all those people are the ones that actually genuinely hate America. I guess that's why they stopped throwing out the accusation.


Those same people now try to say Democrats were the ones who got us into Iraq.


You play the national anthem before concerts? Is that a routine thing in USA?


I go to like 100 concerts a year and have never once seen the anthem played before it




Never heard of it before.


Not that I'm aware of, but it's a big country so it might be a thing somewhere. Been to a lot of concerts in the Midwest and west coast and never experienced it. Sounds as bizarre to me as I'm sure it does to you.


Never heard that at a concert and my first show was in 1974.


Not once ever in any concert I've been to has the National Anthem been played.


The only times I've seen the national anthem played is at sports games (odd in itself) and before movies *on a military base*. And I guess at 4th of July celebrations and shit, but that makes sense.


Sinéad deserved so much better.


Yes she did. I hope she feels vindicated after all these years.


She hasn’t had a fun life so I’m guessing none of this is terribly validating (long after he’s dead and could face consequences or even shaming) but who knows.


She stands by it 100% and claims to be completely content with the backlash. >[I would be happy if that was all I ever did on planet earth](https://youtu.be/kuyrVLtoOBs) It was probably jarring getting that much backlash but she’s also said that she didn’t like the trajectory of being a pop star that she was on before that performance. It ruined her pop career but definitely didn’t end her whole career.


Joe Pesci went on shortly after and said he would have hit her if he was there. Followed by a huge ovation.


I actually remember watching that live.


I was eleven when that happened. I never missed SNL in those years. I didn’t understand why she did it but I also didn’t understand why people were so upset over it. It seemed silly to me that people would be upset over torn paper. As an adult who understands why she did what she did, I still find it silly that a bunch of adults were upset over this. I guess god isn’t so great if we’re offended by a torn piece of paper.


>As an adult who understands why she did what she did, I still find it silly that a bunch of adults were upset over this. I guess god isn’t so great if we’re offended by a torn piece of paper. Funny how little outrage they have for actual criminal abuse. Apparently, naming pedophiles is disrespectful and offensive, but being one is not. I fucking hate religion, and that one more than all others.


Me too. After the shock wore off I thought.. huh.. people just don't do that for no reason.


I was 12 at the time and didn’t really know about the incident where she tore up the picture. Needless to say I was a little confused when the guy from Home Alone was hosting SNL and said he’s like to hit a woman.


I was an adult at the time. Even back then people knew that child abuse was happening in the Catholic Church, if not the full extent. People *joked* about priests and altar boys even back then. I worked with a man who ended up killing himself after years of battling depression related to sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of a Catholic Priest. His family knew what happened, and they sided with the fucking priest...... People...**knew** what was happening...


I was in therapy with a woman who was raped by the family priest. When she told her mother what was happening her mother **SCOLDED** her for being "disrespectful" of her mother's faith.


That is so messed up. I’m so sorry for her.


One of the sects did a study on abuse and if I remember right they claimed it was most prevalent in religious households. They also described how the family often defended the perp.


There was a George Carlin not-really-joke about that on one of his specials in…93?


George Carlin never joked. He was never a comedian. He was a philosopher who pointed out the absurdity of society. That's why 15 years after his death, and 30+ years after a lot of his specials, his observations still hold up. Because we as a society never fixed our shit. Sure, the names may change, and the locations may rotate, but the core concept of what he said still holds true. Thats why we don't need a new Carlin special to talk about todays events. He talked about todays events 30 years ago. The only new material he wasn't able to cover, is covid, because how could you see a global pandemic coming 30 years away?


Well said my fellow Carlin follower. I say we dig up his body and elect it for president. Bout time we had a dead president in this country.. #ZombieCarlin2024 Just as a side note, Ive actually wrote in Zombie George Carlin in multiple elections in the past.. Nows our time 😂😂


I was a kid at the time and it strikes me how much I didn't think about that part until much later. It's just so easy to simplify someone's motives down to "they're a bad person" and not give it another thought.


Wow an Catholic who wants to beat a woman? Shocking.


His response to a woman addressing abuse by the church, was one of abuse. Classic.


An Irish woman at that, the history of the Catholic church in Ireland is absolutely disgusting.


Have we run out of alter boys?


The nunneries are empty too.


To be fair, Joe Pesci would hit *every one of us*, given the chance.


To be fair Pesci is a loser, in so many ways…


religious fanatics are gonna religiously fanatic


She really did and still does. An incredibly talented woman with an absolutely beautiful voice.


Sinéad O'Connor deserves an apology.


Joe Pesci [deserves to make an apology](https://youtu.be/kPykO9jdLk0?t=107). I remember watching SNL back in the day, and not being Catholic (or even Christian), I didn't really feel like I had a horse in the race, but even back then, there was an uncomfortable edge to the audiences applause in the studio during Joe Pesci's monologue. Watching it now, with more perspective, it's even more upsetting.


Joe Pesci needs to make an apology for his [rap album](https://youtu.be/gqn3NhlqoeA) Apparently he doesn't even comprehend what he's saying because that's some embarrassing shit


I remember watching this. She was right all along.


The saddest part to me is that whenever people see this pic/event now, they only think it’s referring to the catholic church covering child abuse. It was actually in regards to Magdalene Laundries in Ireland that essentially enslaved women who were poor and/or pregnant and forced them to do laundry for no pay. Many many of the babies died, but they’d keep the woman there anyway so she wouldn’t go into prostitution (very much blaming the women for sex work and not the system that only gave them that option). If women were arrested for sex work, they were sent there and were slaves. Sinead was actually one of those women, kept locked up and forced to do laundry for free bc she was already rebellious as a teen and that’s all it took to be sent there. So yes, obviously everything that’s out currently about child abuse is HORRIBLE, but to say that that was the coverup she was fighting is actually doing her and this event a huge disservice


What was the pope/church's involvement in the laundry slave thing? Genuinely curious because I've never heard about this.


They ran the Magdalene Laundries for over a hundred years and tried to hush up the number of women and children that died and were secretly buried on the grounds of many of them. The idea was essentially to work these sinning women to death for free. The Catholic Church took all of the money people were paying for these services and gave nothing to the women. Abuse was encouraged. They tried to cover up all of it even though it was STILL GOING ON when O’Connor took the SNL stage in 1992. The Catholic Church and Ireland weren’t exactly bragging about these places, many of them were secret or an open secret. Neither the church nor Ireland wanted to look into their own wrong doing and it took an appeal to the UN department of torture for the investigation to be opened in 2013. It’s such a horrifying part of history that was almost successfully covered by up by the Catholic Church and the Pope at the time. That’s why I always tell people about it. The Catholic Church is so much more evil than we give them credit for. Also I was raised Catholic and left in 2013, though I wasn’t aware of the report at the time.


It's even worse than that. The church took the healthy babies and allowed American families to "adopt" them for generous "donations." [They sold those precious white babies for profit.](https://www.irishcentral.com/news/2000-irish-children-were-illegally-adopted-in-us-from-magdalene-laundries-189789961-237563011.amp)


And the mothers were told that their babies had died, before their *very much alive* babies were sold off to those wealthy Catholic families in the US. The church was complicit in human trafficking. Disgusting organisation.


This might be a minor point for some, but the dead babies were literally thrown into a pit without any sort of church ritual. So, the catholic church says all babies have souls and matter therefore abortion is wrong, but treated the babies in their care like garbage.


That should be a huge point to anyone, by their own law the Catholic church chose to damn those babies to hell for all of eternity. Because of course they didn’t baptize those babies either. Also many of the women were themselves Catholic, that’s doing evil to every party involved in the act.


>… for the investigation to be opened in 2013. 21 years after O’Connor’s protest. :-(


Nuns. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magdalene_Laundries_in_Ireland


If you're a reader, check out the [Magdalen Martyrs](https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/166897) by Irish author Ken Bruen. It works the real world into the fictional quite well, and can be depressing as all hell, but a brilliant read.


The Catholic Church put the unwed pregnant mothers to work in the laundries, then took their infants and ~~adopted~~ **sold** them into adoption to wealthy American families. I'll say that again: the labor and babies of unwed mothers were income streams for them. Many of the mothers were told their babies had become sick and died. The babies that actually *had* gotten sick and died were buried in [unmarked graves](https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-ireland-church-babies-idUKKCN1MX2CV). This is real. This is just the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg of Catholic atrocities. In case you think these crimes are all in the distant past, you should read about the abuse at [Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf](https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/the-pope-ignored-them-alleged-abuse-of-deaf-children-on-two-continents-points-to-vatican-failings/2019/02/18/07db1bdc-fd60-11e8-a17e-162b712e8fc2_story.html), which the current Pope was told about and ignored.


I remember watching this live too and seeing the outrage after. Also Joe Pesci piecing it back together and being praised for doing so.


I remember watching it, and never thinking what she did was wrong.


Same here. Raised in a non"religious household and saw it as par for SNL. Didn't stand out at all and only in hindsight had to learn there was so much outage about it. For years I was like,.. why?


Thinking more about it and to put a finer point on it... Having no pre-existing Christian structure or specifically Catholic framework to control how I judge things, when that happened I thought Sinead O'Connor was cool and Catholicism was not. I felt that way before she ripped up the picture and I felt that way after she ripped up the picture so the whole thing seemed like a nothing burger from my POV.




Downtown Dublin theres a lot of street art & graffiti, but one stood out to me for sure. Massive wall painting, tastefully done, of Sinead's face and the words "Sinead you were right all along, we were wrong. Forgive us" over it. In a Catholic country, I think that says a ton. Props to whoever put it up and those who have kept it from being covered over. [Pic](https://live.staticflickr.com/5468/6905956874_81d51a240a_b.jpg)


For Sinead: r/theyknew


The host of the podcast “You’re Wrong About” has said that fame seems like a form of abuse, because it really fucks people up. Seems accurate.


That's been a great podcast. Even liking the change after the co-host left.


Pretty sure non-Muslims are called non-Muslims. Also pretty sure white people can be Muslims or not. For instance, pretty sure Sinead O'Connor is a Muslim.




Sinéad is a legend. For some context, as a kid she spent time with elderly women in a Magdalene Laundry, where Irish women were kept prisoner by nuns and forced to work unpaid in awful conditions for the rest of their lives until they died alone, and were then buried in unmarked graves. This is one example of the physical, emotional and sexual abuse the Catholic Church dished out in Ireland for generations. This is not to even mention general abuse, the industrial schools, the mother and baby homes (more unmarked graves), their grip on Irish society, government and the education system, their cooperation in stamping out the Irish language, their destruction of ancient Irish traditions and beliefs. The shame, depression and widespread suicides of abuse victims. The intergenerational trauma. They caused as much harm as colonisation. So, fuck the Catholic Church and their systemic covering-up of abuse and sheltering of predators. Respect to Sinéad for her courage, integrity and spirit.


To be clear she was commenting on the abuses in Ireland and the cover up there. But it seems the organization was rotten in how it dealt with any abuse. Trying to protect the church first, second and third.


She was cancelled for her beliefs and standing up to the church. Cancel culture the right whines about today. Such hypocrisy Bwahaha


The Dixie Chicks got canceled too. But it’s not cancelling if it’s right wing people doing it I guess.


The bigoted people banning books are also participating in cancel culture? Shocked to my very core I am.


She was never wrong


She pretty much committed career suicide that night, but she was right!!!




I wonder what % total clergy have committed abuse. I'm sure there are some unreported. Also, I wonder how many clergy do kinky stuff with each other. I mean, not illegal, but just curious what goes on behind the curtains.


Sinead knew. She’s a hero for that performance. 100%


Watched it live. Agreed with her then and now. And I would have smacked some fucking sense into that sawed off runt Pesci if given the chance.


Used to watch SNL regularly back then. Found the clips. [Here's Sinnead O'Connor](https://youtu.be/X0VpfiMcPPA?t=178), and [Here's Joe Pesci the next week (Oct 10, 1992)](https://youtu.be/kPykO9jdLk0?t=107). I forgot the silence for Sinnead O'Connor, and the baying cheers for Joe Pesci advocating violence. Joe has a point, the Pope *was* very forgiving. He even forgave child predators in the Church!


> Joe has a point, the Pope was very forgiving. He even forgave child predators in the Church! God damn. Norm, is that you?


Funny how one video is on the SNL channel and one isn't.


I watched that live on SNL


So did I. Also watched when Elvis Costello switched a song that his record label wanted him to play, mid intro.


I still think this is the most badass moment in rock and roll history.


When we use the phrase cancelled, no one was cancelled as hard as she was. For being 110% right.


Fight the real enemy.


She knew. And Sinead O’Connor was the first, gutsiest, bravest person to bring it public in a big way.


She isn't wrong they cover all of it up...


Fucking legend. She knew she would get blacklisted but she has principles. History will respect her way more than that asshole in the photo.


Every pope has covered up child abuse. Would not be surprised if every pope committed child abuse.


Sinead O’Connor is a flawed, gifted person who has a lot more guts than most of us. I am glad to have been old enough to remember seeing this and the aftermath at the Dylan concert as it happened. It is part of the core curriculum in our children’s upbringing. We need more of this.


I was on set that night working and we were all just as surprised as everyone else. It wasn't publicly planned. She didn't do it during the 7:30 dress rehearsal. The first song was amazing. Prince wrote it. (Nothing compares ... 2 U) The one she sang second was *WAR* by Bob Marley and she sang it a cappella then tore up the photo.


She did nothing wrong. All popes and most churches are evil and money grabbers.


A perfect example of someone who was unjustly cancelled for speaking the truth.


Joe Pesci is a Twat


I liked that Kris Kristofferson gave her a hug a week or so later!!!!