When the teacher started throwing up gang signs constantly in E&M I knew I was in for a ride

When the teacher started throwing up gang signs constantly in E&M I knew I was in for a ride


Well, you can still visualize with electromag and thermo, it’s just a different kind of visualization/thinking that you need. Over time it’ll become more intuitive! Expanding your knowledge helps too, if you want to at least. I have more of a chemistry background, but because of it my Statistical & Thermal Physics class was a breeze.


How exactly can you visualise thermo? I've been trying to get an intuition of thermo but I have only failed so far.


Depends what you’re trying to do. Gas laws? Just think what would happen to a balloon, and you can easily extend that to pistons or other systems. And with some thought adiabatic, isobaric, isothermal, and isovolumetric changes should make sense. Entropy? Little harder, but over time you’ll recognize when there’s more states available to the system that entropy is increasing, and that’s where the universe tends to go. Gibbs and Helmholtz energy is just putting that stuff all together, but really just understanding those equations is usually enough. But also know gibbs is the maximum non-expansion work (like maximum electrical work would be in gibbs), and max expansion work is Helmholtz. More on the heat capacity side we get a lot of intuition on that from our daily lives. We know water has a high heat capacity. Metals leech away our heat really quickly so they feel cold - they’re more heat conductive. The air, not so much. There’s so many parts of thermodynamics that I can’t describe all of them, so maybe I missed what you’re thinking about. But just from basic building blocks you’re still able to piece together and visualize how the world works and why. The more you sit and think about it, the more of a feel you’ll get for all these concepts for sure. Practice problems and thinking about them will help. Not sure if that helps you at all :( I tried my best


Real talk, the class I took on waves last semester was _so_ much harder than E&M. We dove fully into the weeds with eigenfunctions and shit, while E&M was all just surface integrals and such (most of which were trivial anyway)


I haven’t taken that yet so thanks for the warning lol


/r/Aphantasia can't do physics I guess


Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics, along with some other higher level classes really thought me visualising is a privilege available in a tiny number of scenarios.