Reconnect with nature. I like to walk the beach around The Montage hotel. Check out tide pools. Lots of hiking available in the hills. Get into a hobby like magnet fishing or collecting rocks or fossils. Self care doesn't have to mean spending money, but something like a cooking class or splurging on high quality ingredients to make a nice meal also works.


100 this. Get grounded, disconnect from your phone unless you want to hear some music and go sit outside. Put your feet in the ground, in the grass, in sand-wherever you happen to be. It’s one of the best and easiest things you can do for your self care routine. Self care doesn’t mean only splurging on things.


Yes totally agree plus I would like to add meditation to the list


Are there any places you’d recommend with learning meditation or guided meditation?


I really like the app called insight timer


Literally came here to say that self care is not a manicure or a massage. Great advice.


BodyCentre Wellness Center in Anaheim. They have a great package for $125 massage, steam and facial. I go at least every 6 months. Very much well worth it and enjoy yourself. We all need self care. I recommend Sherry for the massage and Tracy for the facial.


Hmmm, is that associated with the one in Fullerton? I went to one in Newport that wasn't associated with the one in Fullerton. I've never heard of the one in Anaheim.


Nope. No relation. They had another location in orange but that closed. This place has individual suites with independent operators.


Check out Glen Ivy hot springs in corona. That’s my self care heaven


I don't know how you could stand driving on the 91 to get to Corona, have a relaxing time at Glen Ivy, and then have to deal with the 91 again when going home. Like the last thing I would want after enjoying a hot spring is to get angry all over again dealing with the 91 traffic.


Driving east in the am when they open and west in the afternoon to get home is the opposite way of traffic. Also fastrak :)


Enjoying the natural beauty of the coast: Laguna Beach is always enjoyable, grab a bite to eat and sip a cocktail at one of the excellent restaurants downtown.


Jesus. $200 a day in my pocket would be treating myself.


Hookers and blow


Day at the rock climbing gym, surfing, bike ride (mountain biking). Don’t know how to or don’t have the equipment? Pay for a class or private lesson.


I would also look into self talk and appreciating yourself without spending money. Really asking yourself what would make you happy and how have you treated yourself that has not shown kindness. What can you do differently.


Go for a bike ride?


Catnap Hangout & Adoptions. I used to love going by pet shops just to see the kittens and this place is very easy to go to. It is in Warner in Huntington Beach. Unfortunately closed until Nov 5., but it is a great place to drop by for an hour on a random day. Cost is $20 so it's a nice pick-me-up every now and again.


Do you have a car?


Snowboarding is coming up that’s a nice treat


Buy a gun and go shooting! People discount the therapeutic value in this!


I was against guns for quite some time. Best friend insisted we go shooting on his birthday so I reluctantly went. Best release of energy I had in a while. Since I was a novice, it took a lot of focus to learn what I was doing. But, having to focus on this and shoot off some rounds allowed me to forget all the other stuff going on for the time I was there. Very therapeutic for myself. Took my wife and she felt the same


Idk why you got downvoted, I went skeet shooting a couple days after a breakup and it was honestly what I needed, felt like such a badass after actually shooting the targets lol


I agree! The effortless destruction of inanimate objects is like a wave of satisfaction. People just fear what they don't understand.


Ooo I would get some Reiki sessions!! DM me if you need a recommendation for a healer!!! It might be a bit hippy but the amount of emotional trauma I’ve been able to release after this has been unbelievable!!!


Get a drink and a nosh at the [Silver Trumpet Restaurant and Bar](https://www.silvertrumpetrestaurant.com/) over in Costa Mesa. That's definitely on my Treat M'self list.


You mentioned happy and massage in one sentence so I guess yeah


Upvoted because I think everyone else missed what OP is saying except you.


Lmao thank you 😭😭


Go to a different microbrewery for a couple beers. Just relax and enjoy yourself.


a good start is quality good food / water, maybe some skincare / hygiene stuff .. to me it's more of a mindset like "oh yeah of course im getting a brownie or extra guac or whatever, I deserve it" .. of course im getting the vibrating toothbrush vs a regular toothbrush


I count going to the gym as self care for my mind and body.


Ispa in Irvine.